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Chronology of the area
Denbigh Street Census 1901
Llanrwst & Dist. Historical Society - Denbigh St. Book
St Paul's Almshouses
William Gladstone in Llanrwst
Educationalist Matthew Arnold in Llanrwst
1878 Highway Robber - Dafydd Pen Bryn
1881 Census, Union Workhouse Llanrwst
John French Pierce, Llanrwst F.C.
T. Glynne Davies

Cartre'r Delyn - Cymdeithas Bob Owen 
David Lloyd, Excise Officer, Llanrwst
Lloyd Jones & Bebb, Manchester House
Robert Jones, Boar's Head Inn, Llanrwst
John Jenkins, Prescott House, Llanrwst
Jane Griffiths, born 1799, Llanrwst
William Griffiths, 1875 - 1940, Llanrwst
Teulu Bronnydd Family
Robert Edward Fullerton Batten 1911-70, Llanrwst
Water Bailiff's Daughter - Frances Clipsom
Owen Ellis Williams, Llanddoged
The Old School Photograph:
Llanrwst County School photo - 1933 Form V
School photo 1938 / 39 - Derek Pritchard
Llanrwst Grammar School 1941 - Form IIIB
Maenan and Tandderwen enquiry - Donna Armstead
Llanrwst Sporting Scene






St Grwst Church founded


Gwydir Castle

A fort stood at the site of Gwydir Castle



The name of Llanrwst is encountered as  far back as then, in connection with a sanguinary battle between two rival Princes.



St Grwst Church built



St Grwst Church moved to its present site


Llywelyn Fawr

Death of Llywelyn Fawr.



An early Llanrwst church is mentioned in the Norwich Taxation.



Monks traded in wool. While the Abbey was still at Conwy, the King issued a safe conduct to Chester to a merchant named de Podio, whose men were carrying 20 sacks of wool bought from the Abbot of Aberconwy.


Llywelyn Fawr

Llywelyn's body moved from the Abbey at Conwy to a new Abbey at Maenan.



An early Llanrwst church is mentioned in the Lincoln Taxation.


Gwydir Castle

A Watch tower replaced the 7thCentury fort



It was compulsory to publish the date when a market or fair was to be held in Llanrwst - an occasion for buying and selling, but also for brawls. The carrying of weapons was therefore prohibited.




Hair was being used to string Welsh Harps.



Welsh soldiers drawn from this part of North Wales to serve under the banner of The Black Prince, the Earl of Chester. There is a record in the Black Prince's Registers that green and white cloth be bought for short coats and hats for 50 Welshmen chosen to follow the Black Prince to war as they invaded France.


Hywel Coetmor

Hywel and his brother were executors of the will of Griffith Vaughan ap Griffith ap David Goch


Owain Glyndwr

Sir John E Lloyd writes, " When Owain Glyndwr's rebellion shook the country, the Conway Valley was under the sway of two brothers who espoused his cause. Hywel Coetmor and Rhys Gethin, who from their eyrie in Cwm Llanerch near Betws y Coed, so harassed the town of Llanrwst that grass grew in the market place and the deer fed in the churchyard".



Conwy was captured. Llanrwst people suffered much hardship at this time. Aberconwy Abbey and Maenan suffered.


Owain Glyndwr

Sir John Wynn wrote 'All the whole countrey then was but a forrest, rough and spacious, as it still is, but then waste of inhabitants, and all overgrowne with woods, for Owen Glyndwr's warres beginning in anno 1400, continued fifteen years, which brought such a desolation that greene grasse grew on the market place in Llanrwst, called Bryn y botten, and the deere fled into the church-yard, as it is reported'.


Gwydir Castle

Came into the hands of the Wynne Family


Gwydir Castle

Maredudd of Y Gesail Goch and Gwydir died.


Maenan Abbey

Henry VIII ordered the dissolution of monasteries


Gwydir Castle


Leland wrote 'Gwydir lieth two bowshots above the River Conway. It is a pretty place'.


Gwydir Castle


Sir John Wynn born. His parents were Morus Wyn and Jane, daughter of Sir Richard Bulkeley of Beaumaris. He wrote 'The History of the Gwydir Family'.


Gwydir Castle


Acquired additions to the buildings, including reused gothic building material from nearby Maenan Abbey



First Grammar Schoolbuilt. Founded by Sir Richard Wynn.


Maurice Wynn

He wrote a memorandum, referring to the wildness of Snowdonia, where foxes, falcons and polecats 'haunted' the area, stating that one of his sheep had been killed by an eagle.


Gwydir Castle

Home to Katherine of Berain, cousin of Queen Elizabeth I


Gwydir Castle

Morus Wynn died.


Gwydir Castle

Associations with the Babbington plot

C 1595

Gwydir Castle

Fine Elizabethan porch and garden added to the buildings


Gwydir Castle

Associations with the Gunpowder Plot.



Sir John Wynn describes Llanrwst as a village. Its importance was its site on the Conwy, not its size.



Sir John Wynn established Almshouses, providing housing for the elderly members of the area, until 1970. Initially for men only


Gwydir Castle

Sir John Wynn died


Llanrwst bridge


A request for a new bridge came before a jury at the General Sessions at Denbigh. It was stated that 'the public and common bridge' had for many years been 'in the greatest decay so that neither the King's subjects, nor horses, carts nor carriages, could come and go without great danger to life'. 


Gwydir Chapel

A mausoleum was erected by Sir Richard Wynne, from the designs of Inigo Jones. The roof is of finely carved oak from Maenan Abbey.


Llanrwst bridge


First stone bridge built over the Conwy River - Inigo Jones.



Edward Lhwyd notes in 1699, that 'Cay-r-Berllan in Tybrith Issa' was occupied by Robert Hughes, gent in 1642.

Sept 1645

Gwydir Castle

King Charles XIV paid a visit as guest of Sir Richard Wynn.

16 April 1650

Llanrwst / Dolwyddelen

Papurau Gwydir, Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
Llythyr 16.4.1650 o Lanrwst, Edward Pryse at Ellis Moris [Pen Amnen, Dôlwyddelan]; ateb, gyda rhestr deiliaid ym mhlwyf Dôlwyddelan

Thomas ap Richard Rowland (£5/8/0)
Gruffith ap William Thomas & Moris ap Reinallt ei fab yng nghyfraith (£2/[-]/0)
Gruffith Thomas ---------- Gorddinen (£4/7/8)
aseswyd Ddanhadog (£4/13/4), a William ap Evan [?yn unig ---------] (16/-) a dalwyd yn unig ganddo ef
Deiliaid Garnedd (£3/16/0)
Deiliaid Penrhiw (£4/2/2)


Market Hall

Original Market Hall built


Llanrwst bridge

The west arch of the bridge collapsed. The original springers remained but the arch is of poorer workmanship.


Llanrwst bridge

The Caernarfonshire Justices were compelled to expend a further £15 on repairs to the bridge.



Edward Lhwyd estimated that Llanrwst had 66 houses. He lists, in his quaint spelling, the townships as;

Tre Lan Ryst, Garth Gyvannedh, Malhebrwd,

Ty bruth Ycha, Garth Garmon and Trewydr - the latter in Caernarfonshire.



Edward Lhwyd lists twenty-one houses with their owners. Some of interest are; Gwydir owned by Lord Willoughby de Eresby; Brynniog - Mr Hugh Lloyd;

Y Kyfdy als yr Hendre - John Ellis; Yr Orsedd Wen - William Morris Maurice; Kae'r Melwr belongs to Gwydir 


Thomas Pennant

Mentions the haunts of beavers (llostlydan - broad tailed one) along the Conwy River near Llanrwst.


Llanrwst Bridge

In the Caernarfonshire Record Office is an account of further repair work undertaken at a cost of 'not less than £90'. The portion under repair was described as being 'ruinous and in great decay'.



Episcopal Vitriation returns state; It is thought that we have about 400 families in our parish


Robert Roberts

Conwy Church Register contains a reference to Robert Roberts of Llanrwst 'Shipwright'. Cae Llong near the bridge is said to mark the spot where ships were built.



Episcopal Vitriation returns state; I think the number of families in the parish that pay parish rates may be about 220, besides a great number who live in huts.

C 1765

John Owen

John Owen was known to make longcase clocks in Llanrwst


Capel Seion

The Welsh religious cause was set up at the site of Capel Seion




In his book, Thomas Pennant asserts that the river Conwy tide did not flow nearer than Llyn Y Graig, a mile and a half below Llanrwst bridge, where at spring tides, boats of twelve tons could venture.



Robert Laurence a Shropshire Innkeeper promoted the first stage coach from London to North Wales Coast, via Shrewsbury, Llangollen, Corwen, LLANRWST and Conway


Twm Capelulo

Thomas Williams born



Episcopal Vitriation returns state; It (the parish) contains in all near a thousand or more dwelling houses.



Episcopal Vitriation returns state; It comprehends upwards of 600 houses.

C 1800

Twm Capelulo

Joined the Caernarfonshire Militia; fought for Wellington against Napoleon


Capel Seion

Chapel built on site (see 1768)



Llanrwst pop 2,549



E Hude Hall wrote that within the township of Gwydir,'much woollen yarn is spun and woven into a chequered 'stuff' (Welsh cotton) dyed at home of which the chief part is sold at Llanrwst markets and fairs'. A prosperous farmer could own his own loom



Llanrwst pop 2,502


Twm Capelulo

Left the army



Llanrwst pop 2,986



Owen Gethin Jones born, Penmachno. Carpenter, builder, contractor.


Gwilym Cowlyd

William John Roberts born. Printer, publisher, bookseller in Llanrwst. His dog looked after his shop as he worked in the back. Dog growled as customers reached for books


Gwydir Castle

Further additions made to buildings, from designs by Sir Charles Barry, architect of the Houses of Parliament.


Trebor Mai

Robert Williams born (I am Robert - anag.)



John Williams published the history of Llanrwst. Eight fairs were held; 8thMarch, 23 April, 21 June, 10 August, 17 September, 25 October 11 December and the second Tuesday afterwards. Villagers from 20 miles distance brought their produce to Llanrwst.




Parish population 3601, town pop 3,231

1834 - 1836


Average annual poor rate expenditure £5,175 or 9s 6d (47.5p) per head of population.


Capel Seion

Chapel re built (see 1801)

26.4. 1837


Llanrwst Poor Law formed, overseen by a Board of governors. 20 members representing its 17 constituent parishes.


Twm Capelulo

Turned against drink at the age of 58



Llanrwst Union Workhouse erected at a site just north of the town. It followed a square layout, with separate accommodation wings for different classes of inmates.



Llanrwst pop 3,542




St Mary's Church foundation stone laid


Elis o'r Nant

Ellis Pierce born…………..




St Mary's Church consecrated.



Women allowed to move into Almshouses.



Population 2300



Llanrwst pop 3,602. The population increased by 371 from 1831 - the Napoleonic War was in progress during this time.


Twm Capelulo

Thomas Williams died



Llanrwst pop 3,593


Gwilym Cowlyd

Won the Chair in the National Eisteddfod in Conwy with 'Mynyddoedd Eryri'



Llanrwst pop 3,767


Llanrwst Mine

Bwlch yr Haiarn Mine renamed The Llanrwst Mine


Trebor Mai

Robert Williams died



Llanrwst pop 4,260. The population had increased by 667 since 1861. The coming of the railway may well have contributed to this.



St Grwst Church restored



Llanrwst pop 4,964

1.01. 1897


Llanrwst became an Urban District under the Act of 1894.


