Owen Williams, my great great grandfather moved from Tan Y Graig to Gorsedd Grucyn. Here is the story of this line of our family.

Some of the information below is by Rowena Evans and some by Rhiannon Roberts.                                                                           



Records of the Census Enumerators 1841 - 1901 for Gorsedd 

1841 saw agricultural labourer Owen Jones, 42 married to Elizabeth 41 living at Gorsedd. They had three daughters Gwen 10, Hanah 7, and Elinor 4. Jane Davies was their 55 year old servant.

David Davies 39 of Llanwrog and his wife Catherine 32 of Llanfair, were there for next two censuses in 1851 and 1861. There were no children present in either periods, but nephew Price Williams 4 of Llanbibley was there (named Pierce in 1861) as a cowman aged 14 in the latter. Robert Jones 27 of Llanrwst was a farm labourer, and Jane Williams 15 a house servant of Llanrug in 1851, but they had moved on ten years later as Jane Thomas 19 of Llanrwst was there as the dairymaid.

1871 recorded Owen Williams family at Gorsedd.

Owen Williams 31, born Trewydr formerly lived at Tan Y Graig in 1841 with wife Gwen 29 and daughters Margaret 7 and Catherine 1. Wife and all children are recorded as born in Llanrwst in all censuses.

By 1851 Owen 41, farming 67 acres of land and Gwen 39, who was named Winifred on the census, kept home for Margaret, 17, Ann 8, William 7, Jane 4 and Thomas 1. Catherine 11 was not at Tan y Graig then.

In 1861 Owen and Gwen's family at Tan y Graig consisted of Catherine 21, a house servant at home, Ann 18, a dressmaker, Jane 13, Thomas 11 and Hannah aged 4.

Before 1866, Owen and his family moved to Gorsedd, where he farmed 67 acres. The census for 1871 shows him aged 61 with wife again called Winifred 59, with his family of Thomas Williams 21 (also known as Grucyn the bard), Robert 19, Jane 23 married with a daughter Winifred 1, daughter Anne Owen 28, also married with a daughter Winfred 2 who was born in Ffestiniog, and a granddaughter Hannah Williams 14. Hannah died aged 23 and was buried on the 15th December 1879. Owen also had an infant son (name not known), who died aged 14 months and was buried on June 20th 1872.
Daughter Jane would eventually move to Bryniog, Grove Park, Colwyn Bay, where she died on January 14th 1916 as Mrs Jane Edwards aged 68. A poetical tribute was written in her memory by brother Thomas Williams 'Grucyn', and appears in the 'Penillion Thomas Williams' Link on this website, recalling their Tan Y Graig days.

1881 showed Owen aged 75 at Gorsedd with wife Winifred 69, sons Thomas 31 and Robert 29 both recorded as farmers. Granddaughter Winifred Jones 12 remained there (mother Jane not in residence) and grandson Thomas John Williams 1. Anne Jones 20 of Dolwyddelan, worked as a dairymaid. Daughter Anne who was at Gorsedd in 1871 is, 10 years later, recorded as living with her husband William Owen 38, born Trewydr, at Tanrallt, Llanrwst with children Winifred 12 and Thomas J. 3, both born in Ffestiniog and Hannah 7 months, born Trewydr. William's occupation is described as an engine driver, stationary at Rhos Quarry, Capel Curig.

Owen Williams died aged 80 and was buried on the 8th December 1889 at Capel Seion, Llanrwst.

In 1891 Thomas Williams 41, was head of Gorsedd, following the death of his father, with his mother, now called Gwen, aged 80. Working there was a 21 year old dairymaid from Dolwyddelan, Jane Jones - she would marry Thomas. Farm servant David Jones 17 of Dolwyddelan and John Jones 16, a labourer, also worked there. Nephew Thomas John Williams 11 was still in residence, but died aged 16 and was buried on September 29th 1896.

1901 and Thomas Williams, 51 had living with him, his wife Jane 31, 20 years his junior. Their family at the time consisted of Owen 8, Humphrey 7, Robert John 6, Winifred 4, Hannah 2 and 8 month old Jane. She died and was buried on November 3 1922 aged 23. Thomas and Jane also had an infant son Thomas 3, who died and was buried on August 8th 1896.

Thomas' mother Gwen, at a ripe old age of 91, was also there. She died aged 94 and was buried on the 24th February 1904. All spoke Welsh.

1911, Thomas was 61, Jane 41,  their family was Robert John Williams 16, Winiffred Myfanwy Williams 14, both helping on the farm, Jane Williams 11, Gwilym Thomas 6, twins Joseph and Mair 5, Ifor Cynwyd Williams 4, Ieuan Emrys Williams 1, Ynyr Philips , 6 weeks old.
The census states that Thomas and Jane had been married 19 years, they'd had 16 children, with 13 still alive, 3 deceased.


After 1901 - what happened to the family?

Owen a farmer, later lived at Ty Hwnt i'r Afon, Gwytherin - he never married.

Humphrey, or Wmffra married Ellen and lived at Railway Terrace, Llanrwst.

Bob continued to farm Gorsedd and died in 1975 - he remained a bachelor.

Winifred married Idwal Glyn Davies, and lived in Llanrwst, Hannah married Peter Williams, and lived at Ty'n y Bryn, Nant y Rhiw and later Hafoty Gwyn, Pentrefoelas, and Jane remained unmarried and had a daughter Annie Gwenfron around 1919.

Twins Mair and Joseph were yet to be born.

Thomas and Jane also had another two sets of twins who were still born.

Thomas Williams died on the 21st November 1923 aged 74.
Sadly, he lies in an unmarked plot at Capel Seion, Llanrwst. He is buried with his parents Owen and Gwen, an unnamed brother, children Hannah, Thomas, Jane, and nephew Thomas John.

Wife Jane who died on the 14th April 1953, aged 83, is buried at Cae Melwr Cemetery, there being no room for her to rest with her husband at Capel Seion.

Jane's original headstone bore the name of Thomas Williams, but his name was removed when the latest stone was placed there, as Thomas was not buried there.

Buried with her are sons Robert John Williams who died May 11th 1975 aged 80, Joseph Williams who passed away December 21 1991 aged 80 and Annie Gwenfron Davies, died October 15, 1987 aged 68.

Jane Jones was allegedly born on a mountain path near Dolwyddelen around 1870. Her birth was never registered. Her age was accepted as 60 by Somerset House because they accepted that she was the same age as Mrs Evans, Fronwen.

Jane is thought to have been the daughter of David Jones, a blacksmith in Dolwyddelen, but I have been unable to confirm this. She lived at one time in Tan Yr Eglwys, Dolwyddelen.

(by Rowena Evans)   

Some years ago the local community paper "Yr Odyn" carried an article in Welsh about Thomas Williams, written by Dafydd Evans who at one time lived at Plas Matw and was at school at the same time as Thomas Williams' children.
Although Thomas Williams had limited formal education, he read and wrote Welsh well, and read every Welsh periodical he could, such as "Y Faner", "The Banner". To read the big papers of the day opened wide he had to hold them at arms' length, and in the evening hold a candle with one hand at the same time. 

