Joseph and Margaret Jones were my great great grandparents. Their daughter Margaret married Charles Goodman Roberts, my great grandparents, whose son Owen John Roberts married Sarah Michell Jenkins. Their daughter Jean Roberts married William Owen Davies and are my parents. Read here about the fascinating Jones Cae Merddyn family.


Photo of Caim and sketch courtesy of Ken Jones

Cae Merddyn, Penmon
reproduced here by kind permission of illustrator
Kim Selene Davies
great great great granddaughter of 
Joseph and Margaret Jones
who lived at Cae Merddyn from c 1861

More of Kimmy's Custom Artwork can be found at;


I am very grateful to Megan Evans who has forwarded the following exciting piece of information on Owen Jones. KD.

I had another look at our Jones' family tree. I was contacted by Ancestry that there is a record of an Owen Jones born in Anglesey in 1791 with a wife Jane also born in  Anglesey in 1788. He was a farmer in America in 1850.

Owen Jones had 1son Joseph ( not listed with them).  I looked back in some more records I had found and there is a corresponding record of Owen Jones born 1791 in Anglesey .  It seems a possible connection is there.  I also found a record of a William Jones farmer at Pen Carrog and Tyn a Bendy  Llanddyfron Anglesey, who died in April 1821 as being the father of Owen Jones (b 1791)  Perhaps Joseph and Margaret lived with Uncle Owen Owen because father Owen had moved to the USA?

A copy of the American census for 1850 gives his wife's name as Jane, although my information suggests his wife was called Elizabeth. Perhaps Jane died and Owen remarried.

Miss (name unclear) 
Miss Margaret Lloyd
Their Book

This beautiful Welsh Bible belonged to Miss Margaret Lloyd,
and was very kindly given to me, by Megan Evans.
Margaret signed it in January 1819.
We are keen to confirm the relationship between this Margaret,
and the Margaret Lloyd, below, who was born in 1827,
and married Joseph Jones.
Thank you so much Megan - the Bible will be treasured.
Ken Davies.

Interestingly, in 'Exodus' Chapter XV,
there is a small pencil 'X' against the 18th verse;

'Yr Arglwydd a deyrnasa byth ac yn dragywydd'
'The Lord shall reign for ever and ever' 

1822 - 1879                           1827 - 1880

Joseph Jones was born in Llangoed in 1822. Margaret Lloyd was born in Manchester in 1827. They married and in 1851, were living at Bryn Cowton, Llangoed with Joseph's uncle Owen Owens, and his wife Margaret.

When their daughter Margaret was born on the 18th April 1856, Joseph and Margaret were living at Tan y Ffordd, Llangoed  

Owen Owens, moved to Cae Merddyn, above and in 1861 was recorded as a 70 year old widower. Joseph and his family were with him.  Joseph is recorded as aged 40, his wife Margaret was 35, and they had three daughters living with them, Catherine 13 born in Llangoed, Margaret 5 and Elizabeth 5 both born in Penmon.

A "Memorandum of Recognizance" was made through Beaumaris court on the 11th September, 1867 relating to  Edward Williams of Caim, a labourer, for the good behaviour of Mary Williams, especially towards Margaret, the wife of Joseph Jones of Cae'r Merddyn, labourer, for six months.
What assistance was given by the kind lady I wonder?

By 1871, daughters Catherine and Margaret were no longer living at Cae Merddyn. Owen Owens 80 was still head of the household, Joseph was recorded as 54 an working as an agricultural labourer, wife Margaret was recorded as 44. Elizabeth 13, was still at home, and two additions to the family were John aged 8 and Joseph aged 6, both born in Penmon.

The couple are recorded on the censuses as having
at least 4 children;
Catherine born Llangoed born 13th April 1847
Owen born 15th July 1848
Joseph born 15th January 1850
Elizabeth 14th April 1854
Margaret born Llangoed born 18th April 1856
Elizabeth born Penmon born 1st March 1858
John born 16th August 1860
John born Penmon born 15th July 1862
Joseph born Penmon c 1866

Uncle Owen Owens died in 1874 aged 87, Joseph died 5 years later in 1879 aged 57 and his wife Margaret died in 1880 aged 53.

They are buried at Capel Ty Rhys, Llangoed. Four of their other children, names unknown, are buried with them

In loving memory of
Cae Merddyn Penmon
who died on November 5 1874
aged 87 years old
who died February 20 1879
aged 57 years old
widow of the aforementioned J. Jones
who died July 14 1880 aged 55 years old.
Also four of their children

Joseph and Margaret Jones were my great, great grandparents, Their daughter Margaret born, 18th April 1856, married Charles Goodman Roberts, my great grandparents.


born 13th April 1847, daughter of

Catherine is recorded as 3 years old in 1851, living with her parents at Bryn Cowton, Llangoed as members of her great uncle Owen Owens' household.
She would have been at Tan y Ffordd, Llangoed when her sister Margaret was born and is recorded as aged 13 at Cae Merddyn in 1861, with her parents, and siblings Margaret and Elizabeth.
Unfortunately, I have no further information on Catherine. It may be that she is one of the children buried with her parents.

born 15th July 1848, son of

Megan Evans kindly supplied this Indenture relating to Owen Jones's apprenticeship
as a joiner in 1864

This Indenture Witnesseth that Owen Jones of Cae Merddyn in the homestead of Penmon by and with the consent of his father Joseph Jones of the above named place in the County of Anglesey testified  by his executing these  presents doth put himself Apprentice  to John Williams of Penrhyn Hospital in County of Caernarfon Joiner to learn his Art and with him after the Manner of an Apprentice to serve from the fifteenth day  of August last paid for and during and unto the full End and Term of Four Years from thence next following to be fully complete and ended. During which Term the said Apprentice his Master faithfully shall serve his secrets keep his lawful commands every where gladly do.

He shall do no damage to his said Master nor see to be done of others but to his Power shall tell or forthwith give warning to his said Master of the same.

He shall not waste the Goods of his said Master nor lend them unlawfully to any.

He shall not commit fornication nor contract Matrimony within the said Term.

He shall not play at Cards on Dice Tables or any unlawful Games whereby his said Master may have any loss with his own goods or others during the said Term without Licence of his said Master.

He shall neither buy nor sell. He shall not haunt Taverns or Playhouses nor absent himself from his said Master's service day or night unlawfully.

But in all things as a faithful Apprentice. He shall behave himself towards his said Master and all his during the said Term. 

And the said John Williams his said Apprentice in the Art of Joiner which he useth by the best means that he can shall teach and Instruct or cause to be taught and instructed.

