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Llangoed, 10th August 1888
Ty'n Coed
Felin Wynt
China House
London House
Dublin House
Ty'n Lon
Rhyd Cottage
Tan Pentre Mawr
Tyddyn Grigor / Tan y Pentre
Pen y Marian
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Morannedd / Mor Awel connection
Ty Popty Family
School House
Rev John Hughes - enquiry
Evan and Mary Owen, nee Hughes - enquiry
William Lewis of Llangoed - enquiry
Ann Parry - enquiry.
Coedwig Terrace
St Cawrdaf Church, Llangoed
Hugh and Ellen Ann Thomas
Tower Cottage - enquiry
Plas Llangoed
The Old Post Office
Wesleyan Chapel
The Vicarage
Rev. William Robert Williams
Llangoed Village Hall
Roberts, Marian Newydd
Police Station
Llys Wyn - enquiry
Foulkes Family - enquiry
St. Cawrdaf Church, Llangoed.

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10th August 1888.
The neighbourhood of Llangoed is one of the most interesting and picturesque in Anglesey. The magnificent panoramic view from the heights in this locality will more than repay the tourist for his tramp from Beaumaris.

The writer has just imbibed his flul and cannot refrain from singing the praises of his visit to the pretty neighbourhood, and would recommend a drive from Beaumaris through Llanfaes, past the celebrated church, the "Machpelah" of the Bulkeley and Hampton-Lewis families, where many generations are peacefully slumbering beneath the silent tombstones.

Here also rest the remains of the great preachers-John Elias and Richard Lloyd, whose names and memories are very dear to the people of Wales.

Beyond this, through the village of Llangoed, down to the main road to Penmon past the beautiful residences of Mr. S. P. Chadwick, Haulfre (who, by the way has just finished building a fine pile of building and stables which are not excelled for perfect arrangements in all Anglesey) Mr. William Massey, Cornelyn (a beautiful house built of white marble from the Penmon quarries close to); and the Penmon National School house.

The gentlemen's residences just mentioned have, of course, very beautiful gardens, and visitors are generally allowed to go through them. Llangoed neighbourhood has many very I delightful building sites, and it is expected that soon many villas will be erected thereon.-H.

Mike Owen contacted the Penmon website;
I am interested in the history of Tyn Coed, Llangoed and its past occupants.   Tyn Coed is situated on the coastal path near Caim.  It has a lime stone quarry to its rear and a lime kiln a short distance away.   
The old farm buildings between it and the lime kiln are very interesting and believed to be from 14th/15th century.
I would be please to receive any information about Tyn Coed including old photographs.   

I am happy to oblige - Ken Davies

The earliest record I have found at this stage is that of a Hugh Hughes and his wife who lived at Ty'n Y Coed in the early 1800's. Hugh was born around 1754 and died aged 74, on the 8th August 1828.
The following gravestone can be found at Saint Seiriol Church, Penmon.

Here lieth the body of
HUGH HUGHES late of Ty'n
Coed, Llangoed, who died
August 8th 1828, aged 74.
died July 14 1829, aged 77.
grandson of the above
HUGH HUGHES who died
September 1st 1889
aged 80

Hugh most probably farmed Ty'n y Coed, like his son, also named Hugh, who became head of the household before the 1841 census, on his father's death.

 1841 Census ; Hugh Hughes, 55, farmer, Jane Hughes, 50, wife, Richard Hughes 30, Hugh Hughes 15, Catherine Owen 6, niece, Elinor Jones 17, farm servant, all born Anglesey.

Hugh's son Richard had left home by the next census which took place in 1851.

1851 census ; Hugh Hughes, 64, farmer, 30 acres, Jane Hughes, 63 wife, Hugh 27, farmer's son, Catherine Owen 17, niece, William Owen 20, all born Anglesey.

Niece Catherine had left home by 1861.

1861 census ; Hugh Hughes, 76 farmer, Jane Hughes, 75, wife, Hugh 35, son, Mary Griffiths 20, house servant all born Llangoed, John Davies 12, cow boy Llaneuganol (?)

Hugh had died by 1871, leaving his son Hugh as head of household, caring for his widowed mother.

1871 census ; Hugh Hughes 47, farmer 30 acres, born Llangoed,  Ellenor Hughes, 22, wife born Llannerchymedd, Jane Hughes, 85, mother, widow, born Llangoed, William Baker 19, farm servant born Llandegfan.

Mother Jane had died by the 1881 census, and Hugh and his wife had started to raise a family.

1881 census ; Hugh Hughes 56, farmer 30 acres, Ellenor Hughes, 30, wife , children, Jane 5, Hugh 3, William 8 months, all born Llangoed. Thomas Jones, 12, nephew born Llannerchymedd.

1891 census ; Hugh Hughes 69, farmer, Ellenor 39, wife, children, Hugh 13, William 10, Ellen, 7, Jane 2. Thomas Richards 21, farm servant.

Hugh and family were no longer at Ty'n Coed by 1901. He may have died.
William Morris, a stonemason were living there in 1901.

1901 census ; Morris Williams 34, stonemason, born Llanllechid, Elizabeth Williams, 31 children William Morris Williams 1, both born Llandegfan, Grace 9 months, born Llanllechid.


The Bridge, Llangoed



Rowland Williams was born in Pen y Marian Llangoed
14th May 1815.
His parents then moved to Tan Y Fron.
Click here to read more about the Tan y Fron family

Minffordd census details

Rowland's first wife Margaret, died January 2nd 1840, aged 20.

1841 census ; Rowland Williams 25, agricultural labourer. The household consisted of Owen 5, John 3, and Mary Thomas 25, a female servant. All born on Anglesey.

1851 census ; Minffordd, Llangoed. Rowland Williams 35, stonemason, Mary 35 wife, children Mary 8, William 6, Hugh 4, Henry 4 months. General servant was Elizabeth Lewis 17. All were recorded on the census as born on Anglesey.

1861 census ; Minffordd, Llangoed. Rowland Williams 45, stonemason, Mary 45, wife, children, Mary 18, William 16, a draper's assistant, Hugh 14, Henry 10, Elizabeth 7, Ann 5, Robert 3. His wife Mary was born in Pentraeth, the rest of the family were born in Llangoed.

NB- Robert wrote about his great grandfather, John Williams who died in 1787. Robert also wrote about his brother Hugh.

Owen, son of Rowland and Margaret Williams died May 19th 1862 aged 26. His wife Margaret died 26th May aged 26. The stone suggests they died within a week of each other.

Er cof am
o'r Minffordd yn y plwyf hwn
bu farw Ionawr 2ed 1840
yn 20 mlwydd oed
OWEN eu mab
fu farw Mai 19, 1862
yn 26 mlwydd oed.
MARGARET ei wraig
fu farw Mai 26, yn 26ain mlwydd oed

1871 census ; Minffordd, Llangoed. Rowland Williams, 55, widower, stone cutter and owner of 10 acres of land, children Henry 20, pupil teacher, Anne 15, Robert 13, Rowland 8, all born Llangoed.

1881 census ; Rowland Wiliams 65, stonemason, born Penmon, Margaret 56, wife, born Llanidan. Ann 25 daughter born Llangoed.

Er serchog coffadwriaeth
Minffordd Llangoed
yr hwn a fu farw
Mawrth 17eg 1882..
"Ac a gofodir mew gogoniant". 1 COR 15. 43.
MARGARET, anwyl briod
a fu farw Tachwedd 17eg 1886
yn 62 mlwydd oed.
Y rhai hyn ddihunant - o wyll bedd,
I well byd cyfodant -
Telynau a gynau gant,
I ganu mewn gogoniant.
anwyl ferch y diweddar
yr hon a hunodd yn yr Iesu
Rhagfyr 18 1893
yn 19 mlwydd oed

1891 census ; John W. Jones 58, farmer, born Llandegai, Jane Jones 47, wife, born Llanfaes, Ellen E Hughes 18, domestic servant born Llanddeiniolen.

serchog goffadwriaeth
Minffordd, Llangoed
yr hwn a anwyd
Mawrth 14eg 1830
ac a hunodd yn yr Iesu
Gorphenaf 1af 1899.
"Mi a ymdrechais ymdrech
deg, mi a orphenais fy
ngyrfa, mi a gedwais fy ffydd."
2 Tim.IV.7
serchog goffadwriaeth
priod y diweddar
yr hon a hunodd yn yr Iesu Ion 17
1904 yn 60 mlwydd oed.
"Canys os ydym yn credo
farw Iesu, a ddwy Duw
hefyd cydag ef"

1901 census ; Jane Jones 56, widow, Mary Parry, 72, aunt, widow, both born Llanfaes

Er cof serchog
nwyl briod OWEN JONES
Minffordd, Llangoed
a fu farw Awst 16, 1921
yn 60 mlwydd oed.
"Yr hyn a allodd hon, hi a'i gwnaeth."
Hefyd am y dywydedig
a fu farw Hydref 21, 1948
yn 80 mlwydd oed.
"Yr Arglwydd a fforddia gerddediad
gwr da, a da fydd ganddo ei ffordd ef."



Llangoed's Felin Wynt was built in 1741 by Henry Williams in 1741.
It is described as a tower mill and is built of limestone from nearby quarries.

1851 census; Tyr Felin Isa ; William Jones 37, miller, Catherine Jones  37, wife, children Owen 11, John 9, Robert 7, William 5, Margaret 2, Jane 10 months all born on Anglesey.

1871 census; Tyn y Felin ; William Jones 62, miller, born Llaneugrad, Catherine 56, wife, born Llaniestyn,

William Jones died on the 14th December 1881. He is buried at Capel Ty Rhos, Llangoed, with his wife Catherine who died on the 21st November, and was buried on the 26th November 1889.


1881 census ; Ty'n Felin ; William Jones 66, miller, born Llaneugrad, Catherine Jones 66, wife, born Llaniestyn William Pritchard 5, grandson born Bangor.

Er cof serchog am
Felin Wynt, yn y plwyf hwn
yr hwn a fu farw Rhagfyr 14eg 1881
yn 68 mlwydd oed.

O roddi hwn mewn bedd oer bant,
Mae Mam a phlant a hiraeth gwir,
Fe geiff yn hir ai gofio.

a fu farw Tachwedd 21ain
yn 76 mlwydd oed,
ac a gladdwyd Tachwedd 26ain 1889

 1891 census ; Wind Mill, Owen Jones 50, miller, born Llanddona, Margaret Jones, 42, wife, children, Ellen 13, Robert 11, Owen 9, William 7, John 5, Elizabeth 4, Edward 2, all born Llangoed.

 1901 census ; Felin Wynt,  Owen Jones 59, corn miller, born Llanddona, Margaret Jones 51, children, Robert 21, Owen 18, both general farm servants, William 16, carter in the corn mill, John 15, Elizabeth Catherine 13, Edward 11 all born Llangoed.

William Jones, son of William and Margaret Williams, formerly of Felin Wynt, died on the 27th March 1902 aged 55. He is buried at Capel Ty Rhos, Llangoed, with Jane, daughter of John and Jane Williams of 20 Gybi St, Holyhead, who died 14th May 1915 aged 34.

serchog goffadwriaeth
mab y ddiweddar WILLIAM JONES
Felin Wynt, Llangoed
yr hwn a fu farw Mawrth 27ain 1902
yn 55 mlwydd oed.
"Mewn hwddwch hefyd y gorweddaf,
ac yr hunaf; canys ti, Arglwydd,
yn unig a wnei i mi drigo mewn diogelwch".
anwyl ferch JOHN a JANE WILLIAMS
20 Gybi ST, Caergybi
yr hon a fu farw Mai 14eg 1915
yn 34 mlwydd oed

1911 census; Felin,  Owen Jones 69, miller, born Llanddona, Margaret Jones's name as wife, entered and deleted.
They have had 10 children, 7 still alive at the time of the census. Living with them are children  John 25, single, Lizzie Catherine Roberts, 24, married 1.5 years, and their grandson Ellis Owen Roberts, 7 months old

Margaret Jones, wife of Owen Jones died February 19th 1919, aged 70.
Owen died aged 94 on April 10th 1936. They lived at the mill in 1891

Er serchog goffadwriaeth
anwyl briod OWEN JONES
Felin Wynt, o'r plwyf hwn
a fu farw Chwef. 19, 1919
yn 70 mlwydd oed.
"Mi a ymdrechais deg,
mi a orphenais fy ngyrfa,
mi a gedwais fy ffydd."
Hefyd y dywededig
a fu farw Ebrill 10, 1936
yn 94 mlwydd oed.
"Canys Crist, pan oedd ym ni etto yn weiniaid
mewn pryd a fu farw dros yr annuwiol".

The mill closed in 1921.



1881 census; William Williams 34, draper and grocer, born Llangoed, Elizabeth Williams 33, wife, born Pembrokeshire, children, Mary Eth. 6, Sarah Anne 5, William Henry 3, Rowland Bowen 3 months all born Llangoed, Ellen Pritchard 20 general servant, born Caernarvonshire.

4th April 1883
Death of William Williams, China House, age 38

Son Rowland Bowen died in 1884 aged 3 years, 10 months, and son Johnny died in 1889, aged 5 years 10 months. Both are buried at St Seiriol Church, Penmon.

Y Gwyliedydd
3rd December 1884

In loving rememberance
the youngest son of
the late WILLIAM
China House, Llangoed
who departed this life
June 8th 1889
aged 5 years and 10 months.
son of the late WIILAM WILLIAMS
who died November 25th 1884
aged 3 years 10 months.
"Suffer little children to come
unto me". Mark V.14

 Carnarfon and Denbigh Herald
North and South Wales Independent
5th December 1890

 1891 census; Elizabeth Williams 42, widow, Draper and Grocer, born Milford Haven, Henry Roberts 28, cousin, Postmaster, born Penmon, children Mary E. 16, Sarah A. 15, William H. 13, boarders, all born Llangoed, Catherine J. Thomas 23, milliner,born Llangefni, Robert Hughes 21, draper and grocer, born Llaniestyn, Grace Thomas 32, general servant, who was deaf and dumb, born Penmon.

1901 census; Henry Roberts 38, married, born Penmon, draper, daughters, Mary Elizabeth Williams 26, milliner, Sarah Ann Williams 25, housekeeper, son William H Williams 23, all born Llangoed grocer's assistant, Richard F. Williams 24, baker, born Manchester, Mary Jane Jones 18 general servant born Penmon.

