An opportunity to stroll through Llangoed in bygone days, and find out who were the 'heads of households' during past censuses. We start with 1901. More to follow.

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Tros y Marian John Owen 56, farmer born Llaniestyn
Feiln Wynt, Owen Jones 59, corn miller, born Llanddona
Tyddyn Delyn, vacant, family removed
1 Seiriol View, John Morris, 56, Lime Quarry labourer born Llangoed
2 Seiriol View, vacant
Pen y Chwarel, John Jones 36, Limestone Quarry labourer born Llangoed

Ty Isa, inhabited, in occupation, family not home, 
Ty Newydd, John Thomas 57, farmer, born Llangoed
Neuadd Gam, Richard Bulkeley, 79, farmer, born Llangoed
Fedw Bach, Hugh Owen, 41, farmer, born Llanddona
Rhos Newydd, John Thomas 44, Stone Quarryman, born Llangoed
Bettyn, William Hughes 60, stone matron, born Llangoed
Bettyn, Edward Hughes 49, stone quarryman, born Llangoed
Hen Efail, Ebenezer Jones, 74, farmer, born Llaniestyn

Fron Heulog, Rebecca Williams 70, widow, born Llangoed
Fron Heulog, Richard Jones, 39 limestone digger,stone carter born Llanfair M.E.
Llain Swllt, Ellen Rowlands, 75 born Llangoed 
Coed Cywydd, Owen Price Roberts, 32, farmer, born Liverpool
Pen y Banc, Ellen Jones, 69, widow, born Pentraeth
Terfyn, Arthur Cattermole, living on own means, born London
Tan y Marian Bach, John Thomas, 73, tenant farmer, born Llanfaes
Ty Cyttir, Evan Edwards, 41 limestone quarry labourer. born Talwrn

Ty Cyttir, John Jones 41, limestone quarry labourer, born Penmon
Hen Odyn, Elizabeth Parry, 66, born Llangoed
Hen Odyn, occupants just removed
Simdda Wen, Hugh Jones 29, stone mason, born Llangoed
Talwrn, Henry Roberts 48, blacksmith, born Llangoed
Pensarn Bach, Thomas Hughes, 51, limestone quarry labourer, born Amlwch
Bay View, Hugh Hughes, 31, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Didfa, Richard Thomas, 68, farm labourer, born Llangoed 
Didfa, 70, widow, Ann Jones, born Penmon

Pibydd, Owen Roberts, 37, limestone quarry labourer, born Hen Eglwys
Glanrafon, Richard Thomas, 78, carrier, retired,born Llangoed
Glanrafon, Hugh Roberts, 46, limestone quarry labourer, born Llantrisant
Glanrafon, Richard Salisbury, 39, limestone quarry labourer, born Llanbabo
Shop Glanrafon, Margaret Roberts 64, widow, grocer, born Llanfaes
Glanrafon, Hugh Williams, 29, limestone quarry worker, born Hen Eglwys

Glanrafon, Henry Jones, 35, born Llanfaes
Glyn, Owen Hughes, 43, Ship's Captain retired, born Llangoed
Siop Tyddyn Waen, Margaret Edwards, 72, widow, grocer, born Llangoed
Tyddyn Waen Tce, Thomas Hughes 36, limestone quarry labourer, b Llangoed
Tyddyn Waen Tce, Hugh Williams, 31, limestone quarry labourer, b Llanddona
Tyddyn Waen Tce, Owen Hughes, 28, limestone quarry labourer, b Llangoed
Tyddyn Waen,  Moses Jones 40. limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Fron, Owen Hughes, 44, coal merchant, born Llanddyfnan

Wern, Thomas Henry Hughes, 27, farmer, born Llanfairfechain
Nant Eilin, John Roberts 43, farmer, born Llangefni
Vicarage, Morris Griffiths, Clergyman, C of E, born Llanllechid
Pen y Berth, vacant
Pen y Berth, Thomas Hughes, 58. limestone quarry labourer, born Llanddona
Dolar Las, WilliamGriffiths 61, butcher, born Llangoed

Bryn Gors, Owen Jones 46, gardener, born Llaniestyn
Bryn Smel, Thomas Roberts, draper and grocer assistant, born Liverpool
Pant y Celyn, Jane Hughes, 65, dressmaker, born Llangoed
1 Pant y Celyn, Robert Williams, 75, gardener, born Llangoed
2 Pant y Celyn, John Jones, 40, tailor, born Bodedern
3 Pant y Celyn, Owen Thomas, 28, carter on farm, born Llansadwrn
4 Pant y Celyn, Lewis Hughes, 24, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
5 Pant y Celyn, Owen Williams, 25 labourer, born Llansadwrn 
6 Pant y Celyn, William Williams 35, limestone quarry labourer, born Anglesey

