Sarah Michell Jenkins married my grandfather, Owen John Roberts. She was a daughter to Richard and Elizabeth Jenkins nee Michell. He was born in Tri Sant, Cwm Ystwyth and moved to Blaenau Ffestiniog to live, from Aberystwyth.



Sarah, or Cissie as she was known, was born on the 14th September 1897. She was a daughter to Richard and Elizabeth Jenkins, nee Michell. Cissie had four siblings, William Richard 1890-1967, Mary 1892 - 1947, Thomas Henry 1901 - 1969 and Annie, 1893 - 1929.

Cissie, Annie, Mary

The 1901 census for Blaenau Ffestiniog shows the family living at 2 Meirion Terrace. Her father Richard Jenkins was 41, and worked as an employee for Singers sewing machines, born in Aberystwyth Cardiganshire. His wife Elizabeth was 38 and children were also recorded as born in Aberystwyth. William Richard was 10, Mary 9, Annie 7 and Sarah Michell 3. 

Richard Jenkins was later a caretaker at Blaenau Ffestiniog school.

Cissie married Owen John Roberts on the 13th September 1924 at Chorlton Registry Office, Manchester.

Letter from her sister sent to 83 Wellington Street, Alexandra Park, Manchester;

Belmont, Mold, Dear Cissie (September 1924)

Just a note for the last time as Miss Jenkins.  Well I really wish you and Jack every good luck imaginable. You deserve it as you have been very good to them at home. The first chance I get, I shall come over to see you. Had it been next Saturday I could have managed it, but now it's utterly impossible. Give my fondest love to Jack and your dear self. Yours affectionately, sister Annie. Write soon.

He was living at 83 Wellington Street, Moss Side, Manchester and worked as a store keeper in the Motor Works and was 29 years old. She was aged 25, no occupation was recorded and living at 2 Taliesin Terrace, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Witnesses were Geo. Welch and A. H. Ramsbottom. 

Daughter Jean Davies, nee Roberts recalls; My mother worked at a sweet tobacco and paper shop, called Y Gorlan. The owners were great friends of my grandparents. In addtion to their shop in Blaenau, they had one in Bangor. They asked whether my mother would like to go and live and work there. So she went.
Some soldiers were billeted in Bangor in Hospital Blue, a uniform worn by injured soldiers from the Great War. Among them was my father, Owen John Roberts. They started courting and finally married in Manchester Registry Office. Dad worked at Fords Manufacturing, Manchester.
They later moved to live in Blaenau, where he set up a coal business. Customers were not paying unfortunately, and the business was sold.
The couple had four children, Elizabeth Margaret, Myfanwy, Jean and Eric.

Cissie with Betty and Myfanwy 
In Blaenau, my mother told me that when I was a baby, she remembered holding me in her arms and she heard a loud rumbling noise outside and it seemed that a large rock came loose on the mountainside and careered past our back door onto the street. Noone was hurt. If it had been a few feet nearer, it would have crashed through our house and could have killed us both.
This was at 1 Church Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, up the steps and opposite the church.

Church Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog
I also remember sitting in my pramchair at the bottom of the steps, while my mother popped up for something from the house. I heard an awful noise and was very frightened. I couldn't see what was happening because of the buildings on either side of where I was sitting. Suddenly a brass band in full blast appeared. I was terrified. Even today, if I hear or see a brass band, a cold chill goes through me.
Cissie and family moved to 26 Gwydr Road, Dolgarrog, where husband Owen John (Jack) was employed the Aluminium Works.

26 Gwydr Road, Dolgarrog

2 Taliesin Terrace
Bl Ffestiniog
(Posted on the 9th August 1933)

Dear Cissie,
I was very glad to know by Dad that you are well. He came home very comfy and was here by half past 8 o'clock. He said that Jack had sent him to the station. Am sure that Betsan and the little man would be disappointed when they came home in not seeing Taid this time (NB - refer to Betty and Eric) - I made him come as I knew the beef would carry on for the week, in broth and stews. Dad brought a lovely breast for me (lamb) and I made it with vegetables and cold today, with your lovely beetroot and the parsley is nice too, so fresh and sweet, am sure you were surprised to see Dad - again.

I am pleased Jean bach is getting alright again - she shall go by bus. Dad will see to that, every week.   Hope you will all enjoy the beef it looked very nice. Dad will order a 'heart' for ytou soon, from Albert. 

Dad is sending this account to Jack from Saturday night's paper (as you will see) and Dad thinks its the man the porter was talking about to them.

I have nothing very special to say.

It's very cold here today - like winter, I do not feel worse. I take the Epsom salts regularly and it is very good.. It will cure me in time I am sure. I will stick to it and get another tin when this is finished. I heard from London, Ada (sister) has been complaining but rheumatic too lately, its the weather so cold with them too.