1911 census; Henry Roberts 48, married for 16 years born Penmon, draper and grocer, Elizabeth Williams 62, wife born Milford, Pembrokeshire, William H Williams 33, son in law, assisting in business, born Llangoed, May Williams, 25, niece, assisting in business, born Llanystumdwy, Maggie Jones 22, general domestic servant, Eirwen Davies 6, granddaughter, both born Llangoed.

Received the following message from Jean Pallett, of Beaumaris. It relates to William Henry Williams, aged 33 in the 1911 census, above. KD
My Dad was William Henry Williams of China House LLangoed, and he served in the Great War 1914-18.
He died in 1942 at the age of 65. He was wounded & gassed during that terrible time ,which possibly led to his early death. He was a lovely man, so kind & generous........
 I am his youngest daughter   Jean Pallett of Beaumaris


Gwyliedydd Newydd
18fed Ebrill 1916

W.H. Williams married Maggie S. Roberts
of Trecastle Farm
18th April 1916

This is a photo taken at the Post Office, Llangoed, of my great grandmother Maggie Goodman Roberts and her son Charles Goodman Roberts, of Cae Merddyn Llangoed - Ken Davies

 Elizabeth Roberts, wife of Henry died in in 1925. Henry died in 1937. They are both buried at St Seiriol's Church, Penmon.

loving memory
China House
died Dec. 7 1925
aged 78.
Postmaster of Llangoed
died January 15 1937, aged 74

Postcards of Beaumaris Road 


1881 census ; William Roberts 43, stone mason, born Liverpool, Catherine Roberts 43, wife born Llandegfan, children Richard 21, grocer's assistant, born Bethesda, John14, domestic gardener, born Llangeinwen, William 11, born Llangoed, Thomas 7, Elizabeth 5, both born Liverpool, general servant Annie Ellen Williams 18, born Llangoed.

1891 census ; John Roberts son 24, grocer, Elizabeth Roberts 16, sister 16, grocer's assistant, both born Llangoed.

London House stocked nearly everything required by the housewife during its day. Thomas was described as a grocer and provision merchant, baker and confectioner, flour dealer and coal merchant. The grocer visited customers to obtained orders and delivered them later.

1901 census ; Catherine Roberts 63, shopkeeper grocer draper, born Anglesey, Elizabeth Roberts 21, assistant shopkeeper, born Liverpool

Sacred to the memory
London House, of this parish
who died February 23rd 1895
aged 58 years.
"mi a ymdrechais ymdrech deg
Mi a orphenais fy ngyrfa
Mi a gedwais y ffydd."
his beloved wife
who died December 19th 1902
aged 66 years

North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser for the Principality
9th January 1914

In loving memory of
the beloved daughter of
London House,Llangoed
who departed this life Jan. 10, 1925
aged 19 years.
"God is love."
Also of the above named
who departed this life Juky 1, 1945
aged 73 years.
"Peace perfect peace."
who died Feb. 8. 1955
aged 81 years



1891 census ; John Hughes 36, farm labourer, born Llaniestyn, Mary Hughes, 33 wife, born Llanddona, children, John R. 6, Mary 3, Catherine A. 7 months, all born Llangoed

1901 census ; In occupancy, but uninhabitted.

Dublin House
J. Jones
Confectioner  Tobacconist

In loving memory of
the beloved wife of JOHN JONES
Dublin House, Llangoed
and daughter of ABRAHAM and ANN PINION
South Kyme, Lincoln
who died July 5th 1929
aged 62 years.
"Peace perfect peace."
of the above named
who died April 11th 193
aged 66 years



Mr Richard Glyn Thomas kindly contacted me with the following details of Ty'n y Lon, visible below on the right.

I have fond memories of playing in Ty'n-y-Lon's garden as a child.

I can recall Mr. Downs (- obituary shown at Preswylfa- Samuel - known locally as Sammy), regularly outside gardening and trimming the hedges etc. at Preswylfa. My memory is of him always having a pair of glasses on, wearing a wide brimmed hat, and stopping occasionally to wipe his brow with a handkerchief.

The Mr. & Mrs Iorweth Hughes mentioned in his obituary were my grandparents from Ty'n-y-Lon. "At the house were Mrs Marian Owen and Mr & Mrs Iorweth Hughes." They are also the "Iorweth and Hannah"  who sent one of the wreaths.

The white gate visible on the left was the larger of two gates leading to Preswylfa, (there being another, smaller gate for pedestrian access, barely visible just beyond the telegraph pole, about level with the topiary tree).

The property in view (opposite) is "Ty'n-y-Lon".
My great-grandparents, (Edward and Catherine Hughes) and later, my grandparents (Iorweth and Hannah Hughes) lived here.
The smaller part of the building was originally a store, but was later converted to become "Ty'n-y-Lon Cottage".
The view is roughly south towards Beaumaris - The large building visible to the distant left is what was used in my day as the "Sunday school" (also a Calvinistic Methodist chapel).
NOTE the low whitewashed wall to the lower right in the above

Now imagine having turned through 1800  -- the whitewashed wall is now to your lower left in the next image, so this would have been taken standing in the road with "Preswylfa" to your right, and Ty'n-y-Lon to your left, looking north.

The large hedge to the right is Preswylfa's boundary with the road, just beyond the larger gate.
The smaller gable beyond is that of "London House", With "China House beyond that, and the Baptist Chapel opposite

The above is another view roughly southwards, but taken from slightly further north along Beaumaris road. The gable with "Post Office" on it, is China House's north gable.

Ty'n-y-Lon (and cottage) are visible roughly centre shot, and again the Baptist Chapel opposite China House - (London House & Preswylfa are obviously obscured by China House from this angle).



Mr Richard Glyn Thomas kindly contacted me, supplying the following information.

The Welsh long cottage visible centre shot here is "Rhyd Cottage", where my great grandparents on my mother's side resided. they were Edward and Margaret Ellen Williams and they raised eleven children here, the seventh of
which was my grandmother Hannah.

The large building behind the tree to the left is "Y Rhyd", which was once a shop, later a small factory, and latterly is the village pub.

Following is another shot of "Rhyd Cottage", Circa 1927 - it had obviously been snowing

The two people in the lower doorway are my great grandmother (aged about 39), and my grandmother (Hannah - aged about 10 years).
My great grandfather Edward (aged about 44) is just inside the upper doorway. (This part of the cottage I recall being the coal shed).

Edward was a cobbler by trade, and had his workshop on land nearby.

Here is a photo of him in later life, inside the workshop.

Photos courtesy and copyright of Alan Barber
Cottages at the bottom of Rhyd Hill


Photo courtesy and copyright of Alan Barber


John Roberts of Capel, Western Australia has been in touch, stating that Margaret, aged 21 in 1901, is his grandmother.

I stumbled across your Penmon website when I "Googled" Tyddyn Grigor. I had obtained a copy of my Grandparents wedding certificate and it showed my Grandmother's home address as Tyddyn Grigor and her father as Thomas Williams, Farm Bailiff this was in 1908.

The 1881 census showed them living at Tan y Pentre with 3 children. The eldest Elizabeth married a Richard Owen of Penmon.Through my Grandmother I found out that their son Thomas Richard Owen had emigrated to NZ. He died in 1991 in Blenheim New Zealand. My grandmother - Margaret born 1879- used to tell me of the idyllic life they had enjoyed at Llangoed in particular Tyddyn Grigor.

I've tried to follow up on the family but the multiplicity of Owens/Roberts/Williams has made the job rather difficult especially from Australia and in the ancient hands of one just catching up with computers!

My grandmother after her  marriage in Beaumaris moved to Bala and then I believe to Rhyl. In the years before WWII I remember she was frequently called upon to answer questions on Welsh grammar and literature and was regarded as an expert in those days when Welsh looked to be dying out.
She died in 1974 aged 94 years and is buried in Rhyl cemetery with her husband.
I and my family are extremely proud of our Welsh heritage and I'm trying to establish as well as I can a well-founded family tree. I'll leave it to my grandsons to return to Wales and experience the pleasure of exploring their homeland.

In 1901, Tyddyn Grigor shows Thomas Williams, aged 47, a labourer on farm, born Beaumaris as head of household, with his wife Margaret aged 49, born Llanfihangel. Their family living at home, consisted of Katharine, 26, also born in Llanfihangel, a dressmaker, working on her own account, Margaret, 21, a school teacher, Ellen 13 and Anne, 10, all born in Llangoed.

Margaret W. was a school teacher at Llangoed by the time she was 21 years old.  Her brother David had apparently left home by this time and I can connect him with Bala then.This where he would have met my Grandfather Charles F.Roberts Master Grocer living in Meirion House Bala and through him the connection with my Grandmother.

Thomas W. is shown as being born in either Llanddona or Beaumaris that would have been in 1854. Margaret's other sister either Catherine, Ellen or Anne also married and left Llangoed moving from Anglesey to the mainland. I met her and her son - a year or so older than I - in the 1940's. He was last heard of as a Professor at Cardiff University

In 1891, Tyn Grigor shows Thomas Williams, aged 38, an agricultural labourer as head of household, with his wife Margaret aged 39. Their family living at home, consisted of Elizabeth 17, Catherine, 16, an apprentice dressmaker,  David 13, an apprentice gardener,  Margaret, 11, Ellen 3 and Anne just 1 month old.

In 1881 Thomas Williams, aged 27, was living at Tan y Pentre,  an agricultural labourer, his wife Margaret was 29. Their family living at home, consisted of Elizabeth 7, Catherine, 6,  David 3, and  Margaret, 1.

The Owen connection derives from sister Elizabeth who married a Richard Owen from Penmon. Their son - Thomas Richard Owen was born in Penmon on the 15th August 1909 in Penmon to Richard Owen (Labourer) and Elizabeth Owen nee Williams. That is attributable to official records.

I also have a Richard Owen born 1873 at Llanfihangel yn Nhywyn (cannot link) and a Richard Owen and Elizabeth Ann Owen born 1874.
Thomas Richard left the UK in 1951 to emigrate to New Zealand settling in Blenheim, Marlborough Province (where all that lovely Sauvignon Blanc comes from). He never married, at least in New Zealand. He died on the 10th April 1991 at Wairau Hospital of Pneumonia aged 81 years.

John is keen to learn more about his family.
John can be contacted via mail@penmon.org




William Massey (1817-1897) of Cornelyn, Anglesey, the eldest son of Richard Massey of Mostyn Hall, Cheshire, married Margaret Henrietta Maria of Rhosfawr, Caernarfonshire (d. 1899). William and Margaret's children died without issue, Cornelyn being sold in 1960 by the last male Massey. All of Cornelyn's pictures, furniture and other effects passed to Sybil Mary, granddaughter of Francis Elcocke Massey (1822-1898) of Poole Hall, Cheshire. Francis was the brother of Margaret Henrietta Maria (d. 1899). Sybil Mary married Col. Humphrey B. M. Wright, Conyers Place, Marnhull, Dorset

In memory of
who died at Cornelyn the 15th
day of September 1868 aged 41.
Deeply and deservedly regretted

1861 census ; William Massey 45, Barrister not practising, born St Mary Chester,  Maraget Henrietta Maria Massey, 35 wife, born Acton, sons William Glynne 3, Francis William 6 months, both born Llangoed, June Welsh 32, cook, Mary McMaster 35, nurse, both born Scotland,  Ellen Weston, 29, housekeeper, born Bath, Margaret Jones 28, under nurse, born Holywell. 

1871 census ; William Massey. 53, Barrister not in practise, born St Mary, Chester, Margaret Henrietta 45, Magistrate's wife, born Acton, daughters, Edith Ellen Henrietta 8, Gwendoline Elizabeth 6, both born Llangoed, Governess Mary Ann Pratt 51, born Walsall, Fanny Evans, 32, cook, born Lincolnshire, Mary McMaster 51, head nurse, born Scotland, Sarah Louisa Melnioth, 24 lady's maid, born Lambeth,  Eliza Packham 30, head dairy maid, born Lydhurst, Harriet Crawford 23, Head house maid, born St John, Chester, Helen Seaborn 19, under housekeeper, born Hereford, Emma Davies 12, kitchen maid, born Corwen, George Masson 32, butler, born Shotton.

1881 census ; Only the housekeeper, Jane Parry 46, born Llangoed was in residence.

1881 census; Cornelyn Lodge; Hugh Williams 34, gardener, born Llangoed, Elizabeth Williams 34, wife, born Liverpool, children Rowland 7, Robert 4, Mary 2, servant was Margaret Bulkeley all born Llangoed.

Er serchog coffadwriaeth
anwyl blentyn
Cornelyn Lodge, Llangoed
yr hwn a fu farw
Chwefror 13eg 1881
yn 5 mis oed.
Hefyd er cof am
Bodesgallen, Llandudno, gynt o Llangoed
bu farw Mehefin 4yd 1902
yn 55 mlwydd oed.
"Gostyngodd efe fy nerth ar y ffordd
byrhaodd fy nyddiau"

1881 census ; Cornelyn Dairy ; Fanny Davies 27, domestic servant dairy, 27, born Yorkshire.

1881 census ; Cornelyn Cottage ; Francis W. Jenkins, 31, gardener, born Nantwich, Sarah Jenkins 30 wife, born Shrewsbury, Francis W. 2, son born Llangoed.

During the late-nineteenth century Gwendolen Massey (1864-1960) and her sister Edith (1863-1946) were prominent members of the Anglesey Hunt. Gwendolen served as Lady Patroness of the Anglesey Hunt in 1888. Apart from hunting, the Massey sisters also had a great love of drawing and produced numerous botanical illustrations of the wild flowers and plants of Anglesey. 

1891 census ; William Massey 73, Barrister not practising, born St Mary's Chester, Margaret H. Maria Massey 65, wife, born Acton, William Glynne Massey 32, son, Captain Anglesey Militia, Francis W John Massey 30, son Captain 3rd Battalion Cheshires, Gwendolen E. E. M. Massey  26, daughter, all born Llangoed, Elizabeth Dobson 39, cook, housekeeper,born Warrington, Ellen Skelding 21, kitchen maid, born Biarly Hill, Euphenia M. Wallis 18, scullery domestic, born Kelsal, Alice Mills 38 upper housemaid, born Bishton, Mary Roberts, 20 under housemaid, born Conway, James Freeman Massey, 30, butler,  born Taunton, John Dixon 19, boy under domestic, born Beaumaris.