Gwilym Cowlyd

The first person ever to be evicted from his home by the authorities in Llanrwst


Gwydir Castle

King George V and Queen Mary stayed here as Duke and Duchess of York



Pop 4591


Gwilym Cowlyd

William John Roberts died.



Llanrwst pop 2,519



Llanrwst pop 2,484



Train access to the town by L.& N.W.R.

Banks in the town were; London Joint City and Midland; National Provincial and Union; Barclays



T.Glynne Davies

Born at 64 Denbigh Street, Llanrwst.



Almshouses renamed 'The Hospital of John Wynn of Gwydir'.



Llanrwst pop 2,475



Population 2,300



Llanrwst pop 2,596


T.Glynne Davies

Won the Crown at the National Eisteddfod with 'Adfeilion', in Llanrwst.


Elizabeth Williams

Siaced Fraith first published - some local Llanrwst stories.



Llanrwst pop 2,562


Market Hall

Demolished in the town square.



Almhouses, open since 1610, were closed.



Llanrwst pop 2,743


T.Glynne Davies

Published 'Marged', largest Welsh Language novel, based on the lives of Edward and Ellen Davies in the 1880s


William Owen Davies

Anturiaethau Lalws published. Based on an old cat in Gorsedd Grucyn, Nant Y Rhiw. First broadcast on Welsh Radio in the 1950s.


William Owen Davies

Helyntion Wili Draenog published. First broadcast on Welsh Radio in the 1950s.



Llanrwst pop 2,903


Twm Capelulo

Second print of his autobiography, re named 'Lle Diogel I Sobri'


Myrddin ap Dafydd

'Hen Dref y Cymeriadau Rhyfedd' published - old Llanrwst characters



Llanrwst pop 3,070


Gwydir Castle

Prince Charles opened the newly re-instated 1640's dining room, recovered from a New York museum in 1996



A stroll back in time with Ken Davies 

1901 saw the end of the Victorian era, as Queen Victoria died on the Isle of Wight on 22nd January. Liberal MP David Lloyd George was forced to flee from a pro-Boer meeting as riots break out and the Boer War continues. Robert Gascoyne-Cecil (Conservative) was Prime Minister. Italian Marconi transmitted a morse code signal across the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. Tottenham Hotspur, then a non-league club, won the F.A. Cup. 

Let us follow in the footsteps of one of the many census enumerators, Mr Edward Roberts, as he records details of the families living in Denbigh Street, over a century ago. The 1901 census gave the British population as 41.5 million, Llanrwsts' population was 4,591. All persons recorded here were born in Llanrwst, unless otherwise stated. 

The first entry appearing on the Denbigh Street section of the census relates to Bradford House, where draper JohnS. Williams 32 of Denbigh lived with his housekeeper Catrin M. Lewis 23 from Dyffryn.

Cambrian Stores and The Harp were in occupation but empty on census day.

Butcher Robert Jones 37 of Caerwys lived at Conwy House, with Trefriw born wife Margaret C. 37 and children Mary C. 10, Maggie M. 7 and Lizzie E. 3. Domestic servant Kate Williams 20 was born in Caernarfon.

Publican John Roberts 30 of Dolwyddelen ran The Red Lion Inn, with his wife Sarah A. 25 of Penmachno. Their children were Edith 2 born in Trefriw and Agnes 1. Alice J. Owen 13, of Glan Conwy was a servant.

Publican Rowland Hughes 38 from Caernarfon ran The Cambrian Vaults and was also a farmer. He came from Dolwyddelen. Wife Elizabeth 42 came from Anglesey, and children Jane Ellen 7 and Mary E. 4 were born in Denbighshire. Domestic coachman William Roberts 26 was from Anglesey.

Merchant tailor William E. Jones 50 of Llangefni lived in Anglesey House with wife Margaret J. 40 and son Idris Lloyd Jones 11. His mother in law Elizabeth Lloyd 76 was from Caernarfon, and sister in law Elizabeth M. Lloyd 31 also lived there. 

Evan Pughe 29 of Llanfachreth was the printer and compositor living at Rhedegydd Office.Wife Margaret 27 was from Capel Garmon and they had a 7 month old daughter Dilys. General servant Lizzie Jones 15 was from Capel Garmon and surveyor T. Lewis Roberts 18 of Blaenau Ffestiniog, a surveyor.

Jeweller and silversmith Griffith Owen 82 was Llanllechid born and wife Grace 74 from Glan Conwy. They lived at Greenwich House with daughter Janet 33, Maria Rogers 40 and general servant Ellen J. Griffiths 23 from Capel Curig.

Richard Thomas 55 was a hawker by trade, living at Longton House with Machynlleth born wife Catherine 51. Their children Richard 28, a green fruiterer, Katie 24, Winifred 21 and Evan 7, completed the household.

Manchester House is recorded as in occupation, but empty.

Printer and stationer Evan Jones 70 lived at the Printing Works with nephew John Jones 46 a printer, niece Margaret Morris 47 who were both Manchester born and nephew John Jones 14 from Porthmadog. Jane H. Jones 19 was employed as a domestic servant.

David Thomas 71 a shoemaker by trade and his family, are recorded under Denbigh Street. His wife Jane 75 was from Betws Y Coed, and living with them were daughter Jane 32 and nephew William J Jones 12.

Robert Thomas 50 a shoemaker and his wife Mary Elizabeth 56 lived at the back of the property.

Living at 37 Denbigh Street were Robert Jones35, a tailor and hairdresser, born in Denbigh, with his wife Julianna 38, daughter Maggie and son Johnny 1, born in Llanddewi.

A lead miner lived at no. 38. William Hughes 33, who was from Llangernyw and he married Mary C. 30 of Llanfaethlu. They had a daughter Hannah 1.

Thomas Williams 57, of Capel Curig was a grocer and shopkeeper living at no. 42. He had two boarders working for him as grocer's assistants; William J Williams 21 from Nantmor and Hugh Davies 19 from Ffestiniog. Mary S Kennedy 35 was a domestic servant there.

London born Brook C. D. Simms 46 lived at no. 44, and was a bake house keeper. His wife Ellen was 46, son Oscar 20 worked as a coachman, Mary T 19 helped at home, and Mary E Hughes 9 made up the household.

David Jones 26 of Cerrigydrudion worked as a lead miner and lived at no. 46. His wife Anne 24, came from Dolwyddelen, they had a son Thomas, 2 months old.

Grocer Elias D Jones 32 of Talybont lived at Wellington House. His wife Sarah 26 came from Birkenhead and had a son Harold 2. Assistant grocer was William Williams 18 and Ellen Hughes 15, a domestic servant 

Widow Ellen Ethel 73, lived at no. 50 Denbigh Street. Her daughters were Elizabeth Ethel 46, who ran a confectionery shop and Sarah E Roberts 44. Ellen's grandchildren Catherine Roberts 18, Robert E Roberts 14, a grocers' assistant, and Henry Roberts 12 also lived there.

No 52 housed foundry worker John Griffiths 40 of Beaumaris, and his family. His wife was Ellen Elizabeth 40 and their children Blodwen H. 10 and Hannah H 6.

Widow Jane Evans 61 lived at no. 54. Her son Evan 33 was a blacksmith, Robert 26 a saddler, Hugh 23, a general labourer.

The local butcher was William Jones 52, who lived at no. 56. His wife Mary 52 was from Glan Conwy. Their children lived at home. Walter 22 was a joiner and carpenter, Agnes was 17, Henry 15, David 13 and William 10.

Jeffrey Allsup 49, a painter lived at no. 58 with his wife Mary 50.

Joiner Hugh Salisbury 25, wife Elizabeth 38 and 6 month old son Owen H. lived at no. 62 Denbigh Street. They are recorded as being born in Wales.

Next door to them, resided widow Anne Lloyd 64, who was living from her own means and Catherine Davies 58.

Her neighbours were widow Ellen Richards 40. Sons Robert D. 17 worked as a labourer, William 15, an apprentice blacksmith born in Denbigh and Arthur 12 in Coedpoeth. 

Fish and Potato Stores owner Catherine Edwards 57 and widowed of Coedpoeth, lived at The Walk with daughter Catherine A 18, of Birkenhead.

Blacksmith and coach builder Llewelyn Jones 54 of Denbigh, lived at Walk Foundry, with his wife Jane 52 of Ysbyty Ifan. Their children were John R 20, an elementary school teacher, Catherine 19, a dressmaker, Hannah 13 a house servant, Edwin 12, a scholar, and Thomas Ll. 22, a Wesleyan preacher.

Also living at The Walk was widowed dressmaker Margaret Roberts 69 and son Robert Jones 42 a domestic gardener. Both were born in Llanddoget. Her grandson Robert A Jones 22 was a plasterer, and was Liverpool born.

Richard Wood 33 was a coach builder and came from Dolgelley.

His wife Harriet 30 came from Sandbach, son George 6 was born in Manchester, and daughter Eveline 4 completed their family. Thomas J. Richards 40 boarded with them and was a lead miner from Llanberis.

Widow Catherine Williams 64, born in Killingwarth, lived at Ffynnon House. She kept three boarders. John Hulbert 63 a coach painter from Liverpool, Hannah M Owen 39, and Ralph K Williams 29 a plumber.

Neighbour John Ellis 52 was a slate quarry rackman, born in Rhuddlan. His wife Mary 51 was born in Ysbyty Ifan, and all their children were born when they lived there. David R. 29, Robert O. 26 and John H. 26 were also rackmen at the quarry, daughters Hannah E. 21 and Catherine 18 have no occupations recorded. Richard C. 15 was a watchmaker, Evan 12 and Wilford 8 would have been at school. Visiting them on census day were Alice Jane Jones 24 of Llanfair and Sally Parry Jones 19 of Caernarfon. 

Draper's assistant T. H. Jones 26 of Bodfari is listed next, with his wife L. 29 and mother in law Jane Jones 50, both of Llanrhaeadr.

Croesffordd Cottage housed Harry Burrows 35, an ironmonger from Hanley, wife Annie 34 and children Harold 3 and Percival 1. Mother in law Elizabeth Jones 68, also resident, came from Eglwysbach.

The Police Station was occupied by the Superintendent of Police, George Jarvis 42 of London. His wife Ellinor 40 came from Llanidloes, and the place names of the children's births show where he was previously stationed in the Police Force. John D. 18, Asterley, Shropshire, Florence 11 and George W. 9 both Denbigh born, Edward 7, Ruthin, Percival 2 and Vernon 2 months. His sister Frances J Jarvis 50 of London was a Hotel Manageress, David Jones 78 a widower from Newtown, worked as a miller, and 17 year old Beatrice Jones from Asterley was the domestic servant.

Many of the children listed would have attended the County School, around the corner, opposite School Bank Terrace. John Irby Farr 52 and widowed, was the schoolmaster, and also a Church of England Clergyman. He came from Suffolk. Daughter Helen L. 22 was also resident. His sister in law Jane Leighton 50, lived on her own means, and was born in Northampton. The cook was Catherine Hughes 21 from Eglwysfach, and Mary J. Hughes 20 of Talybont, the housemaid. 

Hugh Roberts 36 of Eglwysbach lived at Four Crosses with his wife, Isabella 35. He is recorded as a car proprietor, and presumably ran a taxi service.

86 Denbigh Street was uninhabited.

Dressmaker Catherine A Pierce 45 was widowed and resided at no. 85. Her son William E 16 was a tailor's apprentice.

Catherine Jones 35, living on her own means lived at the back of no 85. She was from Eglwysfach.