Left: Thomas Williams, Gorsedd Grucyn, in Llanrwst.

His memory was exceptional and he contributed regularly to the Welsh journals himself as a poet, composing memorial verses about people he knew. His Bible was ever close to hand, and he remembered what he read. After hearing a sermon, he would be able to repeat it to someone else during the week. His daughter Winnie was the mother of poet T. Glynne Davies, who won the Crown in the 1951 National Eisteddfod in Llanrwst.

Above: Jane Williams and Ynyr 

Doing the shopping in Llanrwst meant not only riding his pony to town, but actually riding it into E.B. Jones' shop to pick up his supplies. He would ride home with a sack slung across the pony's back in front of him, bread at one end and groceries at the other end.

Farming was his life. He tilled the land to grow oats, barley, potatoes, and swedes for the family and animals. The roads then were such that a threshing machine could not be taken to Gorsedd, so Thomas Williams threshed it himself, and was an expert at the task. His oats were clean enough to take to the Gwytherin mill, where it was turned into oatmeal. This was a staple food in the region in those days, and was used to make "brwas", shot, porridge and flummery (sour oatmeal boiled and jellied). A pig supplied the family with bacon.

Above: Gorsedd Grucyn 

At one time local families were discussing the possibility of building a school in Nant y Rhiw (left) and the likelihood of there not being enough pupils. "You build the school," Thomas Williams declared, "and I will see you have pupils." He kept his promise and twins Joseph and Mair , Ynyr, Emrys and Bob Williams attended the Nant y Rhiw School along with the children of Nant y Rhiw.

The Williams boys used to call William Evans of Fronwen "dewyrth", uncle, though the exact relationship is not clear at present. They used to walk to Nant-y-Rhiw chapel all the way from Gorsedd Grucyn via Fronwen.

Oats were also used to make oatcakes, as seen here in this photograph of Sarah Olwen Jackson, Anti Sali in Gorsedd Grucyn.

After cooking, the oatcakes were dried out near the fire.

Bont y Clwt, Melin Y Coed, where Sarah Olwen (Anti Sali) later lived with her husband Hywel Jackson. 

Diolch o galon i Gareth Glyn am y darnau nesaf, KD:
Tystiolaeth Thomas Williams gerbron y Comisiwn Tir yn 1893.
Mae'n rhoi argraff gref iawn o amodau byw yn Gorsedd Grucyn bryd hynny, ac o gymeriad cry Thomas Williams hefyd!

and examined through an interpreter.

Questions from the Chairman, replies by Thomas Williams.
Who is your landlord?
I do not know. I am not quite certain. I think it Mrs Louisa Ashley, the Cyffdu estate.

Do you know whether your father's rent has been increased or not?

Has he drained any part of his farm?
One third part of it at least was gorse, rushes, and dry mountain grass and marshy land.  

Your father has drained some part of that?
He did, that was 29 years ago.

Do you think that the farm is too dear now?
My father has been buried four years ago, and it is too dear for me to live in it now, but they have reduced £10 in the rent.

You cannot make both ends meet? It is still too dear?
Although I have struggled early and late, in time and out of time, I have been unable to pay my expenses.

Are you in favour of a land court?
I am in favour of something that will save oppressed Wales from being famished. May I be allowed to say a word without your asking me?

What do you want to say?
When my father took the farm 29 years ago, he asked me to come home from service to assist him. We worked hard yonder in order to make the farm look much better. After we had done that in so many years the landlord and someone else with him, came and said that the farm was far too cheap. My father took it afterwards with £10 increase in the rent.
Three of us, two brothers and a sister, worked for the best part of our lives, until I was 40 years of age, to assist him, and we never received anything from the farm to be able to clothe ourselves, I used to go somewhere for a week at harvest time, or to go and buy a cow, in order to get 10 shillings profit on it, and if it had not been for the fact that I was able make something from the dealing in cattle and sheep, I believe that my father and mother would have been in the workhouse. I went to the new landlord after the old landlord had been buried, and he had reduced the rent by £10. I took a lease of it, when I had it myself, and they promised that they would put the buildings and everything in order for me. They did not abide by that promise. I had to do it myself last year, and I live in such a high place that when there is any snow, I have often turned in bed in the morning with a covering of snow on the bed, and walking downstairs from my bedchamber have left my footprints the whole way down. My small family and my mother depend upon me for their subsistence, and it is wonderful, were you to see the place, that anyone should be able to get a morsel from it, much less pay for it. I do not wish to say anything about my landlord nor his agents. I have always found them pleasant and kind. My history is but the history of scores of my fellow men. Some few months ago a farmer's wife came to me crying and asked for the loan of 2 shillings, in order to buy food and she had also been before this. Heaven is witness that I am telling the truth.

Question from Mr Richard Jones;
Can we have the name of the landlord?

Reply - Secretary
It is Mrs Louisa Ashley, of Cyffdu estate.  

Questions from Lord Kenyon;
You do not state what your rent was?
My father took it at £30. It was raised to £40, and we paid that amount; if I remember rightly, for 14 years. The receipts for the rent which we have at home show that now.

And it is now down to £30 again, is it?
Yes, £30.

Tudalen o gatalog gwerthu Stâd Cyffdy;
mae'n rhestru holl gaeau Gorsedd, ynghyd â'u henwau.

LOT 58
(Coloured Green on Plan No. 6)
Gorsedd  Grucyn

Tenant - Mr Thomas Williams,
on a Yearly (30th November) Tenancy

Rent - £32  15s.  4d. per annum.

Tithe Rent Charge Commutation, £3  12s.  11d.;
value 1917,  £3  7s  1d.

A COMPLETE USEFUL FARM, comprising some good Pasture and Araable Lands, allso enclosures of Rough Pasturrage, and is situate about 3 miles from the town of Llanrwst.

THE HOUSE contains Kitchen, Bedchamber, and Dairy on Ground Floor
and Three Bedrooms above.

THE OUTBUILDINGS consist of Oven House, Cow House, (110 ties) with Feeding Passage, Two-stalled Stable and Cart Shed with Loft above, Calf House, Barn and Cow House (5 ties).

NOTE. -- Horse Power belongs to Tenant.

This Lot affords good Shooting.


No. ON


Ffridd yr Yd
Ffridd y Mynydd
Waen Bach
Gorsedd Grucyn House, Outbuildings and Yards
Ffridd yr Orsedd
Ffridd yr Orsedd
Cae'r Ty
Ffridd yr Yd
Gors Bella
Waen Arw
Buarth Rhug
Cae'r Nant
Rough Pasture
Ffridd y Mynydd
Waen Isa

Total A. 


 Yr Adsain
4ydd Ionawr 1916

Baner ac Amserau Cymru
26 Chwefror 2016


Jane Williams centre, with Mair, Sally, Hannah and Annie in 1951, 
at her grandson William Owen Davies' marriage 
to Jean Roberts in 1951
Jane's obituary reads:

Mrs Jane Williams of Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw, Llanrwst who died on Tuesday week, was the mother of 17 children.

The ten surviving sons and daughters together with some of Mrs Williams' 26 grandchildren and her four great-grandchildren were among the relatives and friends who attended a short service at the farmhouse on Saturday. Interment was at the public cemetery Llanrwst.