1891 census ; Cornelyn Stables ; Richard Owen 19, groom, born Llangadwaladr.

1891 census; Rose Cottage, Cornelyn ; Francis W. Jenkins 41, gardener, born Nantwich, Sarah Jenkins 40 wife, born Shrewsbury Fracis Wynne 12 son,born Llangoed, Nellie Eames 10 visitor, born Beaumaris.

Cornelyn Lodge.
Photo copyright Nigel Williams. Reproduced by licence.

1891 census ; Cornelyn Lodge ; John W. Roberts, 36 gardener domestic servant, born St Asaph,  Eliza Roberts 35, wife, born Broadstaines, Kent, Mary L. Roberts 7, born Bowden Hill. 

to the memory of
of Cornelyn
died June 18th 1897.
Also of
his wife, who
departed this life
February 21st 1899
aged 72 years.
Also their son
who died February
17th 1904
aged 43 years.
Also of
who died Oct.8
Sacred to the memory
of Cornelyn
who was born January
24th 1859 and departed
this life October 16th 1934.
Also of
who died
December 13 1946

Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald
and North and South Wales Independent

2 February 1900

Included in the list of those killed at Spion Kop are the names of two officers intimately identified with Anglesey county families, Major H. H. Massey and Lieutenant M'Corquodale.
The former was the eldest son of the late Mr William Massey, of Cornelyn, Beaumaris, who was for some years the chairman of the Anglesey Quarter Sessions.
Major Massey until two years ago held a captain's commission in the Royal Anglesey Engineer Militia.
Lieutenant M'Corquodale is the son of Colonel M'Corquodale, of Gadlys, Llansadwrn, Menai Bridge, a former High Sheriff of Anglesey.

1901 census ; William G. Massey 42, living on his own means,, Edith E.H. Massey 37, sister, living on her own means, Gwendolen E.E.M. Massey 35, living on her own means, all born Llangoes, Annie Jones 35, cook, housekeeper, domestic, born Llanbrynmair, Mary Brown, 46, lady's maid, born New Marlow, Lucy Mace, 33, head housemaid, born Badger, Mary I. Cadwaladr, 20, under housemaid, born Craven Arms, Martha Frost 20, kitchen maid, born Newchapel, Lilly Roberts 16, scullery maid, born London, Robert Farndale, 36, butler, born Appleton Street, Clifford Rose, 19, footman, born Glasgow.

1901 Cornelyn Stables ; Richard Williams, 22, groom, born Bryngwaen, Edward Jones 18, helper, born Beaumaris.

1901 Cornelyn Lodge ; John William Roberts 46, gardener, born St Asaph.

1901 The Cottage, Cornelyn ; Jane Rowlands 62, widow, laundry maid, born Kirkendbright, Scotland, Elizabeth Lloyd 24, dairy maid, born Nerquis, Annie Lloyd 23, laundry maid born Llanfair P.G..

Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald
and North and South Wales Independent

26 February 1904

We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Frank H. Massey, who succumbed to an attack of pneumonia on Wednesday, the 17th inst. He died at Cornelyn, Llangoed', near Beaumaris, where he resided with his sisters and brother, Major W. Glynne Massey (High Sheriff elect of Anglesey).
Deceased, who was the second Son of the late Mr William Massey, J.P., D.L.. and formerly chairman of the Quarter Sessions for Anglesey, who, although a member of a very well known Cheshire family, built for himself a fine seat and resided at Cornelyn.
Mr Frank Massey was a gentleman of a most reserved and retiring disposition, but notwithstanding this those who came into contact with him found that this reserve was the cloak which hid a warm and generous heart, and he will be sadly missed.
His remains were interred in the family vault in Penmon Churchyard on Monday morning last, and by express wish, the ceremony was of the simplest possible nature.
The coffin, which was borne by workmen' on the estate, was literally hidden by the wealth of flowers of the choicest description, the tributes of sympathising friends. The grave also was lined with bunches of violets.
Major Massey alone followed the coffin as chief mourner.
On entering the church, the hymn "Brief life is here our portion" was sung, and Psalm XC. was sung to Croft in A minor.
The lesson was read by the Rev Morris Griffith, M.A., Vicar of Llangoed, after which, as the body was being taken from the church to the graveside, Hymn 289 ("Day and Moments") was sung.
At the grave, the remainder of the service was lead by the Rev J. D. Jones, M.A., Vicar of Penmon, and before the blessing was pronounced, Hymn 557 ("Peace, Perfect Peace") was beautifully rendered by the choir.
Amongst those present at the Church we noticed the Hon. W. W. Vivian, Mr J. S. Laurie (representing Sir R. Williams-Bulkeley, Bart., who was away attending the funeral of the late Lord Alington), Sir Thomas Neave, Bart., and MT Arundel Neave, Col. T. L. Hampton Lewis, Rev T. Lloyd Kyffin, Captain Kingscote, R.E., Captain Bernars, R.W.F., Messrs George R. Cox, W. C. Gross, T. Fanning Evans, W. M. Preston, F. H. Malls, Councillor F. Geary (Beaumaris), and the carriages of Sir R. Williams-Bulkeley, Bart., and Miss Poole followed.
Wreaths, etc., were sent by the Missses Massey (sisters), Mrs Massey (aunt), the indoor employees, the outdoor employees, Mary, Lady Vivian, the Hon. W. W. Vivian, Sir. Richard Bulkeley, Lady Magdalen Bulkeley, Col. and Mrs Hampton Lewis, Mrs and Miss Pritchard-Rayner Mr and Mrs J. Rice Roberts, Miss Panton, Col. and Mrs T. E. J. Lloyd, Mr and Mrs Preston, Mr and Mrs Lambert, Mr Pritchard-Rayner, Miss Pritchard (Brynhyfryd), Mr and Mrs G. R. Cox, Mr and Mrs S. T. Chadwick, Misses Roberts (Hendref), Dr W. R. Beck, Miss Williams (Newquay).
The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Messrs Williams and Co., Victoria, House, Beaumaris. 

In ever affectionate memory of
Cornelyn Lodge of this parish
who departed this life March 8th 1925
aged 62 years.
dearly beloved wife of the above
who departed this life Dec. 18th 1934
aged 71 years.
"At rest."


Gorddinog in Llangoed was named by Mr Henry Jones, (Brother to Mary, wife of John Williams) who took one acre piece of ground from one of the Buckleys on lease and built a cottage on it named Gorddinog and lived there all his life, and his wife for a few years longer, after which the old cottage was pulled down and a terrace was built and called by the same name.

To read the full account and learn about
the Tan y Fron family of Llangoed, please click here

1841 census; Henry Jones 45, agricultural labourer, Mary Jones 45, Richard Jones 11, William Hughes 14, male servant all born Anglesey. 

1851 census ; Henry Jones 56, sawyer, born Llangoed, Mary Jones 56, wife, born Beaumaris, John Williams 25 labourer, born Llangoed, born Llaniestyn, Hugh Owen 15, labourer, Jane Roberts 12, house servant, born Beaumaris, Mary Lloyd, 10, granddaughter, born Liverpool

1861 census ; Henry Jones 69, gardener, Ellen Jones 37, wife Jane 18, daughter, all born Llangoed

1871 census ; Henry Jones 77, gardener born Llangoed, Ellinor Jones 52, wife, born Llanrhydlan, Jane Jones 26, daughter, quarryman's wife, born Llanfaes. 

Henry died on the 3rd August 1880, aged 87. 

1881 census ; Ellenor Jones, 64 widow, market gardener, daughter Jane Jones 37, market gardener, both born Llangoed, John W. Jones 41 son in law, slate quarryman, born Caernarvonshire.

Henry's wife, Ellen died on the 8th August 1888, aged 71. 

Er cof am
Gorddinog, Llangoed
yr hwn a fu farw Awst 3ydd 1880
yn 87 mlwydd oed.

Croesi wnaeth dros afan Angau
I dir anfarwoldeb pell,
I fwynhau tragwyddol iechyd,
A dedwyddwch bywyd gwell.

ELLEN anwyl briod y dywededig
yr hon a fu farw Awst 8fed 1888
yn 71 mlwydd oed.
"Yn llawen mewn gobaith
Yn ddioddefgar mewn cystudd
Yn dyfal-barhau mewn gweddi." 


Andre Hallam from Canada contacted me with the following enquiry;KD

I'm reading your website with great interest. I see in a couple of places that you write about Rowland Williams of Tan Y Fron, Llangoed. The articles mention that Rowland was born at Pen y Marian.

I have traced my Williams family back to a William Williams, born about 1799 (or as late as 1803). His wife was Ann (possibly Jones). They had at least 8 children: William, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas, Ann, Henry, John, and Robert.

In the 1841 and 1851 censuses, William lived at Pen y Marian, Llangoed, and was a farmer of 50 acres.

Since Rowland was apparently born at Pen y Marian, I'm thinking there must be a link to my William Williams. I also see that Rowland had a brother William, but he was born several years later than mine. I wonder if they share an ancestor though.

Do you happen to have any information prior to Rowland and his father John? Thank you

The above notice appeared in the North Wales Chronicle and Advertiser, on the 15th May 1881.
KD June 2018

I'm very grateful to John Williams, who has family connections with Tan y Fron, Llangoed, for the following comprehensive response to Andre's enquiry; KD

Ken Davies has passed me the your e-mail about your ancestors, William and Ann Williams, who were living at Pen y Marian, Llangoed, in 1841 and 1851, and expressing your interest to discover if they could be related to the Williams family from Tan y Fron.  The fact that Rowland Williams had been born at Pen y Marian having alerted you to this possibility.

At the moment I cannot find a definite link, but it is very possible that they were related.

I have a very complete picture of the descendents of John and Mary Williams, the parents of Rowland Williams and several others, who were at Tan y Fron in the early 1800's, and you will be able to trace much of what happened to them and their family (particularly those descended from Rowland Williams) from various items on the Penmon Website.  I am not sure how deeply you have gone into the Penmon website, and therefore what information to give you to start with.

To go back to the period before the first census in 1841, the most interesting things to look at are the History of John Williams, as written by his great grandson Robert Williams (son of Rowland Williams), which is at the beginning of the Tan y Fron section, and the letter from John Williams (brother of Rowland Williams), the Minister, written in 1890 to his niece, which is at the beginning of the Penmon Nostalgia section.

It is very difficult to find firm evidence for all the stories about the Tan y Fron Williams family back in the 1700's.  I am fairly sure that they had migrated across the Menai Straits from Gorddinog to Penmon, but exactly who came across, and when, is not totally clear to me.  For sure the family's Gorddinog story must be based on some firm foundation, as so many Tan y Fron offspring called their houses Gorddinog (In Llangoed, Llandudno, Cemaes, and Caenarvon).

The Minister's letter tells us about the death of his grandfather, and his two aunts, in the ferry tragedy in 1787, and the subsequent death of his grandmother, leaving the three boys William, John and Rowland.  Apparently William died quite young, and Rowland went off to America, and possibly Jamaica.  John remained in the Llangoed/Penmon area, and was a seaman before he took over Tan y Fron around 1820.  John Williams married Mary Jones in Llangoed in 1809, and when their first children (including Rowland) were christened in Llangoed, John was recorded as a sailor, and their address was Pen y Marian.  This does strongly suggest a family connection to your Williams, Pen y Marian, family.  What is also interesting is that you believe the wife of William Williams, Pen y Marian, could have been an Ann Jones.  Were both wives from the same Jones family? 

According to the History of John Williams, by Robert Williams, it was a William Jones who persuaded the Tan y Fron ancestors to come over from Gorddinog, and the Jones family house in Llangoed was called Gorddinog.  It seems that this William Jones was the father of the Ann Jones that married John Williams, and could also have been related to the wife of William Williams, Pen y Marian.  I don't know if we will ever get to the bottom of this story.  It is very difficult to go back through the parish records before 1800, as some of the vicars were not very thorough with their register entries (lazy?), and of course there were so many interelated Williams and Jones families in the area.  The land tax records do give some help, and I will see if I can find anything about who was at Pen y Marian before 1841.  I do know that there were various members of the Williams family at Tan y Fron from the mid 1700's, but I haven't been able to complete a picture.  To be honest, I have more or less given up my research of the period before 1800.

I had a quick look at the Williams family living at Pen y Marian in 1841 and 1851, and you probably know much more than I do.  

1841 Pen Y Marian.
William Williams, 40, farmer, wife Ann, 35. Their family living at home consisted of Mary 14, Elizabeth 10, Thomas 8, Ann 6, Henry 3 and John 1. All are recorded as having been born on Anglesey.

1851 Pen Y Marian.
William Williams, 52, farmer, wife Ann, 48. Their family living at home consisted of Elizabeth 21, Thomas 17, Ann 15, Henry 13, John 11, and Robert 9. Thomas Hughes 31, living there, was an agricultural labourer . All are recorded as having been born on Anglesey. Thomas Williams 16, a tailor born in Caernarfonshire was visiting them and staying on the night of the census.

It appears that William and Ann left Pen y Marian some time after 1851, with their children John and Ann, and in 1861 they were living in Gyffylliog near Ruthin in Denbighshire. 

1861 Cae'r Werglodd, Gyffylliog.
William Williams, 64, farmer of 80 acres, employing 1 labourer and 2 boys, wife Ann, 60. Their family living at home consisted of  John 21, and Anne 26.

I don't know which of their children you are descended from, and how much you know about them.  What I can tell you is that their son Thomas Williams, born around 1833, married my great great aunt Ellen Williams in Penmon on 18/03/1855, and that they moved to Bangor and had a family.  Ellen died sometime between 1881 and 1891, by which time Thomas had remarried.   Incidentally Ellen Williams was not from the Tan y Fron family, but my other Penmon Williams family.  Her grandfather William had been a gamekeeper at the Penmon deer park, and her father John was a pilot at Black Point.

I am related to two Penmon Williams families, as my great grandparents were Robert and Martha Williams.  Robert was a son of John Williams the pilot, and Martha was a daughter of John Williams, Tan y Fron, which means she was a sister of the Rowland Williams that you picked up as having been born at Pen y Marian. You are probably not so interested in all these details.  However, if you would like any more details fire away.

