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Peter McBride (Scotland 1904 - 1909)

Peter McBride
 My sincere thanks to
Mr Gordon McBride,
Peter's grandson,
Andrew Baines and family
for giving me information about
Andrew's great great Grandfather.

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Peter McBride

6 Scottish
International Caps
1904 - 1909

Ayr F.C.
Preston North End

Peter McBride was regarded by many as the best keeper playing in England for much of his career. He was equally adept at dealing with high and low shots and crosses. 


 Ayr F.C.
1892 - 1896

Ayr played at Somerset Park during
the above seasons. 
All kits shown here are the copyright of Historical Football Kits and reproduced by kind permission. 
Ayr were formed in 1879, a merger between Ayr Academy and Ayr Eglinton.

Ayr joined the Ayrshire Combination League in 1893 and were elected to the Scottish Second Division in 1897.

Scottish F.A. Cup 1895/96
1st Round    Ayr 3v2 Abercorn
(Abercorn 2nd Division Champions)
2nd Round    Heart of Midlothian 5v1 Ayr
(Heart of Midlothian 4th in 1st Division)

Courtest of Davy Allan
London Hearts website

They themselves merged with
Ayr Parkhouse in 1910
to form Ayr United.
Peter was discovered whilst playing for Ayr, when he was forced into goal rather than his normal forward position. He so impressed the watching Tom Houghton (North End's scout) that he was signed as a keeper.

In 1901, Ayr Football and Athletic Club held
a fund-raising bazaar, and the souvenir guide book contained a short history of the club
which later merged with Ayr Parkhouse
to form Ayr United FC.

Link to the remarkable booklet here.

 Courtesy of Andy Mitchell, scottishsporthistory.com

Ayr United Miscellany 
The Clairvoyant 
The above heading is a feeble attempt at sarcasm.
They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but, with all due respect to 'they', it can also be one of the funniest forms of wit.

It can be argued that he who makes a wayward prophecy is deserving of being on the sharp end of a bit of sarcasm.
It should be understood that, in this context, we are talking about the supposed power of prophecy failing very badly rather than the more forgiveable mishap of an errant score prediction.

Let's get to the point and relate the tale of Peter McBride, a goalkeeper who debutised for Ayr FC on 6th August 1892.
In February 1895 he declined an offer from Bury and in May of that year he rejected an opportunity to join Kilmarnock. 
On the night of 4th December 1896, he could not resist the terms of a suitor. 
That suitor was Preston North End.

The question as to how well he settled in Preston was broached in the tightly-packed columns of the Ayr Observer dated 19th October 1897.

Peter McBride (late of Ayr) is home for a few days owing to having sustained injury to his ribs. 
Peter is losing taste of Preston life and might be home for good at the end of the season.

It was, and still is, a common situation. Ostensibly this was another footballer who had succumbed to homesickness. Lancashire life did not appeal to him and he knew as much within a year of the move. Or so it seemed.

The Ayr Advertiser of 23rd November 1911 mentioned that McBride had lost his first team place at Preston. Ah, still there in season 1911/12!

This sounds not at all like a man who was "losing taste of Preston life" by 1897.

That proved to be his last season at the club. What then? Back home to his native Ayr?

No, that did not happen. At least not permanently.

The Ayr Advertiser of 31st July 1947 reported that:

Peter McBride, the ex-Ayr FC, Preston North End and Scotland goalkeeper, is currently on holiday in Ayr.

This snippet was qualified by noting that he was on holiday from Preston. This was now a half-century after the suggestion that he would soon be home for good.

The prophecy was more than just a tad wayward.

Courtesy of Duncan Carmichael and Scott Fitzgerald. 

McBride played as a goalkeeper for Ayr, until joining Preston North End on 5 December 1896.

Preston paid Ayr £55 for the transfer.
This would be about £6,200 in today's money. (2016)

Preston North End
1896 - 1912
Courtesy of Andy Mitchell, scottishsporthistory.com

Despite Preston's long tradition for importing talented players from North of the border, McBride was North End's first Scottish International, as the the Scottish F.A. refused to pick anyone across the border for many years.  