Finding unto the said Apprentice during the said Term the Weekly Wages following that is to say one shilling and sixpence weekly and every week for the first year, two shillings weekly and every week  for the second year, five shillings weekly and every week for the third year, seven shillings weekly and every week the following and last year of the said term.

And for the true performance of all and every the said Covenants and Agreements either of the said Parties bindeth himself unto the other by these Presents.

In Witness whereof the Parties above named to these Indentures interchangeably have put their Hands and Seals the eighth day September and in the twentyseventh Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria by the Grace of God of the Untied Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Queen Defender of the Faith and in the Year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and sixty four.

The Amount of the Money, or the value of any other matter or thing given or agreed to be given with the Apprentice by way of Premium, must be truly inserted in words at length, otherwise the Indenture will be void and double such amount or value forfeited. 

Signed, sealed and delivered by the writing named, Owen Jones, Joseph Jones, Charles Pierce and John Williams 

Owen married Jane Williams who was born on the 5th August 1850 at Gwaelor-y-Cefn, Ruabon.
The couple had eleven children;
Owen Timothy Jones, born 3rd March 1873, Openshaw who married Ann Davies born in Liverpool.

Photo kindly supplied by Megan Evans

Owen Timothy Jones and wife Ann, pictured during their Golden Wedding in 1947 at a son's home in Manchester. They were married for 61 years. It is thought that they met at a Sunday School where Timothy's mother was teaching.
He was a joiner like his father and worked in Manchester until he was 79, even walking the five or six miles to work, aged about 76, during a bus strike

Owen and Ann had 6 children.
Robert Jones born in the 1890's and died in infancy.
Richard Lloyd Jones born 30th July 1899, and married Myfanwy Hughes in 1929. He died on the 29th May 1987 in Manchester.
Jane Catherine Jones born 8th December 1901, and married
Thomas Hill Ellis in 1929, died in October 1996 in Manchester.
Ernest Jones, born 23rd December 1904, married Ellen McNab in 1936 and died on 5 December 1993.
Gwendoline Jones born 10th August 1907, married Joseph Greenwood in 1938 and died 6th December 2006.
Thomas Owen Jones, born 9th November 1912, married Doreen Bootherstone in 1941, and died in February 1995.

Owen and and Ann's children.
Above, 1915; Gwendoline, Richard Lloyd, Ernest Jane Catherine (Katie), with Thomas Owen at the front.
Below, December 1984; Ernest, Gwendoline, Richard Lloyd, Jane Catherine (Katie) and Thomas Owen.

Delighted to receive the following information from Allan Turner of Thornton, Colorado, USA:
I just happened to come across your "Penmon, Jones Family" Website doing some of my own genealogy research.  I was surprised to see my late aunt's name pop up in the narrative, specifically Doreen Bootherstone.  She married Thomas Owen Jones,  the youngest son of Owen Timothy Jones and Ann Davies.


The above picture is of Tom and Doreen Jones on their wedding day.  They were married at Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Ashton-Upon-Mersey, Cheshire.  in 1940 (Source: Trafford Registers, CE2/5/33).  My records also show Tom's birthday being 9 Nov 1911, rather than 1912.  Also Tom died on 3 Feb 1995 in Cheshire.  Tom and Doreen are survived by their only son, John Hugh Jones. John and his family live in Cheshire.

Doreen's full name was Kathleen Doreen Bootherstone.  She was born on the 22 July 1913, in Ashton-upon-Mersey, Cheshire, and died on 18 Jul 1982.

The Bootherstone Family, courtesy of Allan Turner.
Doreen Bootherstone married Thomas Owen Jones. Allan writes

Doreen's parents were also my maternal grandparents.  My mother Winifred Joan Bootherstone died on the November 4, 2008.  She was Doreen's youngest sister and the last surviving member of the Bootherstone family. I was not fortunate to meet my maternal grandparents, since they both died before I was born.

Doreen's father was Albert Edward Bootherstone.  Albert was born in 1881 in Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Lancashire.  Her mother was Mary Jane Harrison. 

Mary was born in 1881 in Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire. 
Albert and Mary were married on the 16 Sep 1908, in Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Ashton-upon-Mersey, Cheshire.   Albert was employed as a Stockbroker's Cashier at the Royal Exchange in Manchester. 

St Mary Magdalene Church

Copyright Dave Smethurst
and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

Doreen had three brothers and two sisters.  They are listed as follows:

Frederick Arthur Bootherstone, born about 1909, Ashton-upon-Mersey. Arthur was the dark sheep of the family and I am still trying to gather information on him.

George Edward Bootherstone, born 6 May 1911, Ashton-upon-Mersey. Married in 1939 to Maud Winifred Clark.  Maude, born on the 29th December 1907, at Norwood, London,  was an actress whose stage name was  Wynne Clark. The couple had no children.
George was killed in action on 10 December 1941, when the Japanese sank the battleship HMS Prince of Wales in the South China Sea.

Click here to see a memorial webpage on George.

George and Maude on their wedding day

A few of Maude's (Wynne Clark) stage roles were;

Godfrey Tearle, Diana Wynyard, Leon Quartermaine, Harry Andrews, William Squire, Michael Bates, Clement McCallin, Paul Hardwick (as Sergeant and Siward), George Rose, Michael Gwynn, Robert Shaw (as Angus), Edmund Purdom, Jill Bennett (as Fleance and 2nd Apparition), John Slater, Robert Hardy, Margaret Courtenay, Wynne Clark, Timothy Bateson; director: Anthony Quayle

A Man For All Seasons, a play by Robert Bolt; 
Paul Scofield, who played the leading role in the West End premiere, reprised it on Broadway in 1962, winning a Tony Award. Both productions were directed by Noel Willman.

The original West End cast included:
The Common Man - Leo McKern, Sir Thomas More - Paul Scofield, Richard Rich - John Brown, Duke of Norfolk - Alexander Gauge, Alice More - Wynne Clark, Margaret - Pat Keen, Cardinal Wolsey -Willoughby Goddard, Thomas Cromwell - Andrew Keir, Chapuys - Geoffrey Dunn, Attendant - Brian Harrison, Will Roper - John Carson
Henry VIII - Richard Leech, Woman - Beryl Andrews, Archbishop Cranmer - William Roderick

1969: CANTERBURY TALES (Phoenix)
Trevor Baxter, Nicky Henson, Daniel Thorndike, George Raistrick, Wynne Clark, Kenneth J.Warren, George Benson, Billy Boyle, Gay Soper; director: Vlado Habunek. 

Marjorie Alice Bootherstone, born 20 May 1918, Ashton-upon-Mersey. Married in 1940 to George Kydd Findley. 3 children. Died in November 1991 in Clwyd, North Wales.  She and George are buried in the cemetery at the Parish Church of St Martin.