Mrs Williams was a native of Dolwyddelan, but had lived at Gorsedd Grycun for nearly 70 years. She was a member of Nant y Rhiw Congregational Chapel. Her husband, Thomas Williams (Grucyn), died 30 years ago. He was a well-known local bard whose elegiac poems gained him considerable repute.

The service at the house was conducted by the Rev. Byron Hughes, Melin Y Coed, and at the graveside by the Revs Byron Hughes, Enoc T. Davies and W.E. Thomas.

The chief mourners included Messrs. Owen Williams, E. Humphrey Williams, Robert John Williams, Joseph Williams and Ifor Cynwyd Williams (sons); Mr & Mrs Emrys Williams, Mr & Mrs Ynyr P. Williams (sons and daughters in law); Mr & Mrs Peter Williams, Mr & Mrs Hywel Jackson, Mr & Mrs Robert D. Roberts, (daughters and sons in law); Mr I. Glynne Davies, (son in law), Mrs I.G. Davies (daughter in law); Mrs A.G. Davies, Miss Ceinwen Davies, (granddaughters); and Tom E. Davies, (great grandson).

Six of the sons were the bearers, assisted by Messrs. Cadwaladr Roberts, Idris Jackson, Elwyn Jackson, Elfed Williams, William Owen Davies and T. Glynne Davies, grandsons.

Floral tributes were sent by Bob a Joe; Annie, Ceinwen a Tom bach; teulu Ty Hwnt i'r Afon; Humphrey; teulu Foty Gwyn; Mair a Bob; teulu Cil Owen; Ynyr Ceridwen a'r plant; Sally a Hywel; Ifor a'r plant; Gwen, Glynne a'r plant; William a Jean; Idris, Megan a Beryl; Tom, Mair a Gareth bach; Dwalad a Rhianwen; Alwena a Caradog; Elwyn, Gwen a David; Blodwen; Alun; Nowie a Humphrey; Maggie a'r teulu, Birkenhead a Llundain; teulu Foty Fawr; teulu Fron Wen; teulu Bron Haul, Bryn Seion; Bob, Myfi and little Christopher, St Asaph; all at Brookfield; Stan, Eirwen a Dewi bach; Liz ac Evan, Maes Gwyn; Lorna a Phyllis, Brookfield; Llanrwst postmen


Above: Wedding of Mair Williams and Robert David Roberts 1928 

Finally, twins Joseph and Mair appeared on S4C television shortly before Jo died 1991. They had been invited by Ysgol Gynradd, Llanrwst to attend their school Christmas Nativity play as their names were very fitting for the occasion. 

Jo recalled his mother Jane making 'tymblan pwdin' which was 'gwerth chweil'. She said that bringing up the twins was no trouble at all, and his mother was in her element having the family around her, particularly on Sundays. Jo and Mair recalled their Christmas presents as children being a pair of socks, an apple and an orange each. Jo was the youngest of his generation in the family - a generation the likes of which we shall, sadly, never see again. 


Head Teacher was Mrs Jones, Bryn Rodyn

Unfortunately the photos relating
to the following children are not available.

Pupils at the Nant y Rhiw School approximately 1916/17. 

Back Row: Wil & Jane/Jinnie Bryn Gwynt? Katie Evans Fronwen,
Next row: Elias WilliamsTyddyn Du; ?Robert John, Tyddyn Llywarch; Dei Gwninger, Nellie Fronwen, Maggie Jones Gallt yr Efail (d/o John Jones); ---- - Mair Gorsedd Grucyn; -----; Emrys Gorsedd Grucyn, ----- Bob, Tecwyn Williams Tyddyn Du; Robert Ifan Hughes Clytiau Teg; Gwilym Jones Pant Glas & Carreg Coedog; Gretta Davies Garth Hebog; Maggie Carreg Coedog; Maggie Garth yr Efail; Gruffydd and Ted Williams Tyddyn Du; Jo Williams Gorsedd Grucyn; Ynyr Gorsedd Grucyn;
-----?; Dei Fronwen (fifth from left seated on bench); Sam Hughes, Clytiau Teg; Glyn Williams Tyddyn Du; Elizabeth Ann Fedw; Phoebe Jones Ty Newydd NYR; Addie Davies Garth Hebog; Annie Blodwen Gwninger, and her brother.

 Nant y Rhiw School: Back: Tommy Garth y Pigau; Sam Clytiau Teg; Glyn Tyddyn Du; Ynyr Gorsedd Grucyn; Dei Fronwen; Tommy Garth Pigau; Marged Edwards Bryniog Plas; Annie Eluned Tyddyn Du; Phoebe Garth y Pigau; Hannah Elin Tyddyn Du; Elizabeth Ann Fedw; Annie Ceridwen Fronwen: Dilys May Ty Newydd; Hannah Parry Rhiw; Miss Jones, Teacher; Bertie Ty Newydd; Sam Hughes Clytiau Teg; Annie Jane Ty Mawr; Mary Elizabeth Williams Tyddyn Du; Annie Gwenfron; Ted Jones Garth y Pigau; David Trebor Tyddyn Du; Dei Jones Garth y Pigau (killed in Army); John Edwards Bryniog Plas. Fred Jones Head Teacher. Miss Jones Teacher.


(by Rhianwen Roberts) 
Thomas Williams born 1850 Died 21/11/1923 Home: Gorsedd Grycun Occupation: Farmer
Jane Jones (wife) b.1870 d. 14/04/1953

E. HUMPHREY Married Ellen. Home: Railway Terrace,Llanrwst
OWEN b. 27/8/1892 d. 06/06/1963 Bachelor Farmer Home: Tu Hwnt I'r Afon, Gwytherin
THOMAS b. 1893 d.05/08/1896 Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
ROBERT JOHN b. 18/10/1894 d. 11/03/1975 Bachelor Farmer Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
JANE b. 1899 d. 31/10/1922 Spinster Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
WINIFRED MYFANWY b. 6/1/1897 d. 21/02/1945 married Idwal G.Davies, Postman. Home: School Bank Terrace,Llanrwst
HANNAH CERIDWEN b.15/06/1901 d. 16/10/1988 married Peter Williams. Farmer Home: Hafoty Gwyn, Pentrevoelas
SARAH OLWEN b. 1902 d. 08/02/1983 married Howell Jackson, Labourer. Home: Bont y Clwt, Melin y Coed (below)

GWILYM b.1904 d. 09/01/1940 m. Gwendoline Home: Cwm, Dyserth
MAIR twin b. 02/06/1905 d.23/08/1999 married Robert D. Roberts, Farmer Home: Maes Madog, Capel Garmon
JOSEPH twin b. 02/06/1905 d. 21/12/1991 Bachelor Farmer. Home: Gorsedd Grycun, Nant y Rhiw
IFOR CYNWYD b. 30/03/1907 d. 09/04/1987 married Annie Owen. Home: Marine Road, Colwyn Bay
IEUAN EMRYS b. 19/01/1909 d. 07/10/1989 married Kate. Occupation: Farmer Home: Cilowen, Llanfair Tal Haearn
YNYR PHILLIP b. 15/02/1911 d. 25/09/1975 m.Ceridwen Occ: Labourer. Home: Tegfan, Melin y Coed