Peter with North End Officials
at Deepdale


Peter McBride was brought to Deepdale form Ayr in 1896 and was seen as a possible replacement for the ageing James Trainer, North End's 'Prince of Goalkeepers'. 
Preston North End v Sunderland
St Peter At The Gate

Peter replaced Welsh International goalkeeper, James Trainer (right) and was given a weekly salary of £3.00. This would be about £40 in today's money. (2016)

First Division 

0 appearances
 Link to Preston's 1896/97 League results
 F.A. Cup
1st Round  Preston N.E. 6v0 Manchester City
2nd Round Preston N.E. 2v1 Stoke City
3rd Round Aston Villa 1v1 Preston N.E.
3rd Round replay Preston N.E. 0v0 Aston Villa
3rd Round 2nd replay Aston Villa 3v2 Preston N.E.
Aston Villa went on to win The F.A. Cup.

Although Peter signed in December 1896 of this season, he did not actually play until the following season.

6 appearances

 Link to Preston's 1897/98 League results
F.A. Cup
1st Round Preston N.E. 1v2 Newcastle United
Peter made his first team debut on the 5th March 1898 at home to Stoke City. It was a 0v0 draw - a successful debut
Stoke City
First Division Results
5th March 1898

South Wales Daily News
3rd April 1898
Derby County 1v0 Preston N.E. 

34 appearances
(full season)

 Link to Preston's 1898/99 League results
F.A. Cup
1st Round Preston N.E. 7v0 Grimsby Town
2nd Round Sheffield United 2v2 Preston N.E.
2nd Round replay Preston N.E. 1v2 Sheffield United
Sheffield United went on to win The F.A. Cup.

Peter McBride in action.

South Wales Daily News
17th October 1898
Preston N.E. 1 v1 Burnley

South Wales Echo
15th November 1898
Stoke 2v1 Preston N.E.

South Wales Daily News
28th November 1898
Bolton Wanderers 2v2 Preston N.E.

South Wales Daily News
16th January 1899
Everton 2v0 Preston N.E.

34 appearances
(full season)

Link to Preston's League results 1899/90 
1st Round Preston N.E. 1v0 Tottenham Hotspur
2nd Round Preston N.E. 1v0 Blackburn Rovers
3rd Round Preston N.E. 0v0 Nottingham Forest
3rd Rd Replay Nottingham Forest 1v0 Preston N.E.

McBride was known for his aggressive behaviour and on the 14th October 1899, when debutant Arnold Whittaker (right) of Blackburn Rovers scored his third goal, McBride raced out of his penalty area and shook him by the throat. 

South Wales Daily News
18th September 1899
Stoke City 3v1 Preston N.E. 

South Wales Echo
30th April 1900
Preston N.E. 2v2 Wolverhampton Wanderers

26 appearances

Link to Preston's League results 1900/01 
F.A. Cup
1st Round Tottenham Hotspur 1v1 Preston N.E.
1st Rd Replay Preston N.E. 2v4 Tottenham Hotspur
Tottenham went on to win The F.A. Cup
They were a non league side.

On 20th March, 1901, Preston's excellent goalkeeper, Peter McBride injured a shoulder in a trial for the Scottish team. As a result McBride missed the last five games of the season. 
His deputy let in 15 goals in those games, and Preston were relegated from the First Division.

 Second Division

24 appearances

 Link to Preston's League results 1901/02
F.A. Cup
1st Round Manchester City 1v1 Preston N.E.
1st Round replay Preston N.E. 0v0 Manchester City
1st Rd 2nd replay Preston N.E. 2v4 Manchester City

34 appearances
(full season)

 No results available for 1902/03
F.A. Cup
1st Round Preston N.E. 3v1 Manchester City
2nd Round Millwall Athletic 4v1 Preston N.E.

30 appearances

 No results available for 1903/04
F.A. Cup
1st Round  Preston N.E. 1v0 Grimsby Town
2nd Round Preston N.E. 0v3 Middlesbrough 

This season, McBride helped Preston to regain their position in the First Division by winning the Second Division title with 20 wins and 10 draws out of their 34 games. McBride had a great season, keeping 14 clean sheets. 
Peter's consistency was recognised by Tottenham Hotspur, who were after his services, but he remained loyal to Preston. 
Tottenham Hotspur

 Preston North End 1903/04
Second Division Champions

First Division

34 appearances
(full season)

Link to Preston's League results 1904/05 
F.A. Cup
1st Round Derby County 0v2 Preston N.E.
2nd Round Bristol City 0v0 Preston N.E.
2nd Round Preston N.E. 1v0 Bristol City

3rd Round Preston NE.E. 1v1 The Wednesday
3rd Round Replay The Wednesday3v0 Preston N.E.

In 1905, Singleton & Coles produced a set of cigarrette cards.

Peter McBride was No 38 in the series.

There were no player details on the reverse of the card.