Widow Catherine Jones 55 ran a grocery shop. She and her family were from Trefriw. Robert G. 21 was a grocer's assistant, Cassie 20 a confectioner and William T. 18, an apprentice joiner. Lodging there were Thomas D Williams 22, a police constable from Rhosllannerchrugog, Goodman Humphries 26, a plumber from Ruthin.

Charwoman Ellen Jones 64, a widow lived next door.

William Williams 67 was a road labourer. He lived with his wife Ann 65 and daughter Ellen 6.

Ann Roberts 79 lived at no 79 Denbigh Street. 

The following houses are unnumbered.

Ostler and groom William Roberts 21 from Trewydr lived next door with wife Alice 27 of Blaenau Ffestiniog, and 6 month old Winifred E. born when the couple lived in Betws y Coed.  

Agricultural labourer Thomas Williams 24 of Dolgarrog and his family were listed next. Wife Ellen 22 was from Penmaenmawr, and daughter Elizabeth 8 months, from Llanfairfechain.

Alfred Thomas 49 worked as a general labourer.

Widow Ellen Jones 78 was from Trefriw.

Evan Roberts 55, was a general labourer.

Scotsman William R. Gaterby 53, was a general labourer from Thirsk. Wife Mandy 30 came from Poplar, London, son Charles 7 was born in Northallerton, and George 3, in Darlington.

Physician and surgeon Thomas E Jones 64 from Trefriw, lived at Henar with his family. Wife Mary J. 68 was from Pwllheli. Nieces Elizabeth T. Hill 35, Leah Thomps Hill 31 and Mary Thomps Hill 30, all of Trefriw were dispensers, Ellen Lloyd 23 a cook from Ysbyty Ifan, Jane Evans 23 a housekeeper from Llanfair TH, and Cadwaladr Griffiths 50 of Llangernyw, was a groom.

Labourer Robert Roberts 52 lived at no 63 with his family. He and his wife Elizabeth 49, were from Gwytherin, they had two children, Abel 11 and Anne Winnie 7. 

No 61 housed grocer John Jones 47 from Flint, wife Elizabeth 41, from Llanddoget, and son John O. 18.

Chester House was a popular place for the children. Widow Sarah Benson 66 kept a toy shop there.

Blacksmith Richard Thomas 47 of Llanddeusant lived at no. 57, with wife Annie 37 from Liverpool and children, Margaret A. 15 and Hannah M. 12 born in Eglwysfach, William R. 11, Jennie 5 and Blodwen 1. Boarding with them was Joseph Williams a 35 year old iron moulder from Valley, Anglesey.

Painter William Allsup 47 was at no 55. His wife Catherine 43 came from Bethesda. Their children were, George Jeffrey 18, a painter's apprentice, Herbert 14, Cassie 13 and Maggie 8.

No 53 housed blacksmith William Jones 25 and his wife Janet 24 who was a confectioner/baker from Llansannan.

No 51 had widow Margaret Allsup 76 as head, with son George 30 a painter, and his wife Jennie 30 in residence. Their daughter Gertie 5 was born in Bedford, Percy 3 in Tremeirchion. Sarah I. Jones 41 another daughter of Margaret's was also there with her children Sally 11 and Inman 4.

No 49 had in residence John Jones 40, a bill poster, and his wife E.A. 39. Son John O. 20, worked as a letter carrier, Catherine17 would have helped in the home, and Margaret E. 11, Annie 8, Eurolwen 5 and an unnamed baby, 1 month old, made up the household 

Lewis Davies 56, was a grocer living at no 47, with his wife Grace 54, children Lewis 17, a cycle repairer, Blodwen 18, William E. 17 a carpentry joiner, Ivor 14, Eiddon 12 and Arthur 10.

Ironmonger Evan Evans 63 lived at London House with his wife Leah 66, Mary Hughes 29, Robert 4 and Euronwy 3.

A bootmaker Owen Thomas 48 lived at no. 43 Denbigh Street, with his wife Maria 50, shoemaker son David 20 and joiner son Owen E. 18.

Washerwoman Margaret Roberts 50 lived at the back of no 43 with boarder William Jones 40, a butcher.

One house noted as uninhabited.

Watchmaker Charles R. Williams 48 of Devon resided at Liverpool House, with his wife M.A. 49 of Groespyr. Son John I. 15 born in Bingley worked as a clerk and Charles K. 14, and G.G.M. 8 were Keighley born.

David Williams 63 a retired grocer from Dyserth lived at the Corner Shop with his wife Susannah 65 of Lloc. Visiting them was a banker's wife Elizabeth A. Williams. David's widowed sister in law Elizabeth Owen 67 of Lloc who was a baker confectioner and servant Mary Thomas 24 of Llwyngwril completed the household.

Bank Manager William B Lloyd 43 of Dolwyddelen lived at Metropolitan Housewith wife Annie V. 36 of Blaenau Ffestiniog, and children William Ll.V. 8 and Edith V. 3 both born in the town. Domestic servant Mary Edwards 43 was from Trawsfynydd, and nurse Kate Jones 19 from Dolwyddelen. 

Grocer Anne Jones 76 and widowed, lived at the Old Stamp Office with daughter Sarah A. 38. Boarding with them were Effie M. Roberts 14 of Weston Rhyn, Margaret E. Jones 13 of Ysbyty Ifan, and Caroline Hughes 13 of Pentrefoelas.

Shopkeeper Henry H. Williams 40 of Glan Conwy lived at Kingston House. His wife Ellinor 45 came from Rhosybol. Their children were Annie M. 14, Alfred J. 12, William G. 8, and Christmas 2.

Confectioner and shopkeeper Hannah E. Roberts 34 lived at Grosvenor House with her cousin Elizabeth B. Roberts 23. Mary Singleton 24 of Birkenhead was employed as a confectionary assistant. Boarding there were Elizabeth Jones 18 a boot task assistant from Towyn and Mary Elizabeth Roberts 24, a school teacher from Llanidloes.

John R. Jones 59 and widowed, from Llanidloes was the Licensed Victualler at The Swan Inn. His daughter Sophia R. was 21. Catherine Hughes 23 a domestic help. Nurse Martha Williams 15 of Betws Y Coed cared for John's granddaughter Edith W. Hope 1.

Grocer, shopkeeper and bootmaker Evan Jones 52, wife Jane 54, daughter Esther 23, a shop assistant lived at Feathers Stores. Daughter M.E. 23 a school assistant, was born in Portmadoc.

Farming from Farm Cottage was William G.   and wife Elizabeth 50 from St George, Denbigh. Son Grenville 23 was a confectioner, Salisbury 22 an articled clerk, and Eyton 15, and Phyllis were scholars. Jane Roberts 32 was a domestic.

Shoemaker Edward Thomas 56 was shoemaker living in Denbigh Street, Bangor born wife Hannah 58. Son John 26 was a butcher and daughter Ellen 28.  

Manchester born tailor W.E. Hughes 32 lived next door with his wife Mary 27 and 9 month old Agnes A..

The property known as Britannia and two adjacent houses in Denbigh Street were uninhabited.

Surgeon John William Owen 42 of Pwllheli resided at Llys Meddyg with Caernarfon born wife Elizabeth, 38. Domestic Grace Jones 26 came from Dolwyddelen, and Herbert Jones 17, a coachman, from Coedpoeth.

Neighbour William R. Wilkins 60 was a chemist and druggist born in Trewydr. Ann Jane Davies 24 kept house for him.

Edward Dickens 36 was the licensed victualler at New Inn and came from Wilby, Suffolk. His wife Catherine was 36, and their children were Alice 8, born in Talycafn, Edward 6, Hugh 4 and Myra 2.

Another licensed victualler lived at TheAlbion Hotel, namely Harriett Griffiths 54, a widow. Also in residence were niece Catherine A Parry 30, barman Charles Griffiths 25, grandchildren Robert Charles Parry 6 and Harriet Jane Parry 7. Servant Mary Owens 22, came from Caernarfon.

John Griffiths 37 was the innkeeper at The Crown Inn. He also worked as a lead mine labourer, and came from Betws Y Coed. Wife Jane 36 was from Penmachno, they had two children, John A 10 and Florence 8. 

Whether or not Mr Edward Roberts, the census enumerator, allowed himself some liquid refreshment at this final establishment in Denbigh Street, remains unknown. However his work on that day has allowed us a brief walk down Denbigh Street as the Victorian era came to a close and Edwardian days commenced.

Books on the History of Llanrwst
(click here)


Heol Dinbych
Denbigh Street

(published by the Llanrwst
and District Historical Society)


Ty Crwn
by Gwyneth Doyle
William Thomas
Byw Yn Stryd Dinbych

gan John Bowen Hughes
Denbigh Street
by Christine Humphreys
Premier Town Crier
Memories of Denbigh Street
by Telfryn Pritchard
by Mrs Griffiths
Llanrwst Church Tennis Club
The Henar
by Tilly Goodwin
The Walk
by Norman Rogers-Jones
"They Will Never Come Back"
by Ken Davies
Stryd Dinbych
gan Mair Owens
First Confectionery Business
in Llanrwst

by Jennifer Morris
The Foundry
War Memorial Institute
Preserving  Victorian Buildings
in Llanrwst

Pride in War Memorial
Press article
44 Denbigh Street Llanrwst
Scilicorns Bakery (Skillicorns)
by Anthony Griffiths
Listening To Hope
Press article
Childhood memories of
Denbigh Street

by Richard Glyn Jones
Siop Beics
by Ron Jones
John Jones  (1786-1865)
Pyll Glan Conwy
Printer at No. 30 Denbigh Street

by Stan Wicklen
The Dairy
by David Williams
Teulu Berry / The Berry Family
gan/by Dwynwen Berry 
Teulu Farm Cottage

by Sian Bethan Jones & Edgar Garth Jones
The Red Lion
by Joan Woodhill (nee Spiers)
Berry Buildings
Charlton Stores

by Edward Arthur Pierce
The Albion
by Ron Clarke
Cosy Cafe
Happy Memories
by Claire Stanbridge (nee Owen Ledbury)
Denbigh Street 1936
(who lived where)

Denbigh Street "disgraceful"
The Demolition of Denbigh 

'Heol Dinbych   Llanrwst   Denbigh Street'
can be ordered direct from Pat Rowley


Picture courtesy of the Almshouse  Museum

1610 - The Jesus Hospital Charity was set up
by Sir John Wynne of Gwydir

  • Involved building a free grammar school, almshouses and a warden's house
  • Tithes of the Wynne estate in Eglwysbach to fund it
  • Almshouse accommodation for 12 men, aged over 65 from the parishes of Betws y Coed, Llanrwst and Eglwysbach
  • Each man provided with money, a blue cloak bearing a silver eagle, to remind them of Sir John's generosity
  • Warden to look after their needs and devout lifestyle             .

1670s - The Almshouse partly closed

  • Tithe money misused by the Wynne family for personal gain 
  • Free school closed
  • Some Almshouse rooms let out for rent 

1678 - Gwydir Estate taken to court

  •  Court action taken for misuse of tithe money
  • Jesus Hospital Charitycontinued to be supported by donations from the Wynne estate but not from tithe money

1800 / 1810 - Charity facing problems

  • Lack of support from Gwydir estate, headed by Lord Willoughby De Eresby of Lincolnshire
  • School closed
  • Almshouse closed

1839 - Gwydir estate taken to Court

  • Former pupil, Dr O. O. Roberts takes the Wynne estate to court for not nonouring its responsibilities to Jesus Hospital

1841 St Paul's Almshouses
(NB in 1841 census, all were born in County, Denbighshire, unless otherwise stated, Adults ages normally rounded to nearest 5 years)

Catherine Jones, 60, washer woman, John Jones, 25, saddler, Ann Jones 28, David Davies 7.