7 Pant y Celyn, William Jones 46, born Llangefni
8 Pant y Celyn, Hugh Roberts 25, labourer, born Pentraeth
'Rysgol, William Doyle 70, widower, farmer, born Llangoed
Pen Berth, Lewis Thomas 36, blacksmith, born Llangoed
Tyn 'Rardd, Owen Pritchard, 78, living on own means, born Newborough
Bryn Celyn, inhabitted not occupied 
Minffordd, Jane Jones 56, widow, born Llanfaes
Tyn Pwll, Richard Jones 55, limestone quarry labourer, born Llanfair P.G

Tyn y Coed, Morris Williams, 34, stonemason, born Llanllechid
Twr Garw, Elizabeth Jones 44, farming maid,  born Llangoed
Ty Newydd, Head not at home
Bodfair House, John Hughes 44, farmer, born Llaniestyn
Ty Uchaf,  Edward Roberts, 31, gardener, born Llangoed
Ty Pridd, Humphrey Roberts, 38, joiner, born Llangoed

Bronant, William Owen, 45, stonemason, born Llaniestyn
Bryn Menai, Lewis Jenkins, 45, farm labourer, born Nantwich
2 New Houses - buildings
Schoolroom M.C.
Preswylfa, Robert Williams 43, joiner born Llangoed
Ty'n Lon, Catherine Hughes 55
Tyn Llain, Margaret Thomas, widow, 67, born Amlwch
Welsh Baptist Chapel,
London House, Catherine Thomas 63, shopkeeper, born Llandegfan
China House, Henry Roberts, 38, draper, born Penmon
Tai Bricks, Mary Griffiths, 48, poultry merchant, born Llangoed
Tai Bricks, Mary Hughes 49, widow, born Talybont, Caerns

Tai Bricks, Jane Parry, widow, 39, born Llanfaes
Tai Bricks, Robert Jones, 34, carter on farm, born Bodwrog
Tai Bricks, William Jones, 48, limestone quarry labourer, born Llanrhyddled
Tai Bricks, Thomas Roberts, 54, limestone quarry labourer, born Brynsisnegr
Tai Bricks, Robert Doyle, 55, cowman, born Llangoed
Derwydd House, G. J. Thomas, 33 widow, born Llangoed
Moranedd, William Roberts 37, baker, born Llangoed

1901 census Morannedd.
William Roberts, 37, baker, born Llangoed, wife Ellen Roberts, 31, born Llangefni, daughters Laura Jane Roberts 3, Ellen Catherine Roberts 8 months, born Llangoed.
See LLANGOED MISCELLANY for more information. KD.

Gwynfryn, Edward Rowlands, 55, joiner, born Llangoed

Morley House, William Roberts, 68 merchant, born Llangoed
Menai View, Mary Williams, 55, dressmaker, born Llangoed
Menai View, Rice Parry, 26, house painter, born Menai Bridge
Menai View, James Doyle, 45, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Menai View, Thomas Meredith, 66, warehouse man, born Llanfair M.E.
Menai View, inhabitted, unoccupied
Menai View, Hugh Thomas, 60, tailor, born Llangoed
Menai View, John Williams, 30, gardener, born Llanddona
Menai View, Griffith Williams 38, limestone quarry labourer, born Llanfaes

10 Mona Terrace, Richard Hughes, 67, stonemason, born Llanddeusant
9 Mona Terrace, George Haly, 37, gardener, born Gresford
8 Mona Terrace, Mary Ellis, widow, 79, living on own means, born Llanddona
7 Mona Terrace, David Hughes, 47, Blacksmith, Flagstaff Quarry, b Llaniestyn
6 Mona Terrace, John Owen Jones, 37, tailor, born Llanedwen
5 Mona Terrace, John Jones, 52, gardener, born Beaumaris
4 Mona Terrace, Samuel Doyle, 48, shoemaker, born Llangoed

3 Mona Terrace, Thomas Hughes 36, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
2 Mona Terrace, Hugh Owen, 30, limestone quarryman, born Llansadwrn
1 Mona Terrace, Lewis Hughes 59, limestonequarry labourer, born Llanrug
Wesleyan Chapel
Bull, John Jones, 32, carter on farm, born Manchester

Dublin House, uninhabitted, in occupation
Police Station, John Johnes, 37, Police Constable, born Llanbedr
Pen y Bonc, Mary Doyle, 39, born Llangoed
Tros y Gors, Mary Thomas, 68, widow, farmer, born Llaniestyn
Haulfre Cottage, James J. Bloss, 41, domestic coachman, born Cheshire
Haulfre Cottage, Isaac Howard, 57, gardener, born Culsbeth
Haulfre Cottage, Joseph Downes, 37, gardener, born Poynton
Haulfre Cottage, John Doyle, 24, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed

Rhyd, David Williams 34, general merchant, born Tyn Gongl
Tyn Lon, Edward Owen, 46, farmer, born Pentraeth
Glangors, Elizabeth Humphreys. 73, laundress,  born Llangoed
Ty Pobty, Owen Thomas, 42, limestone quarry labourer,  born Llanddona
Old Post Office, Alice Hughes, 56, widow, born Davenham
Rhyd Cottage, Lewis Thomas, 40, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed

