My parents and brother moved to Llandeilo in 1970 from Dolgellau, where my father was Postmaster until his retirement.
I was working in and living in Newtown, Powys at the time. 

Llandeilo and District Chronology
Llandeilo Post Office
Inmates of the Union Workhouse, Ffairfach
Llandeilo 1901 Head of Household
Llandeilo Publicans 1841
Llandeilo Publicans 1851
Llandeilo Publicans 1861
The Diary of Thomas Jenkins
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Llandeilo and District Chronology

6th C

St Teilo makes his Christian base at Llandeilo

9th C

Llandeilo was the seat of a Bishop.


Rhys ab Owen, grandson of Hywel Dda claimed sovereignty of the House of Dinefwr. Wars waged for decades.


Lord Rhys returned to his domains on the accession of Henry II


Parish Church set up at Llandeilo

13thC    Llandeilo is recorded as a town from at least the 13th century

15th C

End of the century, Sir Rhys ap Thomas (1449-1525) led a powerful army from West Wales to Bosworth in Leicestershire

c 1715

Ralf Allen pioneered a mail service in the town. John Morgan "Jac y Post", carried letter bags to Carmarthen for a period of 60 years.


Scottish fir trees were planted in Dynevor Park to commemorate the Jacobite rising. Oak trees were planted to commemorate weddings

Jacobite Uprising
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The Jacobite rising of 1745, often referred to as the forty-five, was the attempt by Bonnie Prince Charlie to regain the British throne for the exiled House of Stuart.

The section of the park became known as Penlan Park
1750 Post Office established in the town
1777 July 12, John Wesley wrote;

 "We dined at Llandeilo. After dinner, we walked in Mr Rees' park, one of the pleasantest I ever saw; it was as finely watered by the winding river, running through it and round the gently rising hills. Near one side of it, on the top of a high eminence is the old castle, a venerable pile, at least as old as William the Conqueror and majestic through ruins".  

1779 Calvinistic Methodist Chapel built on the East side of Rhosmaen St.
1791 Mrs Morgan of Ely in her 'Tour of Milford Haven' wrote; 

"The inn at Llandovery is a bad one but the people are very civil. The road from hence to hither (Llandeilo) is good and very beautiful. I begin now to be somewhat familiarized with mountains.
I thought the town of Llandovery a miserable one but this of Llandeilo is much worse. I never saw a place which had a more deplorable appearance. The streets, if so they may be called, are narrow and dirty and half-paved with stones, the sharp ends upwards.
The houses are built from a kind of stone; but it is of so crumbling nature that they appear to be falling into a decay.
The inhabitants are very decent in their manners and in their outward semblance; they do not seem fit tenants for such wretched dwellings


Shire Hall built. Legislative affairs on upper floor, corn and cheese market lower floor.


Wesleyan Chapel built on a plot of ground near The Bear Inn. As John Wesley's following grew, a chapel was built in Latimer Road, near the site of a stone quarry.

c 1818

A Savings Bank was established. President Lord Dynevor; Treasurer J. Jones, Blaen-Nos, Llandovery; Actuary, Thomas Parry


Baptist Chapel Built


Joseph Gulstone of Derwydd built a provisional market, where a fair was held on the first Tuesday of each month.


An Oddfellows Lodge was opened on the 1st of October at the Castle Inn. There were 80 members


Mechanics Institution held in the town


The Workhouse was erected, Mastered by Morgan Pendry - its Clerk was George Williams


The Welsh language and literature were fostered at meetings held at The Red Cow in Bridge Street 


July 9th, Detachment of the 4th Light Dragoons arrived at Llandeilo having been sent for owing to people breaking down the Turnpike gates in the neighbourhood, under the name Rebeccaites


Stone bridge built costing £22,000, designed by William Williams, Llandeilo and built by Morgan Morgan of Cwm Amman 

1848-1850 Parish Church rebuilt 

St Teilo's Church
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Wesleyan Chapel re-built


Calvinistic Methodist Chapel re-built


The railway came to Carmarthen


The St Teilo Lodge of Freemasons (No. 996) were held at The Cawdor Arms 


Llandeilo and Llanelli were joined up by the railway line


A survey of Llandeilo showed that it had a church, four chapels, 11 streets, 73 shops, 23 public houses and 290 houses.