Alan Kenneth Bootherstone, twin born 1 September 1921, Ashton-upon-Mersey. Married in about 1942 to Ella Gallaher in Belfast, Northern Ireland. No children. Married 3 Apr 1972 to Muriel Ann Chittick, Enniskillen, Fermanagh Co, Northern Ireland. 1 child. Alan is my namesake and he served in the Royal Air Force during WW II.  After the war, he served as a "B Special" in the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Died on 15 May 1982 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Winifred Joan Bootherstone, twin, born 1 September 1921, Ashton-upon-Mersey. Married on the 18 Aug 1941, to Norman Frederick Turner. 3 children. Norman was a career pilot in the Royal Air Force and flew two Operational Tours in Lancaster Bombers during World War II.
Died 4 Nov 2008, in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Twins Alan Kenneth and Winifred Joan
with their mother Mary

Joan on her wedding day 
with her father Albert 

Albert died on 17 October 1941 and Mary died on the 28 Mar 1939.  They are buried together in the cemetery at the Parish Church of St Martin, Ashton-upon-Mersey, Cheshire.

Parish Church of St Martin, Ashton upon Mersey

Copyright Alexander P Kapp
and licensed for
reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Allan Turner

Allan's World
click here to visit Allan Turner's website, containing tributes to his parents 

All photos courtesy
of Allan Turner

Margaret Elizabeth Jones, born 7th June 1874, Openshaw.
Jane Eleanor Jones, born 9th October 1875, Openshaw, died 8th January 1904
Joseph Lloyd Jones, born 30th July 1877, Openshaw.
William Caradoc Jones, born 11th March 1879, Openshaw.
Thomas Charles Jones, born 22nd October 1880, Openshaw, died 15th August 1902
Florence Winifred Catherine Jones born 8th April 1882 Openshaw. She was married to Joseph (Joe) Egan. She died in 1932, shortly after her mother.
Mary Annie Oweena Jones, 9th September 1884, Openshaw, worked as a teacher and died unmarried in 1982.
Gladys Eugenia Victoria Jones, born 17 May 1887, Openshaw Rhoda Olwen Eveline Jones, born 20th March 1889 and married her cousin JohnWyn Roberts, who lived at Cefn Mawr.
Gladys Elfreda Jones, born 28th July 1890,
 and married Reverend Richard Lloyd.

 In 1881, the couple lived at No 1, Pink Street, Openshaw, Lancashire.

Owen, 32 was a joiner and builder, wife Jane was 30, children Owen T 8, Margaret E. 6, Jane C. 5, Joseph L. 3, William C. 2, Thomas C. 5 months. Owen's brother John Jones 18, was living with them. 

In 1891, the couple lived at  54 Ogden Lane, Openshaw, Lancashire. As a joiner, and one of his first jobs was the front door of Manchester Town Hall.

Owen, 42 was a joiner, wife Jane was 40, children Owen T 18, an apprentice joiner, Margaret E. 16, a dressmaker, Jane E. 15, Joseph L. 13, an errand boy, William C. 12, Thomas C. 10, Florence 8, Mary 6, Rhoda 2, Gladys E. 8 months

In 1901, the couple lived at 21 Greenhill Street, Chorlton, Manchester.

Owen, 52 was a joiner, wife Jane was 50, children Jane E. 25, William C. 22, a joiner carpenter, Thomas C. 20, apprentice joiner, Florence 18, mantle finisher, tailor, Mary 16, pupil school teacher, Rhoda 12, Gladys E. 10. 

I am very grateful to Megan Evans for supplying me with this wonderful family information, relating to their Family Bible.

Joseph Robert's Bible of 8 Hughes St. Brook St Chorlton Upon Medlock. I was born April 4th 1817 in Llangefni, North Wales.
Pan Byw yn y Ddaear ddu ar man bryfed i'm cwmpeini mi fydd hyn i'w weld yn eglur wedi ei roi a Phin a'r bapyr July 2nd 1836.

Presented to Owen Jones Openshaw Nr. Manchester by Joseph Roberts, the said Owen Jones' father's first cousin. April 8 1887. 

The Old Family Bible was presented to me the said Joseph Roberts by my Grandmother when about three years of age at her death at Llangefni North Wales in the year 1821. The Old Bible had been in their family sinceits first issued from the press. Purchased by my Grand Father William Jones of Pen Carrog and Ty'n Beudy in the Parish of Llanddyfnam, Anglesey, and the Great Grandfather of the above Owen Jones Openshaw.

Hoping it will still be kept in the family as an heirloom. The above Grandmother his buried at the Baptist Church Yard, Ebenezer or Cildwrn, Llangefni where her is to be seen. Adieu Joseph Roberts, 18 Lorne St, Moss Side, Manchester.

Family Record of Owen and his wife Jane Jones.
Owen Jones, eldest son of Joseph Jones and Margared Jones his wife, Cae Merddyn Penmon, Anglesea. Born July 15th 1848 at Bryn, Llangoed, Anglesea.

Jane Jones daughter of William Williams and Elizabeth Williams his wife the said William Williams being a deacon for many years at Pont Cysyllte Chapel and living at Bottom of Cefn Mawr and both being good doctor (2 words indecipherable).
The said Jane Born August 5th 1850 at 2.45 am at Bottom of Cefn Mawr Ruabon.

Owen Jones and the said Jane, being Jane Williams was married May 18th 1872 at Grosvenor Square Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Manchester by the Rev David Williams, Tremadoc. Witness Hugh Edwards and Catherine Jones sister.

Children born to Owen and Jane Jones.

Owen Timothy Jones born March 3rd 1873 born at 1pm Monday at 12 Ellen St, Openshaw, Manchester and was baptised by the Rev William James at Evry St Welsh Chapel now Higher Ardwick June 1873

Margaret Elizabeth Jones Born June 7th 1874, Sunday Morning 9.30 at 672 Ashton Old Road, Openshaw, Manchester and was Baptised by the Rev John Parry, Liverpool at Evry St
Welsh Chapel, now Higher Ardwick August 2nd 1874.

Jane Ellenor Jones Born Oct 9 1875. Born at 8.15 am Saturday at 672 Ashton Old Road now 796 and was Baptised Dec 22nd 1875, Thursday evening, by the Rev William James.

Joseph Lloyd Jones Born July 30th 1877 born Monday 12.35 pm at No Pink St, Openshaw. Baptised by John Parry, Liverpool at the Welsh Chapel, Adwick Sept. 2nd 1877.

William Craddock Jones Born March 11th 1879 at No 1 Pink St, Openshaw at 5.20 am Tuesday morning was Baptised at the Wesleyan Mission room held at the Cooperative Stores Openshaw by a Minister from Hanley on Easter Sunday April 13th 1879.