Plas Iolyn, John Hughes, 48, agricultural labourer, born Llangoed
Ty Cerrig, Griffith Owen, 65, farmer born Llangoed
School House, Owen Thomas, 34, schoolmaster, born Llangoed
Church of England,
1 Park Terrace, Edward Thomas, 38 limestone quarryman, born Bangor 
2 Park Terrace, Jane Roberts, 68, born Amlwch
3 Park Terrace, Owen Jones, 31, limestone quarry man, born Llangoed
4, Park Terrace, Ann Williams, 60, dressmaker, born Llangoed
5 Park Terrace, 32. limestone quarry man, born Llanddona

6 Park Terrace, Owen Williams, 52, limestone quarry man, born Gaerwen
7 Park Terrace, Robert Roberts, 69, retired pilot, born Penmon
Porty, Thomas Owen, 41, limestone quarry man, born Pentraeth
Pentre Falyn, Robert Davies, 37, limestone quarry man, born Pentraeth
Tan 'Rallt, William Doyle, 40, gamekeeper, born Llangoed

'Refail, vacant
Tan Graig, Hugh Hughes, 57, living on own means, born Llanarmon
C.M. (Welsh) Chapel
Tai Capel, Ann Hughes, 72, widow, born Amlwch
Tai Capel, Robert Owen, 61, market gardener, born Talwrn
  Tai Capel, Margaret Roberts, 88, widow, born Beaumaris
Tai Capel, Owen Williams 80, widower, farm labourer, born Llanbeulan
Tai Capel, Mary Hughes, 83, widow, born Llangoed
Tai Capel, John Williams, 21, limestone quarry man, born Beaumaris
Tai Capel, Richard Williams, 67, agricultural labourer, born Llanffinan
Cwm, Richard Williams, 34, carter on farm, born Llanddona
Marian Newydd, John Roberts, 39, joiner and farmer, born Llangoed

John Roberts was born in Llangoed, aged 39 and worked as a joiner and farmer. Living with him at Marian Newydd was his wife Mary, aged 44, born in Rhoscolyn. Daughter Ellen was 12, born in Llanfaes and son William J. was 5, born in Llangoed. Richard Roberts, 26 was a horse Teamster and Mary J. Jones 16, a domestic servant.
All were bilingual.

Received a communication from Heather Williams who found John pictured in the photo of the opening of the Llangoed Village Hall.
Heather is keen to find out more about her family - please see the Llangoed Miscellany page.

Heather can be contacted via

Cornelyn, William E Massey, 42, living on own means, born Llangoed
Cornelyn Stables, Richard Williams , 22, groom, born Bryngwran
Cornelyn Lodge, John William Roberts, 46, gardener, born St Asaph
Tyn Llidiart, John Jones, 43, joiner,born Penmon
Tai Canol, Margaret Hughes, 52, widow, born Pentraeth
Tai Canol. Owen Williams, 25, carter on farm, born Llanfihangel
Tyn Gongl, Thomas Patterson, 32, limestone quarry man, born Oldham

 Bryn Coch, Wynne Jenkins, 43, coachman, born Llangoed
Haulfre Lodge, Henry Dixon, 57, gardener, born Beaumaris
Haulfre, Samuel T. Chadwick, 37, living on own means, born Manchester
Haulfre Stables, Edward Gibbons, 25, 2nd coachman, born Shrewsbury
Plas Llangoed, not in occupation
Bryn, William Thomas, 46, farm servant, born Llandegfan
Tan Pentra Mawr, John Jones, 34, cowman, born Llanfaes
Rose Cottage, Frank Jenkins, 51, gardener, born Nantwich

Tan Pentra Bach, Owen Williams, 33, limestone quarryman, born Llanidan
Tan Pentra Bach, Mary Hughes, 74, widow, born Llanfechell
Gamac, Hugh Jones, 50, market gardener,  born Llangoed
The Cottage Cornelyn,  Jane Rowlands,62, widow,  laundrymaid, b Kirkenbright

Tyddyn Grigor shows Thomas Williams, aged 47, a labourer on farm, born Beaumaris as head of household, with his wife Margaret aged 49, born Llanfihangel. Their family living at home, consisted of Katharine, 26, also born in Llanfihangel, a dressmaker, working on her own account, Margaret, 21, a school teacher, Ellen 13 and Anne, 10, all born in Llangoed.