Mechanics Institution had 30 students, meeting at the George Inn 


The Post Office was in George Street


Various springs supplied water into the town.


Parts of the town were sold by Alan Stepney-Gulston were sold


The Urban District Council was formed.


First meeting of the U.D.C. held on the 8th January


Additional water supply obtained by the U.D.C. from the Baptistry at Llandyfan


Electric Power Station set up by the U.D.C. to supply the town


U.D.C. purchased the site of the Cattle Market


First sales held at the U.D.C. Cattle Market


Llandeilo Post Office

A mail service had been pioneered from around 1815 by Ralf Allen.

Gwilym Teilo, the Llandeilo bard, recorded facts which are invaluable in tracing the developments of the town. There was a Post Office kept by David Gwilliam in George Street. This had been established in 1750.

In 1841, the Post Master Abbey Street, was Hugh Evans, 36. This was listed in the census as the second property on Abbey Street after Church Street. Next entry was for King Street. Isaac Evans, 38, Ironmonger, was head of the household.

Frederick London 25, was a Post boy in 1841.

In 1851, George Williams  was a Clerk to the Union of Postmasters, living at the Golden Lion Inn, Abbot Street, where his widowed mother, Elinor Williams, 59, was the Inn Keeper. George's wife Helen 32, was born in London. Thomas Williams, 22, George's son, was a Post Office Clerk. Thomas's wife Eliza was 22 and daughter Elizabeth 8. All born in Llandeilo. General servants there were Anna Williams 25, Sophia Davies 25, John Jones 18 and David Lewis 12. Thomas Jones, 29 of Quay Street was also a Post Boy.

In 1851, living at Rhosmaen Street, John Marvelly 43, was a hairdresser and also worked as a letter carrier. Post boy Thoams Davies aged 'about 28', was a Post Boy, living at The Cawdor Arms. Another Post Boy was David Lewis, 40 who was also a Victualler at The Ship Inn, Carmarthen Street.      

John Morgan, known as 'Jac y Post' carried the letter bags to Carmarthen for a period of sixty years. In 1858, he was aged 87. He was reputed to have 'Danced more hornpipes, drunk more beer and fought more Irishmen than any man living'.

In 1861, David Williams 38 of Quay Street was a Post Boy, born Lampeter.

The Post Office then known as the 'Letter Office', was moved to Rhosmaen Street.

Later it was in Abbot or Abbey Terrace. For a period it was kept by the mother of Anne Beale, the writer.

Inmates of the
Union Workhouse, Ffairfach

Master and Staff
William Simon, head, married, 47, Master of Work House, born Llansawel.
Anne Simon, wife, maried, 48, Matron of Work House, born Llanegwad
Elizabeth Simon, daughter, single, 22, visitor, dressmaker, born, Llandilofawr
John Simon, son, visitor, single, 20, Student of Theology, born Llandilofawr
John Davies, single, 25, Porter, born Llanfihangel
Anne Lloyd, single, 23, Assistant Matron, born Llandysul