Annie Gwenfron married Sydney Davies - Son: Thomas Eiddon

William Owen b. 15/08/1923 Married Jean Roberts. Sons: Kenneth & Paul
Thomas Glynne b.12/01/1926 Married Mair Jones. Sons: Gareth/Geraint/Aled/Owen
Ceinwen b.17/08/1937 m. Vivian Biffin. Son:Martin

Elfed married Catherine
Emlyn married Elinor Children: ? / Clwyd
Alun married Mair Occupation: Farmer Daughters: Eurwen / Alwena
Hywel b.Sept. 1940 Married Rhiannon Occupation: Farmer Children: Megan / Dion / Ffion

Idris Married Megan. Children: Beryl / Eirian / Leonard / Mair
Elwyn m. Gwen. Son: David
Alwena b. 19/11/1928 Married Caradog Evans
Blodwen married Michael

Jean married John Edwards. Daughter: Janet

Cadwaladr 17/11/1928 married Jean Welch Occupation: Businessman Daughter Fiona Jane
Rhianwen 13/01/1944 married John E. Roberts Occupation: Teacher Daughters: Elen Wyn / Nia Wyn

Gwynfor married Priscilla
Aelwyn married Shirley
Alun b.April 1944. Married Edith

Aledwen married Iorweth Jones, Occupation Farmer Children: Dylan / Clwyd / Morwenna
Norman married Ann Daughters: Bethan / Menna

Philip b.Oct. 1944. Married Miriam. Sons: Gareth / Alwyn
Elfed married Sharon Children: Llyr /

Many thanks to Rhianwen Roberts, Mair's daughter, f
or the above family information.

In 1928 Mair married Robert David Roberts, the son of Cadwaladr Roberts of Foty Gerrig, Siloam, 

Ynyr married Ceridwen and lived at Tegfan, Melin y Coed.

Above: Bob Williams, Gorsedd Grucyn

Above: The Evans Family of Fronwen in 1927
with Joe Williams, Gorsedd Grucyn

Annie Gwendoline Davies and her uncle,
Jo Williams

Above: Gorsedd Grucyn 1966
Jo Williams with Ken and Paul Davies. 


THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me THOMAS WILLIAMS of Orsedd Grucyn Llanrwst in the County of Denbigh Farmer I give and devise all my real and personal estate whatsoever unto and between my son Robert John Williams and my wife Jane share and share alike but so far as concerns the share of my wife therein for her life only and upon her death I give and devise her share unto and between my children then living excepting my said son Robert John and my daughter Winifred Myfanwy I give to my daughter Winifred Myfanwy a legacy of fifty pounds payable at the death of my said wife I direct that my son Joseph shall be given a home at Orsedd Grucyn with board and clothing and five pounds a year so long that he elects to remain there and that such of my other children as so wish shall be allowed to take their house at Orsedd Grucyn I give legacy of ten pounds to Annie Gwenfron Williams (daughter of my deceased daughter Jane) to be payable at my wife's death if the said Annie Gwenfron Williams shall be then living. All my debts funeral and testamentary expenses and the said legacies are to be borne and paid out of my real and personal estate given to my son and wife as above mentioned I appoint my said son Robert John Williams and my wife Jane to be the Executors of this my Will.

IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-seventh day of March One thousand nine hundred and twenty-three 

SIGNED by the said THOMAS WILLIAMS as his last Will in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses.

 (Signed) Thomas Williams

(Signed) Rhys Hughes, Bryn Eugan, Capel Curig.

(Signed) D. Howell Jones, Solicitor, Llanrwst.   

Thomas Williams born 1850 Died 21/11/1923

                     COFIO JO GORSEDD 
                              gan Dei Bryniog (1991)

                                           Photo courtesy of Chris Kilfoyle

Saif Gorsedd Grucyn rhyw dair milltir hediad bran o dref Llanrwst a bu'n rhan o stad y Cyffdy hyd at amser chwalu honno yn y flwyddyn mil naw un saith. Fe'i prynwyd gan y tenant Thomas Williams am bum cant ac wyth deg a phump o bunnoedd ac yno bu'n byw am weddill ei oes hefo Jane Williams ei wraig, yn ffarmio a magu un o deuluoedd lluosocaf y gymdogaeth.
A'i i'r dref ac yn ol ar gefn merlen a cherddai Jane Williams ar ei ol, basged lawn ar bob braich, - ond rhywsut, llwyddai i afael yng nghynffon y gaseg wrth dringo'r allt am adref .

Mae llawer o hanesion digon difyr am Thomas Williams a'i gyfnod, ac mae'r stori honno'n hysbys bron i bawb amdano'n ceisio arghyoeddi awrdudodau addysg ei ddydd fod angen ysgol yn Nant Y Rhiw. "Codwch chi ysgol ac mi na innau'n siwr y bydd plant ynddi."

Un o'r plant hynny ydoedd Joseph, fu farw ychydig cyn y Nadolig (1991), efaill i Mair a'r unig un sy'n fyw bellach o'r teuluhynod yma. Mae'n anodd son am Jo heb grybwyll Bob ei frawd ac Annie yr un pryd, gan mai y nhw ill tri fu'n byw ac yn ffarmio Gorsedd Grucyn hyd at ddiwedd blwyddyn mil naw saith tri, yn prysur odro, danfon llaeth i'r ffordd, hel cynhaeaf, llenwi taflodydd, gwneud teisi, hel olion a hel broc.

Un diwyd iawn fu Jo, syml ac annwyl. A'i i'r dre bob nos Sadwrn am dipyn o hwyl hefo'r hogia, ac ymlwybrodd yn gyson i gapel Nant Y Rhiw trwy bob tywydd. Credai mewn ysbrydion ac adroddai straeon ofergoelus gydag awch, daliai sylw manwl ar ogwydd lleuad a chyfeiriad gwynt ac un craff ydoedd hefo arwyddion tywydd. Heb ymhelaethu geiriau, buont gymdogion tan gamp. Beth yn fwy all dyn ei dystio?

Boed heddwch i'w llwch a hiraeth lond y gwynt am weld eu tebyg unwaith eto

by Dei Bryniog 1991

Gorsedd Grucyn stands some three miles as the crow flies from the town of Llanrwst, and it was part of the Cyffdy Estate until the time that was broken up in the year 1917. It was bought by the tenant, Thomas Williams, for £585 and there he lived for the rest of his life with Jane Williams his wife, farming and raising one of the most numerous families of the neighbourhood.

He would go to town and back on a pony and Jane Williams would walk after him, a full basket on each arm - yet she somehow succeeded in holding on to the mare's tail while climbing the hill for home. There are many interesting tales about Thomas Williams and his period, and that story must be known to nearly everybody wherein he tried to convince the education authorities of his day that a school was needed in Nant y Rhiw. "You build the school, and I will make sure there are children in it".

One of those children was Joseph, who died a little before Christmas 1991, twin to Mair and the only one of this exceptional family still living. It is hard to speak of Jo without mentioning Bob his brother and Annie at the same time, as they are the three who lived and farmed Gorsedd Grucyn until the end of the year 1973, busy milking, taking milk to the road, gathering the harvest, filling lofts, making haystacks, collecting rubbish and collecting wood.