We definitely have a very distant family connection through the marriage of Thomas and Ellen Williams, but we may find more links if we look hard enough.

I cannot say for sure what the Pen y Marian property looked like around 1840.   Pen y Marian  is just below Tros y Marian, and above Plas Newydd.  

My feeling is that in 1840 the name Pen y Marian was probably the name of a fairly small agricultural property, and not the hamlet which now seems to use the name.  I don't think it would have been a large house at that time.  Tros y Marian was a large house, but I doubt if Pen y Marian was, and it may just have been a group of farm buildings with limited accommodation. 

Pen Y Marian

Both photos © Copyright Eric Jones and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Tros Y Marian

The name comes from the topography.  Marian meaning Moraine, so Pen y Marian is "head" or top of the moraine, and Tros y Marian means something like across the moraine.  The moraine is certainly the slope below the properties down towards the church, and the main village of Llangoed.  It is perhaps understandable that the community up above the church, and along the narrow road going along the top, is now apparently known as the hamlet Pen y Marian.  If you look at an old map, together with the latest Ordnance Survey, you can see there are a number of buildings in the area, where I believe the Pen y Marian property was. 

 I have never looked very closely when I have been in the area, but will do so on our next visit.  Having said all this here are two photographs taken recently of Tros y Marian and Pen y Marian and I will send them to you separately.  One picture is the large house Tros y Marian which goes back to the period which interests us.  The other is of a large modern house development called Pen y Marian.  This is probably on the site of the old Pen y Marian and has been developed from the old farm buildings. 


Libby Jones has been in touch about her family too,
who also lived at Pen Y Marian. KD. June 2018.

I am hoping to find out more about the descendants of a Llangoed family living at Pen y Marian in the 1901 census listing;

Evan Thomas, aged 72, born Llangoed 
Mary, wife aged 72, born Beaumaris
Hugh, son 36, born Llangoed
Richard, grandson 20, born Llaniestyn
Owen, grandson 19, born Llaniestyn

Evan's son Richard Thomas (born 1860 at Pen Y Marian, Llangoed) 
married Mary Jones in 1880 (born 1857 at Ty Philip, Llaniestyn). Mary is the sister of my great grandfather Rev John Jones.

Richard and Mary lived at Ty Philip and had two sons, 
Richard Thomas born circa 1881 and Owen Thomas born circa 1882. 

Sadly Mary dies in 1882. Richard, her husband also seems to die around this time.

The 1891 census shows Richard junior aged 10, is living with his aunt Ellen Thomas and her husband Edward Thomas at Gatehouse. 

However, Owen aged 10 is living with his grandfather Evan Thomas at Pen y Marian.

The 1911 census has Richard aged 30 living with his aunt Ellen and Edward, at 1 Park Terrace, Llangoed, but I cannot find Owen.

Did either Richard or Owen have children?

I would really love to find out if there are any descendants. 

If you can help Libby with her enquiry, she can be contacted via   mail@penmon.org 

1 Pen y Berth

Wendy Davies has forwarded this enquiry; KD

Hello Ken
What a great site! I wonder if you can help us?

We have just moved to 1 Pen y Berth, Llangoed and while we know of the previous occupant (Mrs Griffiths) and have heard of the Hughes family who lived there before her.
We wonder if you have any more info about our cottage - it used to have a crog loft and we would like to restore some of the original features if we can.
I know a Zac Hughes blacksmith lived there around the time of this photo and your turn of the last century householder information says there was another Hughes blacksmith there in 1911, but we don't know much more.

I look forward to hearing from you, as the earliest photo we have is around 1986
Wendy Davies

Hugh and Margaret Williams lived at Pen y Berth, Llangoed in 1816, when their daughter Ann died on the 10th April, aged 17. 

Margaret was 65 when she died on the 20th September 1836.
Hugh died in April 1863, aged 86. 

Yma y maen gorwedd gorph
Pen y Borth, Llangoed, yr hon a fu
10fed  Ebrill 1816 yn 17 (?) oed.
".......cad.n iu enw yr Arglwydd
ato.......had y cyfiawn ac y mae yn ddiogel."
fu farw Medi 20 1836 yn 65 oed.
fu farw Ebrill 1863
yn 86 oed.

Carpenter Henry Parry and his family moved to Pen y Berth by 1841. The census does not state whether he was a widower.

1841 Census; Pen y Berth, Llangoed
Henry Parry, 45, Carpenter, Robert Parry, 20, Catherine Parry 13, John Parry, 6, all born Anglesey

The Owens family was living there by 1848, when Thomas died aged 54 on the 13th February, his wife Sydney died on the 3rd March 1853, aged 67.

Er serchog gof
died Febry. 13th 1848
aged 54.
yma mae yn corwedd
gwraig y dywededig
yr hon a fu farw
Mawrth 3ydd yn y flwyddyn
1853 yn 67ain mlwydd oed

By 1851, William Lewis and his family were resident at Pen y Berth.

1851 Census; Pen y Berth, Llangoed
William Lewis, 31, agricultural labourer, Jane Lewis, 29, wife, children Richard, 6, John 4, Mary Lewis 1, all born Anglesey.

The property had presumably been altered as there were now two houses recorded at Pen y Berth, William Lewis and his family residing at No. 2 with the Roberts family occupying No. 1 

1861 Census, Pen y Berth, Llangoed
William Roberts, 28, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed, Ellen Roberts, 29, wife, Griffith Roberts, 1, son, born Llanfairmaethafarnmeithaf. 

The Hughes family now resided at 1 Pen y Berth, Llangoed

1871 Census, 1 Pen y Berth, Llangoed
Thomas Hughes, 29, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn, Jane Hughes, 27, wife, children, Anne, 8, Thomas, 6, Margaret, 3, Lewis, 2, Hugh, 3 months, all born Llangoed

1881 Census; 1 Pen y Berth, Llangoed
Thomas Hughes, 39, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn, Jane Hughes, 37, wife, children, Thomas, 16, agricultural labourer, Lewis, 13, Hugh, 10, Jane, 7, Catherine, 3, Hugh, 2, Mary, 1, Ellen, 1, all born Llangoed.

1891 Census; 1 Pen y Berth, Llangoed
Thomas Hughes, 48, agricultural labourer, born Llaniestyn, Jane Hughes, 47, wife, children,  Lewis, 23, Hugh, 21, general labourer,  Mary, 11, Leticia, 6 grand daughter, Hugh, 12, grandson, 12, Richard, 5, grandson, William, 3, son, born Llangoed.

1901 Census: Pen y Berth, Llangoed
Thomas Hughes, 58, limestone quarry labourer, born Llanddona, Jane, 57 wife, sons Lewis, 32, Hugh 22, both limestone quarry labourers, Richard, 15, worker on the farm, William, 13, John, 8 Thomas J. 1, all born Llangoed 

1911 Census: Pen y Berth, Llangoed
Thomas Hughes, 66, miner, Jane, 65 wife. The couple had been married for 40 years, raised 10 children, 8 of whom lived and 2 died.
Living with them were son Lewis 39, a worker, daughter Mary 32, son John 19, nephews T
homas John 12, and Sacaria 2. 

Mary Hughes, aged 32 above, died 4 years later on the 7th January 1915, followed by her mother Jane just  a few weeks later, on the 31st March 1915 aged 69.

Thomas died aged 78 on the 5th December 1919.

Er serchog gof
Pen-y-Berth, Llangoed
a fu farw Mawrth 31, 1915
yn 69 mlwydd oed.
 eu merch
a fu farw Ionawr 7, 1915
yn 34 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd y dywededig
a fu farw Rhagfyr 5, 1919
yn 78 mlwydd oed

Thomas and Jane's son Lewis, who appears in all the censuses  since 1871, died on the 11th July 1932, aged 63.

Kate who was born after the 1911 census, died on the 30th August, 159 aged 47.

Thomas and Jane's daughter Catherine, who appears on the  1881 census aged 3, died on the 16th June 1963, aged 87.

Er serchog gof
Pen-y-Berth, Llangoed
a fu farw Gorff. 11, 1932
yn 63 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Awst 30, 1959
yn 47 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Mehe. 16, 1963
yn 87 mlwydd oed

Thomas and Jane's son Hugh who appears in all the censuses  since 1871, died aged 77, on the 28th October 1950. Presumably Hugh was a military man, as he's noted as 'General' on the gravestone.

Er serchog gof
Penyberth, Llangoed
hunodd Hyd.28 1950
yn 77 oed.

Thomas and Jane's granddaughter, Letitia who appears on the 1891 census, died February 18th 1965, aged 82.

Their nephew Zacharia, who appears on the 1911 census, died on February 2nd 1983, aged 73, "God is Love"

Er cof annwyl
Pen-y-Berth, Llangoed
a fu farw Chwef 18, 1965
yn 82 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Chwef, 2 1983,
yn 73 mlwydd oed.
"Duw cariad yw"

Memorial Inscriptions are courtesy of
Gwynedd Family History Society.
These grave can be located at St Cawrda Church, Llangoed

Morannedd / Mor Awel
Julie Pittilla has been in touch with the following enquiry. KD;

I have owned Mor Awel Cottage Llangoed for ten years now. It forms part of Mor Awel which has been a cafe and a chip shop in the past I understand! The house was split in the 60's and I now live in the cottage. The main house was used as a B and B until a couple of years ago. 

I understand the house was once the servants quarters of a larger house in the village but I can't ascertain if this is true.

I wondered if you knew anything else about the house?

If you can help Julie, she can be contacted via

This is the history so far, beginning with the 1901 census.
Property information kindly supplied by Julie. 

1901 census Morannedd.
William Roberts, 37, baker, born Llangoed, wife Ellen Roberts, 31, born Llangefni, daughters Laura Jane Roberts 3, Ellen Catherine Roberts 8 months, born Llangoed.

Daughter Laura Jane died on the 1st March 1903, aged 5.

Daughter Ann Jane was born in 1904, but died on May 8th 1906, aged just 1 year and 7 months.

William's wife Ellen died on the 6th June 1910, aged 39.

They are all buried at Saint Cawrda Church, Llangoed 

Er coffadwriaeth
Moranedd, Llangoed
yr hon a fu farw Mawrth 1af 1903
yn 5 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd ANN JANE ei anwyl blentyn
yr hon a fu farw Mai 8fed 1906
yn 1 mlwydd a 7 mis oed
y dywededig ELLEN ROBERTS
yr hon a fu farw Mehefin 6ed
1910 yn 39 mlwydd oed.


1911 census Morannedd.
William Roberts, 47, grocer, widower who had been married 15 years to Ellen Roberts.
William is recorded as an employer, with Morley House as place of carrying out a trade. 
They had five children, two had died by 1911 and three were still living.

At home were son Griffith Jeremy Roberts, 8, William Ivor Roberts 5, daughter Myra Roberts, 4. All were born in Llangoed. Kate Rowlands 26, born in Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf was their servant.

William's son William Ifor died on the 21st August 1936, aged 30.

Er coffadwriaeth
Moranedd, Llangoed
yr hon a fu farw Mawrth 1af 1903
yn 5 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd ANN JANE ei anwyl blentyn
yr hon a fu farw Mai 8fed 1906
yn 1 mlwydd a 7 mis oed
y dywededig ELLEN ROBERTS
yr hon a fu farw Mehefin 6ed
1910 yn 39 mlwydd oed.
eu anwyl fab
yr hwn a fu farw  Awst 21, 1936
yn 30 mlwydd oed.

The deeds to Mor Awel refer to a schedule of 1933 which shows a conveyance of the National Provincial Bank to William.

In 1943, on the 11th March, William Roberts died - he owned Morawel. 

I gofio Am
Moranedd Llangoed
hunodd Mawrth 11, 1943
yn 80 mlwydd oed
hunodd Awst 22, 1967
yn 90 mlwydd oed.

Morawel was sold in 1971 by Owain Tudor Roberts, who I am assuming was Owain's father of the Pines Country Club (which is still there, but now an old peoples home) and Margaret Laura Jones of Hafod, Brynsciencyn to William Dunt of  Morawel Llangoed and Ann Dunt his wife.  Could they have been renting it and then bought it?

Below is an old picture of Llangoed, on which I have marked my house. 
The house in front of Mor Awel, which faces the road, has been demolished, my garage stands on this land now.

Mor Awel from Llangoed Bridge

An earlier picture of Llangoed Bridge

Mor Awel as it stands now

Julie can't believe the property was built in the 20th century, it seems much older and the tales of it being a servant's quarters for the manor house would make it mid 19th century as the person who owned the manor also owned Penrhyn Castle (all heresay again). Penrhyn, as you know was a rich man's mock castle built with slate money.

If you can kindly shed any light on the history of Mor Awel, please contact Julie via     mail@penmon.org

 John William Jones
born 1868,
Withington Workhouse, Manchester

Received a very interesting message from Richard E. Jones. KD.

My great grandfather John William Jones was born in Withington Workhouse in Manchester on 31 Aug 1868.

Visit Withington Poor House, Chorlton on this link to workhouse.org  
(Peter Higginbotham)

Link to workhouse 'baby farms'

Link to the daily routine in a workhouse

He first appears in Llangoed as a boarder, aged 2, in the 1871 Census. The head of the household was a widow, Martha Owen who took in washing to make ends meet.

1871 Census, Rhyd, Llangoed
Martha Owen, 58, head, widow, 58, Washer, High Owen, son 22, carter, John Owen, son, 18, agricultural labourer, all born in Llangoed. John W. Jones, 2, boarder, born Manchester. 

By 1881, John had moved to work in Llaniestyn.

1881 Census, Bryn Poeth, Llaniestyn
Elizabeth Owen, 26, unmarried, Housekeeper, domestic servant, born Llanrug, John Jones, 13, domestic servant, born Manchester. 

He grew up in Llangoed, married Hannah Owen from Llanddona and had a large family, including my grandfather William Jones in 1890.

1891 Census, Tai Bricks, Llangoed
John William Jones, Head, 22, general labourer, born Llangoed, Hannah Jones, wife, 23 born Llanddona, John 4, Martha 2, William 1, all born Llangoed. 

He and his family lived in Bull House. Hence he was always known as Taid Bull.

1901 Census, Bull House, Llangoed
John Jones, 32, carter on farm, born Manchester, Hannah, 33, born Llanddona, Martha, 12, William, 11, Mary Jane, 6, Hannah, 3, all born Llangoed.  