William Griffiths, w, 76, born Llangatho, blind
Thomas James, w, 74, born - not known
John Llewellyn, s, 74, born Llandilofawr
James McLean, s, 66, born Ireland
David Davies, m, 62, born Talley
David Jenkins, m, 74, born Llandilofawr
John Evans, s, 26, born Llangathen, Idiot
William Jones, s, 56, born Llandilofawr 
David Davies, s, 53, born Llandilofawr
William Rees, s, 61, born Llandilofawr, Imbecile
Morgan Davies, w, 65, born Llandilofawr
Evan Evans, s, 75, born Lampeter
Timothy Crowley, m, 52, born Ireland
Margaret Lewis, s, 57, born Llangatock
Jane Jones, s, 62, born Llandilofawr, Imbecile
Margaret Thomas, 61, born Llandilofawr
Elizabeth Thomas, s, 61, born Llandilofawr
Elizabeth Evans, s, 36, born Cilycwm
Elizabeth Griffiths, s, 32, born Llanfynydd
Mary A. Hughes, s, 27, born not known
Anne Evans, s, 31, born not known
Mary Rees, s, 16, born Llandilofawr, Imbecile
Elizabeth Jones, w, 64, born Llanfihangel, Imbecile
Catherine Thomas, s, 12, born Cilgerran
Margaret Evans, s, 10, born Cilycwm
Mary E. Edwards, s, 10, born Swansea
Catherine Edwards, s, 9, born Llanelly
Caroline Rees, s, 9, born Llandilofawr
David H. Evans, s, 6, born Llandilofawr

Casual Inmates
John Breston, s, 43 for 1 night only, born Whittle
Martin Carty, w, 62, for 1 night only, born Ireland
George Smith, s, 40, for 1 night only, born Oxford

Master and Staff
William Simon, head, widower, 57, Master of the House, born Llansawel.
Elizabeth Margaret Davies, single, 27, Matron of the House, born Llanelly
Sarah Ann Evans, single, 23, Assistant Matron, born Llandovery
Isaac Evans, single, 59, Porter, born Llangadock

David Davies, s, 59, general labourer, born Llandeilo
Lewis Edwards, m, 36, general labourer, born Llanfynydd
Benjamin Davies, m, 69, general labourer, born Llanfihangel
Enoch Carter, w, 70, general labourer, born Clutton
Daniel Harries, w, 63, general labourer, born Cayo
James Smith, w, 76, painter born Plymouth
John Davies, s, 65 general labourer, retired, born Shropshire
John Evans, s, 35, born Llanegwan, Imbecile
David Jones, w, 69, cooper, retired, born Cardiganshire
William Powell, s, 73, saddler, born Llandeilo
David Thomas, s, 24, labourer, born Llanfynydd
David Davies, m, 71, draper, retired, born Talley
John Knight, s, 69, currier, retired, born London
William Jones, s, 65, general labourer, born Llandeilo
William Ian Phillips, s, 18, born Llandebie, Epilepsy
Evan Evans, w, 78, general labourer, born Lampeter
David Jones, s, 29, born Llandeilo, Cripple from childhood
Elizabeth Jones, m, 68, charwoman, born Llandeilo
Mary Lewis, s, 24, charwoman, born Llangyfelach
Catherine Thomas, s, 68, charwoman, born Llanfihangel
Anne Harris, s, 48, charwoman, born Llandeilo
Mary Jones, s 28, charwoman, born Llandeilo
Emily Gabriel, s, 27, charwoman, born Llanfihangel
Eleanor Phillips, s, 56, charwoman, born Broady
Mary Evans, s, 36, charwoman, born Llanfynydd, Deaf and dumb
Maggie Jones, s, 27, charwoman, born Llansadwrn, Deaf and dumb
Jane Jones, s, 72, charwoman, born Carmarthenshire, Feeble minded
Mary Rees, s, 46, charwoman, born Llandeilo, Feeble minded
Charles Culley, 12, born Llandeilo
Bertie Culley, 11, born Llandeilo
John Jones, 9, born Llandeilo
John Gabriel, 7, born Llanfihangel
Margaret Morgan, 12, born Llandeilo
Rachel Ann Jones, 12, born Llansawel
Elizabeth Jones, 12, born Llandeilo
Hannah Jones, 10, born Llansawel
Margaret Jones 10, born Llandeilo
Annie Culley, 11, born Llandeilo
Noral Culley, 11, born Llandeilo
Nellie Culley, 5, born Llandeilo
Mary Jones, 3, born Llandeilo
Margaret Jones, 2, born Llandeilo
William Gabriel, 1, born Llandeilo
John Jones, 5 months, born Llandeilo
Margaret May Lewis, 1 month, born Llandeilo
Eveline Florrie George, 9, born Llandeilo
Rachel Jones, 8, born Llandeilo