Thomas Charles Jones born Friday October 22nd 1880 at 10.40 pm at No 1 Pink St, Openshaw and was Baptised Sunday Morning December 12th 1880 at the Welsh Chapel, Higher Ardwick by the Rev Thomas Gray, Welsh Minister at Heywood St, Manchester.

Children's names continued .At 4 Ogden Lane, Higher Openshaw.

Florence Winifred Catherine Jones
Born April 8th 1882 on Easter Saturday at 9.30 am and was Baptised at the Welsh Wesleyan Mission room in Higher Openshaw May 21st 1882 Sunday Afternoon by the Rev. Thomas Humphreys.

Mary Annie Oweena Jones Born Tuesday Sept 9th 1884 at 10am Baptised at the Welsh Wesleyan Higher Openshaw by the Rev John Hugh Evans, Minister.

Gladys Eugenia Victoria Jones Born May 17th 1887 at 2.50am Baptised at St Barnabas Church Openshaw June 22nd 1887 and died August 7th 1889 and was interred at Ardwick Cemetery August 10th 1889. No. of grave 117X.

Rhoda Olwen Eveline Jones Born Wednesday March 20th 1889 about 11.30 am and was Baptised at the Welsh Church assembled at the day of St Ambers, schools Fuer St off Oxford St,Manchester by the Vicar the Rev Mr Price on Palm Sunday April 14th 1889 and registered at St Ambrose Registrars.

Gladys Elfrida Jones Born midnight Sunday July 28th 1890 at 12.15am Baptised at St Barnabas Church Openshaw Sunday August 24 1890.

Little Black Book.

Sat 5th March 1842 at 25 past 6 in the afternoon, Mary Ann Williams was born at Rhos-y-Medre and was Christened on 3 April in Acrefair Chapel by Daniel Roberts.

Elizabeth Williams was born 27 April 1844 at 10 o'clock at night in Rhos-y-Medre. Christened in Acrefair Chapel 23 June by Roger Williams of Wyddgrug (Mold).

Sarah Williams was born 28 May 1846 at Rhos-y-Medre at 12 noon. Christened in Acrefair Chapel 20 August by John Hughes from Pontrobert.

In the year 1848 on Sat. 1 July at quarter to seven am. Harriet Williams was born in Gwaelod-y-Cefn and was Christened 31 July in Pontcysyllte by Richard Jones of Llanfair Caereinion.

August 5 1850 at quarter to 3am Jane Williams was born in Gwaelor-y-Cefn and was Christened 15 September 1850 in Capel-y-Bont by John Edwards of Berthen (Gronant?) on a Monday.

William Williams
born 1807 18 April

Mary Williams
born 1809 18 July

John Williams
born 1812 5 June

Edward Williams
born 1816 7 July

Edward Williams born 6 October 1835 at quarter to 7am. Christened 19 October by Daniel Evans, from Harlech in Bont Chapel.

Gwen Williams born 26 September 1837 at quarter to 3pm. when there 2 preaching festivals on the same day. One was in Bont Chapel and the other was in Rhos-y-Medre Annibynwyr Chapel. Christened in Capel-y-Bont by Mr John Hughes of Adwyn Blawdd on 22 October 1837.

Thomas Williams born 23 October at quarter to 6am. Christened 1 December 1839 by Rev. Lewis Edwards of Bala in Capel-y-Bont. (Thomas could be the son of Bulckley Williams and he married Nellie Simkin on 30 March 1896 at St Barnabas Church Openshaw)

Margaret Williams born 3 October 1852, Sunday. Christened 22 October by Cadawaladr Owen of Dolwyddelen.

Jonathan Williams born 23 October 1855, Tuesday midnight in Gwaelod-y-Cefn and was Christened in Froncysyllte Chapel on Saturday 25 November by Evan Lloyd of Mold.

Seems to be two generations of the Williams family).

Owen Jones died on the 19th May 1930.

Owen's wife Jane died on the 4th May 1932

 Another wonderful selection of family photos
kindly supplied by Megan Evans

10 Lleyn Street is in Pwllheli and Owen Timothy is on the front right,
with probably Annie nee Davies next to him. 
This is her family home before she married Timothy.
The two ladies in the doorway are probably sister Maggie
and to the left of her is probably their Aunt Martha
who lived with them.
The children could be, from left to right Ernest, Tom,
Gwendoline  and Katy. 

The little girl at the front is not currently known
nor is the old gentleman. 

The photo was taken about 1914 looking at the age of Thomas Owen. 
Megan's father, Richard Lloyd Jones may have taken it

This photo was taken at a wedding in Llangollen in October 1965 and has 4 generations of Owen and Jane Jones's children. 
L- R  Richard Arnold, Megan's brother whose Golden Wedding is this year, Gladys Elfreda  Lloyd, the youngest child
who married Reverend Richard Lloyd;  
Rhoda Olwen Evelyn Roberts, born March 20th 1889, died May11th 1978, married her cousin Wynn Roberts and lived in or around
Cefn Mawr;

Mary Annie Owena spinster who died on February 20th 1980; 
Megan's father, Richard Lloyd Jones, born  July 30  1899,
and died June 29th 1987, is holding Megan's son.

None of these girls had children.

This 1962 wedding photo is of John's and Hilary.
John is Tom and Doreen's son. 
John and Hilary have 4 children, 2 girls and 2 boys 
and there are 3 grand children between them.

born 18.04.1856, daughter of 

Margaret was the second daughter of Joseph and Margaret Jones nee Lloyd. She was born on the 18th April 1856. Her birth cerificate states that her parents were living at Tan y Ffordd, Llangoed.

In 1861, Margaret had moved with her family to Cae Merddyn, where she was in the household of widower Owen Owens, her great uncle. Her parents were also there together with her siblings Catrherine 13, and Elizabeth 5.
Margaret is not recorded as living in Cae Merddyn in 1861.

On the16th November 1875, she married Charles Goodman Roberts. Their home address was Cae Merddyn at the time. For a short while, they lived in Liverpool, where their eldest child Maggie was born.
In 1881 they lived at Caim.
The census details are as follows; Charles Goodman Roberts 27, a gardener of Penmon and his family lived at the third house. He and his wife Maggie 25 of Llangoed had a daughter Maggie 4 born in Liverpool, son Joseph 1.    

They had moved to Cae Merddyn by 1891, when the household consisted of Charles 39 a slate quarry labourer, Maggie 34, Joseph T. 11, Jabez LL. 7, Charles G. 4 and Catherine 4.

I have been unable to trace daughter Maggie's wherabouts in 1901. She sadly died in 1897 of tuberculosis, aged 20.