My grandfather, William, married Lizzie Thomas, from Ty Popty and my father, Edwin Jones, was the second of their 7 children.

When his wife Hannah died on the 17th September 1910, aged 43, and is buried in Saint Cawrda Church, Llangoed.

John William Jones married again and by his second wife Kate, he had 2 more children, Gwyneth and Nesta.

John William Jones,
taken sometime after 1910

John was a man of very strong religious beliefs and proved to be a great asset to Saint Cawrda Church.
He loved the church and that was where he could be found when his health permitted. It was a real delight to listen to his sincere and impressive prayers and he would listen to the Gospel with great attention.
He was not one of those who would stay silent but very often he would go to the preacher to give him words of encouragement and comfort..
1911 Census, Bull, Llangoed, 
John W. Jones, 42, widower, carter, born Manchester. He had been married to Hannah
 for 25 years, with 11 children, 2 having died by 1911. William Jones, 21, son, quarryman, Mary J. Jones, 16, Owen Hugh Jones, 10, Thomas  Jones, 8 and Joseph Peniel Jones, 4, all born Llangoed

John and Hannah's son Owen Hugh Jones, died on the 28th December 1919, aged 18, and is buried with his mother at Saint Cawrda Church, Llangoed. 

Er cof serchog
priod JOHN JONES, Bull, Llangoed
a fu farw Medi 17 1910
yn 43 mlwydd oed.
eu hanwyl fab
a fu farw Rhagfyr 28 19919
yn 18 mlwydd oed.
"Yng nghanol ein bywyd yr ydym yn angau".

There was always talk of him having a brother or half brother who came to stay in a hotel in Beaumaris from time to time. He was alleged to have been a Thomas!

On the 14th May 1916, John wrote to Y Drych, a Welsh language newspaper John asking if anyone knew the history of Thomas Jones, of Neuadd, Talwrn, Anglesey and where he is now. He asked for info to be posted to him, John William Jones at his Bull House address in Llangoed.

Y Drych
4ydd o Fai 1916
John was a regular and diligent reader of the Bible, and during the months of ill health the Bible was constantly on the table. He gained great support and comfort from it.

He would regularly listen to the religious services on the radio and derived great pleasure and blessing from them.

Sadly, John and Hannah's daughter Nesta Jones, wife of H. Jones, Bull House, Llangoed, died March 27 1948, aged 28, and is buried at Saint Carwda Church, Llangoed. She died very unexpectedly.

Er serchof gof
anwyl briod H. JONES
Bull House, Llangoed,
A hunodd Mawrth 27, 1948,
yn 28 mlwydd oed.
"Duw cariad yw." 

Nesta and her husband lived at home with her parents, and was the candle of her father's eye. This affected him deeply and he did not recover from the blow. He appeared to weaken and his strong powerful body to shrink.

John William's will to live was strong and was nursed faithfully and dearly by his wife Mrs Jones. In spite of every care his soul departed to eternal rest after a long and industrious life.

In his latter years, he rented a farm and worked on it very successfully up until 1947.

John William Jones died on the 21st October 1948 aged 80, and is buried at Saint Carwda Church, Llangoed.

Llangoed church lost one of their oldest members with the death, which occurred on October 21st 1948, of Mr John W. Jones, Bull House. Although he was not born here, he had lived in the area for over eighty years.

He was a faithful member of our church in Llangoed and was also one of the overseers of the poor, a position he was very proud of, and which he carried out with diligence and a special dignity.

For many years he was in service in the area, and was looked upon as a responsible and reliable worker.

He raised a large family , all showing him great respect, accepting the advice he gave them and following the good example he showed them.

He will be greatly missed at his home and in the chapel and the whole region's sympathy  goes out to Mrs. Jones and the whole family in their loss.

The funeral took place on the following Tuesday, and a large number of people came to pay their last respects.

The service at the house and at the cemetery was officiated by the Revs. Richard Jones, B.A.  Menai Bridge ; Trefor Humphreys, Llangefni, and D.R. Evans the Parish Rector.

May he rest in peace.

His second wife Kate died on the 4th March 1951, aged 71, and is buried with John.
Their daughter Gwyneth Evans died on the 23rd November, 1986, aged 73 and is buried with her parents.

 Er serchog gof
Bull House Llangoed
A hunodd Hydref 21, 1948
yn 80 mlwydd oed.
"Hedd perffaidd Hedd."

Hefyd ei annwyl briod
A hunodd Mawrth 4, 1951
yn 71 mlwydd oed.
"mewn hiraeth dwys."

Hefyd eu anwyl merch
a hunodd Tachwedd 26, 1986
yn 73 mlwydd oed.
"Cwsg a gwyn dy fyd."

My aunt, Hannah Jones, the only survivor of the seven, lived for many years in Tawelfan, she is now 89.
Being born to one Mary Jones in Manchester and his father remaining unknown, I am continually searching for information about Taid Bull and would welcome any help.

William Jones
son of
John William Jones 

William appeared in the following family censuses.

1891 Census, Tai Bricks, Llangoed
John William Jones, Head, 22, general labourer, born Llangoed, Hannah Jones, wife, 23 born Llanddona, John 4, Martha 2, William 1, all born Llangoed. 

1901 Census, Bull House, Llangoed 
John Jones, 32, carter on farm, born Manchester, Hannah, 33, born Llanddona, Martha, 12, William, 11, Mary Jane, 6, Hannah, 3, all born Llangoed.

1911 Census, Bull, Llangoed,
John W. Jones, 42, widower, carter, born Manchester. He had been married to Hannah
for 25 years, with 11 children, 2 having died by 1911. William Jones, 21, son, quarryman, Mary J. Jones, 16, Owen Hugh Jones, 10, Thomas Jones, 8 and Joseph Peniel Jones, 4, all born Llangoed 

Richard E. Jones writes: My grandfather, William, married Lizzie Thomas, from Ty Popty, on the 5th September 1916, in the Wesleyan Chapel just before he enlisted in The Great War. 

Wesleyan Chapel, Llangoed
He had been a Ship's Cook in the Merchant Navy before the war, served in Royal Field Artillery and then on his return worked in the quarry to support his family.

Merchant Navy
Royal Field Artillery
Lizzie was in service before marrying.. 

William Jones

Lizzie Thomas in service
They had 7 children:
Gwilym b 12 May 1921
Edwin b 24 Jan 1923 - my father
Ann Elizabeth (Betty) b 20 Apr 1925
John Owen b 14 Mar 1927
Hannah b 5 Feb 1929
Thomas Meirion b 4 May 1931
Gwynne b 13 Jun 1935

Lizzie's parents were Owen and Ann Thomas.

1891 Ty Popty, Llangoed
Owen Thomas 32 Agricultural labourer, born Llanddona Welsh speaking
Ann, wife 29 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Mary d 9 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Morgan s 7 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Anne d 5 Llangoed Welsh speaking
John s 3 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Lizzie d 11mths Llangoed Welsh speaking 

1901 Ty Popty, Llangoed
Owen J Thomas 42 limestone quarryman born Llanddona
Ann, wife 39 born Llangoed
Mary 19 general domestic born Llangoed
Morgan, 17 limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Annie 15 born Llangoed
John 13 born Llangoed
Lizzie 10 born Llangoed
Willie 4 born Llangoed
Richard 4 born Llangoed
Maggie 1 born Llangoed
Elizabeth Jones, widow, 73, mother in law, born Llangoed 

1911 Census, Morley House, Llangoed
Laura Jane Williams, married, 45, Grocer, Ellen Catherine Roberts, niece, 10, Lizzie Thomas, 20, assistant,  Richard Morris, 23, baker, Grace Ellis, 44, widow, servant, Nellie Williams, 15, servant, Joseph Jones, 14, servant. 

The Ty Popty family appear in the next feature on Penmon.org KD 

If you can help Richard with his research about John William Jones, he can be contacted via  mail@penmon.org . KD July 2018


Ty Popty Family,

Delighted to receive the following inform Jay Williams. KD
In 1850, my Great Grandfather Robert W. Williams & wife Alice Hughes Williams emigrated to the Proscairon District near Cambria, Wisconsin.

My family came from Llangoed, and the first name that I have is, William Williams, 1795-1872.  Then Robert Williams, who died in 1817--Elizabeth Williams Died 1808. Their children were John, Elizabeth, Jane, William & Ann.  
Then I have  A-William Williams & Ann Williams,1-William 1822, 2-Robert-1825 & Elizabeth Jones-1827.
A-William Williams was a farmer and his Uncle was born in 1822 in Anglesea and for a time, and then they moved to Bethesda, which was in the vicinity of the Penrhyn Quarries. Here he found a wife and built a home on Lord Penryhn's land. His first wife died  some years ago and he remarried another--"Caergybi", Douglas Hill, Bethesda. Many knew him as William Williams "Y Cariwr." 

Elizabeth Williams, mentioned above, died on the 25th July 1808, aged 56, William Williams died March 19th 1817, aged 29 and Robert Williams died 31st July 1817, aged 56. 

Saint Cawrda Church, Llangoed

Er Cof am
Typopty bu farw Gorffenaf
25  1808 yn 56 oed.
fu farw Mawrth 19, 1817
yn 29 oed.
Gorffenaf 31, 1817 yn 56 oed.

Popty, Llangoed

fu farw Rhagfyr 23, 1836 yn 7 oed.
or lle uchod
a fu farw Mehefin y 7ed
1846 yn 40 oed

1851 Ty Popty, Llangoed
William Williams 56 Agricultural labourer
Ann Williams 60
Elizabeth Williams unmarried single 64 pauper

Er Cof am
Typopty bu farw Gorffenaf
25  1808 yn 56 oed.
fu farw Mawrth 19, 1817
yn 29 oed.
Gorffenaf 31, 1817 yn 56 oed.
Gorffenaf 30, 1853 yn 66 oed.

1861 Ty Popty, Llangoed
William Williams 65 Ag lab Llanfechell
Ann 70 Llangoed
John Jones boarder 52 widower gardner ?reirch, Caernarvon

Ty Popty, Llangoed
fu farw Rhagfyr 23, 1836 yn 7 oed.
or lle uchod
a fu farw Mehefin y 7ed
1846 yn 40 oed
yr hwn a enwyd uchod bu farw
Medi 27, 1865 yn 71 oed

Elizabeth, sister of Great Grandfather (Robert 1825-) married Morgan Jones and moved to live with her parents at the family home "Ty-Popty"  at Llangoed.

Morgan Jones was baptised on September 22, at Llanddona Parish Church. He was the son of Hugh Jones and Mary Williams

Children of Morgan Jones and Elizabeth Williams are: 
Anne Jones born about 1861, died. June 3, 1939, Ty Popty, Llangoed.
Mary Jones born about 1866, died - date unknown.
Elizabeth Jones born about 1860, died - date unknown

1871 Ty Popty, Llangoed
William Williams 77 Ag lab Llanfechell
Anne w 81 Penmon
Morgan Jones s/law 48 quarryman Llanddona
Elizabeth Jones d 43 Llangoed
Anne grand daughter 10 Llangoed
Mary grand daughter 5 Llangoed

Er cof am
gynt o Dy Popty, Llangoed
yr hon a fu farw
yn Tyn Llidiart, Llangoed
Ionawr 12ed 1875
yn 19eg mlwydd oed.
"Gwyn eu byd y rhai pur o galon; canys
hwy a welant Dduw."

William Williams died  on the 5th October, 1878 and was buried at Llangoed aged 83.

Morgan Jones died on the 30th January 1879 and was buried on February 4th, 1879, at Llangoed.

Er serchog goffadwriaeth am
Ty Popty, Llangoed
yr hwn a fu farw Ionawr 30ain 1879
yn 57 mlwydd oed.

1881 Ty Popty, Llangoed
Elizabeth Jones 54 of no occup. Llangoed
Anne d 19 dressmaker Llangoed

Anne Jones, daughter of Morgan and Elizabeth Jones married when aged 22 to Owen Thomas. labourer on the 10th May 1881, at Capel Ty Rhys, Llangoes. They were living at Ty Popty, Llangoed.

Owen was the son of Owen Thomas. He was born in 1858, and in 1881, was living as a labourer at Tros y Marian, Llangoed
Their children were;

William Thomas, Maggie Thomas, Richard Thomas and Alice Thomas, who were born before 1891, Mary Thomas (1882 - 2nd August 1954) Morgan Thomas (1883 - before October 1972, living at Glandwr, Penmon, Annie Thomas, (1886 - not known) John Thomas (c1888 - 7th May 1964, Ty Popty) and Elizabeth Thomas, 8th April 1890 - 8th September 1976, 3 Tawelfan, Llangoed),

1891 Ty Popty, Llangoed
Owen Thomas 32 Agricultural labourer, born Llanddona Welsh speaking
Ann, wife 29 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Mary d 9 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Morgan s 7 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Anne d 5 Llangoed Welsh speaking
John s 3 Llangoed Welsh speaking
Lizzie d 11mths Llangoed Welsh speaking

1901 Ty Popty, Llangoed
Owen Thomas 42 limestone quarryman born Llanddona
Ann, wife 39 born Llangoed
Mary 19 general domestic born Llangoed
Morgan, 17 limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Annie  15 born Llangoed
John 13 born Llangoed
Lizzie 10 born Llangoed
Willie 4 born Llangoed
Richard 4 born Llangoed
Maggie 1 born Llangoed
Elizabeth Jones, widow, 73, mother in law, born Llangoed

1911 Ty Popty, Llangoed
Owen Thomas 52 farm labourer born Llanddona
Ann, wife 49 born Llangoed
Morgan, 27 rockman stonequarry, born Llangoed
Annie  25 born Llangoed
Richard 14 telegraph messenger born Llangoed
Margaret E 11 born Llangoed
Alice 7 born Llangoed
Elizabeth Jones, widow, 83, mother in law, born Llangoed

Er serchog goffadwriaeth am
Ty Popty, Llangoed
yr hwn a fu farw Ionawr 30ain 1879
yn 57 mlwydd oed.
anwyl briod yr uchod
yr hon a fu farw Mehefin 6ed 1916
yn 88 mlwydd oed.

Ar ol ei holl flinderau dwys,
Corphwyso maent mewn hedd,
Ym mhell o swn y byd a'i bwys.
Heb boen, yn llwch y bedd.

