Charles Goodman Roberts was my maternal great grandfather. He was a son of Thomas and Elinor Goodman Roberts. He lived in Beaumaris before marrying Margaret Jones. The couple lived in Liverpool, Caim and Cae Merddyn, Penmon. They are buried in Capel Llangoed. They were the parents of Owen John Roberts, my grandfather.


Cae Merddyn, Penmon
reproduced here by kind permission of illustrator
Kim Selene Davies
great great great granddaughter of Joseph and Margaret Jones
who lived at Cae Merddyn from c 1861

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1852 - 1935

Charles Goodman Roberts was born about 1852 in Beaumaris and lived his early life at 31 Wexham Street, Beaumaris with his parents Thomas Goodman Roberts and Elinor Roberts, and his siblings.

He married Margaret Jones in 1875 and for a short while lived in Liverpool where their eldest daughter, Maggie Goodman Roberts was born.

Certificate of Registry of Marriage 1875
MARRIAGE solemnized at the Registry Office in
the District of Bangor
in the County of Caernarfon, page 87 no. 174
16th November 1875
Charles Goodman Roberts, 22 years, Bachelor, Labourer,
Residence Cae Merddyn, Penmon
Father - Thomas Goodman Roberts, Gardener
Margaret Jones 18 years, spinster, Residence, Cae Merddyn, Penmon
Father - Joseph Jones, Quarryman
before John Pritchard, Registrar,
in the presence of Annie Roberts and Jane Williams.

30 Awst 1877
Chware teg i Charles Goodman Roberts, yr hwn a gyhuddwyd o flaen y Fainc am gadw twrw hefo'r chaps hyny; pa achos oedd ganddynt gymeryd y penwaig oedd ganddo ar y llinyn. Iddo ef y perthynent : ie, siwr, a thalodd 5s. a'r costau am geisio eu cadw yn ei feddiant.

In 1881, they lived in Caim, Penmon, near Cae Merddyn together with their second child Joseph, born in Beaumaris 12 months earlier.

He was a domestic gardener, working for Sir William Bulkeley's estate at Baron Hill, Beaumaris, and was also a Sunday school teacher.

In 1891, Charles and Maggie were living at Cae Merddyn, which was Maggie's former family home. 

They had six children in all, and Sadly the family saw more than their fair share of pain, unhappiness and grief.

            Children of Charles and Maggie Goodman Roberts;

Margaret Ellen Roberts                      c 1877 - 11.4.1897
Joseph Thomas Goodman Roberts   c 1880 - 30.03.1914
Jabez Lloyd Roberts                            20.05.1883 - 25.08.1977
Charles Goodman Roberts                  18.08.1887 - 26.06.1918
Catherine Goodman Roberts              c 1890 - n/k
Owen John Goodman Roberts            10.11.1894 - 1.05.1976
The couple had another two children who died., names unknown at present. 

Their eldest child Maggie died of tuberculosis aged 20.

Rhagfyr 1af, 1910
Nos Fawrth y cynhaliwyd yr uchod, dan lywyddiaeth Mr Charles Goodman Roberts.

Wedi can gan Mr John Roberts, Pwll Crwn, ac anerchiad gan y llywydd, bu i Miss J. Williams, Cae Coch, a Miss Molly Parry, Coedwig Terrace, ein swyno a'u lleisiau cyfoethog; yna adroddiad, gan Mr E. Jones, Penmon.

Areithio yn ddifyfyr, goreu Mr R. Williams, Parc; yna can gan Miss Thomas a'i llais melodaidd, ac felly Mr Robert Williams yn swynol dros ben.

Cawsom adroddiad wedi hyn gan Mr Ioan Jones, ac anerchiadau barddonol gan Mri Ioan Jones a W G. Williams. Dilynwyd hyn ag adroddiad campus gan Miss Ceinwen Jones, Penmon.

Terfynwyd y cyfarfod drwy ganu "Hen wlad fy nhadau" gan Miss Thomas, a'r gymdeithas yn uno yn y cydgan. Testyn y ddadl yn y gymdeithas nesaf fydd "Ai rhan ai dewisiad yw priodas?" Agorir gan Mri Richard Thomas a W. G. Williams.

Rhoddir gwahoddiad cynes i bawb.