In 1901, Charles 49 was a gardener, Maggie was 44, Jabez 18 a bricklayer - worker was the eldest living at home, with Charles 14, Katie (Catherine) 11 and Owen John 6, my grandfather.

In 1911, the family living at Cae Merddyn consisted of Charles Goodman Roberts, 58 was a gardener at a Gentleman's Residence, wife Maggie Goodman Roberts was 53, Jabez Lloyd Robers, 26 was a bricklayer, Charles Goodman Roberts, 24 was a carpenter, Katie Goodman Roberts was 21, and Owen John Roberts 16, was a gamekeeper. Charles and Maggie's grandson, Joseph Thomas Roberts aged 3 was also living with them. He was the son of Joseph and Georgina Roberts.

Son Joseph 21 had left home and had gone to South Africa to seek diamonds. He fought in the Boer War, and married a boer lady, Georgina Jane Hoff. They died in their early 30s and are buried at Penmon Church.

Jabez lived in the area all his life and married Jane Owen.

Charles Goodman Roberts left home for America in 1911 and died in tragic circumstances in 1918.

Katie married John Owen and lived in the area.

Owen John Roberts married Sarah Michell Jenkins. He fought in The Great War, and lived in Blaenau Ffestiniog, before moving to Dolgarrog

Maggie is seated here at Cae Merddyn, with husband Charles Goodman Roberts and sons Owen John, left and Jabez Lloyd, right. 

  Children of Charles and 
Maggie Goodman Roberts;

Margaret Ellen Roberts                        c 1877 - 11.4.1897
Joseph Thomas Goodman Roberts    c 1880 - 30.03.1914
Jabez Lloyd Roberts                              20.05.1883 - 25.08.1977
Charles Goodman Roberts                  18.08.1887 - 26.06.1918
Catherine Goodman Roberts              c 1890 - n/k
Owen John Goodman Roberts            10.11.1894 - 1.05.1976 

Maggie was a sharp woman and had the Bible on the tips of her fingers. She walked on tip toes and trained her children to do the same either on the tips of their toes, or running. 

They led a puritanical lifestyle.

Maggie had an old stone boot in the garden and she used to frighten children with tales about it.

She and Charles cared for her son Joseph's children Joseph and Madge after he and his wife had died. She did not take to Joseph's wife, who was of Dutch Boer descendency. If Joseph had gone out, she would tell her that he had gone to visit her his old girlfriends, even though he hadn't. 

Margaret Goodman Roberts died on the 15th May 1935. She was not told that her husband had pre-deceased her on the 24th April 1935.

She is buried at Capel Ty Rhos, Llangoed with her husband and daughter.

Yr Arglwydd yw fy mugail ni fydd eisiau arnaf"
Er serchog goffadwriaeth am
anwyl ferch
Cae Merddyn, Penmon
yr hon a hunodd yn yr Iesu, Ebrill 11 1897
yn 20 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Ebrill 24 1935 yn 83 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Mai 15 1935 yn 79 mlwydd oed

Read more about Maggie and Charles' lives and the lives of their children, by using the links to them, on the left hand side of the page.

born 1st March 1857, daughter of 

Elizabeth was born in Penmon, and living at Cae Merddyn aged 5 in the 1861 census, with her parents, and sisters Catherine 13 and Margaret 5. They were in the household of her great uncle Owen Owens.

In 1871, she was still living in Cae Merddyn with her great uncle, parents and two brothers John 8 and Joseph 6, both born in Penmon.

A lot had changed for Elizabeth by the next census in 1871.

Her great uncle died in 1874, and her parents had passed away by 1880. She  married Owen Jones a stone quarry labourer around 1877 and they had two children, Joseph L. Jones born about 1878 and Owen aged 6 months at the 1881 census. Elizabeth is recorded as 23 and her husband 30. He was now head of household at Cae Merddyn.

The couple moved to live in Llanberis. Sons Robert John Jones and Sam Jones were born there in1883 and 1885 respectively

Known as Lizzie, her husband died very young leaving her with the four children to raise. At one time, she worked as a caretaker at Capel Ty Rhys, Llangoed.

She and her young family were evicted from their home by the Massey family deliberately on a Sunday morning for failing to pay the rent where they lived. It was meant to be embarrassing as people were going to Chapel at the time. Lizzie and her children were literally as poor as church mice.

Lizzie had happiness again, as she married John Hughes, a stone quarryman, born in Llanddeiniolen in 1865. They had a three month old daughter Margaret, born in Llanfaes by the 1891 census, when John and Lizzie Hughes were living at Tynllan, Llanfaes with Margaret's four sons from her marriage to Owen Jones, Joseph Ll Jones aged 12, Owen Jones 10, Robert Jones 8 and Samuel Jones 6. Baby Margaret was also there.

Between 1891 and 1895, John and Lizzie had moved to live in Beaumaris, where another two sons were born, William Hughes in 1895 and John in 1898. They were to have another son, Albert, born later.

The 1901 census shows John 46 working as a limestone quarryman and Lizzie 43, living at an Almshouse in Llanfaes with sons William Hughes 6 and John Hughes 3. The other children had left home

In 1902, the family moved to Deiniolen below, where his father was born.

Husband John died on the 18th March 1908, leaving Lizzie a widow for a second time. She was now 50 years old, and probably desperate for a new life.

Elizabeth Hughes emigrated to America in 1909. Her last residence in Wales was Ebenezer, Caernarfonshire, and gave her nearest living relative as Charles Goodman Roberts, Cae Merddyn, her brother in law, husband of her sister Margaret.
She travelled to America on The Compania, pictured below

Departing from Liverpool. She went in response to an advert for a housekeeper by Albert V. Storms. Her destination was Rome, New York and Mr Storms paid for her passage across the waters. He lived at the Leigh Centre, New York. Lizzie was described as 5 feet 5 inches tall, fair complexion, light brown hair and grey eyes. She was 50 years old. Travelling with her were two of her children, Johnnie 11 and Albert 8. Her other son William would travel later.

She arrived at Ellis Island, below, on the 29th May 1909

Pictured here are some arrivals at Ellis Island in the 1900s. 

Lizzie and Albert had married by the time her other son William arrived in America on the 22nd July 1909. They were living at Lee Centre, New York

Travelling on the Caronia pictured below, he gave the name of his nearest relative in Wales as J. E. Jones, step brother, and travelled as a minor with Samuel Jones, friend of Charles G. Roberts, Cae Merddyn. His mother paid Williams' passage over. William was 5 feet 6 inches tall, fair complexion and hair, his eyes were recorded as black

                                                         The Caronia

Albert Storms may have died by June 1918.