Ann Thomas, nee Jones, died on the 3rd of June 1939, aged 77.
Her husband Owen died on February 27th, 1940

cof annwyl am
bu farw Mehefin 3, 1939
yn 77 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd y dywededig
bu farw Chwefror 27, 1940
yn 81 mlwydd oed.
"Hedd perffaith hedd."
Hefyd eu mab
bu farw Mai 7, 1964
yn 76 mlwydd oed.

Jay adds;
Thirty-five years ago my wife & I visited England & Wales with my mother-in-laws Cousin of Wrexham--it was a whirlwind trip.
We did visit "Ty-Popty that was about to be torn down to make way for new housing but I have some pieces of slate from the roof.
We didn't have time to do any searching at that time and it was this trip that got me involved in Genealogy & history.  Sincerely, Jay

Jay can be contacted via    mail@penmon.org    if you can help with the family research.

Hugh and Ellen Ann Thomas

Received the following request and fascinating information from Shelley Leverett, great granddaughter to Robert Arland Thomas KD;
I was wondering if anyone could be of help in finding more family information.
I am searching for the family of Hugh Thomas (a twin) born April 2, 1840 Coed Cowydd, and died February 18th 1906 in Llangoed.
His wife was Ellen Ann Williams born July 12, 1839 in Penmon and died December 16th, 1921 in Llangoed.

Shelley continues;
Hugh and Ellen Ann Thomas lived in 101 and 108 West Menai View in later years. He was a tailor.
Hugh Thomas's parents were Robert Thomas and Jane Hughes.
He and Ellen were married October 1st, 1861, in Bangor.

I believe her parents were Owen Williams Senior and Jane Ellen Owen, from Penmon and Llangoed.

Hugh and Ellen had the following children:
Rev. Owen Thomas, born October 18th, 1866, died November 1953 and buried in Tydweiliog,
Robert Arland Thomas, born June 3, 1868 died October 27, 1955 Florida, USA.
Hugh Thomas, born January 3, 1870, died 1931 Anglesey,

William Thomas.
Thomas Thomas.
Jane Ellen Thomas.
Richard Thomas, who died May 6, 1953, Anglesey

Here is a photo of Elin Thomas and some of her children.

Back Row, left to right:
Robert Arland Thomas, Rev.Owen Thomas and
Thomas Thomas

Front Row left to right:
Hugh Thomas, Elin Thomas, William Thomas, Richard Thomas

I would like to know where they are all buried
(except Robert Arland Thomas as I already know where he is).

I'm also trying to find out more ancestors if possible. I have some information but need some gaps filled in. Photos would also be greatly appreciated.

Captain William Caradoc Thomas

Here is some interesnting information about one of Rev. Owen Thomas's sons, Capt. William Carr (Caradoc) Thomas. He was married to  Inez Wynn and  later retired, purchased a garage and motor business which he later sold to his uncle Richard (Dick)
 SS Quebec City   
"Allied Ships hit by U-boats
Name: Quebec City
Type: Steam merchant
Tonnage: 4.745 tons
Completed: 1927 - W. Gray & Co Ltd, Sunderland
Owner: Sir William Reardon Smith & Sons Ltd, Cardiff
Homeport: Bideford
Date of attack: 19 Sep, 1942
Nationality: British
Fate: Sunk by U-156 (Werner Hartenstein)

Position: 02.12S, 17.36W - Grid FE 4925-
Complement: 46 (5 dead and 41 survivors).
Route: Alexandria - Capetown (3 Sep) - Freetown - UK
Cargo: 6600 tons of general cargo and cotton
At 15.46 hours on 19 Sep, 1942, the unescorted Quebec City(Master William Caradoc Thomas) was hit by one torpedo from U-156north-northwest of the Ascension Island. The U-boat sank the ship withseven rounds from the deck gun and 58 rounds from the 37mm AA gun. Five crew members were lost. The master, 37 crew members and three gunners were picked up by HMS Decoy (H 75) (Lt G.I.M. Balfour) and landed at Freetown.
H.M.S. Decoy
The Enemy, We Killed My Friend : Jones, David C.
1st edition 1999

On 19th September, 1942, young cadet officer D.C. Jones was on board the British ship Quebec City, on passage from Cape Town to Freetown.

That afternoon the ship was attacked and sunk by German U-Boat156 Plauen, commanded by Captain Hartenstein.

The U-Boat surfaced and the Captain instructed his men to help the survivors : they were shown charts to enable them to set a course for the west coast of Africa, and they were wished 'A good journey and a safe landing'.

We hope to meet you again in a better place and more peaceful world.' This book is no less a tribute to those who showed nobility in time of fear and hatred.
Publisher: Gomer Press, Wales"

Captain Llewelyn Hugh Thomas

I am also enclosing a rather lengthy obituary for another of Rev. Owen Thomas's sons, Captain Llewelyn Hugh Thomas (death sometime in 1969) as there are many names mentioned:
From unknown newspaper clipping:

Capt. Ll. H. Thomas
After a brief illness, the death occurred at the Druid Hospital, Llangefni, on Friday of Captain Llewelyn H. Thomas, Carreg Lea, Nefyn, at the age of 70.
Capt Thomas, well known to Lleyn, had an adventurous career at sea during the two World Wars although he seldom spoke about his experiences outside his family circle.
In 1917 he joined the Smith Shipping Line of Cardiff and towards the end of the First War the ship he served in was torpedoed off the coast of southern France. During the Second War he was engaged on convoy duty in the Atlantic in 1940-41 and later served in the Mediterranean and Malta convoys and in several landings carrying war supplies.
On one occasion he was in Alexandria when the German Field Marshall, Rommel was only a few miles away advancing across the desert. Subsequentialy, he was involved in the landings in Italy and Sicily and in the D-Day invasion of Arromanche when he carried troops and supplies to and from Gravesend.

Arromanches D-day landings

But his most gruelling experience was during the invasion of Walcharen Island, Holland, when he and his crew faced terrible danger from mines and diving planes.

Troops at Walcharen Island
He came through unscathed.

Capt. Thomas who had his first command when he was 32, served most of his 33 years at sea with the Court Line, Cardiff. He retired in 1950.

Capt Thomas was born at Llangoed, Anglesey, the son of the late Rev. Owen Thomas, a headmaster who later entered Holy Orders. His father was a curate at Amlwch and afterwards Vicar of Tudweiliog for several years.

Two other sons became sea captains: Capt. W. Carradoc Thomas, O.B.E., now retired and living at Tyngongl, Benllech, Anglesey and Capt. Eric Thomas,Southampton. The second son, the late Mr. R. R. Thomas, Menai Bridge and his daughter, Miss Ann Thomas, with no previous experience of the highseas, accomplished the feat of sailing the schooner, Isabella, from Caernarvon to Australia, about three years ago.

Another son, the late Rev. Trevor Owen Thomas, was vicar of Clocaenog, Vale of Clwyd.
[NOTE: Rest clipped off.]
The cheering crowd had for a moment caught the spirit of adventure of the crew of five who are taking the vessel across two oceans. Earlier, after final stores were taken aboard, the crowd joined in a service of dedication conducted by the Vicar of Caernarvon (Canon J. H. Williams).
After singing the first verse.of the hymn Eternal Father Strong to Save, the Vicar of Caernarvon blessed the ship and the crew.
A Bible and a Prayer Book were presented to the ship's owner, Mr. Richard Redfern Thomas, <NOTE:Richard was also a son of Rev. Owen Thomas> of Dolwen Farm, Llanfair P.G., by his wife; and a sprig of white heather grown in her own garden was presented to each member of the crew by Mrs Elin Southall of Llandegai, Mr Thomas's sister.

Mr. Thomas's nineteen-year-old daughter, Ann, who is going to act as ship's cook on the voyage, was presented with a lucky charm … a little Welsh doll.

Ann, wearing blue jeans, had a bright gleam in her eyes as she hugged and kissed her twin sister, Mary, who is to stay at home.

The Twins were parting for the first time.
Captain John Evans, Ty Moel, Llanallgo, Anglesey, who will be Mr.Thomas's co-skipper on the vessel, said the first call would be at Las Palmas, ten days out from Caernarvon. Then the route would take them across the Atlantic and through the Panama Canal.

Panama Canal

The voyage, he thought,would take about five months. They hoped to sell the vessel in Melbourne and work their passage home.

The all-Celtic crew of five includes Peter Campbell, a twenty-five-year-old Merchant Navy seaman from Belfast, and William Pollock, a twenty-nine-year-old engineer from Lanarkshire.

In a corner of one of the bunks is a small pile of North Wales slates.Captain Evans hopes that these samples will help to boost the Welsh slate industry. He had no worries about the voyage.

He acquired Carreg Plas Farm near Aberdaron, which he developed by the introduction of modern methods and the latest machinery. In 1963 he sold the farm but continued his agricultural activities by purchasing Meillionen Ceidio, which is still in the family.
Capt. Thomas's first love was still the sea.

Aberdaron Regatta
He became actively associated with the well-known Aberdaron Regatta and his advice, derived from long experience as a committee member, was highly valued. He was the Regatta vice-president last year. He had his own boat in which he competed, winning cups in 1953.

A Churchman and a member of St David's Nefyn. Capt Thomas was a very likable ….[illegible]

His love of football was unbounded. He had captained the school eleven at Botwnnog, he arranged and took part in matches for his ship's crews and he was one of the staunchest supporters of the game at Pwllheli.

He rarely missed a match at the Recreation ground until two months ago.

Sympathy is extended to his wife, Mrs. Jannett Thomas; his daughters, Mrs. Glenys Sycamore, Ceidio, and Mrs. Melita Prichard, Liverpool; and his son, Mr. Kenneth Thomas of Sidney, Australia; his sisters, Mrs. Ellen Southall (husband Ted), Barmouth; Mrs. Margaret Williams, Melbourne, Australia, whose husband, the late Rev. Sylvannus Williams, was one-time rector of Botwnnog, and Mrs. Gwladys McCarter, Bethesda, mother of Welsh Amateur International, David McCarter, and his brothers, Capt. W.C. Thomas and Capt. Eric Thomas.

Cremation was at Colwyn Bay, on Tuesday, and the Rev. D. Jonathan Jones, vicar of Nefyn, and the Ven, Wallis Thomas, Llanelltyd, Archdeacon of Merioneth, a cousin of Capt. Thomas, officiated.

The mourners were:
Mrs. Jannett Thomas, wife; Mr. And Mrs. John Prichard, Liverpool, and Mr. And Mrs. Sam Sycamore, Ffridd, Ceidio, daughters and sons-in-law; Capt. and Mrs. W. Caradog Thomas, Tygongl, Anglesey, and Capt. and Mrs. Eric Thomas, Milford-on-Sea, Hampshire, brothers and sisters-in-law; Mr. and Mrs., Cecil McCarter, Bethesda, sister and brother in-law; Mrs. Ellen Southall, Barmouth, sister; Mrs. Rhian Roberts, cousin; and the Rev. J. Emrys Roberts, Rector of Garn Dolbenmaen; Mrs. Eryl Noble, Llanelltyd: Mrs. Katie Lewis, Carys, Morfa Nefyn, sister-in-law; Mr. Victor Parry, Llandanwg, Harlech, and Mr. George Parry, Mor Awelon, Nefyn, brothers-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Owie Parry, Hafan, Nefyn, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; and Mr. T. M.Jones, Pencoed, Pwllheli,  relative."

Sherry Leverett's lineage can be found at
If you can help Sherry with any
additional family information,

she can be contacted via


Tower Cottage, Llangoed

Received the following enquiry from Ken Slater.
Can anyone help please? Ken can be contacted via 

Have you any information please regarding Tower Cottage Llangoed where we used to stay with a family called Jones, the son was Harry Owen Jones? There was a farm at the bottom of the lane where we used to site our caravan - I think it was a family called Taylor.

I enjoyed looking at your site which brought back many happy memoriesEvery good wish.

Ken Slater


Plas Llangoed 1841 census ;  Robert J. Hughes, 25, Independant means, William H. Hughes, 25, merchant, Griffith Owen 15, male servant, Jane Williams 15, female servant, all born Anglesey.

Plas Llangoed 1851 census ; Dora Cattermole visitor 40, married Annuitant, Robert Cattermole 12, visitor, both born Llangoed,  A. Cattermole 11 visitor, W. Cattermole 9, visitor, both born London,  Mary Lewis, 15, house servant, born Llangoed.

Plas yn Llangoed 1861 census ; Robert Jones Hughes, 50 Magistrate and Landed proprietor, Dorothy Cattermole 57, sister, Fund Holder, both born Llangoed, nephews Arthur Jones Cattermole, 21, Wynne Herbert Cattermole 19, both born London.

Plas Llangoed 1871 census ; Robert Jones Hughes, 70, unmarried, J.P. Landowner, born Llangoed.

Plas Llangoed 1881 census ; Robert J. Hughes, 70, unmarried, County Magistrate, born Llangoed.

Plas yn Llangoed. 1891 census ; William T. Jones 30, Solicitor, born Menai Bridge, Jennie T. Jones, wife, 34, born Trefeglwys, step children, J. Elizabeth Pritchard 11, born Beaumaris, John R. Rowland Pritchard 10, born Beaumaris, Clarence B. Pritchard 6, born Pentraeth, Gladys Mabel Pritchard, 5 born Pentraeth, Robert V. O. Pritchard 3, born Pentraeth, Resident Governess, Minnie Jane Hogarth 18, born Liverpool, Thomas Roberts 18, cowman, groom, gardener born Penmon.

1901 census ; uninhabitted.



Old Post Office 1881 census ; Richard Hughes widower, domestic gardener born Beaumaris, Ellen Griffiths 21, granddaughter, dressmaker born Llangoed.

Post 1891 census ; Richard Hughes 76, gardener born Beaumaris, Selina Alice Hughes 46 wife, born Davenham, stepchildren John B. Thomas 14 born Manchester, William B. Thomas 9, born Ebenezer, Caernarvon, Mary Alice 8, born Cwm y Glo.

Old Post Office 1901 census ; Alice Hughes, 56 widow, born Devonham, Cheshire, William Bennett Jones 19, under gardener in house, born Cwmyglo.