Casual Inmates
John Smith, s, 42, general labourer, born Manchester
Janus Smith, s, 48, general labourer, born Cornwall
Lewis Jones, s, 44 general labourer, born Conway
James Cooper, w, 63, general labourer, born Liverpool 
James Morris, s, 49, general labourer, born Swansea
Henry Collins, s, 38, general labourer, born Aberavon
John Wilson, s, 51 general labourer, born Tredegar.

Llandeilo 1901 Head of Household

 Abbey Terrace 
(Gerwyn House); Thomas Thomas, 63 Tanner & Boot manufacturer, born Llandilo
Abbotts Hill; David Jenkins 54, Architect and Surveyor, born Llangelen
Mary A. McArthur, 73, supported by daughter (Dorothy A McArthur - schoolmistress Boarding School) born Tavistock, Devon

5 Abbey Terr, Bay's Hill; William Davies, 58, Surgeon, born Caio
6 & 7 Abbey Terr; William Jones 31, Ostler (Hotel), born Llandilo
8 Abbey Terr; Ebenezer Griffiths, 48, Builder - carpenter, Llangadock
1 Ebenezer St; Daniel Morgan. 56, farm labourer, born Llanfair ar y bryn
2 Ebenezer St; unoccupied
3 Ebenezer St; Henry Edwards, 33, Shoemaker - boot, born Llandilo
4 Ebenezer St; Martha Truseot, 65, Laundress, born Pembroke
5 & 6 Ebenezer St; Elizabeth Baker 48, Charwoman, born Llandilo
1 Ebenezer Court: Mary Morris, 55, Retired laundress, born Llandilo
2 Ebenezer Court; Uninhabited
3 Ebenezer Court; William Ashford, 60 General labourer, born Birmingham
4 Ebenezer Court; Uninhabited

7 Ebenezer St; George Jones, 41, saddler, born Llandilo
4 Ebenezer Court; Uninhabited
Rhosmaen Street;
33 Joseph Rees, 35, Draper, born Llandilo
34 Richard Evans, 73, Saddler, born Pencarreg
35 Sarah Jones, 61, Grocer, born Monmouth 
36, Benjamin Evans, 69, Retired Confectioner, born Henllan Amgoed
37 White Horse, David M Thomas, 32, Hotel Proprietor, born Llandilo
38 Thomas Jones, 84, Saddler, born Llanwenog
39 Owen Richards, 62, Actuary - Savings Bank, born Llandilo
40 Catherine Lewis, 32, Drapery, born New Quay, Cards.
41 Uninhabited
42 Alice Bowen, 77, Hotel Keeper, born Llandilo
43 & 44 Thomas Parry, 58, Organist & Music teacher, born Llandilo
45 Uninhabited
46 Uninhabited

1 Cubits Court; Sarah Lewis, 42, Charwoman, born Llandilo
2 Cubits Court; Uninhabited
3 Cubits Court; William Howells, 41, Mason, born Llandilo
Rhosmaen St continued;
47 Railway Tavern; John Edwards, 30, Licensed Victualler, born Llandilo
48 David Harris, 35, Photographer, born Llandilo
49 Jane Price, 44, Fruiterer, born Llandilo
50 William Thomas, 62, Butcher, born Llandilo
51 Francis Walker, 28, Saddler, born Rye, Sussex
52 Uninhabited
53 Bristol House; David Thomas, 59, Smith, born Talley
54 Tea Caddy; William Richards, 23, Gaveers Haulier, born Llansawel 