When she lived in Solsville, Madison County a tragedy happened at her home. Her nephew, Charles Goodman Roberts, named after his father, had emigrated to America arriving in New York on the 11th May 1911. He had been happy initially, but later suffered depression and went to visit his Aunt and family at her farm.

He hanged himself in a barn and was discovered by her son
John Hughes. 

Elizabeth Jones Hughes

Joe Hughes has very kindly forwarded this picture to me, and I am honoured to place it on the Penmon website on St David's Day, 1st March 2012.
The 155th anniversary of Elizabeth's birth. KD.
Joe writes;

My Cousin Donna and I were recently at Uncle Donald Hughes' Funeral and were talking about our family's webpage and the need for 
Great Grandmother Elizabeth's photo to appear on it.  
Donna has just sent me this and I am forwarding it directly to you.

Aunt Betty wrote for the picture:
Our Great Grandma Elizabeth Hughes Jones
Left of her is (Our) Grandfather  Albert Hughes
Right of her is (Our) Great Uncle Sam Jones
Back Left (Our) Uncle William Hughes
Back Right is (Our) Uncle John W. Hughes

The Photo is probably 1920 ish:  As that would make Albert 19, William 25, Elizabeth 63, Sam 35 and John 22 which makes sense from the faces in the photo.

Elizabeth lived at 112 West Embargo Street, ROME, New York in 1920 with her sons Sam, William, John and Albert

Absolutely delighted to receive this wonderful picture, which means so much to me.
I've read and heard a great deal about this remarkable lady, but have never seen a photo of her 
Elizabeth is my great grandmother Maggie Goodman Roberts's sister.
Thank you Donna and Joe for supplying the photo. KD. 

William Hughes
son of
Elizabeth and John Hughes

Photo courtesy of Joe Hughes
William Hughes (Joe's Father's Uncle) Uncle Will to Joe and family, Bill to Aunt Bessie. Guessing date 1930's.

William graduated from Princetown University, B.A., and Harvard University Law School, LL.B..

In 1930, William lived at  No 306, Block 97, George Street, Rome Town, New York. He was then an Attorney, aged 35.

William married Bessie Mae Wilson on the 9th January 1932. They had no children and lived at 421 Turin Street, Rome.

He described Bessie as 5 feet 3 inches tall, grey eyes and of medium build. She kept a good home and busied herself by cultivating and raising a variety of flowers and roses.

During winter months, she occupied herself  feeding many kinds of birds, squirrels and 'Red' the neighbours dog. He said that all who know Bessie  are sure she had earned her place in heaven.

William stated he was 5 feet 10 inches, aged 18, his friends said that his hair is light, others call it grey. He smoked cigars and a pipe, fly fished for trout and went to  the races. He mentioned that he was not sure where he would be in the hereafter

In 1935 and 1937 they spent their vacations in England, Scotland and Wales, visiting Penmon on both occasions.

Great nephew Joe Hughes writes;
William Hughes and Bessie lived at 421 Turin Street where I visited them weekly with my parents.  My Father helped Uncle Will mow the lawn monthly changing off with my other Uncles on a weekly basis.  Aunt Bessie's gardens were magnificent.  I personally remember changing water in the birdbath and feeding birds with her. 
Uncle Will always had a pipe or cigar near-by.  My Father and Uncles went with him fishing and to the Horse Races. My Father and Uncles were like Bessie and Bill's children that they never had.

John Hughes
son of
Elizabeth and John Hughes

In 1930, Lizzie's son John Hughes and his family lived a couple of apartments away,at No 304, Block 97, George Street, Rome Town. He was married to Francietta now aged 41, born in New York. Their son Norman Lloyd Hughes was 6 months old, and Richard Davis, a ward aged 12 lived with them. His brother in law William T. Jones 36, a steam fitter with Rome Wire, also lived with them. John was a bookkeeper at Rome Wire. Below is an advert from 1921 about the Rome Wire Company.


John Hughes became the City Treasurer at Rome, New York and died on the 12th November 1955. John and  Francietta's son Norman was head of the City Assessor's Office in 1968.

Great  nephew Joe Hughes writes;
John Hughes you mentioned married Francietta.  She was known to us as Marietta. 
Great Uncle John Hughes died the year I was born.  However I remember frequently visiting at the Home of Aunt Marietta and Cousin Norman Hughes.   I also remember Richard Davis.

Marietta and Norman Hughes (John Hughes' Wife and Son, My Father's Aunt and Cousin) Probably Christmas 1960's

Albert Hughes married and had five sons and one daughter, who all married and had children.

Albert Hughes
son of
Elizabeth and John Hughes

I was absolutely delighted to receive the following e-mail from Joe Hughes,  Albert's grandson. KD

Thank you for publishing a website with so much information about our family. You did an outstanding job.
Permit me to introduce myself to you:  I am Joseph Anthony Hughes, born in Rome, NY in 1955.  I am the son of Joseph Lloyd Hughes, Grandson of Albert Hughes, Great-Grandson of Elizabeth Jones Hughes Storms (Lizzie) whom you detailed her life from birth in Wales to Rome, NY.  I am most grateful for this information about her and the extended family.
I am very interested in Uncles, Aunts and Cousins and other relatives which may still be living in Wales.
I am achurch organist and Chior Director and have been given the gift of a Welsh singing voice. My Father and Uncle David sang in the Church Choir for years right up until their passing to Heaven.

I was called Joey as a child and Joey Bach by Aunt Marietta, Janie and Evan Thomas.


Joe has kindly shared his knowledge of the family, which appears below. Thank you Joe. KD

Albert and Floy Hughes (My Grandfather and Grandmother) not sure of the date but probably circa 1960.

Abert Hughes (my Grandfather) (died @1963) married Floy Clark (died 1998). They had five sons and one daughter as stated:

Albert Hughes' Family:  Albert Jr, Joseph Lloyd, David, Elizabeth (Betty), Paul, Floy, Donald.  1980 Floy's 75th Birthday.

Joseph Lloyd was called Lloyd by the family.  My Mom and her family called him Joe. Elizabeth was called Betty by the family.

Albert Hughes (died 1998) married Margaret Schuster Seager (died 1997)
Children; Janet Hughes, John Hughes, Richard Seager, Linda Seager

Elizabeth Muriel Hughes (died 1998) married Harry C. Reed who died in 1996.
Children; Donna Jo Reed Renzi, Deborah Reed DeMarco .

Joseph Lloyd Hughes(1929-1997) married Mary Jane D'Amore (1924-1986) (Joe's Parents KD) Son; Joseph Anthony Hughes 

Photo courtesy of Joe Hughes
Joseph Lloyd holding Joseph A with Albert Hughes. (My Father, Me and My GrandFather) 1956 or 1957.