Preston N.E. v Wolverhampton Wanderers
19th November 1904
You Tube 

  McBride leads the team out against Wolves

McBride, centre, standing by his goalpost.
YouTube link to Preston North End v Wolves 1904

 Preston North End 1904/05

Runners Up
36 appearances

Link to Preston's League results 1905/06 
F.A. Cup
1st Round   Birmingham 1v0 Preston N.E.
Preston finished second to Liverpool. Goalkeeper Peter McBride, had another great season and the team had the best defensive record in the First Division.
 Preston North End 1905/06
First Division Runners Up

Lockett,  Rodway,  G. Tod,  J. Bell (Captain),  J. Turnbull,
J. Derbyshire,  P. McBride,  J. Wilson,  J. Hunter,  
J. McLean,  R. Bond
Preston N.E. v Aston Villa     
11th November 1905
You Tube
McBride leaves the changing room

P.N.E.'s 10th minute goal by Bond
(right, on
ground) was disallowed - 
hole in side netting.

Referee (left) examines goal netting
YouTube link to Preston v Aston Villa 1905

34 appearances

 Link to Preston's League results 1906/07
F.A. Cup
1st Round  Notts County 1v0 Preston N.E.

Preston NE 1v6 Liverpool
10th November 1906 

35 appearances

Link to Preston's League results 1907/08 
F.A. Cup
1st Round Brighton & H.A. 1v1 Preston N.E.
1st Round replay Preston N.E. 1v1 Brighton & H.A.
1st Rd 2nd replay Brighton & H.A. 1v0 Preston N.E.

There was an occasion when two Bolton Wanderers forwards threatened to charge him. He just stood there, taunting them. As they charged and floored him, they added insult to injury by trying to kick the ball over the goal line. McBride jumped to his feet and began to retaliate by throwing punches.
 Bolton Wanderers

Liverpool 2v1 Preston NE
23rd November 1907

Preston NE 3v0 Liverpool
21st March 1908

37 appearances

 Link to Preston's League results 1908/09
F.A. Cup
1st Round Preston N.E. 1v0 Middlesbrough
2nd Round Preston N.E. 1v2 Sunderland

Courtesy of Andy Mitchell

36 appearances

 Link to Preston's League results 1909/10
F.A. Cup
1st Round Preston N.E. 1v2 Coventry City

 Welsh Coast Pioneer
23rd September 1909


Glamorgan Express 18th February 1910

Derby Daily Telegraph
2nd April 1910
Preston NE 2v0 Liverpool

35 appearances

Link to Preston's League results 1910/11 
F.A. Cup
1st Round Brentford 0v1 Preston N.E.
2nd Round West Ham United 3v0 Preston N.E.

 Evening Express
22nd October 1910
Oldham 2v1 Preston NE


Liverpool 3v0 Preston NE
12th November 1910 


Evening Express
24th December 1910 
Bradford City 1v0 Preston N.E.

7 appearances

 Link to Preston's League results 1911/12
F.A. Cup
1st Round Preston N.E. 0v1 Manchester City
With Peter McBride in goal and Joseph McCall at centre-half, Preston had a good defensive record. However, the club had difficulty scoring goals and at the end of the 1911-12 season, was relegated from the First Division of the Football League.

The Ayr Advertiser of 23rd November 1911 mentioned that McBride had lost his first team place at Preston. 

In his last season, 1911/12, he lost his place before winning a recall for a vital last match  of the season against Middlesbrough.
The game proved to be a tragedy for the keeper. His eyesight was failing and a shot, crashed in from 40 yards, beat him all the way. North End collapsed to a 3v0 defeat and were relegated.

 Preston North End
Relegated to the Second Division

Peter played a total of 16 games against Liverpool
These are the results

Preston North End 
Top 5 Appearance List
1. 512 Alan Kelly Senior
2. 474 Peter McBride
3. 354+1 sub Roy Tunks
4. 289 Harry Holdcroft
5. 275 James Trainer


 1911 Census
Peter and his family
living at 1 Penguin Street, Preston

Married 13 years, 6 children all living in 1911

Places of birth

Peter's signature

 Lancashire Evening Post
around 1991


Lancashire Evening Post
around 1991


Lord Rosebery's racing colours of primrose and rose hooped striped shirts and white knickers
All Matches played were in the
Home International Series

Anglo-Scots Team
Evening Express 15th March 1901 

 1st Cap 1903/04 v England

                         Saturday, 9 April 1904 
                 Scotland(0) 0 v 1 (0) England
Celtic Park, Glasgow
Attendance: 40,000;
Receipts £1900 (gate) £600 (stands);
Kick-off 3.32pm

Peter McBride's
International Medal
Peter McBride

Courtesy of Paul Harrison

Scotland: Goalkeeper McBride replaced the original choice, Hibernian F.C.'s Harry Rennie, who had injured his ankle in the inter-league match.
Other changes included Tom Jackson replacing Newcastle United's Andrew McCombie at right back.
In the forward line, Sandy Brown replaced Rangers F.C.'s Bob Hamilton in the centre and Ronald Orr replaced Manchester City F.C.'s Livingstone on the left.