55 Charles Fuller, 41, Chair Manufacturer, born Llandilo
56 John W Jones, 70. Architect, born Llanon
57 & 58 Imperial Hotel; Evan Roderick, 41, Hotel Proprietor, born Talley
Dinlerton Terrace;
1 Hester Williams, 80, Living on own means, born Llangarthen
2 Uninhabited
3 William Phillips, 68,  Chief of Police, born Abergwili 

Brynamlwg; Richard Jones, 41, Physician, born Glamorgan
Gloucester House; Theophilus Davies, 57, Grocer, born Llansawel
Derwen; William H Lloyd, 58 Medical Practitioner, born St Clears
Bryn y wawr; David P Davies, 49, Ironmonger, born Trelech 

New Road;
1a David Lewis, 46, Gardener, born Caio
1 Sarah Davies, 61, Living on own means, born Llandilo
2 Daniel James, 33, Saddler, born Aberayron
3 Daniel Ambrose, 33, Solicitors Clerk, born Llanegwad
4 Joseph Griffiths, 55, Nursery Gardener, born Llangunock
5 William Davies, 46, Hotel boots, born Llanfynydd 

6 David Morris, 30 School Board Clerk, born Llandilo
7 Isaac E. Davies, 62, Insurance Agent, born Llandilo
8 Robert B Crabb, 25, House Painter,  born Haverfordwest
9 Evan Jones, 60, Tailor & Draper, born Llandilo
Chapel House and C.M. Chapel Vestry
10 Uninhabited
11 John W. Jones, 47, Ironmongers Assistant. born Llandilo
12 John Jones, 57, Shoemaker, born Llandilo 

13 Elizabeth Jones, 63, Lodging House keeper, born Llansadwrn
14 William D Griffiths, 27, Printer - Compositor, born Llanelli
15 William Lewis, 47, Coach lady Maker, born Carew
16 David Williams, 60, Cabinet maker, born Llansadwrn
16 David Williams junior, 33, Cabinet maker, born Llandilo
16a Anne Bowen, 66, Living on own means, born Llanddeusant
17 Henry V Lee, 46, Butcher, born Worcestershire
18 Owen Jamas, 57, Saddler. born Llandilo
19 Isaac Davies, 54, Plumber, born Swansea
20 David Evans, 75, Builder and Contractor, born Llandilo
21 Tyssil House, Frederick Michael, 62, Slater, born Llanfihangel
Greenfield Place;
1 Francis Pulker, 38, Corn Merchant's Assistant, born Llangadock 
2 Mary Daniels, 47, Boarding House keeper, born Llandilo
3 John Lewis, 40, Plasterer, born Llandilo
4 Llewelyn Davies, 28, Joiner Carpenter, born Llandilo  

Llandeilo Publicans 1841
Carmarthen St; William Harries, 60, Publican.
Cawdor Arms, George Tracey 30, Inn keeper.
Rhosmaen Street;
White Horse, Jane Rhydderch, 60, Publican.
New Inn, Daniel Williams, 35, Publican.
Angel Inn, Mary Cleaver, 25, Publican.
Castle Inn, George Jones, 63, Inn Keeper.
Rose and Crown, Thomas Williams, 40, Publican.
White Lion, Ann Jones, 45, Inn Keeper.
Brewery Llandeilo, Edmund Richards, 37, Publican.
Farmer's Arms, David Davies, 42, Publican.
White Hart, Mary Richards, 60, Publican.
Bridge Street, James Thomas, 25, Inn Keeper.
Bridge Street, Margan Thomas, 40, Inn Keeper.
Bridge Street, Henry Lloyd, 24, Inn Keeper.
Church Street, David Lewis, 28, Inn Keeper.
King Street, John Rees, 40, Publican.
George Hotel, Margaret Evans, 48, Inn Keeper.
Market Street, Henry Richards, 35, Publican.
Market Street, Richard Price, 59, Publican.
Pig Street, William Francis, 43, Publican.
Carmarthen Street, Robert Evans, 60, Victualler.
Carmarthen Street, William Thomas, 22, Publican .