Ann Davies, 60, David Davies 40, tailor, Mary Owen, 8.

John Williams, 33,
gardener, Ann Williams, 30, Catherine Williams 7, Ellin Williams, 5, David Williams, 1

Lowry Evans 45 not born in County

Elizabeth Griffiths, 70, not born in County, Alice Griffiths 20, Elizabeth Griffiths, 12

Catherine Jones, 60, not born in County, Mary Jones 20

David Pritchard 35, quarryman, not born in County, Ann Pritchard 35, Richard Pritchard, 14, William Pritchard 12, Owen Pritchard, 9, Griffith Pritchard, 7, David Pritchard, 5, John Pritchard 2.

John Davies 35, Coachman, Margaret Davies, 25, William Davies 5, Rachel Davies, 2, Mary Davies 2,

Mary Davies, 75

c 1843 - Court case result

  • Case proven that the Eglwysbach tithes, still owned by the Gwydir estate, were to be used for the upkeep of the charity 

1851 St Paul's Almshouses were uninhabited

1851 - Jesus Hospital reorganised

  • Trustees appointed and regular records kept;
  • on health and behaviour of the almspeople
  • on tidiness of the rooms
  • on state of the building  
  • women accepted for the first time
  • 12 coalhouses added to the yard
  • ladies' privy and new furniture in each room
  • Warden replaced by one of the female almspeople, acting as Matron
  • Matron given extra allowance of £5 a year

1861 St Paul's Almshouses
(NB Houses not numbered,
Matron and Assistant are listed)

David Roberts, Almsman, widower, 72, formerly Agricultural labourer, born Llanrwst

Anne Davies, Almswoman, 82, widow, former baker, born Llanrwst

Jane Roberts, Almswoman, widow, 67, formerly nurse tender, born Eglwysfach

Robert Roberts, Almsman, widower, 73, formerly agricultural labouere, born Llanrwst

Margaret Davies, Almswoman, widow, 84, formerly farmer, born Dolwyddelen

Elizabeth Davies, Margaret's granddaughter, unmarried, 15, scholar, born Llanrwst

Anne Griffiths, Almswoman, widow, 84, formerly shoemakers wife, born Gwytherin, blind

Ellenor Williams, Assistant, widow, 62, former fisher's wife, born Llangernyw

Anne Thomas, Almswoman, widow, 76, former farmer, born Penmachno

Catherine Owens, Almswoman, widow, 63, Matron, former ostler's wife, born Llanrwst

Mary Chaloner, Almswoman, widow, 84, formerly farmer, born Llanrwst

Anne Davies, Mary's niece, unmarried 44, formerly general servant, born Llanrwst

Jane Jones, Almswoman, widow, 81, formerly farmer, born Eglwysfach

Hannah Jones, Almswoman, widow, 74, former butcher's wife, born Llanbedr.

1861, September 4 - Trustees visit Almshouse

Robert Jones and J.W. Watling visited Robert Morris's room and found
It was in a most filthy state
Unless the room was done up forthwith, he would be removed
Next morning all the rubbish and filth had been removed
Floor washed by Matron and done up cleanly

1867 St Paul's Almshouses

No 1, David Roberts, 78, of Capel Garmon
No 2, Margaret Parry, 71, of Eglwysbach
No 3, Margaret Davies, 92, of Dolwyddelen
No 4, William Roberts, 75, of Llanrwst, dead
No 5, Jane Williams (Matron) of Betws
No 6, Hannah Jones, 82, of Llanrwst
No 7, Catherine Jones, 78, of Trefaenan
No 8, Thomas Jones, 78, of Llanrwst
No 9, Elizabeth Jones, 76, of Dolwyddelen
No 10, Ann Griffiths, 91, of Llanrwst
No 11, Catherine Roberts, 78, of Llanrwst
No 12, Ann Williams, (--), of Trewydr  

1867, April 19 - Trustees visit Almshouse

Trustees J.W. Watling and Edward Jones visited the almshouse and reported;
Rooms clean and comfortable
Jane Williams, Matron, in a weak state of health
Unable to do her heavy duties
Another woman put in to help her for a few weeks

1871 St Paul's Almshouse
(NB listed as per census record)

No 1, David Roberts, widower, 82, general labourer, born Llanrwst

No 12, Anne Williams, widow, 68, slate quarry widow, born Trewydr

No 11, Catherine Roberts, unmarried,82, stocking knitter, born Llanrwst

No 2, Margaret Parry, widow, 80 labourer's widow, born Llanrhos

No 3, John Jones, widower 82, labourer, born Llanrwst

No 10, Ann Griffiths, widow, 95, letter carrier's widow, born Gwytherin, blind.Ann Jones, widow, 70, (servant to Ann Griffiths), carrier's widow, born Beddgelert

No 9, Elizabeth Jones, widow, 82, Farmer's widow, born Llanrwst

No 4, Jane Davies, unmarried, 49, (no details) born Llanrwst

No 5, Jane Williams, widow 70, lead miner's widow, born Penmachno

No 7, Catherine Jones, widow, 82 agricultural labourer's wife, born Penllech

No 6, Hannah Jones, widow, 85, butcher's widow, born Caerhun

1881 St Paul's Almshouses

No 1, Hugh Hughes, widower, 86, Alms receiver, born Llandegai

No 2, uninhabited

No 3, Margaret Roberts, widow, 88, Alms receiver, born Llanfrothan

No 4, Jane Davies, unmarried 59, Alms receiver, born Llanrwst

No 5, Jane Williams, widow, 82, Alms receiver, born Penmachno

No 6, uninhabited

No 7, Margaret Williams, widow, 72, Alms receiver, born Llanfairfechan

No 8, John Jones, unmarried, 65, shoemaker Alms receiver, born Llanrwst

No 9, Griffith Jones, unmarried, 70, Alms receiver, born Dolwyddelen

No 10, David Jones, widower, 71, Alms receiver, born Llansarmon

No 11, Ellen Davies, unmarried 72, Alms receiver, born Eglwysfach

No 12, uninhabited 

1891 St Paul's Almshouses

No 1, Catherine Jones, widow, 71, living on own means, born Llanrhychwyn

No 2, Anne Jones, single 64, living on own means, born Eglwysbach

No 3, Margaret Jones, widow, 65, living on own means, born Llangerniew

No 4, Jane Davies, single, 70, living on own means, born Llanrwst

No 5, Jane Owens, widow, 70, living on own means, born Trewydr

No 6, Elizabeth Evans, single, 76, living on own means, born Trewydr

No 7, Maria Jones, widow, 71, living on own means, born Llanrwst

No 8, Jane Jones, widow, 89, living on own means, born Betws y Coed

No 9, uninhabited

No 10, Anne Davies, widow, 65, living on own means, born Llanrwst

No 11, Ellen Jones, widow, 69, living on own means, born Eglwysfach

No 12, Elizabeth Evans, single, 82, living on own means, born Llanrwst

1901 St Paul's Almshouses
(NB - afflictions noted against some - Matron being one of them)

Jane Roberts, widow, 74, Matron in Almshouse, born Llanrhychwyn, deaf and dumb

Jane Davies, wiow 74, born Dolwyddelen, deaf and dumb

Catherine Davies, single, 77, born Eglwysfach

Jane Roberts, single, 68, born Trewydr, deaf and dumb

Maria Jones, 83, widow, born Llanrwst,

Elizabeth Davies,, single, 60, born Eglwysbach

Catherine Jones, widow, 85, born Capel Curig, deaf and dumb

Thomas Edwards, widower, 76 general labourer, no place of birth recorded

James Jones, widower 86, Shoemaker, born Llanrwst

1915 January 13 - Almshouse Rules

Inmates to be sober, obedient, with moral and becoming conduct
Inmates cannot let or part with possession of room
Room to be kept clean and tidy
Help in keeping the Yard and Sanitory Conveniences clean & tidy
Not be absent for more than 24 hours at a time without permission
Not absent later than 10 pm, nor from room overnight without permission
No loitering in town, nor frequenting alehouses
Not behave in disorderly way or be a nuisance to others
Must attend Church once each Sunday and other Divine Worship days
Failure to obey rules will result in removal from Almshouse

W G OWEN - Chairman of Governors
THOMAS GRIFFITHS - Clerk of the Governors

 1927 - Almshouses renamed

  • Name became Hospital of John of Gwydir
  • They were always known locally as the 'Bowls'                      .

1976 - Almshouses closed

  • Council decided that the almshouses were not fit for habitation
  • New council houses built in Llanrwst - no need for almshouses

1987 - Llanrwst Almshouse Museum Trust formed

2000- Llanrwst Almshouse Museum Trust

Offered the lease of the Almshouses for a peppercorn rent
Started to set up a community museum

2002- Llanrwst Almshouse Museum Opened

Photo copyright Eirian Davies, reproduced by licence

Lord Dafydd Elis Thomas officially opened the Museum

 2007 - Friends of Llanrwst Almshouse Museum formed

Llanrwst Almshouse
Charity No; 518780

Llanrwst's Hidden
Historical Gem

Llanrwst Almshouse Museum Trust
1-12 Church Street
Ancaster Square
Llanrwst, Conwy
LL26 0LE

Curator; Victoria Craig
Tel 01492 642550


Benefits of becoming a Friend;
Free entry into the Museum
Diary of events
Social gatherings
Private viewings(by appointment)
Volunteering opportunities

The Museum has a wonderful resource pack for schools


 James Jones, 1901 Almshouse Resident

James Jones was born in Llanrwst and worked as a shoemaker all his life.
In 1841, James 25 and wife Mary 25, lived at Little Street, Llanrwst, where James was a shoemaker. Mary is recorded, during the censuse as either being born in Snailbeach, or Minsterley, Shropshire.

In 1851, James 32 was a shoemaker, master, living in Narrow Street and employing two apprentices. His wife Mary is recorded as being 40 and son Owen is 9, born in Llanrwst. Owen may have been their only child, as he is the only one recorded on the censuses.

By 1861, James 46, a bootmaker, had moved to Denbigh Street, with wife Mary 48 and son Owen 19, now a printer and compositor by trade. Solomon Jones, 80 and widowed, James' father in law, lived with them. He was a retired leadminer, born in Rhandirmwyn, Carmarthenshire. Pryce Wynne 20, a bootmaker from Denbigh boarded with the family, as did John Williams, 14 an apprentice bootmaker born in Llanrwst. Elizabeth Evans, 18 also of Llanrwst was their house servant.

In 1871, James 57 and Mary 50 lived at Little Bridge Street where he is a shoemaker, master, employing two men and two boys. Jane Jones, 13, worked as a domestic servant, her place of birth is not known.

1881, saw James 66 living with his wife Mary, 68 in Penisardre, again making shoes.

The 1883 Llanrwst Trade Directory records James as a shoemaker trading at Penisar Dre.

Wife Mary had passed away by the 1891 census. James was 76 and widowed, living at Little Bridge Street, and still working as shoemaker. He spoke only Welsh.

In 1901, James was one of the residents at St Paul's Almshouses, Llanrwst, aged 86.

Ann Griffiths, 1861 & 1871 Resident

Ann Griffiths was born in Gwytherin. Ann is recorded as blind from the 1861 census, inclusive. 

