Katie was the fifth child of Charles and Maggie Goodman Roberts. She married John Jones and lived in Llangoed.



Cae Merddyn, Penmon
reproduced here by kind permission of illustrator
Kim Selene Davies
great great niece of Catherine Goodman Roberts

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Catherine, or Katie, was born around 1890 and was the fifth child of Charles and Maggie Goodman Roberts.

Cae Merddyn

1891 census; Charles Goodman Roberts 39 of Beaumaris, lived at Cae Merddyn with wife Margaret 34 of Llangoed, Joseph T. G. 11 of Beamaris, Jabez Ll. 7, Charles G. 4 and Catherine 1, all of Penmon.

1901 census; Charles Goodman Roberts 49 a gardener, born in Beaumaris, lived at Cae Merddyn, (pictured left) with his wife Maggie Goodman Roberts 44, bricklaying son Jabez Lloyd Roberts 18, Charles Roberts 14, Katie Goodman Roberts 11, and Owen John Goodman Roberts 6. Maggie and their children were born in Penmon. All spoke both languages

In 1911, the family living at Cae Merddyn consisted of Charles Goodman Roberts, 58 was a gardener at a Gentleman's Residence, wife Maggie Goodman Roberts was 53, Jabez Lloyd Robers, 26 was a bricklayer, Charles Goodman Roberts, 24 was a carpenter, Katie Goodman Roberts was 21, and Owen John Roberts 16, was a gamekeeper. Charles and Maggie's grandson, Joseph Thomas Roberts aged 3 was also living with tyhem. He was the son of Joseph and Georgina Roberts.

Family photos

Owen John Roberts, sister Katie and mother Maggie

Owen John Goodman Roberts with brothers Charles, Jabez and sisters Katie and Maggie

Katie's other brother,
Joseph Thomas Goodman Roberts

My mother, Jean Davies, nee Roberts, recalls her holidays with Auntie Katie and her family.
In Llangoed, we stayed with Dad's sister, Katie. She loved knitting and the rooms were full of knitted cushions, covers and especially upstairs, knitted patchwork blankets and even knitted mats!


Her husband, John Jones, or Uncle John, who was also a favourite of mine, used to go out early in the morning to pick mushrooms and we would wake up with the lovely smell of bacon and mushrooms cooking. Another day, he would be out fishing in a boat and we have lovely fresh fish.

We would go for picnics to the beach. The beach was lovely, but I always found it to be very cold there even in the summer.

Auntie Katie made coloured ornaments by putting salt and coloured materials into bottles - the effect was really good.


Megan and Joss


They had two daughters, Megan and Josephine (Joss). We were very fond of them and spent hours walking, talking and laughing. They lived at 4 Park Terrace, Llangoed.

Uncle John worked in the quarry and one day had an accident there and had to have his leg amputated.

Daughter Megan went into the nursing profession and married Harold, who owned vast greenhouses full of tomatoes. People queued to buy produce from his nurseries. They lived at Pendyffryn Road, Rhyl.

Joss married, but sadly her husband did not live long. She knitted for a London doctor's family. She had two children, David and Ruth.