John Roberts of Capel, Western Australia has been in touch, stating that Margaret, aged 21 here, is his grandmother. John is keen to learn more about his family.
John can be contacted via

Tyn Coed, Ellen Hughes, 47, widow, farming maid, born Anglesey
Cae Coch, Rees Williams, 50, marble mason, born Caerhun

Cae Coch, Owen Edwards, 60, limestone quarry man, born Llanfihangel
Cerrig Duon, John Owen, 66, stone mason, born Llanfihangel M.E.
Plas Newydd, Ellen Rowlands, 64, widow, farmer, born Llangoed
Hunau, Thomas Hughes, 59, farmer, born Llangoed
Bryn Tirion, Owen Morris Williams, 26, limestone quarry man, born Llangoed
Bryn Teg, William Williams, 35, farm labourer, born Llanddona
Bryn Teg, Robert Thomas, 62, limestone quarry man, born Llangoed

Mount Pleasant, Catherine Thomas, 60, widow, charwoman, born Llanddyfnan
Pen y Mandu Bach, Owen Hughes, 30, limestone quarry man, born Llanddona
Pen y Marian, Benjamin W. Owen, 29, limestone quarry man, born Bethesda
Pen y Marian Cottage, John Williams, 59, labourer, born Penmon
 Pen y Marian, Jane Jones, 60, widow, born Amlwch
Pen y Marian, Hugh Hughes, 62, limestone quarry man, born Llanddona
Pen Marian, Evan Thomas, 72, labourer, born Llangoed
Pen y Marian Farm, David Owen, 32, farmer, born Llangoed
Ty Cydryn (?), uninhabitted, in occupation

Gatehouse, John Jones, 34, limestone quarry labourer, born Pentraeth
Tyn Gate, David G. Hughes, 47, joiner, born Beaumaris
Tan Lon, John Jones, 63, limestone quarry man, born Llangoed
Tan Lon, Rowland Hughes, 30, limestone quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Tan y Ffordd, Owen Jones, 57, farmer, born Llangefni
 Tan Ffordd Bach, William Jones, 82, born Llanddona

 Tan 'Rardd, Hugh Jones, 40, limestone quarry miner, born Rowen
Eirian Allt, Elizabeth Ptitchard, 26, domestic housekeeper, born Queensferry
Eirian Fron, not in occupation
Tan y Bryn, not in occupation

Keepers House, c/o F Massey Esq., in occupation
Taldrwst, John Evans, 62, widower, farmer, born Llangristiolus
Bryn Menai, George W. Harrison, (occupier of 2 rooms) 41, Clerk of Holy Orders, born Newmarket
Tai Bricks, Hugh Jones, 43, limestone quarry labourer, born Beaumaris
Gyfrynys, William Roberts, 65, farmer, born Amlwch
Llanfaes Farm. Hugh Hughes, 75, farmer born Beaumaris

Llanfaes Newydd, Owen Thomas, 82, farmer, born Anglesey
Cae Person, John Hughes, 28, joiner, born Llangoed
Cae Person Cottage, Ann Griffiths, 63, housekeeper, born Llangoed
Cae Person Cottage, Jane Roberts, 68, widow, born Anglesey
Cae Person Cottage, Owen Griffith, 24, agricultural labourer, born Anglesey
Cae Peron Cottage, William Jones, 31, stone quarry man, born Anglesey

(2 - 50)