In 1841, Ann 60, lived with her husband Robert Griffiths, 66, a post carrier, in Denbigh Street, Llanrwst  

1851 saw Ann 74, and widowed lived on her own at Groesffordd, Llanrwst where she was a general letter carrier.

By 1861, Ann had moved to the Almshouse, was 84, but this time recorded as a former shoemaker's wife

On the 19th April 1867, Trustee members JW Watling and Edward Jones visited the Almshouses and reported that Ann Griffiths (the blind woman) still keeps to her bed.

In 1871, Ann housed at No 10 St Paul's Alsmhouse. Ann, 95, was described as a letter carrier's widow. Ann Jones, aged 70, and also a  widow,  was a servant to Ann Griffiths. Her late husband was a carrier, and she born in Beddgelert.

Ann Davies, 1841 Resident

In 1841, some of the Almshouses were rented out to raise money. Ann Davies, 60, lived here with her husband David 60, a tailor and her daughter Mary Owens, aged 8. All were born in Llanrwst.

By 1851, Anne was 71, widowed and living with her daughter Mary Owens aged 18, a dressmaker, born Llanrwst, at Tany Graig, near Denbigh Street, Llanrwst

The 1861 census shows an Anne Davies, aged 82 from Llanrwst living at the Almshouse. She is however, described as a former baker.

Liberal Prime Minister
1868-1874, 1880-1885, 1892-1894

William Gladstone had a home in Hawarden, North Wales and kept a diary.
Here are some September 1855 entries.

Monday 10th. Started at 3.25 for Llanrwst 16 miles over the hills: a beautiful walk: took 3 hours 30 minutes reached at dusk..... Four miles with a self sufficient but straightforward and intelligent pedlar; most warlike. Read two short books of Odyssey in evening. Eagles Inn, good eating: not dear: not clean.

Tuesday 11th. Off with Willy at 9: forty miles (one astray) to Betws y Coed, Penmachno, Festiniog, Trawsfynnydd and Dolgelly. The first eight and last ten miles lovely....Read Odyssey - Inn Golden Lion; Good.

Wednesday 12th. After a good night we gave up Machynlleth, but tried Cader Idris; saw a grand precipice and beautiful views but clouds prevented our reaching the top. We went in the afternoon down to Barmouth where we found the Inn excellent. Read Odyssey. 


Matthew Arnold, a poet, critic and educationalist, wrote about a holiday in North Wales.
August 20th 1864
We started at eleven in a carriage and pair for Llanrwst. A soft grey morning with a little mist passing on and off the tops of the highest hills. The pass is most impressive.My recollection by no means did it justice. Then by Capel Curig and the Fall of Llugwy to that beautiful Bettws y Coed and Llanrwst. At Llanrwst we dined and got back here by the train a little after eight o'clock. The people travelling about in Wales, and their quality, beggar description. It is a social revolution which is taking place. And to observe it may well fill one with reflexion..... 

Montgomeryshire Express
October 29th 1878

At Carnarvon County Petty Sessions, on Saturday before Mr. Powell and other magistrates, David Thomas, alias Dafydd, Pen Bank, a tailor, was charged under a warrant with assaulting James Bennet, the son of a mining captain living at Pantycarn, Trefriw. Mr. C.A. Jones prosecuted.

The case presented some novel features, the prisoner having, at the quarter sessions held on Friday, been charged with robbing the prosecutor, who alleged that he had been robbed of his watch, chain, and a locket.

The defence then set up was an alibi, two witnesses swearing that about the time of the robbery, the prisoner was fighting opposite the Hand Inn at Llanrwst. The jury found the prisoner guilty of this assault, but without intent to commit a robbery, and after a long argument between Mr. Allanson, who appeared for the defence, and claimed his client's acquittal, and Mr. J.A. Hughes, who prosecuted, the Bench directed the prisoner's discharge, the Chairman, in relieving the jury from further attendance, remarking that their verdict was a very stupid one.

The prisoner was apprehended on leaving the dock, and detained on the charge of assault. No solicitor appeared in his behalf  on Saturday, and, in reply to the charge, he stated he knew nothing about the robbery, and was unable to call his witnesses, as they had gone home to Llanrwst.

He was sentenced to two month's hard labour.


1881 census

William JONES Married, 46, Master of Union House,  born Llangerniew, Denbigh
Margaret JONES Married, 46, Matron of Union House,  born Llangerniew, Denbigh  
Elizabeth E. JONES 7, daughter, scholar, born Llanrwst, Denbigh 
Martha WILLIAMS Unmarried, 36, domestic servant, born Llangerniew, Denbigh, Wales
Thomas VAUGHAN  Widower 71, pauper, carpenter, born Eglwysfach, Denbigh  
Thomas EVANS Widower 65, pauper, general labourer, born Wales
Owen DAVIES Orphan 11, pauper born, Festiniog, Merioneth
Price EVANS Orphan 13, pauper, born Llanrwst, Denbigh

Ellen EVANS Orphan 4, pauper, born Llanrwst, Denbigh
Hugh HUGHES Widower, 71, pauper, general labourer, born not known
Maurice HUGHES Widower, 82, pauper, general labourer, born not known

Catherine JONES Unmarried, 24, pauper, idiot, born Llanrhychwyn, Caernarvon
Evan JONES Unmarried, 3, pauper, born Llanrwst, Denbigh  
Owen WILLIAMS Unmarried, 78, pauper, general labourer, born not known
William THOMAS Widower, 86, pauper, shoemaker, imbecile, born not known
Evan WILLIAMS Unmarried, 74, pauper, general labourer, born Maenan, Caernarvon  
Owen OWENS Unmarried, 18, pauper, general labourer, idiot, born Llanrwst, Denbigh  
Thomas ROBERTS Unmarried, 78, pauper, general labourer, born Pentrevoelas, Denbigh  
John JONES Widower, 79, pauper, wool weaver (text) born Maenllwyd, Montgomery  
Griffith JONES Unmarried, 25, pauper, blind, born Llanrwst, Denbigh  
Anne GRIFFITHS Unmarried, 18, pauper, domestic servant, born Llansantffraid, Denbigh  
John EVANS Widower, 64, pauper, hawker, born Llanrwst, Denbigh  
David THOMAS Married, 40, pauper, tailor, born Llanrwst, Denbigh  
Robert ROBERTS Married, 65, pauper, shoemaker, born Penmachno, Caernarvon, 
Grace ROBERTS Married, 30, pauper, shoemaker Wife, born Llanrwst, Denbigh  
Hugh Ll. ROBERTS 8, pauper, shoemaker child, born Llanrwst, Denbigh
Thomas ROBERTS   6, pauper, shoemaker child, born Llanrwst, Denbigh
Catherine M. ROBERTS 4, pauper, shoemaker child, born Llanrwst, Denbigh 
John E. ROBERTS    2, pauper, shoemaker child, born Llanrwst, Denbigh 
John WILLIAMS Unmarried, 82, pauper, general labourer, born Dolwyddelan, Caernarvon 
Jonathan JACKSON Unmarried, 44, pauper, general labourer, born Capel Curig, Caernarvon 
Mary LLOYD Unmarried, 40, pauper, idiot, born Llanrwst, Denbigh 

Catherine ELLIS Unmarried, 18, pauper, domestic servant, born Trewydir, Caernarvon 
John DAVIES Unmarried, 33, pauper, general labourer, born Llangerniew, Denbigh
John HARRIS Uumarried, 28, vagrant, general labourer, born Tredegar, Monmouth
James MORSE Unmarried, 26, vagrant, general labourer, born Hereford, York
Henry DAVIES Unmarried, 19, vagrant, general labourer, born Walsall, Stafford
Edward OWEN Unmarried, 27, vagrant, general labourer, born Holyhead, Anglesey

John French Pierce
Llanrwst Town FC
Winners of the 1936-37
Jack Owen Cup

Received the following request from Michael Vickers of Penrith, Australia KD:

I am currently ploughing around trying to find out as much as I can about my paternal grandfather - John French Pierce,born 7 August 1915 and died November 1991.

Any information that could assist in finding more about John would be very well received.

If you can help Michael, he can be contacted via mail@penmon.org

 Alun Tudur has been in touch with Michael
John French Pierce,
and has supplied more information
courtesy of Beti Pierce

which is included here.

John's parents were Thomas Pierce and Mary nee Davies.

His father Twm Pyrs as they called him locally (Thomas Pierce) came originally from Dinbych (Denbigh) in North Wales and was a plasterer who served in the Somme as a private in the Royal Welch Fusuliers during the first World War.

John was born on the 7th August 1915.John's birth certificate has the family address as 4 Wellington Street Llanrwst. John was named after a General French who was famous at the beginning of the 20th century.

The family were Welsh speaking and lived in a house called The Plough in an area called Scotland Street in Llanrwst, since demolished.
The house was double fronted and had a piano. Wil one of his bothers played the
piano and John French enjoyed singing.

John in the 1930s

He played for Llanrwst Town for a couple of years including the Vale of Conway League Championship for 1936/37 and the Jack Owen Cup - per the medal below.

Llanrwst Town
Vale of Conwy League Champions

Click here to see League Table
Courtesy of the Welsh Football Data Archive

Jack Owen Cup Medal
1936 - 37

For a period of time he was a professional footballer playing for the Belfast Celtic team in Northern Ireland. 

Belfast Celtic
(click here for the history of the club).

Belfast Celtic -
The Grand Old Team
(click here to visit the webpage)

John joined the Royal Welch Fusiliers with his cousin Robert Davies and landed in France just after the D-Day landingsDuring the Second World War, he served in India and then in Burma where he may have contracted a tropical disease.
When he came back to Llanrwst his skin was yellow and he spent some time convalescing in The Waterloo Hotel in Betws y Coed which was converted into a hospital during the war.

John, left, with cousin RobertDavies 

Robert 's parents were Robert senior and Mary Davies. Bob Bach (little Bob), Robert Davies died in the 1970s.

John was terribly wounded around the same time - haven't found the exact date yet. John was confined to a wheel chair and spent a long time in Stoke Mandeville hospital.

He would have been around 32 when the first Stoke Mandeville Games took place so, with John being a sportsman, I am also looking at whether he was involved in these as well.

I have been trying to get the Stoke-Mandeville connection as JFP was supposedly very active sportsman (Rugby union supposedly) and was in this hospital around the time Guttman started the games.

John in a rugby shirt around 1941


If you can help Michael with his family history enquiry,
he can be contacted via

Llanrwst born, he won the Crown in the 1951 National Eisteddfod in his home town.

Click here to read exclusively 
about his life.

Y Casglwr
Cymdeithas Bob Owen

gan Ifor Jones
(cliciwch yma i ddarllen am delynorion Llanrwst)

 "Tre fach aflêr ond yn nodedig
am wneud telynau."

William Camden (1551-1623)
gan gynnwys:
Gruffydd Coetmor c1450
William Owen, Pencraig Inco
Dafydd Cadwaladr c1650
Dafydd Maenan c1568
Thomas Anwyl, Maenan
John Richards g 1711
Rowland Griffith
James Hughes, Iago Bencerdd
Evan Jones, Evan y Gorlan, Maenan

Excise Officer, Llanrwst during 1815 - 1821

Joan Paparo has been in touch. She is keen on finding information on David Lloyd's time at  Llanrwst.

Joan writes: Hi , I have been researching my Lloyd Family, David LLoyd  1775- 1863 was an Excise Officer, he was born in Gwnnws, he spent most of his service with the North Wales Collection.
He was the 2nd Ride Llanrwst from 1815 until 1821 or so. Some of his children were born there, Morgan 1816, Mary 1818 and Thomas 1820. His other children were born in  Llansanffraid, in 1826-1832 their house was Penllathen and LLan-y-Dwfa.