Fondest love to one and all,
From Taid and Nain. 

Jean, Betty, Myfanwy and Eric
Mother was an excellent knitter and knitted little dresses for me and two sisters.
I remember having a dark red dress - a colour I liked. She also crocheted very well. She kept the men folk of the family well equipped with lovely woollen socks.
Every year she made pounds and pounds of lovely jam, pickling onions, red cabbage and chutney.

Jean and Myfanwy standing, Betty, Owen John, Cissie and Eric

She was an excellent family cook and would always use the best ingredients.  

2 Taliesin Terrace
Blaenau Ffestiniog
Monday December 13 1937

Dear Cissie,
Received your letter this morning and glad you arrived home comfy and Jack and Myfanwy to meet you. Dad and I are talking a lot about the little boy, Eric, and how good he was. No trouble to anyone.

Well Cissie, I feel much better and eating nicely - yesterday and today, and Mrs Jones coming and cleaning up the grate and washing the dishes and putting rice for Dad. We are very comfy and our fowl was lovely and will do nicely for days as it was so big.

This is only a line to let you know I feel much better indeed.

Dad is posting this, he is going to the barber for more medicine. Dad says the roads are awfully slippery and it's very cold, but Dad keeps a nice fire.

Kind love to Jack, yourself and little ones.

From Taid and Nain. 

Pictured with daughter Myfanwy and son Eric 

26 Gwydr Road Dolgarog
In their back garden at 26 Gwydr Road Dolgarrog,
with Canadian apple tree, grown from a pip

Cissie seated with grandson Paul on her knee, by her husband Jack. Standing are Bill, Jean, Myfanwt and Betty, with her grandsons Ken and Richard, kneeling

Letter sent by Nannan (Cissie) to our family in Llandeilo. Ken was in a bed sit in Newtown, working at Nat West Bank.

26 Gwydr Road

Dear Jean, Bill, Ken and Paul,
Thank you for your letter in the week, received Thursday. Am sure Bill is busy with the petrol books - isn't it awful, one thing after another.
They are very unkind to the public and this time of year too.

Our TV is blank since Saturday and they have not come yet. Thomas end house said they would phone. Whether they did or not, I don't know. Missed Royal Command.
The weather has been bitterly cold, it has got us down a bit too. It's better today.
Dad doing a lot too. Making the fires etc. How is Ken keeping I wonder? It will be nice for Bill to help him with petrol to get home at weekends. How lucky he has a TV - so nice for him.
So glad we are that Paul is happy at school. Nothing special happening here. Shall only write once a week this weather.

Fondest love to all
Mam and Dad


Cissie, O.J. and daughter Betty 

Nannan was taken ill during the winter of 1973 in Dolgarrog. She always made and sent us a Christmas pudding. We thought something was wrong when that year's pudding was mouldy. Taid and Nannan moved to live with Jean, Bill and family at the Post Office Flat, Llandeilo, where they were lovingly cared for.
Both Taid and Nannan died there
Nannan died on the 9th February 1974

I Gofio'n Annwyl
Priod annwyl O. J. Roberts
mam dyner Betty, Myfanwy, Jean ac Eric.

Hunodd Chwefror 9, 1974
Yn 76 oed.

Rhoddir i orffwys ym Mynwent Tal-y-Bont
Dydd Mawrth Chwefror 12, 1974

2Gwyn eu byd y rhai pur o galon
canys hwy a welant Dduw.


The death has occurred at her daughter's home at Llandeilo of Mrs Sarah Michell Roberts, of 26 Gwydr Road, Dolgarrog. A native of Blaenau Ffestiniog, she had resided locally for 40 years and was a member of Tal y Bont Chapel and its womens circle and also the Darby and Joan Club. She is survived by her husband, Mr Owen John Roberts, three daughters and a son.


The funeral was on Tuesday. A service in Tal y Bont Chapel preceded interment in the chaple cemetery, the minister the Rev. D. Andrew Jones officiating, assisted by the Rector, the Rev. Harries-Jones.

Flowers were from; Your loving husband Jack; Betty, Keith, Wendy and Christopher; Myfanwy, Fred, Richard and Rosemary; Jean, Bill, Ken and Paul; Eric, Jean, Carol and Stephen; Ceinwen and Martin; all at Gorsedd; Dilus and Iddon; Gwyn, Emrys ac Elis;  Griff and Lydia Hughes, Efail Newydd; all at 25 Gwydr Road; George, Elizabeth, Tina and Julie; all at 28 Gwydr Road; Aelodau Clwb Darby a Joan, Dolgarrog; Violet, Arthur, Shirley and Pat

Capel Talybont
Capel Tal-y-Bont

Cissie's resting place with husband Owen John and daughter Betty


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