Jo was a very industrious man, simple and endearing. He would go to town every Saturday night for a bit of fun with the boys, and consistently made his way to Nant y Rhiw chapel in all weathers. He believed in ghosts and told superstitious tales with relish; he took careful note of the phases of the moon and the direction of the wind, being sagacious with signs of the weather. In short, they were superb neighbours. What greater testimony can a man give?

Peace to his ashes and a wind full of longing to see his like once again.

(Translation: Rowena Evans)

Photo courtesy of Chris Kilfoyle

(A letter to Dei Bryniog from William Owen Davies) 

Sir Gaerfyrddin
31 Awst 1999

Annwyl Dei, Mary a'r plant,

Wythnos i heddiw yr oeddym yn mwynhau eich croeso yng Ngorsedd Grycun, a diolch yn fawr iawn i chi.
Aeth yr ymweliad a mi yn ol drigain mlynedd, pan oeddwn yn treulio llawer o amser yn Gorsedd. Os nad oedd angen carthu'r beudy a'r stabal, 'roeddwn yn cerdded y caeau, yn enwedig amser aredig Ffridd yr Orsedd, pan oedd y corn chwiglog yn nythu.

'R oedd yr iar yn cerdded llatheni cyn codi i'r awyr, lle bo neb yn gwybod ble'r oedd y nyth, ond os oedd pedwar wy yn y nyth a'u pigau at y canol, nid oeddwn yn cyffwrdd a hwy, gan fod yr iar wedi dechrau eistedd arnynt. Byddai Nain yn ffrio'r wya corn chwiglog i mi ac 'roeddynt yn flasus (blas cryfach nag wy iar), gyda bara cartre' a menyn ffres.

Pleser arall oedd dal tyrchod gyda trap ac yn gwneud yn siwr fy mod yn rhwbio fy nwylo yn y pridd, neu mi fuasai'r twrch yn arogli fy nghorff. Gan wneud yn siwr nad oedd ddim golau yn mynd i'r twll, 'roeddwn yn sicr o dwrch erbyn y bore.

Dal lefrod (lefrau yw sgwarnog ifanc fel y gwyddost) - unwaith a welswm un, byddwn yn rhoi peswch, a mi fydda'r lefran yn wardio. Gan gerdded yn araf tu ol iddi (nid yw sgwarnog ddim ond yn gweld y ddwy ochr iddi) ac yn ei chodi a'i chyflechu cyn ei gollwng yn rhydd. Dal sgwarnogod yn y clawdd yng ngwaelod Ffridd yr Orsedd gyda magl lle'r oedd y llwybr swarnogod yn arwain trwy'r clawdd, gan osod y fagl hyd dwrn a bawd i waelod y fagl (hyd dwrn i gwningen). Yna bydda Jo yn eu gwerthu am 2/6 yn y dre.

Dyddiau hyfryd mewn nefoedd o fyd Dei?

Erbyn hyn yr ydym wedi ail setlo mewn treflan lle nad oes dim ond y traffic yn symud.

Cofion gorau atoch oll, a diolch am eich croeso,

Wil a Jean
(William Owen a Jean Davies)

Photo courtesy of Chris Kilfoyle

Dear Dei, Mary and the children

A week ago today we were enjoying your welcome in Gorsedd Grycun, and many thanks to you.

The visit took me back sixty years, when I was spending a lot of time in Gorsedd. If there was no need to muck out the cowshed and the stables, I would be walking the fields, especially at the time of ploughing the Gorsedd sheepwalk, when the lapwing was nesting.

The hen would walk yards before rising into the air so nobody would know where the nest was, but if there were four eggs in the nest with their pointed ends towards the middle I didn't touch them as the hen had started hatching them. Nain used to fry lapwing eggs for me, and they were delicious (a stronger taste than hens' eggs) with home baked bread and fresh butter.

Another pleasure was catching moles with a trap and making sure that I rubbed my hands in the soil, otherwise the mole would scent my body. By making sure no light went into the hole I was sure of a mole by the morning.

Catching leverets (a leveret is a young hare, as you know) - once I saw one I would give a cough, and the hare would freeze. Then walking slowly behind her (a hare can only see to either side of her) and picking her up and (chyflechu/try to hide?) before letting her go. Catching hares with a snare in the hedge at the bottom of Gorsedd sheepwalk where the hare path led through the hedge, setting the snare the length of a fist and a thumb to the bottom of the snare (the length of a fist for a rabbit). Then Jo would sell them for 2/6 in town . . .

Delightful days in Paradise, Dei?

By now we have settled in a small town where nothing moves but the traffic.

Best wishes to you all, and thank you for your welcome.

Wil a Jean
(William Owen and Jean Davies)

(Translation: Rowena Evans)


Dad explained this to me. We always used to spell it Grycun and it was known as such. However, Dei Bryniog has renamed it to the original spelling of "Grucyn". I cannot for the life of me find out who Grucyn is (or Crucyn without the mutation perhaps). So, you could argue both are correct, depending on which period we're talking about.

Dad could remember the names of all the fields at Gorsedd - there was one field where the grass was particularly good; neighbouring farmers used to graze their sickly cattle/sheep on it to aid recovery. Sadly Dad never got round to listing them for me, but I have some names - Cae Nant, Ffridd yr Orsedd, Waen Fawr, Ffridd Maes, and Ffridd Bryniog

One thing Dad did for me was to draw a map of old Llanrwst - named all the streets as they were in the old days - it's a masterpiece on about three pages I think. Dad also wrote a lot of poetry and had a book published. None of the poems were based on his experiences, or farming life at Gorsedd unfortunately.




Dear Mr Davies,

I enclose copies of the information that we hold at the Trust. I also found the book that your barrow is mentioned in - The Preshistoric and Roman Memoriam of Denbighshire by C. Davies 1929.

I enclose a copy of the short note on Gorsedd Grucyn. The photograph is of a barrow on Farm Yard Farm, in Llanrwst, on the Abergele Road, but it gives an idea of what the cist in your barrow may have looked like.

There is no mention of an urn having been found, but commonly the cremated remains of the dead were placed inside a large pot which was placed up-side down in the stone cist as shown in the photo

I hope you find this interesting.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Kenny 

Round Barrow (Site of)

A tumulus once stood in the centre of the field, called Ffridd-yr-Orsedd, which is N.W. of Gorsedd Grucyn farmhouse.
The site was levelled in 1866, when the tumulus was said to be 20 yds. in diamwter and 2 1/2 ft. in height. A cist and ashes were noticed during the destruction.

An almost ploughed but round barrow with a diameter of 20.0m at SH 8322 5969

Site surveyed at 1/2,500


Similar to the one shown here.

SITE. Gorsedd Grugyn is a farm in the uplands, 2 1/2 miles south east of Llanrwst. The tumulus stood on a ridge to the north west of the house in a field called Ffridd-yr-Orsedd. The exact spot is about the middle of the field, where the ground slightly rises

DESCRIPTION. Only just a trace of the tumulus remains. When destroyed it is said to have measured 20 yards in diameter and 2 1/2 ft. in height. Elevation; above contour line.