Joan's research has discovered the following information from the Excise Board Quarterly Minutes ;

Minutes 20/11/1812 - 12/2/1813; That John Tilley, Officer of Llanrwst 2nd Ride and David Lloyd, Officer of Festiniog, Wales North Collection have leave to exchange Stations at their mutual Request.
Richard Evans, Collector, having by letter of the 6th instant, signified he had no objections.

Minutes 17/4/1816 - 13/6/1816; (NB - initially refers to an officer by the name of Allen); .......and at another Maltser's for April 30th (1816) and May without any corresponding entries on the Specimens or in the Trader's Books; and having absented himself on May 4th, and not returned to Business since that time, as by an extract of the 7th Round Diary of Anthony Wolstenholme, Supervisor, with the Collector's Remarks thereon; and the sais Allen having been before discharged, Ordered that he be again discharged; that David Lloyd, Assistant to Macclesfield 4th Ride, Northwich Collection, succeed him at his own Request; and that William Glover be Assistant in the Room of Lloyd on the Head of.......

Joan adds;A Collection (North Wales Collection) is a County divided into Rides, possibly two. I have no confirmation if the 1st ride would be the senior. A ride would consist of an area that could be maintained by one person on horseback. Unlike the Customs, which had Customs Houses, the  Excise was conducted either at the traders premises, at Brewers, soap and candle makers,  or at local Inns. Everything I image that could be traded. An Excise Officer would measure and calculate, so reading, writing and maths were  needed. They were also called Gaugers, from the minutes, keeping the books were important.
There is little information on the Excise.

Has anyone any knowledge of where they lived in Llanrwst during 1815 - 1821? Would an Excise Officer have a house, like a Customs House?
David married a Gwen Roberts in Llanfrothen in 1812, the names are changed on the census

David Lloyd moved back to Gwnnws in 1840 where, he died in 1863.

Census information,
showing David and family living in Gwnnws

1841 - Rhydfendigaid, Gwnnws; David Lloyd, 65 Excise Officer, Winifred 69, Mary 20 a milliner, Ellinor, 12, Magdalene, 11 and Diana 9.

1851 - Glasyfelin, Gwnnws ; David Lloyd, 76, Superannuated Excise Officer, wife Gwen 68, Diana 17.

1861; 18, Bridge St, Gwnnws; David Lloyd, 86, Superannuated Excise Offiicer, wife Margaret, 69 housekeeper, born Hendre Carmarthen, Diana 26, seamstress

I have researched David's posting in the North Wales Collection at Kew, there is very little material on Excise Officers in Wales, any information will be of help.

Many thanks and kind regards, Joan

Can you help Joan with her research please?
She can be contacted via 

You may be interested in visiting a fascinating webpage on
JOHN MARKS,     1754 - 1817

(click here)


Manchester House, Denbigh Street

Received the following enquiry from Paul Griffiths.
If you can help, Paul can be contacted via mail@penmon.org
Does anybody know when Lloyd Jones & Bebb opened in Llanrwst, 
and if they have any archive?
My great uncle, Owen Griffith(s) from Scotland Street worked there
for a number of years before he was sadly injured in a bus accident
in Llanrwst, and sadly died of his injuries in 1945.
If anybody has a picture of him, or memories, that would be great.
Diolch. Thanks.
March 2015.

Landlord of THE BOAR'S HEAD

Received this delightful request from Lynne Whitworth (nee Jones)
I was fascinated to see your site which includes the history of Llanrwst, while searching and an email address I could contact!
I am trying to discover more about my great granddad Robert Jones who is proving difficult to trace! I know a bit about him...BUT I can't find him previous to 1891 and with a name like Robert Jones..that is a bit tricky!
I hope you don't mind me contacting you. Best wishes.

Lynne writes;

I know Robert Jones was a publican on the 1891 census, at the Boar's Head Inn, Little Bridge Street, Llanrwst.

1891 - Boar's Head Inn, Little Bridge Street,  Llanrwst.
Robert Jones 50, publican, recorded as born in Llanrwst was head of household. His wife Jane 33, is recorded as being born in Caernarfon. Their children were Elizabeth 6, William H. 4, and Idwal 1, all born in Llanrwst. Elizabeth Edwards 15, was a domestic servant, born Caernarfon

I've found a Robert Jones listed at the Tal y Cafn Hotel in Slater's Directory 1895 and I am pretty sure that is him and was told by a cousin that his wife Jane Roberts was a barmaid there. She was born 1858 at Rowen, Tyn y Groes. As she was 17 years his junior...he could well have fallen for the barmaid!

On the 1901 census they have moved to Eglwysbach where Robert is now a farmer.

1901 - Tan yr Ywen, Eglwysbach.
Robert Jones 60, farmer is now recorded as born in Capel Garmon. His wife Jane 43, is now recorded as being born in Ro Wen. Their children were Bessie 16, William H. 14, a worker, Idwal W. 11 and Robert Ivor 5, all born in Llanrwst.

Yr Herald Gymraeg
9fed Ebrill 1907

Weekly News
2nd August 1907


Eglwysbach Church

Copyright Dot Potter and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

I also know they lived at
Tan yr Ywen and their gravestone in Eglwysbach churchyard states that he died 5th May 1918, Jane died 18/8/1925.

Robert and Jane farmed at Tan yr Ywen just above Eglwysbach
and lived there with their children

Robert Jones
the publican/farmer

Jane Jones (nee Roberts)
Robert's wife

Idwal Wyn Jones
who later lived at Rhoslan, Eglwysbach

Robert Ifor Jones
 a piano tuner who moved to live in Coventry

Jane Jones
married Edward Anwyl Jones
and lived at Tyddyn Bach

William Henry Jones
was a piano tuner and moved to Coventry and opened a music shop.
He was my granddad, but he died just a month after I was born (knocked off his bicycle),
so I never knew him.

Lynne adds;
I am keen to discover Robert and his family's history before 1891 and after 1901. Did he ever run another pub?

If you can help Lynne, she can be contacted viamail@penmon.org

1845 - 1890
Prescott House

Wendy Bell has been in touch, and writes; Interested to read your website about Llanrwst. My family lived in Llanrwst.

John JENKINS (1845 - 1890) was living at 'Prescott house', Denbigh Street when he died in 1890. John was my great, grandfather.

His father, David Jenkins, was born about 1800 in Llanfihangel, Glyn Myfyr, Denbigh, North Wales, and was baptised on 27.04.1800 at Cerrig y Drudion, the last of 14 children.   His parents were probably Cadwaladr and Lowry Jenkins from  Gronglwyd, Cerrig y Drudion.   (Cadwaladr, father,  was buried at Cerrig y Drudion on 22.05.1812.)   David married Mary Jones (born c.1805  Llanfihangel).
They had at least  10  children, all born at Gwyddelwern
Mary born c. 1828,  David born c. 1830, Hugh born c.1836, William   born c. 1836, Cadwaladr born c. 1839, Job born c. 1840,  Ann born c. 1842, John born 1845, Robert born c. 1850 and Margaret   born c. 1851

Copyright Eirian Evans and licensed for reuse
under this 
Creative Commons Licence.

In 1841,  David, a farmer aged 35, and wife Mary, aged 30, were living at Glan Y Gors, Gwyddelwern, Corwen, with 5 of their children.
By 1851 according to the census of that year,  David aged 49, and  wife Mary aged 46, were living at Tyddyn Barwn, a farm at Llanfihangel, with some of their children.
The rest of the family were living at Glan y Gors in 1851, with elder sister Mary as head of the household.
Another possible sister, Catherine Jenkins, born  c.1828, was living nearby in Llanfihangel in 1841 as a farm servant.
By 1861, according to the census of that year,  David aged 61, Mary aged 50, Cadwaladr aged 22, joiner, John aged 15, and Robert aged 11, were living in Bala

John Jenkins was born at 11 pm on the 31st July 1845 at Glanygors, in the parish of Gwyddelwern, Corwen.  His father was listed as David Jenkins, farmer, and his mother as Mary Jenkins, formerly Jones.   John married Margaret Roberts (born Selattyn 1848) on 6th July 1869 at the Tegid Chapel in Bala.

Capel Tegid, Y Bala

CopyrightEirian Evansand licensed forreuse
under this
Creative Commons Licence.

According to the marriage certificate, John was a bachelor of 22, occupation "currier" living at  High Street, Bala.  Witnesses at the wedding were K? Lloyd and Robert Jenkins.

By 1881, the family were living at 27 Prince Street, Oswestry , with their 3 older children. John was aged 35, and Margaret, aged 32. John and Margaret had 4 children. Catherine born 1870 in Llanfor, Bala, John Robert born 1871 in Llanfor, Bala, David born 1879  in Oswestry, who married Sarah Middens in 1911 Llanrwst, and Hugh, born 1888 in Montgomery Newtown.

John died on 30th October 1890 at Prescott house, Denbigh Street, Llanrwst.  His will was as follows :
John Jenkins of Prescott House, Llanrwst, feller, died 30th October 1890 - £65 to widow Margaret Jenkins.

According to the 1891 census, Margaret Jenkins was a widow aged 41, a draper, living with her 4 children at Prescott House, Llanrwst. 

By 1901 the family address was 19 George Street.

Prescott House was once a furniture shop owned by a Mr David Davies, but at some stage,  it became Jenkins Dishes Shop.  It was  advertised in the North Wales Weekly News as "Jenkins - Purveyors of tableware, crockery and assorted dishware".  The shop sold every type of dish imaginable, "Welsh ware up to top quality crockery".  A bill of sale shows that it was still running in c.1910.

My grandfather, John Robert Jenkins was born at Trywern Terrace, Llanfor, Bala on 8th November 1871. He had not been born on census day that year, when the family consisting of John Jenkins, 26, wife Margaret 22 and daughter Catherine 1, lived at Tryweryn Terrace, Llanfor, Bala.

Tryweryn Terrace

By 1881, at 9 years of age, he was living at 27 Prince Street, Oswestry, with his parents John Jenkins 35, whose wife is recorded as Mary, 32, born in Selattyn, sister Catherine 11, born in Bala, and David 2, born Oswestry. A John Rees, 19 was visiting them on census day, and worked as a skinner. 

By 1891,  aged 19,  he lived at Prescott House, Llanrwst. Margaret was now a widow, 41 working as a draper, Catherine was 21, David 12, and Hugh 3 was born when the family lived in Newtown. E.H. Jones, 20, a tailor from Bala, was a boarder at their home. 

In 1901, he was living at 19 George Street, Llanrwst with his widowed mother, Margaret, 52 and two brothers, David 22, a fellmonger, born in Bala and Hughie, 13, born in Newtown, Montgomeryshire. John was aged 28, occupation "leather dresser".  There was a tannery in Llanrwst.

In 1911, Margaret 62 and her son Hugh 23, who was a law clerk, were still living at 19 George Street.

John married Bessie Greenwood, a dressmaker, at Upper Portland Street Congregational Church, Southport, on 1st October, 1906.  He was a bachelor of 34.  Bessie was a spinster of 33, living at 87 Railway Street, Southport.  Her father was Ephraim Greenwood, deceased, mineral water manufacturer.  Witnesses at the wedding were David Jenkins and S. Greenwood.