England: Tom Baddeley played with two broken fingers and needed brandy to help revive him after the match.

The only goal of the game was scored Steve Bloomer, who extended his tally as England's record scorer. Blackburn received the ball from Harris. The former tried to pass across and Watson to clear, but he missed his kick. The ball came to Bloomer, who found the net with a high shot on 64 minutes.

McBride (Preston North End):
Jackson (St Mirren), Watson (Sunderland):
Aitken (Newcastle Utd), Raisbeck (Liverpool),
Robertson (Rangers FC):
Niblo (Aston Villa), Walker (Heart of Midlothian),
Brown (Middlesbrough), Orr (Newcastle Utd),
Templeton (Newcastle Utd).

Baddeley (Wolverhampton Wanderers):
Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Burgess(Manchester City):
Wolstenholme (Everton F.C.), Wilkinson (Sheffield Utd) Leake (Aston Villa):
Rutherford (Newcastle United), Bloomer (Derby County), Woodward (Tottenham Hotspur), Harris (Old Westminsters AFC), Blackburn (Blackburn Rovers)

1903/04 Final Table

2nd Cap 1905/06 v England

           Saturday, 9 April 1906
         Scotland (1) 2v1 (0) England
Hampden Park,  Glasgow

The Scotchmen turned out in Lord Rosebery's racing colours of primrose and rose, hooped striped shirts and white knickers.
The Englishmen, as usual, donning white collared jerseys and navy blue shorts.

James Howie opened the scoring. Ashcroft caught the ball from a Howie 'pop,' from a Dunlop free-kick, but he stepped back over his line goal awarded on appeal. 40 minutes.

James Howie netted his second when Smith's cross found Howie, who scored with his right foot. 56 minutes

England replied when Albert Shepherd drove a rocket delivery from a direct free-kick on 81 minutes.

       McBride(Preston North End):
McLeod (The Celtic F.C.), Dunlop (Liverpool):
Aitken (Newcastle Utd), Raisbeck (Liverpool),   McWilliam (Newcastle Utd):
Stewart (Hibernian), Howie (Newcastle United),
Menzies (Heart of Midlothian), Livingstone
(Manchester City), Smith (Rangers).

Ashcroft (Woolwich Arsenal):
Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Burgess (Manchester City):
Warren(Derby County), Veitch (Newcastle United), Makepeace (Everton):
Bond (Preston North End), Day(Old Malvernians AFC), Shepherd (Bolton Wanderers), Harris (Old Westminsters AFC), Conlin (Bradford City).

1905/06 Final Table

 3rd Cap 1906/07 v Wales
4 March 1907
Wales (0) 1v0 (0) Scotland
Attendance, 7 715,
The Racecourse, Wrexham

Grenville Morris scored the only goal of the game, 5 minutes into the second half.

South Wales Daily News
7th March 1907
Wales 1v0 Scotland 


Leigh Roose, Captain (Stoke):
Horace Blew (Wrexham) Charlie Morris (Derby County):
George Latham (Liverpool) Lloyd Davies (Stoke), Ioan Price (Aston Villa):
Billy Meredith (Manchester United), William Jones (Manchester City) Hugh Morgan-Owen (Welshpool) Grenville Morris (Nottingham Forest) Gordon Jones (Wrexham)

Wales 1907

Peter McBride (Preston North End):
Tom Jackson (St. Mirren) James Sharp (Woolwich Arsenal):

Andrew Aitken (Middlesbrough), Charles Thomson (Heart of Midlothian) Peter McWilliam (Newcastle United):
George Stewart (Manchester City) George Livingstone (Rangers) Alex Young (Everton) Thomas Fitchie (Queen`s Park) Alexander Smith (Rangers)
                  Scotland 1906

 Information about a couple of the
Welsh International players
who played in this game.

  Billy Meredith

William Henry "Billy" Meredith was a Welsh professional footballer. He was considered one of the early superstars of football due to his performances, notably for Manchester City and Manchester United.
He won each domestic trophy in the English football league and gained 48 caps for Wales, for whom he scored 11 goals and won two British Home Championship titles. 