Felin Llangoed, Owen Jones, b 1842, 69, married, miller (flour)
Fan-y-felin, Ebenezer Thomas, b 1874, 37, married, miner born Penmon
Stain Delyn, Richard Hughes, b 1878, 33, married limestone miner, born Llangoed
Tysoaf, Hugh Jones, b 1864, 47, married, rockman lime quarry, born Llangristiolus
Seiriol, John Morris, b 1842, 69, married, farmer, born Llangoed
Pen y Chwarel, Hugh Roberts, b 1882, 29, married, at sea, born Llangoed
Ty Newydd, Elizabeth Thomas, b 1850, 61, widow, farmer born Gaerwen
Neuadd Gam, Richard Bulkeley, b 1822, 89, widower, farmer born Llangoed
Fedw Bach, Hugh Owen, b 1854, 57, married, farmer, born Anglesey
Rhos Newydd, John Thomas, b 1857, 54, married, rockman, born Llangoed
Bettyn, Edward Hughes, b 1852, 59, married, limestone quarry labourer, b Llangoed
Bettyn, Ellen Hughes, b 1838, 73, widow, born Llaniestyn
Goleufryn, Richard Jones, b 1870, 41, married, stonemason, born Llangoed
Hen Efail, Owen Jones, b 1855, 56, married, miner, born Llangoed
Bron Heulog, Rowland Hughes, b 1869, 42, married, miner, born Llangoed
Bron Heulog, Richard Jones, b 1862, 49, married, miner, born Llanfair ME
Bodfryn, William Willaims, b 1852, 59, married, retired picture dealer, b Liverpool
Arfryn, John Jones, b 1864, 47, married, ag. labourer, born Llanfair ME
Pen Bonc, Eleanor Jones, b 1832, 79, widow, born Pentraeth
Ty Cyttir, Richard Williams, b 1885, 26, married, miner, born Llangoed
Ty Cyttir, William Jones, b 1879, 32, married, quarryman, born Wrexham
Marian Terrace, Robert Evans, b 1884, 27, married, ag. labourer, born Llangristiolus
Marian Terrace, Owen Williams, b 1874, 37,married, limest miner, b Penrhoslligwy
Marian Terrace, Richard Jones, b 1868, 43, married, rockman, born Llangoed
Simdda Wen, Henry Jones, b 1866, 45, married, no occ. recorded, born Llangoed
(52 - 100)
Talwrn, Henry Roberts, b 1852, 59, married blacksmith, born Llangoed
Pensarn, Thomas Hughes, b 1845, 66, married, labourer, born Amlwch
Bay View, Hugh Hughes, b 1870, 41, married, rockman, born Llangoed
Didfa, Robert Jones, b 1880, 31, married, miner, born Llangoed
Didfa, Thomas Hughes, b 1875, 36, married, labourer, born Llangristiolus
Pilydd, Owen Roberts, b 1865, 46, married, farmer, born Heneglwys
Glanrafon, Richard Salisbury, b 1863, 48, stone labourer, born Carreglefn
Glanrafon, Margaret Roberts, b 1855, 56, widow, housewife, born Holyhead
Shop, Glanrafon, Margaret Roberts, b 1837, 74, widow, grocer, born Llanfaes
Glanrafon, Hugh Williams, b 1872, 39, married, farmer, born Heneglwys
Glanrafon, Jane Jones, b 1868, 43, single, dressmaker, born Llangoed
Glyn, Owen Hughes, b 1857, 54, farmer, born Llangoed
Minafon Stores, Robert T Pritchard, Marketer and Baptist Minister, b Portdinorwig
Tyddyn Waen, Thomas Hughes, b 1865, 46, married Limestone miner, b Llangoed
3 Tyddyn Waen, Robert Parry, b 1885, 26, married, quarryman, born Tydweiliog
Tyddyn Waen Terrace, Owen Hughes, 38, married, lime, born Llangoed
Glyn, Moses Jones, b 1861, 50, married, lime qman, born Nefyn
Fron, Ellen Hughes, b 1852, 59, widow, farmer, born Llaneurad
Tros Gors, Thomas Owen, b 1872, 39, single, farmer, born Pentraeth
Wern Farm, Thomas H Hughes, b 1874, 37, married, farmer, born Llanfairfechan
Plas Iolyn, John Hughes, b 1852, 59, married, no occupation, born Llangoed
Vicarage, Alfred HowardGrey-Edwards, b1862, 49 married, Clerk in Holy Orders, born Llandinorwic
Pen y Berth, Hugh Jones, b 1854, 57, married, general labourer, born Llangoed 
Pen y Berth, Thomas Hughes, b 1845, 66, married, labourer, born Llanidan
Dalar Las, Elizabeth Griffiths, b 1863, 48, single, butcher, born Llangoed
(102 - 150)
Pen Bonc, Mary Doyle, b 1864, 47, single, laundrymaid, born Llangoed
Police Station, William Evans, b 1877, 34, married, Police Constable, b Holyhead
Bull, John W Jones, b 1869, 42, widower, carter, born Manchester
1 Mona Terrace, Lewis Hughes, b 1842, 69, widower, lime quaryyman, b Penygroes
2 Mona Terrace, Hugh Owen, b 1871, 40, married, lime, born Llansadwrn
2 Mona Terrace, Samuel Doyle, b 1852, 59, married, shoemaker, Llangoed
4 Mona Terrace, Thomas Hughes, b 1865, 46, widower, rock miner, born Llangoed