DESTRUCTION. The site was levelled about 1866, when Owen Williams, the father of Thomas Williams, owner and occupier, who died in October, 1923, was tenant. About 16 loads of stones were carried away at the time, and the stretch of wall, about 25 yards in length, which forms the south boundary of the field, built with them. Many loads have since been removed. Mr T. Williams, also was about 17 when the tumulus was destroyed, informed the writer that there was a cist in the mound and that ashes were noticed, but he had no recollection of an urn.

NAME; "Gorsedd Grugyn" apparently means "Grygyn's Gorsedd" or "Mound," Grucyn being a personal name which occurs in the Gododin (Aneirin) (see Skene's Four Ancient Books, ii, 91, (03)) and in Kullwch and Olwen - "Grugyn Gwrych Ereint."
Site visited June 12, 1918  .

Mr Thomas Williams of Gorsedd Grucyn wrote a great deal of verse in his life. I received these from  the late Philip Williams of Melin Y Coed, who was a very keen family historian with an enormous interest in the Melin Y Coed area.

The first poem was written upon the death of his sister, Mrs Jane Edwards, and the second is about Mr Robert Parry, Ty Newydd, Yr Oerfa. The third is about Lance Corporal Moses Llewelyn Jones, and the fourth about Evan Bleddyn Lloyd Williams, who died before his fourth birthday.

Penillion Galarus am fy Anwyl Chwaer

Bryniog, Beech Mount, Grove Park, Colwyn Bay

Yr hon a ymadawodd a'r byd hwn Ionawr 14eg, 1916, yn 68 oed.

Dydd Sadwrn y pymthegfed y Postman ddaeth i'm ty
A golwg prudd, estynodd i'm lythyr ymyl ddu;
Mawr dristwch a achosodd a miniog saeth i'm bron,
Fy anwyl chwaer ni welaf byth mwy yr ochor hon.

Ni thybiais pan yn bosibl i'm gymdethasu a hi
Buasai'n galar gymaint 'rol iddi'r groesi'r lli,
Pob peth oedd wyn cyn heddyw sydd wedi troi yn ddu
Su'r awel, murmur dyfroedd, swn galar ynddynt sy'.

Beth bynag fu diffygion a ffaeledd fy hoff chwaer
'Roedd ynddi hi rinweddau i'm golwg i oedd glaer;
Cywirdeb ac unplygrwydd yn grwn am ddweyd y gwir,
Gonestrwydd egwyddorol a hardd gymeriad pur.

Pall ydwyf fi o feddwl na feddai feiau lu
Ond ddaeth yr un o honynt hyd lan yr afon ddu;
Yr Iesu trwy ei bywyd, yn hollol aeth a'i bryd,
Ac yn ei gwmni heddyw mae'n berffaith wyn ei byd.

Goreuon daear fyddai ei chwmni ar y llawr,
Diau mae dyna'r cwmni mae ynddynt hwy yn awr;
Rhai sonia am eni Bethl'm a marw Calfari.
O dyna'r dewisiolion bob amser ganddi hi.

Gwelais aml un yn diolch iddynt gael ei chwrdd erioed
Am y rhoddodd iawn gyfeiriad iddynt pan yn ieuanc oed,
Dyna oedd ei phleser penaf yn mhob man y caffai le,
Ceisio troi ei holl gydnabod a'u hwynebau tua'r ne'.

Cydymdeimla hoff ddarllenydd y mae ynof duedd brudd
Wylo beunydd pan feddyliaf ei bod heddyw dan y pridd
Cydchwareuem a chyd-ddysgem'r Beibl a phenillion lu,
'Mryson pwy adroddai fwyaf, melys adgof am a fu.

Cofio fel yr ae'm yn fintau o hen Aelwyd Tan-y-Graig
I wrando'r enwog gu Galedfryn i gael ganddo beraidd saig,
Nhad flaenorai yr orymdaith, ninau'n dyrfa ar ei ol,
O na buasai modd i alw'r dyddiau dedwydd hyny 'nol.

Cofio'r teulu'n myn'd yn gyfan gyda'r nos i foddion gras,
Ninau gartre'n cynal moddion ac yn cael hyfrydol flas,
'R oll o honom ar ein gliniau wrth ystolion ger y tân,
Yna codi, ledio penill, hi bob amser ledia'r gân.

Gweled heddyw'r sedd esteiddai'm chwaer yn Nghapel Nant y Rhiw,
Ac na welaf mo'ni mwyach, mae i'm mynwes drist yn friw;
Cofio wedyn mae i bwrpas y gwandawai'r Dwyfol Air,
Ac y cafodd fywyd trwyddo, O! 'r hyfrydwch imi bair.

Cofio'r ymdrech mawr a wnelai i ddod yno o bob man.
Am mai yno cafodd brofi nefol hedd i'w henaid gwan;
O bob man y gwasanaethai deuai yno'n fawr ei sêl
A melusach oedd i'w henaid eiriau'r nef na'r diliau mêl.

Ond o bobpeth cofio'r weddi pan o'i chartre troai'i ffwrdd
Nifer mawr o honom ydoedd wedi amgylchynu'r bwrdd,
Yna ein tad fel Archoffeiriad a offrymai weddi ddwys
Am amddiffyn nefol drosti nes ei myned tan y gwys.

O! beth yw eu profiad heddyw wedi cyraedd bro yr hedd
Neb o'r ddaear ni all ddirnad pa mor felus ydyw'r wledd;
Wedi uno i ganu'r Anthem a ddechreuwyd ar y llawr,
Para i foli'r Oen fu farw i eitha'r tragwyddoldeb mawr.

Cwsg yn dawel chwaer serchoglawn yn dy Newydd wely pridd,
Yn hardd fynwent Llan Cystenyn lle mae llu o deulu'r ffydd,
Os yw'r olwg yn llygredig arnat heddyw'n myn'd i lawr,
Foreu'r codi deui i fynu'n hardd ar wedd dy Brynwr Mawr.

Chwithau 'i merch, O! ymgysurwch, er i'ch golli'ch anwyl fam,
Credaf ei bod wedi cyraedd fry i gilfach bythol lan;
Chwithau i phriod codwch olwg oddiwrth y beddrod du,
Disgwyl mae y dowch yn fuan i uno a'r Cor nefolaidd fry.


ROBERT PARRY, Ty Newydd, Yr Oerfa

Yr hwn a fu farw Rhag. 13, 1914 yn 48 oed.

Peidiwch cwyno hoffus deulu, er mae colli Robert fu,
Y mae ef yn ddiau heddyw'n well ei le na chyda ni;
Ac fe gafodd huno'n dawel ynghanol ei berth'nasau mad
Tra mae rhai mewn bro estronol'n marw'n mhell o dy ei Tad.

Archoll ddofn i'm teimlad innau oedd ei golli ef yn wir,
Cefais lawer o hyfrydwch gydag ef am dymor hir;
Edrych ar ei ddiniweidrwydd a'i onestrwydd cywir ef -
Pe buasai pawb 'run nodwedd, buasai'r byd yn ail i'r nef.