Llandeilo Publicans 1851
Abbott St, Golden Lion Inn, Elinor Williams, 59, Inn Keeper
Rhosmaen Street;
Cawdor Arms Hotel, George Tracey, 43, Inn Keeper, born Devon
White Horse Inn, Henry Rhydderch, 48, Inn Keeper
and Registrar of Marriages, was born in Llandeilo
Victoria Inn, John Griffiths, 32, Inn Keeper, born Llandeilo
Angel Inn, Nathaniel Rees, 31, Inn Keeper, born Llanddeusant.
Castle Hotel, William Jones, 31, Inn Keeper, born Llandeilo.
Rose and Crown Inn, Mary Jones, 57, Inn Keper, born Llangarthen.
William Price, 54, Inn Keepier and currier, born Llandeilo
Trallwm, Thomas Evans, Alehouse Keeper, born Llandeilo
White Hart Inn, Mary Richards, 69, Victualler, born Llanfynydd
Swan Inn, John Griffiths, 48, Victualler, born Llandeilo
Salutation Inn, William Williams, 45, Victualler, born Llanfynydd
Carmarthen Street, New Inn, John Harries, 37, Victualler,
born Llandeilo
Carmarthen Street, Margaret Harries, 68, Victualler, born Newcastle Emlyn
Camarthen Street, Ship Inn, David Lewis, 40 Victualler and Post Boy,
born Llangathen
Church Street, Frances Rees, 40, Victualler, born Llandeilo
Bridge Street, David Jones, 49, Inn Keeper, born Llangadock
Bridge Street, Rees Jones, 34, Inn Keeper, born Llandeilo
Bridge Street, John Lewis, 35, Inn Keeper, born Llandeilo
Bank Street, Richard Price, 68, Victualler, born Llandeilo
King Street, Henry Richards, 48, Victualler and Skinner,
born Abergwilley

King Street, Anne Thomas, 40, Victualler, born Llanfynyddo
King Street, Anne Jones, 48, Victualler, born Llandeilo
King Street, William H Gibbons, 32, Wine & Spirit Merchant,
born Glamorganshire
King Street, John Williams, 38, Victualler, born Llandeilo
Carmarthen St, Mary Lewis, 34, Inn Keeper's wife, born Worcester
Carmarthen St, Robert Evans, 72, Victualler, born Hereford

Llandeilo Publicans 1861
Bridge St, Half Moon Inn, William Richards, 40 Inn Keeper,
born Llandilofawr

Bridge St, John Jones, 38 Inn Keeper, born Carmarthenshire
Bridge St, William Jones, 41, Inn Keeper and Road Surveyor,
born Llangwili

Church St, Boar's Head Inn, Thomas Jones, 32, Inn Keeper,
born Llangarthen

King St, John James, 32, Carpenter and Inn Keeper,
born Llandilofawr

King St, David Jones, 43, Inn Keeper, born Llanfihangel
King St, David Thomas, 71, Inn Keeper, born Llanfynydd
Carmarthen St, Richard Lewis, 60, Spirits Merchant,
 born Carmarthen

Market St, Elizabeth Parry, 49, Inn Keeper, born Llandilo
Market St, Thomas Evans, 39, Maltster and Spirit Merchant,
born St Ismaels

Market Place, David Thomas, 42, Carpenter and Inn Keeper,
born Llangarthen

Unfortunately, the census returns for parts of this area are missing nationally.