Donald Francis Hughes died 2012, married Gloria Bingham (Living Floyd, NY)
Children; Colleen Hughes, Donald Hughes.

Paul Warren Hughes(Living Rome, NY) Married Janet Smith (died 2010)
Children; Paul Hughes Jr, Philip Hughes, Karen Hughes, Clarence Hughes (infant death)

David Leon Hughes (died 2010) married Betty Jane Jahnke 
hildren; Dawn Marie Hughes, Brenda Hughes Pepe, Michelle Hughes Abner, William Charles Hughes, David Hughes (infant death)

When I was a child, Uncle Will I believe told that me that he and my Grandfather had half brothers that remained in Walses when he came over and also one came over to USA but went back to Wales.  Do you know that story and are these family members living or are there children of them known to you?

Also, I was told that Great-Grand Father and Great-Grand-Mother Hughes owned or worked in an Inn somewhere in Anglesey is that known?

Ken, you describe the tragic life that Great Grandmother Elizabeth had and of course a lot of poverty.  Yet, I would like to say that she and her Children, Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren were very blessed in many ways. 
First of all she was a tough and courageous lady to come to America and begin a new life here for herself and her children. 
We were all blessed with great Christian Faith and surrounded with a wealth of love. 
We NEVER lacked for love and were always a close family.

I know that most deceased members of our family are buried in the Rome Cemetery.  However, we do have older relatives that were buried in Evergreen Cemetery.  Albert and Elizabeth Storms are very probably buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Turin.

Ken, I just read your message on the messageboard. An Albert V. Storms (1855-1918) was my great grandfather. He lived in Lee, NY. In the 1900 census for Lee he is married to AnnJones.She died in 1906, and in the 1910 he is living in Lee, NY with Elizabeth as his wife, as well as a William and AlbertJones. She died in 1906, and in the 1910 he is living in Lee, NY with Elizabeth as his wife, as well as a William and AlbertHughes,as his step-sons. Could this be the same Albert and Elizabeth? Albert died in 1918, and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery,Hughes,as his step-sons. Could this be the same Albert and Elizabeth? Albert died in 1918, and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery,Turin  

Heb gysylltu erstalwm, ond roeddwn yn edrych drwy rhai hen gardiau post, a dod ar draws nifer o Efrog Newydd.
Dim ysgrifen arnyn nhw ar wahan i un -llun o Stanwix Hall hotel, Rome, NY, heb ei anfon, ond ar y cefn mae rhywun wedi ysgrifennu 'Will and Sam worked in this hotel for a short time',  
Mae'n debyg mai mab Lisi Cae Merddyn ydi Will, ac rydach chi'n son fod ganddo gyfaill o'r enw Sam a aeth draw.  
Dim dyddiad, ond mae o'n un o nifer o gardiau eraill o'r ddinas.

Un llun arall, wedi 'fadio' yn arw, o ddyn mewn uniform ar gefn geffyl yn cario gwn - pan ofynnwn i yn blentyn pwy oedd o, "Charlie Cae Merddyn yn yr Orange Free State".
Dim ysgrifen eto  ond  Lund  Bros, Kroonstad ar y gwaelod.

Pob hwyl efo'r wefan - mae fy holl gyndeidiau wedi dod i lawr i Williamses a Joneses hefo'r un enwau bedydd, rhwng Penrhoslligwy a Penmon, via Llanddona, ac mae'n amhosib bod yn siwr pwy ydi pwy!

Diolch yn fawr iawn Rhiannon. Cardiau ardderchog -  KD

 Cardiau o Efrog Newydd
Rhiannon Williams
Hotel Stanwix Hall, Rome ,New York
Reverse of card reads;
'Will and Sam worked in this hotel for a short time'

North James Street, Rome, New York
Y.M.C.A. Rome, New York

Bankers Trust Company Building
New York

Grace Church
New York City

Manhattan Hotel
New York City

St Paul's Chapel
New York City

Bowery, North of Grand Street, New York
North from Great Street. Formerly being a
place of congregation for many of the notorious
habitues of the underworld. The street is now a
thoroughfare that is an exit to the famous East
Side of New York. It is controlled very largely
by the Jewish and foreign element. The Bowery
has not yet lost its interest to the stranger, and
the name still holds as an old land-mark which
should be visited, tho many of its famous resorts
are no longer

Dear Sis, I am coming to see you tomorrow (Sunday).
So I would be pleased if you will meet the 3.45 train in Northgate.
I shall be alone as Walter is coming by a later train to the
General S(tation).

Yours in haste with fond love
Katie x

Entrance to Central Park at 5th Avenue and
59th Street, New York City
  Lake and Boat House. Central Park, New York City

Hall of Records, New York City

Hotel Astor, New York City

Custom House, Boston, Mass.

Tebyg mae Charlie 'Cae Merddyn' yw hwn
yn yr Orange Free State


born c 1863, son of 

John Jones was the fourth child of Joseph and Margaret Jones.

He is shown as aged eight in the 1871 census when he lived at Cae Merddyn with Owen Owens 80, his great uncle and parents Joseph Jones 54 an agricultural labourer and Margaret 44, sister Elizabeth 13 and brother Joseph 6.

I cannot locate him in either the 1881 nor 1891 censuses for Anglesey, however in 1901 he is head of household at Caim.

John then aged 38, his wife Mary 33, and children Margaret 7, Mary Catherine 5, Joseph 3 and Humphrey 1, were living with him.

His occupation is recorded as a joiner with K.E.R.A. Militia. The militia  were initially a reserve of men who could be called upon at times of war. Each year, parishes drew up a list of men capable of serving and a ballot was held to provide militiamen. Men served for three years between 1757 and 1786, and for five years after that. They were based at home, except  in times of war. While they were away on service, their wives and children were paid an allowance. Wives had to apply to the parish. The last ballot took place in 1829. Thereafter, it was a completely voluntary force.

In 1881, militias became linked to local regiments and were renamed as batallions or reserve units. In 1908, the militia became the Territorial Army.

His wife Mary was the daughter of Humphrey and Mary Jones, and appears on the 1871 census at Caim aged three, with her parents aged 27 and 28 respectively, and sisters Catherine 7, Ann 5 and Margaret 1. 

In 1881, Mary aged 14, was in general service at 20 Ratings Row, Beaumaris, working for Richard and Martha Eames, a labourer and his wife. I cannot locate her in the 1891 census. She later worked for an undertaker, laying out and wshing bodies.

Her father Humphrey was born in Llanedwen in 1844. Aged 7, he lived with his widowed mother Ann, a 42 year old pauper at the gatehouse, Llanedwen with his brothers John, 22 a stonemason,  William 5 and sister Jane 14.