5 Mona Terrace, John Jones, b 1848, 63, married, gardener, born Beaumaris
6 Mona Terrace, William Hughes, b 1865, 46, married, carter on farm, Llaniestyn
7 Mona Terrace, David Hughes, b 1854,57,married, quarry blacksmith, b Llaniestyn
8 Mona Terrace, John Jones, b 1883, 28, married, general labourer, born Llangoed
9 Mona Tce, William Matthews, b1874, 37,married, gardener, Ratcliffe  on Wreake
10 Mona Terrace, John Doyle, b 1877, 34, married, shot firer, born Llangoed
1 Bryn Awelon, John Jones, b 1868, 43, married, engine driver quarry, b Llangoed
Bryn Awelon, Lazarus Williams, b 1886,25, married, quarry labourer, b Llandegfan
Bodfair House, John Hughes, b 1857, 54, married, farmer, born Llaniestyn
8 Menai View, Richard Hughes, b 1837, 80, married, stone mason, born Llangoed
7 Menai View, Richard Hughes, b 1875, 36 married lime, born Llangoed
Menai View, Ellen Thomas, 1839, 72, widow, born Penmon
Menai View, Thomas Meredith, b 1833, 78, married, warehouseman, b Llanfair ME
3 Menai View, Rice Parry, 1875, 36, married, painter, b Menai Bridge
Menai View, James Doyle, b 1856, 55, married, worker, born Llangoed
1 Menai View, Cadwaladr O Williams,b1883,28,married,gen labourer,b Manchester
Morley House, Laura Jane Williams, 1866, married, grocer, born Llangoed
Gwynfryn, John Owen Jones, b1864, 47, married, tailor, born Llanedwen
(152 - 200)
Morannedd, William Roberts, b 1864, 47, widower, grocer, born Llangoed
Derwydd House, George Humphreys, b 1878, 33, married, insurance agent, born Llangollen
Bodlondeb, Owen Davies, b 1874, 37, married, draper's assistant, born Wales
1 Gorddinog Terrace, Martha Jones, b 1859, 52 married, housekeeprt, born Llangoed
2 Gorddinog Terrace, William Jones, b 1869, 42, married, quarryman, b Llanfaes
3 Gorddinog Terrace, Owen Jones, 1885, 26, married, farm labourer, b Llangefni
6 Gorddinog Terrace, Richard Jones, b 1880, 31, married, labourer, b Beaumaris
5 Gorddinog Terrace, David Jones, b 1869, 42, married, miner, born Llanrwst
8 Brick Rd, Thomas Roberts, b 1846, 65, maried, car proprietor, b Brynsiencyn
Tai Bricks, Robert Jones, b 1866, 45, married, quarryman, born Bodwrog
6 Beaumaris Road, William Thomas, 1849,62,married, bootmaker,b Llanerchymedd
5 Brick St, Hugh Hughes, b 1879, 32, married, quarryman, b Llangoed
4 Tai Bricks, Hugh Jones, b 1872, 39, marroed, mason, born Llangoed
Tai Bricks, Thomas Owen, b 1859, 52 married, labourer, b Pentraeth
Brick Street, Jane Parry, b 1862, 49, widow, born Llanfaes
1 Tai Bricks, Thomas Hughes, b 1884, 27, married, rockman, born Llangoed
China House, Henry Roberts, b 1863, 48, married, draper and grocer, b Penmon
London House, Thomas Roberts, b 1873, 38, married, grocer & baker, b Liverpool
Ty Newydd, Richard Howorth, b 1859, 42, married, retired East Indian Merchant, born Liverpool
Fron Deg, Owen Evans, b 1855, 56, married, joiner, born Beaumaris
Preswylfa, Robert Williams, 1858, 53, married, carpenter, born Llangoed
Bryn Menai, Ann Jenkins, b 1858, 53, widow, housework, born Penmon
Gorffwysfa, Thomas Williams, b 1869, 42, married, First engineer on Steamer, b Llandegfan
Gorffwysfa, John J Williams, b 1876, 35, lodger, single, Primary Schoomaster, lately resigned, born Bethesda
Cefni House, Owen Jones, b 1863, 48, married rockman slate quarry, b Talley
(202 - 250)
Gwynfa, John Williams, b 1872, 39, married, coachman and gardener, b Llanddona
Bryn Gwynedd, Lewis Thomas, b 1861, 50, married, cab driver, born Llangoed
Glasfryn, Owen John Owen, b 1876, 35, married, bricklayer, born Anglesey
Ty Pridd, Humphrey Roberts, b 1862, 49, maried, gardener, born Llangoed
Ty'n Llain, Margaret Thomas, b 1834, 77, widowed, born Amlwch
Bronant, Charles Roberts, b 1863, 48, married, Baptist minister, born Rhuddlan
Tal Drwst, John Evans, b 1835, 76, widower, farmer, born Llangristiolus
Ty'n Pwll, Margaret Jones, b 1843, 68, widow, born Llaniestyn
Minffordd, Margaret Evans, b 1859, 52, single, no occupation, born Llangoed
Bryn Celyn, William T Williams, b1844,67,widower, retired draper, b Menai Bridge
Twr Garw, Elizabeth Jones, b 1858, 53 widow, born Llangoed
Ty'n Rardd, Richard Thomas, b 1879, 32, married quarry platelayer, b Llanddona