John Robert and Bessie had 3 children: Sarah Margaret (Meta) born 1908  Llanrwst, who  married John Williams in 1951, John Ephraim (Jack) born 1911 at 'Bodryda', Denbigh Street,  Llanrwst, who married Thelma Jones in 1940, Robert Hugh, born 1913 in Llanrwst, who married Margaret Hale 1946 
John Ephraim Jenkins is my father.

The census for 1911 for Bodryda shows John Robert Jenkins, aged 39, a leather dresser, with his wife Bessie 37, born Bacup, and daughter Sarah Margaret 3, born in Llanrwst.

John's brother David, aged 32, was a fellmonger in 1911, living at 83, Denbigh Street, with his wife Sarah, aged 38, who was assisting in her husband's business.

John Robert Jenkins died aged 55 on 21st June 1927 at Bodryda, Denbigh Street, Llanrwst.  The informant was H. Jenkins, brother, from Rhosneigr.  Bessie died in June 1928, also in Llanrwst.  Their 2 sons, Jack and Rob, were possibly fostered  for some time, but by 1929 were living with sister Meta in Market Drayton, Salop.

Wendy concludes;
Thanks so much Ken - it's lovely to see the  photos and census information you have added to my brief resume.    
What a wonderful website you have!     there is so much to see..........
I know very little about my paternal grandparents as they both died when my father John (Jack) Ephraim  Jenkins was only about 16 years old.     
I would love to know more about my great uncles and aunt and what happened to any children they might have had.........Any  little interesting snippets that turn up are a bonus!
If you can help Wendy with her family enquiry, she can be contacted viamail@penmon.org

The Jenkins Family Tree
click here for further family information


Jane Griffiths
born 1799

Received the following enquiry;
I'm seeking information on Jane Griffiths, born in Llanrwst in 1799.  She married John Williams a tailor then a miller at Melin y Coed, of Llanfairfechan in Henllan in 1820 but I would love to find out who her parents were. Here's hoping! Sue
Sue can be contacted via mail@penmon.org if you can help.

William Griffiths
(Wil Comic)
1874 - 1940

Paul Griffiths has been in touch: KD November 2014
Hi, I am related to Will Comic, also known as William Griffiths born in Llanrwst in 1874 (Scotland Street) and died in Dolgarrog on 30 January 1940.

I have just seen on another website that he was one of the last people to live in the Almshouses at Llanrwst.
How would I go about finding out more about him, during his time there? Than
k you.

This is a picture of Wil, possibly imitating Winston Chur


William Griffiths
(Wil Comic)
My grandfather, who was an ostler in Llanrwst - John Griffiths (pictured) died at the Victoria Tap Room in Bridge Street in January 1898. 

John Griffiths
Meibion Griffiths Railway Terrace, gynt o Scotland Street :
Griffiths sons, Railway Terrace, formerly of Scotland Stree

(Or chwith neu'r lleiaf gynta,
from the left) 
Arthur Henry (Harry) Griffiths
William (Bill) Alfred Griffiths
Thomas (Tom) David Griffiths
Robert (Bob) John Griffiths
Peter Owen Griffiths (1918-1958).

Dyma chi, ychydig o luniau'r teulu o Lanrwst. Fyddai unrhyw atgofion amdanynt yn hynod o werthfawr imi, gan fy mod yn ceisio cofnodi eu hanes ar bapur ar hyn o bryd.
Here are some family photos from Llanrwst. Any memories about them would be valuable to me, as I'm trying to record their history on paper at the moment.

You can contact  Paul here:   mail@penmon.org
Cysylltwch a Paul yma:     mail@penmon.org


Delighted to receive the following message and photgraphs from John Wyn Thomas. KD.

Now and then I have a nostalgic visit to your web site. Thank you for running it. I have some pictures which may be of use to you.
John Wyn Thomas

Eirlys Wyn Griffith

Eirlys Griffith, Bronnydd.

Left to right: William Gabriel Griffith, Bronnydd - (Eisteddfodwr mawr!) Elizabeth Griffith, Bronnydd, David Lloyd, Date Circa Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Llanrwst

Front Row:
Left to right: Known as Auntie Bloss, Elizabeth Griffith Bronnydd,  John Wyn Thomas, Auntie Nellie (Kings Head and Graigwen above Bronnydd)

Back Row; Auntie Nan Wesley Chapel house , Auntie Hannah


This is a picture of Bradleys Llanrwst - probably around the1930's. Pictured here is my father, John Thomas who was the manager there. and originally from Dwyran, Anglesey.

My grandfather, William Gabriel Griffith, retired from farming (Bronnydd) and moved to Dolavon,
Station Road, Llanrwst.

He kept his old sheepdog with him,
and this is a very, very early "Lassie" advert.

Llanrwst Grammar School Athletics Team c 1961
Some names: back row:
???, John Bourne (?) Alan Jones, Godfrey Griffith, John Jones (?), Richard Glyn Jones, ???, David Powell, Kelvin Roberts, Phililp Scott, ???, ???
front row:
Far right, Gwynfor Cawley, 4th from right David Eryl Jones

Llanrwst Grammar School c 1961

Llanrwst Hockey Team c 1961
Back row: 4th from left: Christine Scott
Front row:
2nd from left surname Nurse ?, far right, Elspeth Eryl Jones


Primary School Llanrwst circa 1952. Numbering left to right. Back Row: 1 Hywel Jones, 6 Alan, 11 John Griffith.

Next Row: Gwynfor, Derwyn (Farm near Pentre Tafarn y Fedw), John, Janet Edwards Station House, Anne, ??? Eagles Hotel, ?????, Kelvin Roberts? - runs paint shop in Llanrwst now, Barry Cawley, Gareth Hughes (Deceased)

Row all girls: 3 Ruth Bonner, 7 Rhianwen, 8 Marian, 10 Anwen

Naughty boys on front: 1 George, 2 Ronnie "Bach", 3 Wyn Thomas (Bronnydd), 4 Leonard

Apologies to anyone if I got it wrong!

My thanks to John for sharing these wonderful photos.
If you can help by filling in any of the names, please contact mail@penmon.org 
KD July 2015 



My father, christened Robert Edward Fullerton Batten, was born in 1911 in Llanrwst to Robert Edwin Batten, (born 1874 in Llanrwst) and Margaret Ann (born 1881 in Everton, Lancashire). Siblings at the time were Roberta May (born 1908), and Edwina Florence (born 1910), both also born in Llanrwst.

Also present in the 1911 Census was a daughter, Elizabet Anne, born 1902, from my grandfather's first marriage to Sophia Roberts Jones.

My father never talked about his family in Wales  nor his life during the war. We only knew that he left the family home, by then in Colwyn Bay, when he was about 16 years old. But not the reason why, nor the reasons why he turned his back on the family until around 1950 when I think he tried  a reconciliation with his mother.

In working on our family tree, I've not found out much about my father, except the basics, but the story of my grandfather is quite different and highly interesting. I'm hoping that through your website I can find out even more details about the Batten family between 2001 and 2011 and the Swan Inn.

Here's why. The first knowledge about my grandfather, Robert Edwin Batten, was that at 22 years of age he was a groom and coachman at the Victoria Hotel in Llanrwst.

The Victoria Hotel, Llanrwst

Supposedly, he could drive a coach and four at top speed across Y Bont Fawr in one go.

Y Bont Fawr, Llanrwst

The 1901 census records taken in April  showed that he was still living at the hotel. By July though he had married Sophia Robert Jones, the 23-year old daughter of John Rogers Jones, inn-keeper of the Swan Inn in Denbigh Street.

The census records reveal that John Jones was then 59 years old, born 1852 in Llanfaelog, Anglesey.

Also living in the Swan Inn were his daughter, Sophia, a granddaughter - Edith Wynne Hope - aged 1, a domestic help, Catherine Hughes, 23, and a nanny to Edith, Martha Williams, 15.

Census records from 1881 show John Jones was previously the inn-keeper of the Kings Head Inn on the Market Square, but by 1891 the census records show he was a labourer living in Station Terrace. It would be interesting to know how he became an inn-keeper again.

The King's Head

John Rogers Jones was obviously a man of mixed fortunes, something which soon began to befall his new son-in-law.

The first event was that John R. Jones died of alcoholism in September of that year. 
I believe the victualler's licence for the Swan Inn then passed to Robert Edwin, although I can't be sure of this, it could also have been passed to Sophia.

I do know that there was an inheritance of £ 401, which presumably went to the newly-wed couple. Sophia gave birth to a baby daughter in June of 1902, christened Elizabeth Anne.

But then came the next tragic events, the baby girl, Edith W. Hope died in 1902,  aged 2, and Sophia died in the following year, 1903, aged 24; cause of death like that of her father was also chronic alcoholism.
Welsh Coast Pioneer & Review
10th April 1903

Carnarvon & Denbigh Herald
17th April 1903

In the next few years Robert Edwin had to contend with several court cases, including a paternity case, two cases of assault, and one of selling alcohol to a drunk person. It should be added though, that the paternity case and one assault case were dismissed.

For the other assault case,  he was fined sixpence as it was classed as 'trivial'.

He was fined 10 shillings for selling alcohol  to a Grace Lloyd, who lived in Narrow Street, even though the case seemed to have been rather flimsy if one reads the details in the lengthy press report, and the alcohol was sold by Miss Annie Jones, the bar-maid, and not by him personally.

On February 6, 1907, Robert Edwin married Margaret Ann from Liverpool. For a while things seemed to settle down a bit for him. They had two children, Roberta May, born March 1908, Edwina Florence, born January 1910, and Margaret was obviously carrying my father, as he was born in November 1911, and was not mentioned in the 1911 Census. But plainly something was badly wrong.

The 1911 Census taken in April revealed that the family was still resident at the Swan Inn, but my father's birth certificate showed that they had moved to 23 Wellington Place.

The Swan Inn, Denbigh Street
Photo courtesy of Rosslyn Morgan

My 'newly-found' North Wales cousins confirm to have heard from their parents on their respective Batten side that the family moved to Liverpool for several years, where one of Margaret's parents, Mary Ann, still lived (her father, Robert Fullerton, had passed away in March 1891). Mary Ann was only 48 years old in 1911.

The family tree shows that another son was born to Robert Edwin and Margaret Ann three years later in West Derby, Liverpool, and two more children in the environs of Colwyn Bay in 1917 and 1920. 
My cousins had variously been told that this family move to Liverpool was necessary because of financial pressures. 
I have now found out that this is indeed true.

Robert Edwin filed an order for insolvency on April 20, 1911, thus effectively ending their residence in Llanrwst, but nostalgically they did return to North Wales a few years later, living in the Colwyn Bay area.

My grandfather's story of ill-fate doesn't end there, however. His oldest daughter, Roberta May died sadly in childbirth, aged 22, in Chelsea London. Then he and Margaret Ann separated in 1926.
He spent the remaining years of his life living with his daughter Elizabeth Ann from his first marriage with Sophia.

I have been told, too that there may have been a bad fire at the Swan Inn, but I can't find anything to confirm this
The inn is now Bob Parry Estate Agents and I understand has been quite extensively made over since the time cattle were sold outside its doors.

There is also mention in the London Gazette of a court case Batten v Parfitt in March 1911.

Either of these could have bearing on the reason for my grandfather being bankrupt. Does anybody know anything about these?