            George Latham M.C & Bar
F.A. Cup
Cardiff City
George was a veteran  of the Boer War and the Great War.
As a player, he played for Newtown, Cardiff City, Liverpool, Stoke City and Southport Central.
He had 10 Welsh International caps.

George coached Cardiff City when they beat The Arsenal in the 1927 F.A. Cup Final, and only missed out on the League Championship on goal difference.

George also coached Great Britain at the 1924 Summer Olympic Games.

         4th Cap 1906/07 v England

Saturday, 6 April 1907. 
England (1) 1v 1 (1) Scotland 1
St. James' Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland
Attendance: 35,829; Receipts £2725 12 9d.
Kick-off 3.00pm

The team was originally meant to be selected following the Welsh match on 27 March, but the F.A. were so displeased at the English display, that the selection was delayed for a week.
Steve Bloomer extends his tallies with record appearances and goal scored, he has also become England's oldest goalscorer.

Manchester United F.C.'s Dick Duckworth and Middlesbrough F.C.'s Alf Common named as reserves. 
Flintshire Observer
11th April 1907
England 1v1 Scotland
Hardy (Liverpool):
Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Pennington (West Bromwich Albion):
Warren (Derby Conty), Wedlock (Bristol City), Veitch (Newcaslte United):
Rutherford (Newcastle United), Bloomer (Middlesbrough), Woodward (Tottenham Hotspur), Stewart (The Wednesday), Hardman (Everton). 

McBride (Preston North End):
Thomson (Heart of Midlothian), Sharp (Woolwich Arsenal):
Aitken (Middlesbrough), Raisbeck (Liverpool), McWilliam (Newcastle United): 
Stewart (Manchester City), Walker (Heart of Midlothian), A.Wilson (The Wednesday), White (Bolton Wanderers), G.Wilson (Everton). 

Scottish International cap awarded for this game. 
  Alf Common, named as an England reserve here, was the first £1,000 transfer, moving from Sunderland to Middlesbrough in 1905. Almost £110,00 in today's money. 

 1906/07 Final Table

 5th Cap 1907/08 v England
      Saturday, 4 April 1908.  
    Scotland (1)1v1 (0) England
Hampden Park, Glasgow. Attendance: 121,452
(a new world record attendance)
Receipts: £6995; Kick-off 3.30pm

Manchester Courier: The new world record attendance was not without incident, so great was the pressure that no fewer than seventy persons were injured, one so severely that he had to be treated at the hospital. The majority of those had dropped to the ground in a faint and recovered fully when carried out on the stretchers, but three cases were so serious that the unfortunates had to be conveyed in the ambulance van to the Victoria Hospital.
This is the oldest team that England have faced thus far.

Evening Express and Evening Mail
Flintshire Observer
9th April 1908 


McBride (Preston North End):
McNair (The Celtic FC), Sharp (Woolwich Arsenal) : 
Aitken (Middlesbrough), Thomson (Heart of Midlothian), May  
(Rangers FC): 
Howie (Newcastle Utd), Walker (Heart of Midlothian), Wilson (The Wednesday), White (Bolton) Wanderers), Quinn
(The Celtic FC)

Hardy (Liverpool):
Crompton (Blackburn Rovers) Pennington (West Bromwich Albion): 
(Derby County), Wedlock (Bristol City), Lintott (Queen's Park Rangers): 
Rutherford (Newcastle Utd),  Windridge (Chelsea FC), Bridgett (Sunderland)

1907/08 Final Table

6th Cap 1908/09 v Wales 
Saturday 1st March 1909
Wales (3) 3v2 (0) Scotland
Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
Attendance 6,000

Wales held a 3v0 nil lead at half time with goals by William Davies on 23 minutes, with another by Lot Jones three minutes later. Davies added his second some 5 minutes before half time.
Scotland were the stronger in the second half but goals by Bobby Walker on 70 minutes and Harold Paul, 73 minutes, were not enough to clear the deficit.

Montgomeryshire Express and
Radnorshire Times
1sr March 1909


Blew, C. Morris
M. Perry, Peake, Price:
W. Meredith, Wynn, W. Davies, W.L. Jones, R. Evans.

Collins, Sharp: 
May Thompson, McWilliam: 
Bennett, Hunter, R. Walker, Somers, Paul
1908/09 Final Table

In keeping with many other Scottish international goalkeepers, McBride did not manage to keep a clean sheet in any of his six international appearances, due more to the defenders in front of him than any failing on the part of the North Ender.