Hyn wyf yn ei hollol gredu, yn ddibetrus y pryd hyn
Ei fod ef yn canu heddyw gyda'i fam ar Seion fryn!
Ni wyr neb y mae yn ddiau tra fu'n teithio daear las
Beth fu rhyngddo ef a'i Brynwr, rhyfedd iawn yw Dwyfol ras.

Cawsom lawer o engreifftiau o'i dueddiad at y da,
Gwel'd anifail yn myn'd trosodd yra'i yspryd ef yn gla',
Cau pob llidiart, cadw terfyn, gwneyd i bob peth gadw'i le,
Byr yw llawer o gyflawni y ddyledswydd fel efe.

Tywyll ydyw ffyrdd Rhagluniaeth, anhawdd yw ei gweled trwy
Mewn dyfnderoedd anmhlymadwy, pell o'n golwg ydynt hwy;
Cafodd rhai helaethrwydd deall, eraill wedi derbyn llai,
Ond y rhai dderbyniodd leia 'n fynych yw y lleia 'u bai.

Felly gwelir yma'n eglur gwir yn ngwrthrych hyn o gan
Byr mewn deall ond yn berchen bywyd cywir pur a glan,
Ond os tywyll ragluniaethau sydd i ni yr ochr hyn,
Goleu geir ar y dirgelion os cyrhaeddir Seion fryn.

Fe adawodd ef yn gynar ar ei fywyd fro y llawr
A phaham y darfu'n gadael gwybod ty braf 'rwyf yn awr
Megis baban y bu yma, heddyw ymddadblyga ef,
Ymddadblygu wna'n dragwyddol ym mhlith seintiau nef y nef.

Ac os oedd yn achos i ni weithiau edrych arno'n drist,
Y mae heddyw yn wr perffaith at fesur oedran Iesu Grist;
Felly y mae wedi cyraedd safon Seraph pur a Sant
Ac fe gana'n orfoleddus Delyn nef ar dynaf dant.

Ei fanylrwydd gyda phobpeth a'i fawr serch i'r da a'r glan,
Dyma gredaf rai elfenau gyfansodnant wlad y gan;
Robert ti a gei ddatblygu bythol yn y pethau hyn
Nes y bydd trigolion gwynfa wrth dy wel'd yn myn'd yn syn

Boed i'n fod yn wyliadwrus gyda'n synwyr beth a wnawn,
'Nol y gallu dderbyniasom, yn ol hyny ein barnu gawn;
Bob fu'n selog 'nol ei allu i wneyd pob peth yn ei le,
Gwyliwn yn y farn ddiweddaf mae'n condemnio bydd efe.

Cym'rwn rybudd o'i symudiad ef uwchlaw y ser ymhell,
Trefn y nefoedd a'i cymhwysodd i fwynhau y golud gwell;
Boed i chwi ddyddanu'ch gilydd heddyw a'r 'madroddion hyn
Robert sydd yn ogoneddus yn ei siwt fel eira gwyn.

Mawr yw'n dyled oll i ddiolch am yr Iachawdwriaeth rad,
Am fod ynddi feddyginiaeth i ddynolryw ym mhob stad;
Gwyliwn ni eu hesgeuluso heddyw tra yn hyfryd ha,
Os y syrthiwn i'w thelerau ein dwyn i ddedwyddwch wna.


Yr hwn a syrthiodd ar Faes y Gwaed yn Ffraingc, Awst 26ain 1917.

Un o Deulu Bangcog, Capel Garmon, Hen gyff. crefyddol ardderchog sef yr hen batriarch selog William Jones, Coetmor, Dolwyddelen. Hefyd y Parch D. Lloyd Jones, Patagonia, Gweinidog enwog gyda'r Annibynwyr, genedigol o Ddinbych. Hefyd J. Jones Ysw., Dinarth Hall, Colwyn Bay, ac yn frawd i Mrs McGill, Dolwyddelen, wedi eu magu yn yr Helyg, Capel Curig.

Hoff ddarllenydd, ddeni enyd,
Am fer ymdaith gyda mi,
Ar adenydd chwim myfyrdod
I adolygu'r blwyddau fu,
Fel y darfu Europe feddwi
Ar uchelgais afiach ryw,
Mewn canlyniad du lofruddiwyd,
Do filiynau o ddynolryw.

Gyru gwerin gwlad, diniwed,
I ymladd eu cwerylon ffol,
Gorwedd llu mewn gwlad estrenol
Fel na ddeuant byth yn ol!
Planu Bidog trwy orfolaeth,
Yn mron cyd-ddyn, erchyll waith;
Ar wladweinwyr daear erys
Oesau byd yn hagr graith.

Ugain llawn o ddisgynyddion
I fy hoff ddiweddar dad
Gadd eu galw o'u cartrefi
I ymrestru yn y Gâd;
Llawer cyfaill hoffwn arall
A orfodwyd fyn'd i ffwrdd,
Galar sydd hyd heddyw'n para,
Yma byth ni chaf eu cwrdd
Ddyddiau'r ddaear nid anghofir
Am alanas Nine Fourteen,
Yn y graig fe ysgrifenwyd
Hanes y cwerylon blin.

Ymlith llawer o anwyliaid
A aeth i'r alanas ddu,
Yn neillduol UN sy'n para,
'N ddolaur llygaid mawr i mi;
Y gwr ieuanc hawddgar hwnw,
Yn yr Helyg fagwyd gynt,
Y mae'n peri loes i'm calon
Pan ei cofiaf ar bob hynt.

Un o'r bechgyn mwyaf anwyl
Fagwyd yn Eryri Wen,
Gresyn meddwl mai mewn rhyfel
Daeth ei euraidd oes i ben;
Tristwch calon ydyw cofio
Am ei lais a'i dirion wedd,
Dim fu erioed mor anaturiol
Na rhoi 'i fath i gario cledd.

Y prydferthwch digyffelyb
Ydoedd yn addurno'i rudd
A fynegai pa beth ydoedd
Yn ei natur ef yn nghudd,
A dadblygodd hyn ynddo
Yn grefyddwr o'r iawn ryw,
A holl amcan mawr ei fywyd
Oedd gwas'naethu "Dyn a Duw".

Gyfaill anwyl, trwm fu'th golli,
Pawb a'th hoffet ym mhob man,
Cysur pawb a gyfarfyddet,
Oeddit falm i'r llesg a'r gwan;
Cerdded llwybrau gwynion cariad
Trwy ei fywyd diau wnaeth,
Cywir ddilyn camrau'r Iesu,
Dyna'n hollol fu ei chwaeth.

Llawer calon oedd brudd glwyfus,
Wrth dy wel'd yn myn'd i ffwrdd,
Ofni nad oedd ar y ddaear
Obaith mwyach byth dy gwrdd;
Wel, frawd cu, os cefaist adfyd
Yn rhyferthwy gaedlyd Ffraingc,
Ceni'r Anthem waredigol
Byth ger bron yr Orseddfainc.