'R Ysgol, Alfred E Evans, b 1880, 31, married, grocer & draper, born Pennal
Pen Berth, John Thomas, b 1885, 26, married limestone rockman, born Llangoed
Bryn Mel, William Thomas, b 1854, 57, married, limstone quarryman b Llandegfan
Pant y Celyn, Jane Hughes, b 1835, 76, widow born Llangoed
8 Pant y Celyn, Hugh Roberts, 1878, 33, married, carter, born Pentraeth
7 Pant y Celyn, William Jones, b 1857, 54, married general labourer, b Rhosymeirch
6 Pant y Celyn, William Williams, b1866, 45, married limest quarryman,b Birkenhead
5 Pant y Celyn, Owen Griffiths, b 1877, 34, married, labourer, born Aberffraw
4 Pant y Celyn, Lewis Hughes, b 1877, 34, married, limest quarryman, b Llangoed
Pant y Celyn, Richard Doyle, b 1884, 27, married rockman, born Llangoed
Ty'n Lon, Catherine Hughes, b 1846, 65, single, no occupation, born Llangoed
2 Pant y Celyn, Ann Owen, b 1836, 75, widow, born Llaniestyn
(252 - 300)
1 Pant y Celyn, William Jones, b 1854, 57, married, rockman, born Llaniestyn
Bryn Gors, Owen Jones, b 1855, 56, married, private means, born Llaniestyn
Tros y Gors, b1831, 80, married, boarding house keeper, born Llanddona
Haulfre Cottages, Isaac Howard, b1850,61,married, gardener domestic, b Culcath
Haulfre Cottages, Arthur W Fooks, b1870,41,married,Chauffer dom.b St Georges 
Haulfre Cottages, Josepd Downs, b 1863, 48, married gardener, b England
Haulfre Cottages, James B Bloss,b 1860,51,married,coachman dom. b Cotebrook
Ty Popty, Owen Thomas, b 1859, 52, married, farm labourer, born  Llanddona
Old Post, Alice Hughes, b 1844, 67, widowed, no income, born Davenham
Rhyd Cottage, Edward Williams, b 1883, 28, married gen labourer, b Llandegfan 
Rhyd, David P Williams, b 1867, 44, single draper & grocer, born Llanfair M
Tyn Lon, Edward Owen, b 1857, 54, married, famer & coal merchant, b Pentraeth
Glan Gors, Ellen Hughes, b 1831, 80, single, laundress, b Llangoed
Bryn Coch, Wynne Jenkins, b 1858, 53, married, coachman, born Llangoed
Haulfre, Samuel T Chadwick, b 1864, 47, married no occupation, b Manchester
Haulfre Stables, Evan Thomas, b 1882, 29, married, groom dom, b Beaumaris
Bryn, William Parry, b 1874, 37, married, cow man, b Beaumaris
Tan y Pentre, John Jones, b 1869, 42, married, cow man, born Llangoed
Rose Cottage, F W Jenkins, b 1849, 62, married, gardener dom. born Nantwich
Tan y Pentre, Owen Williams, b 1868, 43, married, rockman, born Brynsiencyn
Bodfeirig, John Jones, 1877, 34, married limestone rockman, born Beaumaris
Coedmor, Joseph TG Roberts, b 1880, 31, married, limestone rockman, born Penmon
Llwyn Celyn, John Jones, b 1859, 52, maried, tailor, born Bodedern
Gamar, Richard Williams, b 1886, 25, married, quarryman, born Llanfair
Cornelyn, Jane Jones, b 1870, 41, widow, dairymaid, born Bodwrog
(302 - 350)
Cornelyn, William G Massey, b 1859, 52, single, private means, born Llangoed
Cornelyn Stables, Gwilym Williams, b 1883, 28, single, groom, born Beaumaris
Cornelyn Lodge, Edward Jones, b 1863, 48, married, gardener dom. b Llanddergel
Marian Newydd, John Roberts, b 1862, 49, married, farmer, born Llangoed
Llidiart, John Jones, b 1857, 54, married, carpenter, born Penmon
Tai Canol, Margaret Hughes, b 1848, 63, widow, born Pentraeth
Tai Canol, Thomas H Jones, b 1883, 28, married, mercintine stoker, b Llangoed
Tyn Gongl, John Jones, b 1881, 30, married labourer rockman, born Llangoed
Tremarfor, Thomas Hughes, b 1864, 47, married Head teacher, born Holyhead
Ty Cerrig, Mary Owen, b 1831, 80, widow, farmer, born Llandegfan
1 Park Terrace, Edward Thomas,b 1866,45, married labourer quarryman, b Bangor
2 Park Terrace,Owen Williams, b1876,35,married, labourer rockman,b Penmynydd
3 Park Terrace, Owen B Thomas, b 1869, 42, quarryman, born Ebenezer
4 Park Terrace, Ann Williams, b 1841, 70, single, born Llangoed
5 Park Terrace, Owen Williams, b 1870, 41, married, farmer shepherd & general, born Llanddona 
6 Park Terrace, John Jones, b 1868, 43, married, labourer, born Llangoed
7 Park Terrace, Owen Jones, b 1869, 42, married, rockman, born Llangoed
1 Porte Bello, John Jones, b 1867, 44, married Lime quarryman, born Birkenhead