In loving memory
Old Post, Llangoed
who died January 9, 1929
aged 85 years.
who passed away December 9, 1929
aged 15 years.
"Peace perfect peace."


John Williams writes;
I was very interested to see the new Llangoed items and pictures.  The picture with the chapel set back on the left interests me. 

I have a feeling this picture (above) is taken on the Beaumaris Road looking in the direction of Beaumaris, and that the chapel set back on the left is the smaller of the two Calvinist Methodist chapels (The other being Capel Ty Rhys at the other end of Llangoed after the church).  It has now been converted into a house.
The Wesleyan chapel, built largely by Rowland Williams, and his sons, using the cart from Tan y Fron, was in the middle of Llangoed opposite Morley House, going down the hill from China House towards the bridge (Rhyd).  Unfortunately it has been dismantled.  I was told by someone that they had heard that it might have been taken to Canada!  Can anyone confirm this story?  
Below is a picture showing the Wesleyan chapel on the right.
As far as I am aware there have been a total of four chapels in Llangoed.  The two CM mentioned above, the Wesleyan, and the Baptist (Jerusalem) which is still in use and is opposite China House.  Were there any others?

Y Gwyliedydd
13th February 1908
Donations towards the new Chapel


Here lyeth ye
body of Mr
Curate of
Llangoed who
dyed the 6th day
of July aged 49
the 8th day of December
aged 47. 1730

1881 census ; Henry Harris Davies 55, Vicar of Llangoed, born Llandeilo, Emma Davies 47, wife, born Canterbury, Anne Hughes 18, general servant, born Llangoed..

On the 22nd of September 1868, the Reverend Henry Harries Davies of Trosymarian, was convicted at Beaumaris Court, for poaching. He was ordered to pay £2 forthwith or be imprisoned in the Beaumaris House of Correction, for two months hard labour.

In memory of
Vicar of this Parish
1851 - 1888
who built this church 1881

1891 census ; Rev Elijah Owen M.A. 54, Vicar of Llangoed and Llaniestyn, Elizabeth Owen 54, wife, children, Clara 24, Eyton P. 22, Student of Theology, Oswald W. 21, Student of Theology, Edith 18, Frank I.M. 12, Reginald W. 14, boarder Charles T. Owen 9, Elizabeth A, Jones 25, domestic servant

loving memory of
(late Vicar of this Parish)
who fell asleep Feb. 22nd 1894
aged 57 years

1901 census ; Morris Griffith 60, Clergyman, Church of England, born Llanllechid, Elizabeth Rylands Griffith 56 wife, born Penmynydd.

1911 census; Alfred Howell Grey-Edwards, 49, Clerk in Holy Orders, married 13 years, born Llandinorwic, Florence Scott Grey-Edwards, 40, wife, born Liverpool, Two children born, both still alive. Son Theodore Walpole Lester Grey-Edwards,  7, born Hereford . Jane Hepworth Darbyshire, 28, single general household work, born Wellington.

Treasured memories
of our dear parents
The Vicarage, Llangoed
died Aug. 13th 1928, Aug. 17th 1930
aged 59 and 57 respectively.
"In the midst of life, we are in death

William Robert Williams &
Jenny Wilhelmina Blanche Williams
nee Turney

Jaqueline Williams Durkin has been in touch about her grandfather. KD December 2014.

I came across your website whilst browsing on the internet.
I thought you might like a photo of a fish server set given to my
grandparents as a wedding present in 1928 by the people of Llangoed, which you might find interesting.


 My Taid was Vicar at St Seiriol - Penmon from 1928 until I think 1937, when he moved to Coedana (between Llangefni and Llanerchymedd). 
He was also vicar for Llangwyllog and is buried there. He died in 1966. 

I have this picture of my grandparents, taken at the door 
of the vicarage in the 1920s.
I'm confident about that as I have a contemporary painting which 
shows the roses round the door, similar to the picture.


I have no idea who the four women are standing behind my grandparents. Perhaps local people?  They are too old to be nieces and not really old enough to be cousins. 
 Nainey had no sisters and Taid only one.  
Maybe people looking on your website could identify them?


The picture above of the Dovecote was taken around the same time 
by Nainey's brother, Maurice Turney. He was a keen photographer.
 I have a box of his photos, sadly none of them annotated in any way.


The family connection to the area only started when Taid got his post at St Seiriol.  He originally came from the slate quarry area of Bethesda - Tregarth I think.
Thank you for your interest and 
the good work you do with the website.

If you can help Jaqui by naming the ladies in the photo,
she can be contacted via   mail@penmon.org



A picture of the official opening of Llangoed Village Hall,

on Easter Monday, 1910.
Back row; Owen Owens, Penhwnllys Mawr, Robert Williams, Preswylfa, John Hughes, Bodfair, Deiniol Fychan, Bangor, John Williams, Ty Newydd, John Roberts, Marian Newydd
Middle row; Sam Doyle,  Mona Terrace, John Roberts, Siop Glanrafon, George Fingland, Mr Lamont, Eirianfron, Henry Roberts, China House, D. P. Williams, Rhyd, J. T. Williams, Headmaster, David Hughes, Ty'n Giat, Mr Evans, Policeman, William Owen, Cefni House.
Front row; Thomas Henry Hughes, Wern, William Roberts, Morley House, Major Glyn Massey, Major Samuel Taylor Chadwick, Miss Edith Massey,  Mrs Chadwick, Haufre, Mr Davies, Ceris, Porthaethwy, Mr Davies, Treborth, Thomas Meredith, Menai View

I was delighted to receive the following message from Heather Williams (KD);
I came across your website when 'Googling' John Roberts, Llangoed. It was a bit of a desperate attempt at tracing my Great Great Grandad, and I certainly wasn't expecting to find anything, but then your wonderful, very comprehensive website appeared! I found a John Roberts in the photo of the Village Hall opening in 1910. I was with my Grandad at the time in North Wales and I showed the picture to him and he confirmed that it was definitely his Taid!
Imagine my surprise when he exclaimed, "There's my father too!" Just below is J. T. Williams, my Grandads father!

A picture of the official opening of Llangoed Village Hall

J. T. Williams, Headmaster, is 7th from the left middle row.

on Easter Monday, 1910
John Roberts is last on the right, back row
Heather is trying to find out information about her family.
She continues;

I knew that my Great Grandparents were called John Thomas Williams and Nellie Roberts, born Ellen. She was John Roberts's daughter. Everybody called my great grandfather 'JT'. I have had no idea of their parents names.

I have come across this photo of John Thomas Williams and Nellie Roberts at their wedding with a big gathering. I know that to their right sitting down is John Roberts, Marian Newydd (Nellie's Father) and directly above the groom's head are two men, the younger one of the two, to the left, is Nellie's brother Will John Roberts, and the one to the right is William Roberts, Morley House (Nellie's Uncle)
That is all we can come up with! Nain and Taid would love to know what the house is called that they are all standing in front of.

John Roberts, whose wife Mary died three years earlier, married (we think) an Ellen Roberts shortly after his daughter married. It caused a bit of a scandal because his new wife was only two years older than his daughter, and used to help out on the farm (Marian Newydd). They went on to have about 6 or 7 children I think.

I have to admit, I am not entirely sure that the new wife was called Ellen Roberts, or of her age. It was only looking at the 1911 census that gave us a clue, there was a 24 year old Ellen Roberts living with the family  The 'very young wife, and lots more children' part is more accurate though! If anyone has any clue about the Robert's family after 1914 we would be very interested!
If it helps at all, there are links with the Roberts family that own Castle Bakeries in Beaumaris, and Will John Roberts married a lady called Wyn and moved to New Zealand to start their family there.


In 1891, John Roberts, his wife Mary and family, lived at 3 Menai View, Llangoed.

John Roberts, 30, a joiner born in Llangoed, was head of household. His wife Mary, 36 was born in Rhoscolyn. The couple had two children living with them, Ellen or Nellie, aged 2 born Llanfaes and William aged 9 months, born in Llangoed.
They had a domestic servant, Eliza Doyle aged 15, born Llangoed.

Ten years later, the family had moved to Marian Newydd, farmed by John and Mary.

1901: John Roberts was 39, now a joiner and farmer,  is also recorded as an employer at Marian Newydd. Wife Mary was noted as 44. Nellie (Ellen) was a scholar aged 12 , William J. was 5. It is uncertain whether this is the same 'William' aged 9 months, ten years ealier.
Richard Roberts was a horse Teamster, aged 26 and Mary J. Jones, 15, was a domestic servant..

Mary died between 1901 and 1911 and John Roberts remarried (the young lady who used to assist on the farm) and went on to have a lot of children with her. Nain was told this by a long lost relative she met on a coach trip in Somerset of all places!

Nellie married John Thomas Williams in the Parish Church in Llanfaes on April 15th 1914. Her year of birth according to the marriage certificate is about 1888. JT was listed as living in Cardiff on the certificate. I found out from my Nain that in later lifr, JT was a Health Inspector for the Ministry of Health and was a well respected man.

He was quite friendly with the Prime Minister Lloyd George, and I believe occasionally 'warmed up' the crowds before Lloyd George would address them!

We did not know where on Anglesey JT Williams lived, until we saw the photo on your website, stating he was Headmaster at Llangoed.

John Thomas Williams and wife Nellie

When Nellie and JT got married, they lived in Cardiff for a couple of years, then moved back up to live in Twthill, in a quite a substantial house called Garreg Lwyd (I think!)

Nellie's brother Will J Roberts married a lady called Wyn and moved to New Zealand and had a large family over there.

If you or anyone else could offer me any suggestions about how I can find out more about my family, I would be most grateful. I have exhausted all my options.

Until I saw that picture on your website, I wasn't able to connect them at all! Thanks Ken, for a wonderful website.

If you can help Heather, please contact mail@penmon.org

Enfys Williams has been in touch with some information for Heather from her grandfather's half-cousin.

Heather has approached them and writes;
It's so exciting Ken, next time I'm going to visit Nain and Taid I'm going to take them to Llangoed to meet her! Thank you so so much, without your website, well, I'm sure you already know we probably would never have had the chance to speak.
Thanks again, warm wishes,
Jan 2012


1861 census ; John Williams, 39 Policeman, born Aber,  Margaret Williams 28, wife, born Penclawdd, Glamorgan. 

1871 census ; William Owen 36, Police Officer, born Llannerchymedd, Jane Owen 28, wife, born Llandysilio,  Mary Jane 2 daughter born Llangoed.

1881 census ; William Evans 51, Police Officer, born Llanllechid, Ann Evans 55, wife, born Llanidloes, William Evans 14 son born Llannerchymedd.

1891 census ; William A. Hughes 26, Police Constable, born Poulton, Cheshire, Caroline A. Hughes, wife, son, Arthur 8, both born Seacombe, Cheshire

1901 CENSUS ; John Jones 37, Police Constable, born Llanbedr, Anne Jones 45, wife, born Caerhun, Robert Griffith Jones 16, pupil teacher, John Jones 15, both born Llanbedr.


1901 census ; Owen Thomas 34, school master, born Llangoed, Melitia A. C. Thomas 32, wife, born Llansadwrn, children, Ellen 4, Margaret 3, Llewelyn Hugh 2, Richard R. under 1 month, all born Llangoed, Margaret Hughes 38, sister in law, maternity nurse, born Bangor, Margaret Jones domestic servant, born Gwalchmai.

The following are recorded on the census as teachers, living in Llangoed. They did not live at School House, their homes are named.
Ellen Doyle 15, pupil teacher, Menai View
Grace E. Meredith 16, teacher inschool, Menai View
Richard Thomas 21, Schoolmaster, Elementary School, Menai View
Robert Griffith Jones, 16, pupil teacher, Police Station
Margaret Williams 21, teacher, Tyddyn Frigor

Tim Bailey asks whether anyone has old photos of Llangoed school, pictured above please.
He can be contacted via mail@penmon.org



I have had a look at your really interesting and informative website and wonder if you could shed some light on some family history.
I have traced part of the family back to the following and am stuck on the John Hughes from Llangoed.
John Hughes was baptised in Dolgellau in 1817 and his parents were John Hughes, from Llangoed on Anglesey and Margaret Roberts from Dolgellau who married the previous year (1816) in Dolgellau.  According to my information the John Hughes from Llangoed was a Reverend and is also listed as a joiner in one parish record so I assume he was a non-conformist reverend.  I have found reference to a Rev John Hughes who was also a joiner near Holywell in 1838 where he built a pulpit - which could be the same person but may just be a coincidence.  I would imagine he would have been born around 1790/1793.
Any assistance would be gratefully received! 
Many thanks, 
Eleanor Carpenter
Can anyone help please? KD.

I have obtained the following information from 'The Clergy of the Beaumaris Parishes, by Neil Fairlamb, Rector of Beaumaris relating to Llangoed and Llanfihangel and Dinsylwy. KD

In 1816 came (to Llangoed) John Hughes on the nomination of the patron Richard Hughes of Plas yn Llangoed; he moved to Bodedern in 1821 and died in 1825.

Evan and Mary Owen
(nee Hughes)
married in Beaumaris in 1826

Received the following enquiry from Dorothy Sutton. KD. January 2015
I found the Penmon website by accident and was intrigued to find so much family history.

If possible I would very much like to find information about my great great grandparents Evan and Mary Owen (nee Hughes) who were married in Beaumaris in 1826.
Mary (Hughes) was born in Llangoed. The 1851census records her date of birth as 1801.
I have no information about her parents or other members of the Hughes family so would be greatly interested to know if there is any link with the Hughes family mentioned in the website.
Evan Owen is recorded as born at Llangwstenuin in about 1802 but I can't find that location. The transcription of the census record might be faulty.

I am hoping that if anyone has researched the Hughes family in Llangoed they might have been able to show where Mary (born about 1802) fitted in.
All I have been able to discover is that she married Evan Owen at Beaumaris in September 1826.

They shortly afterwards moved to Cheshire.
The 1841 census shows that their first child Richard Owen was born in Cheshire in 1828 and not Anglesey.
My grandfather, also Richard Owen, was born at Runcorn in 1855 shortly after his father, Richard, died from a thyroid abscess in September 1854 at the early age of 26.