  The Diary of
Thomas Jenkins
1826 - 1870
edited by
D. C. Jenkins

The Diary of Thomas Jenkins of Llandeilo paints a fascinating picture of life in Llandeilo and surrounding areas during the period 1826 to 1870. Originally hand-written in two hard-cover exercise books, Jenkins is business-like in his entries - recording names and addresses of local people, outstanding debts and making coffins for the many infants struck down with scarlet fever.

Through the Diary we come to understand Jenkins' character and life - his fascination with star-gazing, science and the Industrial Revolution, his work and designs, and his propensity to walk miles and miles for work! And of course his legacy to Llandeilo - the single span bridge over the River Towy. 

Visually, Jenkins would have been an imposing, well-respected figure in his day, tall and of large stature, walking the mountains and valleys of Carmarthenshire.
1857 was a high water bench-mark of the Industrial Revolution. Jenkins was 42 at the time and probably near his prime. His magnificent achievement was his role in the construction oa a new bridge over the Towy at Llandeilo. This was his own giant contribution to the well-being and lastin prosperity of not only Llandeilo, but also the development and enjoyment of the people of North and West Wales.
The monumental stone bridge still stands in dignified harmony, gracefully leading the way from country into town, the legacy of a giant.
Intriguing and compelling, this diary is an important part of our local history, both in terms of life and development in Llandeilo, but also in the wider context of world history.

For a deeper and more personal understanding of this remarkable Welshman, read the newly printed edition of The Diary of Thomas Jenkins.  

The book can be purchased from
The Llandeilo Bookshop.
Please see their website below

Thomas Jenkins

Details reproduced here
courtesy of the publishers,
Historia Wales

Censuses involving Thomas Jenkins
including important dates in his life

1813 - 19th May
Thomas Jenkins born at Ty Croes, Pontardulais, Carmarthenshire
Son of  Thomas Jenkins (1774-1843) and Mary Lott (1772-1828)
1839 - 20th August
Married Anne Evans (1814- 1848)

1841; Rhosmaen Street
Thomas Jenkins 25, Cabinet maker
Ann Jenkins 25
George Jenkins 11 months

1851; Rhosmaen Street
Thomas Jenkins Head, widower age 36, Cabinet Maker employing 3 men, born Carms
Sarah Jenkins. Daughter, 8, scholar, born Llandeilo
James T. Jenkins. Son, 5, scholar, born Llandeilo
Thomas Jenkins. Son, 3, born Llandeilo
 Ellen Rees. Srvant, unmarried, 31, general servant,
born Llanfihangel

Jane Davies. Lodger, married 54, Farmer's wife, born Caio
Sarah Davies. Lodger, unmarried, 21, farmer's daughter,
born Llanycrwys

1854 - 6th February
Married Ann Thomas (1819-1897)

1861; Rhosmaen Street
Unfortunately, the census returns for this area are missing nationally.
It is quite ironic really, because it appears that Thomas Jenkins
was a census enumerator that year.
In his diary he wrote;
April 1st. Distributed 34 enumeration schedules.
8th. Enumerated 34 inhabited houses, 2 uninhabited
60 males and 63 females.
Allowances for do. 20/- and 4 miles at 6d.... £1.2.0.

1871; Rhosmaen Street;
Thomas Jenkins. Head, married, age 56, Cabinet Maker, born Pontardulais
Anne Jenkins. Wife, married, 47, born Llanarthney 
Louisa Jenkins. Daughter, unmarried 16, born Llandilo Fawr
Margaret Jenkins. Daughter, unmarried, 15, born Llandilo Fawr
George W. Jenkins. Son, unmarried 13, scholar,
born  Llandilo Fawr
William A. Jenkins. Son, unmarried 11, scholar,
born Llandilo Fawr
Charles Jenkins. Son, unmarried 9, scholar,
 born Llandilo Fawr
Arthur D. Jenkins. Son, unmarried 7, scholar,
born Llandilo Fawr
Alfred Jenkins. Son, unmarried, 5, scholar, born Llandilo Fawr.

1871; 1st October
Thomas Jenkins died

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