Ten years on, Ann had moved to live at Pwllfawnog and worked as a dairymaid. Her sons John 32, a mason and William 15 a dock labourer, had moved with her.

John was involved in the funeral of Queen Victoria who died on the 2nd February 1901. In his red tunic and smart trousers, he marched with other soldiers behind the Queen's coffin.

John died on the 29th April 1907 aged 44.

By 1911, Mary Jones, 42, widow, was now head of the household. Son Humphrey, 11, was at school, Myfanwy was 9, John Seiriol Jones, 6 and Olwen Jones 3. All were Penmon born and bilingual.
Gwilym Williams, 52, single was a boarder with the family, a Welsh speaking Limestone Quarry Manager, born in Deiniolen, Caernarvonshire. .

Mary passed away on the 13 February 1956 aged 88.

They are buried together at Penmon Church with their son Humphrey, who died 17th January 1944, aged 44.

Er serchog gof am
Caim, Penmon
yr hwn a fu farw Ebrill 29 1907 yn 44 mlwydd oed
"yng nghanol ein bywyd yr ydym yn angeu".
Hefyd HUMPHREY JONES ei annwyl fab
a fu farw 17 Ionawr 1944 yn 44 mlwydd oed.

Hefyd MARY priod JOHN JONES a fu farw Chwefror 13 1956   
  yn 88 mlwydd oed

John and Mary had the following children. Margaret born about 1894, Myfanwy, Mary Catherine born about 1896, Joseph Jones born about 1898, Humphrey born on the 2nd January 1900,  John Seiriol Jones born on the 8th April 1908, and Olwen.   

A lot of very interesting and heroic information has previously been very kindly supplied to me for a Jones Family History Booklet, but I have been asked by family members not to publish details of it on the internet.

I fully appreciate this and understand and respect their request. I shall honour it accordingly.

I have therefore decided to close this section with the names of John and Mary's children only. 

However, if any member of the family would like to add further details relating to their particular line of the family, I would love to hear from them, and enter details, as long as those details do not contravene the request made by family members.

born c 1866, son of 

Joseph was the fifth child of Joseph and Margaret Jones. He was born around 1865 in Penmon, probably at Cae Merddyn. 

He appears on the 1871 census of Cae Merddyn aged 6, with his great uncle Owen Owens, parents Joseph 54 and Margaret 44, and siblings Elizabeth 13 and John 8

In 1881 he appears at Cae Merddyn again, but as a farm servant, when his sister Elizabeth 23 was married to Owen Jones  30 of Pensarn, who was head of the household. His cousins Joseph L. Jones 3 and Owen 6 months, were also there.

I have been unable to establish  where Joseph lived in 1891.


Caim housed Jane Hughes 65, a farmer, Hugh 40, William Williams 15 an agricultural labourer, house servant Margaret Williams 25 and manual servant Thomas Williams 12. 

Jane Hughes 76, widowed and a farmer lived at Caim with son Hugh 48 both of Penmon. Lewis Thomas 19 and Robert Thomas 16 were farm servants from Llangoed, and Catherine Thomas 21 was a house servant from Llanfaes. 

Caim housed mariner John Williams 40 of Amlwch. Hs wife Anne 35 and children John W. 6, Caroline 4 and Mary 3, were all born in Bangor.

Also at Caim was another mariner John Jones 54 of Beaumaris. His wife Anne 42 came from Manchester and widowed Mary Jones 45 a pauper from Flint lodged with them.

Agricultural labourer William Parry 56 of Penmon, wife Margaret 56 of Amlwch and grandson John 2 of Penmon also lived at Caim.

John Jones 23 an agricultural labourer of Llangoed, wife Ann
25 and son John 2 both of Penmon, formed another household at Caim.

John Scheenan  55, described as a potter, wife Mary 57, both born in Ireland had also set up home at Caim.

Agricultural labourer John Davies 55 of Hen Eglwys, Mary
55 of Llanfihangel and Elizabeth 13 of Llanfair completed the set of families resident at Caim.

Caim shows the family of John Sheenan 65, a potter from Ireland living there with wife Mary 66 also from the Emerald Isle. Grandson and general labourer John Sheenan 15 was Banfor born.

Humphrey Jones 27 of Llanedian, an agricultural labourer and his family are also at Caim. Wife Mary 28 was from Cwm y Glo, Catherine 7 and Ann 5 from Beaumaris, Mary 3 and Margaret 1, both from Penmon.

Huw Williams 40 of Llanfaes, a general labourer also lived at Caim.
One Caim residence was uninhabitted.

Owen Jones 30 a stone quarry man lived at Cae Merddyn with his wife Elizabeth 23, and sons Joseph L 3 and Owen 6 months. His brother Joseph 16 a farm servant, was also living there. They were all Penmon born.

Charles Goodman Roberts 27, a gardener of Penmon and his family lived at the third house. He and his wife Maggie (nee Jones), 25 of Llangoed had a daughter Maggie 4 born in Liverpool, but son Joseph T 1, who would later fight in the Boer War, was born in Beaumaris.    

Humphrey Jones 37, an agricultural labourer of Llanedwyn lived at Cae Perllan. His wife Mary 28, was from Cwm y Glo, Caernarfonshire. Their children Margaret 11, Elizabeth 10, Ellen 8, Humphrey 5, Jane 4 and William 2, were all Penmon born.

That Margaret and Elizabeth, daughters of Humphrey Jones, Caim, parish Penmon, attend the National School, Penmon, complaint having been made by Lewis Morris, Llangoed, on behalf of the Bangor & Beaumaris Union School Attendance Committee that Humphrey Jones had habitually neglected to provide instruction for his children.
Order 1880 Oct 9. 

Of Humphrey Jones, Caim, parish Penmon, at Menai Bridge for the non-attendance of his child at school.
Summary Conviction 1881 Sep. 3.

Another quarry labourer, Humphrey Jones 46 of Llanfair PG lived at Caim, with wife Mary 48 of Llanbeibio. The rest of the household were Penmon born. George 9, Fannie 6, Mary 5, Henry 3 and William 11. All born in Pentraeth apart from Catherine, borth Llanerchymedd and Samuel, born Penmon.
All bilingual apart from Samuel, Welsh only.

Owen Lewis, 33 head, Limestone Quarry labourer, Catherine Lewis, 32, wife, married 13 years, 7 children,
5 still alive. Children Mary, 12, William John, 11, Owen, 9, Robert, 6, all at school, Samuel 1, at home.

Ellen Roberts, 59, widow, married 15 years, 6 children, 4 still alive, born Llangoed, Margaret Owen, 6, niece, born Penmon. Both Welsh speaking..