Sawl grudd wleb yn Henfro Curig
Pan y ddaeth y newydd prudd
Fod cyfaill M. Llewelyn
'Naear Ffraingc mewn gwely pridd!
'Ngarn Dolbenmaen faint alarwyd
Wrth wel'd yno'r adwy ddu,
Gorfod rhoi pob gobaith heibio
Byth am wel'd eu cyfaill cu.

Tywyna'r heulwen eto'n llachar
Oesau meithion yn y nen,
Fe ddaw llawer cwmwl pygddu
Ond bydd iddo ymyl wen;
Bydd y goedwig mewn gogoniant,
Hardda'r glaswellt fryn a dol,
Ond ni ddaw Llewelyn anwyl
Byth i'w hen rodfeydd yn ol.

Y tad gad oleuni nefol
Yn y flwyddyn pum' deg naw,
Pan o Sinai i Galfaria
Y diangodd myrdd mewn braw;
Ie dyma'r dydd symudwyd
Oddiar barthlen uffern ddu
Filoedd sydd yn peraidd ganu
Yn y cor nefelaidd fry;
Talar bywyd wedi chyraedd
Cyn cael cyfran gyda Saint,
Rhy fry oesoedd tragwyddoldeb
Fydd i ddiolch am y fraint

Dyma'r adeg y cabolodd
Dwyfol ras yr hen John Jones,
Byw i ddiolch am y goncwest
A wnaeth ef hyd ddiwedd oes,
Yn yr Helyg, Capel Curig,
Llu o blant a fagodd ef,
Gan eu cyfarwyddo'n ddiogel
Ar y brif-ffordd tua'r Nef.

Fel y tyfai'r plant i fynu
Fe gynyddant oll mewn gras,
'Nghysgod tad mor dduwiolfrydig
'Mhethau'r nef fe gawsant flas;
Fel yr eiddew yn ymglymu
Ac ymddringo hyd y mur,
Daethant hwythau dan ei gysgod
I feiddianu crefydd bur.

Fe aeth son am hwyl yr Helyg
Diau i bellafoedd gwlad
Pan y byddai yr Hen Batriarch
Mewn cymuned gyda'i Dad;
Tiwn diwigiad Capel Garmon,
Chollodd mo'ni trwy ei oes,
Byddai'n llwyr anghofio'i hunan
Pan yn son am waed y groes.

Dewisiodd gydmares ei fywyd
Yn union'run duedd ag ef,
A'r ddeuddeg plant ddygwyd i fynu
Yn gywir yn llwybrau y nef;
A llawer i noson a dreuliwyd
Ar Aelwyd yr Helyg mewn hedd,
Y plant a'r rheini'n gyfranog,
Gwir flaenbrawf o'r nefoedd fu'r wledd.

A chredaf bu llengoedd o Engyl
Ar wibdaith yn dyfod o'r ne'
A heibio Pleiades ac Orion
I fynych ymweled a'r lle
I wrando y Cyngerdd Nefolaidd
Rhwng muriau y bwthyn dinod,
Bydd hanes y bwthyn a'r teulu
Mewn urddas tra'r nefodd yn bod.

Wel ffarwel hoff deulu yr Helyg
Sydd heddyw ar wasgar y byd,
A minau ar draethell byd arall,
Byth ni chaf eich gweled i gyd;
Dymunaf i'ch bara i rodio
Yn addysg yr Helyg mewn hedd
Gael cwrddyd a Moses Llewelyn
Mewn gwlad na bydd bidog na chledd.

T. W., GRUCYN Medi 14eg 1922

Rhieni galarus Ty Gwyn, Llanrwst, ar ol colli
Ohonynt eu hanwyl a'u hynod

Yr hwna fu farw Chewfror 15fed, 1921,
Yn 3 mlwydd a 10 mis oed.

Rhyw brudd-der 'rol prudd-der a leinw fy mron,
Ces ergyd am clwyfodd yn ddwfn y waith hon;
'Rwyf fel pe heb gredu, yn sefyll yn syn,
O'r ddu oruchwyliaeth gyfarfu Tygwyn.

Prif hoffder eu llygaid a chysur eu bron,
Gymerwyd oddiarnynt, mae'r ergyd yn drom;
Y plentyn hynotaf a welais yn fyw
Mae'i golli i' minnau yn wir yn gryn friw.

Ei bert ddywediadau a ddeuant i'ch co'
Ond archoll i'r teimlad fydd hyny bob tro;
A dyna a yra yn ddyfnach y clwy'
Fydd cofio na chlywch ei hyfryd lais mwy.

O Bleddyn bach anwyl, mae'm galar yn fawr
Am guddio dy ddwyrudd tan gwrlid y llawr;
Ond o'ch y mae galar rhieni yn fwy
Mawr y cydymdeimlad pob calon a hwy.

Y rhosyn prydferthaf a welwyd erioed
O finion y Gonwy i Felin y Coed;
Ond Iesu a biau'r rhosynnau i gyd,
Hawl fedd i'w cymeryd pan fyno o'r byd.

O hoffus rieni, mawr iawn yw eich braint,
Y cawsoch chwi chwyddo rhifedi y saint;
Llawenydd trwy'r nefoedd mi gredaf fu hyn
Cael blaenffrwyth y teulu i'r Iesu o Tygwyn.

Cyrhaeddodd eich bachgen uwch adfyd a chlwy'
Gogoniant anrhydedd fydd eiddo iddo mwy;
'N wr perffaith at fesur cyfiawnder corph Crist,
Am hyny pa reswm i neb fod yn drist?

A chofiwch nid methiant fu bywyd eich llanc,
Er iddo mor foreu gyfarfod ei drangc;
Dibenion dioddefaint mawr Calfari fryn
Atebwyd ym mywyd y cerub bach gwyn.

Hoff iawn tra bu yma i'm weled ei wedd,
Ond tristwch i'm calon yw gweled ei fedd;
A tybiem y dringai i uchel ystad,
Yn enwog arweinydd mewn crefydd trwy'r wlad.

O peidiwch a chwyno rieni dinam
Er fod 'r oruchwyliaeth i'ch golwg yn gam;
Pe gwelech mor ddedwydd yn awr mae efe
Fe fyddech ar unwaith yn foddlon o'i le.

Dibenion bob amser y nefoedd fawr yw
Drwy bob goruchwyliaeth lesau dynolryw;
Trwy fynd a'ch un anwyl mae'n ceisio eich lles
Sef dwyn eich serchiadau i'r nefoedd yn nes.

Wel peidiwch rieni ac edrych i'r bedd,
Ond codwch eich golwg i froydd yr hedd;
'N y bedd 'does ond plisgyn bu Bleddyn yn byw,
Mae ef gyda'i Delyn wrth orsedd ei Dduw.

Tant newydd yn nhelyn y taid Bleddyn Lloyd,
Pan ganfu ei orwyr yn ddiau a roed;
A bellach mewn cydgord moliana y ddau
Am oesoedd tragwyddoldeb heb ddim i'w tristau.

Llanrwst, Dolwyddelen, Ffestiniog, y sydd
O achos ei golli a'u bronau yn brudd;
Er fod 'r oruchwyliaeth yn nyfnder y mor
Gwna eich cynrychioli wrth orsedd yr Iôr.

T.W. Gorsedd Grucyn


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