In 1911, the family living at Cae Merddyn consisted of Charles Goodman Roberts, 58 was a gardener at a Gentleman's Residence, wife Maggie Goodman Roberts was 53, Jabez Lloyd Robers, 26 was a bricklayer, Charles Goodman Roberts, 24 was a carpenter, Katie Goodman Roberts was 21, and Owen John Roberts 16, was a gamekeeper. Charles and Maggie's grandson, Joseph Thomas Roberts aged 3 was also living with them. He was the son of Joseph and Georgina Roberts.

The 1911 Census, completed in Charles's handwriting,
with his signature.


Eldest son Joseph Thomas Goodman Roberts moved to South Africa and fought in the Boer War. He married a lady from Transvaal, Georgina Hoff. The couple moved to Penmon to live after the war. Georgina as badly treated by the community. The couple died in their thirties and are buried at Penmon Church. 

Jabez Lloyd Roberts married Jane Owens, a descendant of the Bulkeley and Tudor families. He later owned and sold Cae Merddyn.

In 1911, son Charles Goodman Roberts left for America where he committed suicide in 1918.

Daughter Katie suffered with depression.

In 1917, son Owen John Roberts was injured in the Great War.

Their granddaughter Madge died aged 25, just weeks before Charles and Maggie died


One of their granddaughters Mrs Jean Davies, daughter of Owen John Roberts, recalls staying with her grandparents.
'We stayed in Penmon, at Dad's home, Cae Merddyn, a smallholding and I loved to feed the chickens. There were many fields there and we played for hours. 
They also had a lovely orchard and kitchen garden. 

'My grandparents had a lovely flower garden, backed by a rockery and it was full of sweet smelling flowers. My grandfather used to sit there and feel he was in the presence of God.
'He was a very religious man and was a Sunday school teacher for over 50 years. No work was done at all on the Sabbath, apart from feeding the animals. They went to chapel three times on a Sunday

Charles Goodman Roberts' Sunday School Class,
Caim, Penmon.

Boys standing; Maldwyn Jones, Mon Owen.
Seated row; Olwen Williams, Betty Owen, Eluned Hughes,
Charles G. Roberts, Austin Jones, Seiriol Jones, Eluned Roberts
On ground; Iris Siriol Jones, Mair Owen.
Names kindly supplied by Marjorie Jones, Anne Crew,
and Audrey Bradbury.

This photo hung by the stairs in my grandparents home,
Owen John and Sarah Michell Roberts, at 26 Gwydr Road, Dolgarrog.
Tom and Nancy Hughes, who later owned Cae Merddyn,
kindly supplied this photo

The following collection of photographs appear here courtesy of Judy Jones, daughter of Eluned Roberts who appears in the Sunday School photo above.

Eluned was the daughter of Jabez Lloyd Roberts, son of Charles Goodman Roberts.

The photos are dedicated in loving memory of Eluned Gee

 Owen John Roberts, sister Katy
and mother Maggie

Maggie Goodman Roberts
with son Charles G. Roberts

Owen John Goodman Roberts
with brothers Charles, Jabez

and sisters Katy and Maggie

Son Charles Goodman Roberts

Charles, a very religious man, was involved in the Anglesey Revivalist movement, which commenced in 1904. He and his family probably attended the last revivalist meeting held in Anglesey on the 4th July 1906.

Charles and Maggie seated, with sons
Owen John Roberts, my grandfather, left
and Jabez Lloyd Roberts, right  

Charles was known locally as Yr Hen Gristion, the Old Christian.
All his pupils called him Taid, such was their affection towards him.
       Charles in his garden

Charles died on the 24th April 1935. At the time, his wife Margaret was very ill. So ill in fact, that they kept the sad news of his death from her. She died on the 15th May 1935, unaware that she would be meeting her husband who had predeceased her.

Son Jabez saw to his father's funeral. The undertakers account was as follows;

Estimates Free         No8
Dr. to John Jones
Builder and Contractor

Mr J. Lloyd Roberts April 29 1935
To Coffin and Shroud for the late
Mr Charles Goodman Roberts  £7  10  0
Bricks  10/- Castings  2/-                12  0
Covers  6/6                                      6  6
£8  8s  6d

Received with thanks
John Jones  April 29  1935

Charles is buried at Capel Ty Rhos, with his wife Maggie and daughter Maggie Ellen. 

Yr Arglwydd yw fy mugail ni fydd eisiau arnaf"
Er serchog goffadwriaeth am
anwyl ferch
Cae Merddyn, Penmon
yr hon a hunodd yn yr Iesu, Ebrill 11 1897 yn 20 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Ebrill 24 1935 yn 83 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Mai 15 1935 yn 79 mlwydd oed.



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