2 Porte Bello, John Jones, b 1859, 52, married, carter coal & general, b Penmon 
3 Porte Bello, John J Thomas, b 1850, 61, married slate rockman, born Dyserth
4 Porte Bello, Robert Roberts, b 1881, 30, married, rockman, born Llanddona
Pen Parc, Mary Owen, b 1849, 62, widow, born Penmon
Tai Capel, Richard Williams,b1829,82, widower, highway labourer, born 
Tai Capel, Jane Roberts, b 1833, 78, single, old age pensioner, born Amlwch
Tai Capel, Robert Roberts, b 1865, 46, married lime quarry labourer, b Pentraeth
(352 - 400)
Tai Capel, Mary Williams, b 1858, single, no occupation, born Llanddona
Tai Capel, William Francis, b 1875, 36, married. quarryman, born Moelfre
Tai Capel, Robert Thomas, b 1882, 29, married, quarryman, born Penrhoslligwy
Tai Capel, Hugh Williams, b 1871, 40, married, quarryman, Llanddona
Cwm, Edward Jones, b 1873, 38, married, quarryman, born Talwrn
Tan Rallt, Edward Thomas, b 1884, 27, married, slate rockman, born Trefnant
Refail, John Owen, b 1871, 40, married quarryman, born Amlwch
Bryn Teg, Robert Thomas, b 1839, 72, widower, quarryman, born Llangoed
Bryn Teg, William Williams, b 1865, 46, labourer, born Llanddona
Mount, Catrine Thomas, b 1841, 70, widow, no place of birth recorded
Bryn Tirion, John Williams, b 1886, 25, married, quarryman, b Blaenau Ffestiniog
Marian, Thomas Williams, b 1863, 48, widower, farmer, born Llangoed 
Tan Bryn, Owen Thomas, b 1891, 20, married, quarryman, born Llanerchymedd
Plas Newydd, William Rowlands, b 1872, 39, married, farmer, born Llangoed
Gerrig Duon, David Hughes, b 1879, 32, married, quarryman, born Llangoed
Tyn Coed, William Doyle, b 1861, 50, married, gamekeeper, Llangoed
Cae Coch, Richard Williams, b 1867, 44, married, farm carter, born Llangoed
Cae Coch, vacant - resident Mary Owen
Tyddyn Grigor, Thoams Williams, b 1854, 57, married, worker, Llamddona
Gate House, William Owen, b 1857, 54, married, mason, born Llaniestyn
Cartref, John Thomas, b 1886, 25, married, slate rockman, born Gaerwen
Ty'n y Gate, David G Hughes, b 1854, 57, married, joiner, born Beaumaris
Tan y Lon, John Jones, b 1840, 71, widower, labourer, born Llangoed
Tan y Lon, Richard Jones, b 1878, 33, married, labourer, born Llangoed
Tan y Lon, Owen Jones, b 1863, 68. married, farmer, born Llangefni
(402 - 450)
Tan Ffordd Bach, Jacob Hughes, b 1854, 57, married, labourer, born Llanfair ME
Tan Rardd, Hugh R Jones, b 1881, 30, married lime quarryman, born Llansadwrn
Eirian Allt, Elizabeth Pritchard, b 1875, 36, single, no occupation, b Queensferry
Eirian Fron, Peter Lamont, b 1858, 53, married, retired Marine engineer, b Glenlace
Tros Marian, John Owen, b 1873, 38, married, farmer, born Llanfihangel
Tan y Graig, Owen Williams, b 1876, 35, married, bailiff, born Llanfihangel
Ty Cydwys, Henry Morris, b 1877, 34, married, farmer, b Penmaenmawr
Penmarian, John Owen, b 1875, 36, married, farmer, born Llangoed
Pen Marian Bach, Owen Hughes, b 1870, 41, married, lime rockman, b Llanddona
Pen Marian, Hugh Thomas, b 1867, 44, single lime quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Pen Marian, Henry Jones, b 1880, 31, married, quarry pointsman, born Llandegfan
Pen Marian, John Williams, b 1841, 70, married, labourer, born Penmon
Bryn Gongl, Thomas Jones, b 1850, 61, married, mariner retired, born Llanfair ME
Haulfre Lodge, Henry Dixon, b 1864, 47, married, gardener, born Beaumaris
Pentre Talyn, Robert Davies, b 1862, 49, married, at home, born Pentraeth
Coed Cywydd, Owen P Roberts, b 1869. 42, married, farmer, born Liverpool
Pen Marian, Owen Williams, b 1845, 66, amrried quarry labourer, born Llanfair
Cae Person, Owen Thomas, b 1873, 38, married, quarryman, born Llanddona
Cae Person, Jane Roberts, b 1863, 48, widow, born Llangoed
Cae Person, Ellen Hughes, b 1850, 61, widow, born Llechcynfarwydd
Cae Person, Hugh Hughes, b 1884, 27, married, quarry labourer, born Llangoed
Llanfaes Newydd, Ellen Owen, b 1859, 52, widow, farming, born Llandegfan
Llanfaes Farm, Thomas Hughes, b 1853, 58, married, farmer, born Llangoed
Gyfynys Farm, William Roberts, b 1885, 26, married, farmer, born Llanfaes
Cae Person, John Hughes, b 1873, 38, married, joiner, born Llangoed