The only alternative to learning from someone-else's research would be for me to travel to North Wales to look up the Parish Registers but I don't know if they exist so I shall have to consider whether that is worth exploring.
Thank you again for your kindness
With best regards
Dorothy Sutton
If you can help Dorothy, can be contacted via mail@penmon.org


Peter Jones writes;

I was in Llangoed recently to look around the Church of Cawrdaf but unfortunately it was locked up.  The reason for visiting Llangoed was because I have an old cup, silver, hallmarked 1771, with the name Wm. Lewis, Llangoed, on it and I wondered whether there might be mention of this gentleman in the church, on a mural for instance.

The silver cup is what is called a 'tumbler cup' and the hallmark is Chester, made by Richard Richardson, one of a family of Chester silversmiths covering most of the 18th century.  I feel there is a slight hint that whoever owned it, was a man of some means.  It is not the sort of thing that would have been bought by anyone poor, although it would not have cost a fortune when new.  I would guess somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds.   However at a slightly later date, but very much in the style of the late 18th century, William Lewis has added more. 
The second inscription is in a very slightly different 'hand.'  The words "gift of" have been added in front of Wm. Lewis Llangoed, and it is then followed by 'to Wm. Prichard.', i.e. the full inscription is Gift of Wm. Lewis, Llangoed, to Wm. Prichard.

St Cawrdaf Church, Llangoed
Interestingly there are two gravestones at Llangoed churchyard which may relate to the two gentlemen in question.  

Here lieth the remains of
He died 23rd of April 1839
aged 90 years

There is no other William Lewis listed as buried there.
Born about 1749/50, he could therefore have appropriately been given a piece of 1771 silver - the tumbler cup - when he was 21.
The other stone, translated from Welsh reads;

In loving memory of
Eirianallt of this Parish
who died December 15th 1882
aged 61 years.
Also ANN his wife
who died October the 4th 1885,
aged 68.

William Pritchard was therefore born around 1820 when William Lewis would have been about 68.

William Lewis died in 1839 when William Pritchard was about 19.
Could this cup have been given by William Lewis to William Prichard to mark his 18th birthday the previous year or even when he was born or baptised?

I would be very interested to learn more about both William Lewis and William Pritchard.

I am very grateful to Peter for this very interesting item. He can be contacted via  

born Llangoed, 1872

I received this fascinating enquiry from Australia. KD
My name is Michael Drewery and I write to you from Australia, in the hope you may be able to help me to find my lost family from Llangoed. They got lost through a war and emigration. The following are the details as I know them.

My Grandma was born Ann Jane Parry born Llangoed in 1872  and died in 1935 in Liverpool, her mother was Elizabeth ( I don't know my Great Grandma's maiden name ) nor do I know my Great Grandpa's christian name, they moved to Liverpool. Ann married John William Drewery in December 1891, my Grandpa.
At this time she was working as a servant to a David and Mary Roberts at Crosby (now a suburb of Liverpool). I suspect because I know she was fluent in Welsh, with the surname Roberts, this might also have been a North Wales family.
The 1881 census Ann was living at 13 Sheridan Place, Bootle with her siblings David 16, James17, both working as carters, John 8 and Mary 19, a dressmaker, with her mother Elizabeth, 42 and stepfather David Williams, 42, who was a general labourer.  All are recorded on the census as being born in Wales.

Two of her brothers Hugh (Huw) and John served with distinction in the Royal Navy during WW1. This is a trait that has carried on down the years with my uncles, cousins, and myself being seafaring.
Ann's son  Harry (Henry) was at the Battle of Jutland on Admiral Jellicoe's flagship, in WW2 which obviously she knew nothing of;  her sons William (my father), Hugh, Syd Jim, Harry (again) and George (KIA) and truly 3  Grandsons another Harry ( Coldstream Guards) his brother George (Welsh Guards) and Phil (Navy subs) . Perhaps you can understand why I wish to know more about my Great Grandparents Parry
I really want to know about my Welsh Great Grandparents from Llangoed and further back if possible, I never met my Grandma she died of TB in 1936 long before I was born. I will keep on tracking my Great Grandparents Parry so I can pass the heritage on to my Australian grandchildren.
I obviously have a few relatives there a few times removed admittedly!

Thank you for your time Michael Drewery

Unfortunately, I can find no trace of this Parry family living in Llangoed in1871, the year before Ann Parry was born. KD
I may have traced Ann's sister,  Mary Parry born 1862 with a mother called Elizabeth and siblings called James and David living elsewhere. All the ages correct, according to those quoted in 1881.

They live at Cae Coch (Red Field) - a farm in Llanfair, Denbighshire.  There are another two children listed as living there Elizabeth 3 and Ellen 1. These are not recorded in 1881.
David 32, the father is a farmer of 24 acres born in Llandrillo, and wife Elizabeth is also 32, Mary is 9, both born in Ruthin. James 7 and David 6 were Llanfair born as were Elizabeth 3 and Ellen 1. 

Unfortunately none of this is conclusive.

Can anybody please help Michael unravel his family background? He can be contacted via mail@penmon.org .


I stumbled across your website by accident and thoroughly enjoyed it, congratulations on such a wonderful job I was up till 3am going through it.

I was born and raised in Llangoed my mother was from Penmon and my father from Llangoed. He played in the great Llangoed football team in the early seventies. I notice you have no mention of anyone living at Pant Y Celyn in Llangoed or Coedwig Terrace in Penmon where my parents came from. I wonder if you or anyone else could help with any information regarding the people or the history of these terraces. I was led to believe that the building of Coedwig Terrace had to be stopped as The Bulkeleys could not prove the land was theirs. 
Terry Hogan

Bryn Caim

Terry recalls from memory that his grandparents moved to Coedwig Terrace around 1937 when their eldest daughter was born. His grandmother Gwyneth (Gwen) Jones was brought up in Bryn, Caim which is some 50 metres up towards Dinmor House from Cae Merddyn, as her brother Emyr Owen and sister Maggie Owen lived there up until the early seventies. Dinmor house used to be a Quarrymans club and I remember an old uncle of mine who was one of 13 brothers who lived in Pentre Falun which is on the top of Park Terrace, just up from St. Cawrdafs Church, telling me of an early morning raid there to arrest afterhours drinkers.

My Great Grandparents were William born around 1873 in Llanddona and Jane Owen, born around 1880 in Penmon. They married in 1903. In 1911, the family were living at Bryn Caim, Penmon.

Maggie married David Owen on the 7th December 1910 

1911, Bryn Caim, Penmon.
William Owen was 40, and worked as a labourer at the limestone quarry. Jane was 31. At the time they had two children, Mary 6 and John Emyr just 2 months old.

Sadly,  their daughter Mary died of pneumonia on the 28th December 1918, aged 12. This affected William quite badly and he developed mental health problems. Terry has a vague memory of the house, it was one of two tiny cottages which has by now been redeveloped into one. 

The couple had another two children, Gwyneth, Terry's grandmother, and Maggie.

William Owen died on the 15th January 1926, aged 53, and Jane Owen died on the 8th September 1958, aged 78. She lived at Bryn at the time of her death.

Jane is buried with her husband William and daughter Mary at St Seiriol's Church, Penmon

Er serchog gof am
annwyl blentyn
Bryn, Penmon,
a fu farw Tach. 22 1918
yn 12 mlwydd oed.
Hefyd y dywededig
a fu farw Ionawr 15 1926
yn 53 mlwydd oed.
Ac am
a fu farw Medi 8 1958
yn 78 oed.
"Llewyrch y goleuni tragwyddol arnynt".

10 Coedwig Terrace

Terry's great Grandparents on his grandfathers side lived at number 10 Coedwig Terrace. His name was William Jones, they moved there from Birkenhead.

William Jones of 10 Coedwig Terrace is buried at St Cawrda. He died on the 18th June 1951 aged 78 and his wife Mary  died on the 1st  August, 1945 aged 71.

Terry's paternal Great Grandfather and Grandmother lived in number 6 Pant y Celyn and must have been in residence in1911. His name was John Thomas known as Jack Ty'n Cae and he came from the Red Wharf Bay area. By all accounts he was an excellent bare knuckle fighter, they used to hold bouts inside the castle in Beaumaris on Sunday nights during the summer months. He died around 1960.

Terry's great Grandmother was Jane Thomas, her maiden name is currently unknown.
(nb please see Sylvia Dubery's contribution below. KD)

1911 census - Pen y Berth, Llangoed
John Thomas aged 26 was head of the household. He worked as a rockman at the limestone quarry and was born in Llangoed. He had been married for 4 years to Jane, now aged 24.
Their family consisted of Annie aged 4, William 2 and Richard 11 months.

They had four children;
Will who died around 1964. He had two children, Dennis and Peggy.
Blodwen who I think died in the early eighties.
Eirwen, Terry's grandmother who is still alive aged 90. She married Tom Hogan from Bangor and had four children. John or Johnnie my father, who was brought up by his grandparents in Llangoed and died in 1995, Elizabeth (Betty), Jean and Gerald who were brought up in Bangor.
Richard (Dick) who was a batchelor.

I'm very grateful to Sylvia Dubery for kindly supplying this photograph of her great grandparents, John and Jane Thomas, mentined above; KD

John and Jane Thomas

Thanks for your great website which I have visited many times. 
On your Llangoed Miscellany page, I noticed a reference to John and Jane Thomas of 6 Pant y Celyn.
They were also my great-grandparents and I have attached a picture of them from around 1912.
John was known as Jack Ty'n Cae as that was his place of birth in Llansadwrn.
His wife Jane was the daughter of William and Jane Williams of 5 Pant y Celyn.
The little boy in the picture is my grandfather William Thomas.

John and Jane Thomas, son Richard are buried at St Cawrda Church, Llangoed.

Er serchog gof am
6 Pant-y-Celyn, Llangoed,
a hunodd Mehe. 21 1960 yn 75 oed.
"Gwyn ei fyd."
Hefyd ei briod
a hunodd Rhag. 20, 1971 yn 85 oed.
"Canys hwy a welant Dduw"
Hefys eu mab
a hunodd Medi 8, 1975
yn 65 mlwydd oed.
"Gorffwys mewn hedd".


Llys Wyn

Joan Tomley has been in touch: 
I have purchased Llys Wyn from the Presbyterian Church of Wales. It is situated behind the Capel Ty Rhys, Llangoed.

I was told by a local that a couple of other cottages used to be there,a very long time ago,and they where demolished.
Could you possibly help me with any date's of when the property was lived in and the name's of the occupant's.
I asked the church, they say that there are no records kept.
I do know that it was owned by a Owen and Jane Jones back in 1909 but I need to find out who lived there after this couple.
I have been told by locals that a Mr and Mrs Williams lived there but I desperately need more information.
I would be so grateful if you could put this out on your website. Any piece of infomation would be welcome
    Kind Regards,
    Joan Tomley

I've located the following memorial inscriptions, courtesy of the
Gwynedd F.H.S..  KD

Er serchog gof
Llys Wyn, Llangoed
a fu farw Rhagfur 12, 1910
yn 73 mlwydd oed.
ei hannwyl briod
a fu farw Awst 23, 1915
yn 86 mlwydd oed.
"Wynebau hoff a gollais enyd awr,
A wenant arnaf gyda'r nefol wawr"

Grave of Mary Williams, Llys Wyn, Llangoed who died 12th December 1910  aged 73, and her husband Richard Williams who died 23rd August 1915, aged 86. 

Er serchog gof
annwyl briod J.R. WILLIAMS
Llys Wyn, Llangoed
a hunodd yn yr Iesu
Mai 2, 1946
yn 50 mlwydd oed

"Cwsg yn esmwyth briod hawddgar,
Darfu cystudd o bob rhyw;
Mewn tangnefedd yr esgynaist
Fy i'r wlad sydd well i byw".
a fu farw Awst 31, 1961,
yn 66 oed.

Grave of Nel Williams, wife of J.R. Williams, Llys Wyn, Llangoed, who died in Jesus May 2nd 1946, aged 50.
Also John R. Williams, who died August 31, 1961, aged 66.

Both graves are at Saint Cawrda's Church, Llangoed.

If you can help Joan, she can be contacted via   mail@penmon.org 

Foulkes Family

Glenda has been in touch: 

Brilliant site...I'm enquiring re any knowledge concerning the Foulkes family.
My ancestor James Foulkes is shown as born in Llangoed in 1769. He died in Worsley, Lancs. in 1855? I enquired at Anglesey Records Office but they could not find the record and yet his birth is recorded on two major family history sites online?

If you can help Glenda, she can be contacted via   mail@penmon.org




Can anyone supply any information on this young man who is buried at Llangoed Church please?


 Frederick Theophil Hendrik Mertens
Died 1st January 1915
at Plas Llangoed
I'm very grateful to Rhian Davies for the following translation from the Dutch language, of an article by Bridget Geoghegan, about this young Belgian refugee. KD, August 2018. 

When Belgian refugees came over to Britain they were sent to North Wales because they were already well prepared for Irish refugees there. Families were sent to Penmaenmawr, Bangor, Menai Bridge, Beaumaris and Llangoed.

We do not know much about the Mertens family in Llangoed.

The local newspaper reported on their arrival in October 1914:

"A group of 16 Belgian refugees, including several young children, arrived on Friday evening and was accommodated in Plas Llangoed, which functioned as a reception centre thanks to the willingness of Mr. S. Taylor Chadwick from Haulfre.
"All villagers, of whatever origin, worked flawlessly together to ensure that there was enough furniture for the refugees and sufficient money - weekly - to maintain them.

"The refugees were received very warmly. Unfortunately, and that was the only disappointment,  they arrived in the dark, so that the efforts to welcome them - including the festive decoration - did not come into their own. 

"The refugees were greeted in Plas Llangoed by Mrs and Miss Chadwick,  the Misses Massey, the Misses Cross, Mrs. J. Hepworth, Mrs Owen,  and Miss Williams (Bryniau), and many others, all of whom wanted to help. Most of the refugees were Flemish."

F. T. Mertens is Frederick Theophil Hendrik Mertens, as we read in the death certificate. He died in Plas Llangoed from the effects of diabetes, 13 years old. 
His father, Jan Mertens, reported his death. Two people in Bangor said that Jan was a mechanic and had a picture of his family home. The home address wass Kapelstraat 7, Mechelen, Belgium.

There was one story about how there'd been an argument in Llangoed Church about the funeral of a Belgian boy, who was from a Catholic family. Eventually the family got the burial they wanted. But the author contacted people who'd lived in the area for generations but nobody could remember the story.