I would be extremely grateful if anybody could provide information of any kind on this part of our family history, the above, my grandfather, Robert Edwin Batten, and grandmother, Margaret Ann Batten, to which family poor Edith Wynne Hope belonged, the Swan Inn, also old photos of the Swan Inn and the Victoria Hotel (I know of the Francis Frith ones).
In fact, anything that will help me complete the knowledge of this part of our family history. Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,

Robert Charles Fullerton-Batten
Thank you for your enquiry Robert - if you can help, Robert can be contacted via       mail@penmon.org   KD

Water bailiff's daughter

Frances Clipsom (nee McCavish)

I was born in 1944 at 22 Wellington Place off Watling Street. I went to school in Watling Street and my infant teacher was Miss Morgan, who had also taught my mother, Teresa Florence Jones (Jones Hen Clock). 

My father was Francis Glyn McCavish from Pont-y-Pant, Dolwyddelan. My eldest sister, Patricia, myself, and my brother David were born at number 22, but sadly David died at Wellington Place. My dad carried his coffin all the way to the cemetery and he is buried with my other family members in the churchyard on the way to Cae Person. Sadly the church is no more. 

I have fond memories of marching down Watling Street as a majorette, shaking my pompoms as part of the May Day celebrations; Mrs Ashley's sweetshop and the smell of pear drops; Lloyd Jones and Bebb with the smell of paraffin, wire netting and nails; the corn merchants where I used to collect hen food; and, just behind Watling Street, the toy factory with the smell of wood and glue. I used to pass it daily as my grandmother Mrs Veronica Reilly lived in Owens Terrace. 

We moved to Tan-Lan about 1950 and used to walk to school in Watling Street. I passed my 11-plus and went to Llanrwst Grammar School. I competed many times in the eisteddfods and also belonged to the Urdd. My parents went on to have two more children, Virginia and Florence Mary.

My father was the water bailiff for the rivers Conwy, Lledr and Llugwy, his boss was Miss Smith of the Gwydyr Hotel, Betws-y-Coed. We left Wales for England 50 years ago and it was such a culture shock. I was so homesick for Llanrwst. My mum and dad tried returning for a holiday every year. My dad always regretted moving away and died very suddenly in 1962 - we always thought from a broken heart. My mother had him buried in Dolwyddelan with his family.  

My sister Patricia settled in Southern Island, Virginia in Sussex and Florence Mary in Nelson, New Zealand. My uncle John Reilly, who also lived in Owens Terrace, settled in Tasmania and my cousins the Thomas's settled in Australia. I now live in Cromer, Norfolk, and visit Llanrwst whenever possible. I love to get fish and chips down Denbigh Street and eat them at the Gorsedd down by the river. I still have cousins in Llanrwst, Trefriw and Dolwyddelan and a wonderful auntie, Florrie McCavish (nee Easton), that we love to spend time with. She also enjoys fish and chips from Llanrwst. 

It's very sad to see the old town hall gone from the square. I used to love market days and the stall that sold No 8 Welsh rock. There is now a swimming pool where I was born and our little white house called Tan-y-graig in Tan-Lan looks so sad. It always seems to be on the market, but the price is sky high. I always dreamed I would come back there, but sadly I couldn't afford to. I think that, like my dad, I left my heart in this wonderful place. I have to be content with a painting of the Victoria Hotel, painted from the top of the Llanrwst bridge. 

It's wonderful reading all the stories about Llanrwst and, strangely enough, I met a lady here in Cromer who said she was related to Mr Parry and that Parry Road was named after him. So I will be passing on the information about the website to her. So watch this space. 

By Frances Clipsom.

Owen Ellis Williams
Pentraeth, Ynys Mon
Llanddoged, Llanrwst


Received this request for assistance to trace her family from Dawn Williams. KD;
Hello! I've been looking through your wonderful website and was wondering if anybody would know of an Owen Ellis Williams who farmed in Llanddoged. He was
I think married to Ellen, my Nain. Any help would be so very gratefully received,
thank you/diolch!

Dawn continues;
The information I have is a bit vague I'm afraid.
Owen Ellis Williams was born around 1905 and died around the year 1985.
My Mam, Gwenfron Ellis, was his daughter. She sadly passed away on the 13th of November this year, 2012

My Nain's name on her birth certificate is Ellen Thomas born 4th June 1913 district Bangor/sub district LlanfairPG on Anglesey.

Owen Ellis Williams is on my Mam's marriage certificate under her father's name/occupation-farmer.
Sadly, I have no idea if or where any surviving relatives may be.

There is a bit of a family mystery surrounding my Mum's birth father.
Gwenfron Ellis was adopted when younger by a family on a farm in Pentraeth, Anglesey. I remember going there when I was small. There was a long hill, then the farm at the top right and there was a funny little shop at the bottom of the hill.

I also remember an Aunty Freda, Aunty Carol, Aunty Mona and Uncle Isaac.
Unfortunately my sister and I were also taken into care from around the age of three, so we have lived here, there and everywhere in North Wales in children's homes and with foster parents. I also remember going to my Nain Ellen's Llanrwst/Llanddoget's farm when I was young.

I suppose now that I have sadly lost my Mam, I'd like to know more about where I have come from.

  Any help would be most gratefully received.

                           = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
We'll start with the 1911 census which shows a 5 year old  Owen Ellis Williams living with his siblings, parents and widowed grandmother, Miriam in Pentraeth.

1911 census, School House, Pentraeth.
Miriam Jones, widow, head of household, aged 76, born Pentraeth.
Maggie Jones, 34, daughter, single, occupation, Laundry, born Pentraeth, 
Elizabeth E Jones, daughter (of Maggie?) 7, born Pentraeth.
Isaac Williams, 33, married, 31, farm and mill carrier, born Llanfair PG (no relation to Miriam given -unusual in a census document)
Mrs Isaac Williams (unusual census entry as her christian name should be given here) 31, born Pentraeth (she may have been Miriam's daughter), 
Owen Ellis Williams, 5 born Pentraeth (Dawn's grandfather), 
Isaac Roberts Williams, 1 born Pentraeth

1901 census, Bodlondeb House, Pentraeth.
Ellis Jones, 61, stableman (groom), born Llanbedrgoch,
Miriam Jones, 65, wife, born Pentraeth.
Maggie Jones, 25, daughter, single, born Pentraeth, 
Lizzie Jones, 22, daughter, born Pentraeth
James L. Jones, 9 grandson, born Pentaeth

1891 census, Old National School, Pentraeth.
Ellis Jones, 51, stableman (groom), born Llanbedrgoch,
Miriam Jones, 55, wife, born Pentraeth.
Ann Jones, 23, daughter, born Pentraeth
Maggie Jones, 15, daughter, single, born Pentraeth, 
Lizzie Jones, 12, daughter, born Pentraeth

1881 census, Bodlondeb School House, Pentraeth.
Ellis Jones, 41, stableman (groom), born Llanllechid,
Miriam Jones, 47, wife, born Pentraeth.
Ann Jones, 13, daughter, born Pentraeth
William Jones, 11, son, born Pentaeth
Martha Jones, 10, daughter, born Pentraeth
Ellen Jones, 8, daughter, born Pentaeth
Margaret Jones, 6, daughter, single, born Pentraeth, 
Lizzie Jones, 2, daughter, born Pentraeth

1871 census, Tan y Graig Lodge, Pentraeth.
Ellis Jones, 40, general servant, born Llanbedrgoch
Miriam Jones, 35, wife, born Pentraeth.
Hugh Jones, 8, son, born Llandegai
Ann Jones, 3, daughter, born Pentraeth
William Jones, 1, son, born Pentaeth

1861 census, Caban Gwyn, Pentraeth.
Hugh Jones, 64, widower, agricultural labourer, born Anglesey
Samuel Williams, 27, grandson, ag. labourer, born Anglesey
Miriam Jones, 24, daughter, born Anglesy
Hannah Jones, 8, granddaughter
, born Anglesey

Dawn concludes;

I'm still digging around for information. I just would like to know wheere I came from. 

It would seem that my Mam had connections with Tan-Y-Graig farm in Pentraeth, the family who adopted her. The 1861 census entry above, shows the family living at Tan y Graig Lodge - the next property to it, is Tan y Graig itself.

I think there is some mystery surrounding that concerning situations within the family at the time but I'm not 100% percent sure.

If you can assist Dawn with her search for her blood family, she can be contacted via     mail@penmon.org

The old School photograph

This if Form V of Llanrwst County School in 1933.
Can anyone name the pupils please?

School Photo
1938 / 39

Received this delightful photo and enquiry from Brian Pritchard. KD

Hello Ken,
My father Derek Pritchard is in the attached picture, he is fourth from the left, back row.
The picture was taken around 1938/9 at either Llanddoged or Llanrwst School.

If possible, could you post it on your web-site, and ask if someone can name the school, and any of the pupils.
Thank you.

If you can help by identifying
school and pupils in this photo,

Brian can be contacted via mail@penmon.org

Received the following enquiry from Janet Hunt

The school photo you have was around the time my father lived in Llanrwst.
My Dad  Henry (Harry) Sharp, was evacuated from Liverpool to Llanrwst in the 1940s.
He lived with Mrs Hughes of Melita, Llanddoget Road for about 10 years, and he called her 'Aunty'. His sister was evacuated too and she was placed next door to Dad.
After the war Dad's sister returned home but my Dad stayed until he was 18. He loved Mrs Hughes so much that he didn't want to leave her.

He remembers two sisters Carole Lewis and Marilyn Lewis and David Jones who lived in a farm called Tyddyn. 
He has fond memories of Llanrwst, and of course Mrs Hughes, who I believe has passed away by now.

Dad is 80 this year and I was wondering if you or anyone else had any information about him, his friends or anything really. I hope you can help me,
Janet Hunt

If you can help Janet, she can be contacted via  mail@penmon.org

Llanrwst Grammar School
1941- Form IIIb

My aunt, Myfanwy James nee Roberts
is 4th from the right, in the second row down

and Tandderwen
I wonder if you would be able to given me any information
regarding the 
lace of Maenan?  Was there once a house or farm
called Tandderwen? asks Donna Armstead. 

 If you can help Donna, she can be contacted via

Llanrwst Sporting Scene

Llanrwst Grammar School Hockey team1953

Llanrwst Cricket team

 Photos kindly suppled by John Wyn Thomas

Llanrwst Grammar School Athletics Team c 1961
Some names: back row:
???, John Bourne (?) Alan Jones, Godfrey Griffith, John Jones (?), Richard Glyn Jones, ???, David Powell, Kelvin Roberts, Phililp Scott, ???, ???
front row:
Far right, Gwynfor Cawley, 4th from right David Eryl Jones

Llanrwst Grammar School c 1961

Llanrwst Hockey Team c 1961
Back row: 4th from left: Christine Scott
Front row:
2nd from left surname Nurse ?, far right, Elspeth Eryl Jones


Primary School Llanrwst circa 1952. Numbering left to right. Back Row: 1 Hywel Jones, 6 Alan, 11 John Griffith.

Next Row: Gwynfor, Derwyn (Farm near Pentre Tafarn y Fedw), John, Janet Edwards Station House, Anne, ??? Eagles Hotel, ?????, Kelvin Roberts? - runs paint shop in Llanrwst now, Barry Cawley, Gareth Hughes (Deceased)

Row all girls: 3 Ruth Bonner, 7 Rhianwen, 8 Marian, 10 Anwen

Naughty boys on front: 1 George, 2 Ronnie "Bach", 3 Wyn Thomas (Bronnydd), 4 Leonard

Apologies to anyone if I got it wrong!

My thanks to John for sharing these wonderful photos.
If you can help by filling in any of the names, please contact mail@penmon.org 
KD July 2015 

If you have any information to share or would like to contact me,
please e-mail me at