Cae Merddyn was the family home. Here are census details from 1841 to 1901. Our family connection starts in 1861. Charles Goodman Roberts was my great grandfather. Owen John G Roberts aged 16 in 1911 was my grandfather.


Cae Merddyn, Penmon
reproduced here by kind permission of illustrator
Kim Selene Davies
great great great granddaughter of 
Joseph and Margaret Jones
who lived at Cae Merddyn from c 1861

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Cae Merddyn from a waterclour by W.B. Baron in 1895

Bangor College Library holds some family papers belonging to Williams-Bulkeley. One document is the conveyance dated 6th September 1811, by the Reverend Thomas Evans and the Reverend Robert Evans, Clerks to Lord Viscount Bulkeley of Ty'n Y Coed, in the Parish of Penmon; consideration £1,000. Seven documents altogether relating to Ty'n Y Coed (22nd February 1743 - 5th September 1811). The smallholding called Cae Merddyn, was owned by the Bulkeley family and rented out to tenant.  

Census details from 1841 to 1901, show
Cae Merddyn's tenants as;
1841; Ellen Parry 60 born Llanfair Hafan Etheyrn
1851; Ellen Parry 74
1861; Owen Owens 70 born Llangoed
1871; Owen Owens 80
1881; Owen Jones 30 born Pensarn
1891; Charles Goodman Roberts 39 born Beaumaris
1901; Charles Goodman Roberts 49
1911; Charles Goodman Roberts 59

On the 16th April 1921, the property was sold by Sir R.H. Williams-Bulkeley to Owen John Roberts, son of Charles Goodman Roberts

On the 14th January, Owen John Roberts sold a part share of the property to his brother Jabez.

On the 8th March 1932, Jabez Lloyd Roberts bought Cae Merddyn outright from his brother.

On the 1st January 1959, Charles William Wright purchased the property.

Around 1960, Colonel W. C. Standing purchased the property.

In 1962, Thomas Bickerstaff was the new owner.

On the 17th October 1968 Mabel Evelyn Jackson purchased Cae Merddyn.

On the 11th June 1987, Thomas and Nancy Hughes became its proprietors.

The property was sold again in 2000. 



The earliest recorded resident discovered to date, according to St Seiriol's Church records, was a Margaret Parry, who died there in 1763.

The 1841 and 1851 censuses show Ellen Parry (aged 60 and 74) widow, living at Cae Merddyn. She was recorded as a farmer in 1841 and ten years later as a cottager widow.

She was born Ellen Williams, in the Parish of Llanfair Matharn Eithaf. Ellen, or Elin or Eleanore,  married John Parry at St Seiriol's Church, Penmon in 1799. Their children were Elizabeth born 1799, William, born and died 1801, Alice born 1803, William born 1805, Margaret born 1807, John born 1809, Hugh tised 10th October 1813,  Lewis born 1815 and Thomas baptised 30th September 1821. It is understood that they were all born in Cae Merddyn.

Her husband John, who worked Cae Merddyn, died in 1839 and is buried with his wife Ellen at St Seiriol's Church Penmon.

Er cof am
bu farw..............21 1839
yn 63 oed
Ag Eleanor ei wraig
fu farw Mehefin..........

John's parents are thought, but not confirmed, to be Richard and Anne Parry, nee Hughes who came from Llandegfan to Cae(r?) Griniog, Penmon, later renamed Tyddyn Crwn, in 1771.

Their son William was a sailor and then an agricultural worker who married Margaret Jones of Llandyfrydog, Amlwch in 1834 at Beaumaris. Their known children were Henry, Anne, Margaret, Elizabeth, Hugh and Jane. In 1858, Margaret had an illegitimate son, John Parry.

There is no known link between this Parry family and the Margaret Parry who died in 1763.

The Parry family history story has been kindly supplied by Mr Nigel Parry, who is a great, great, great grandson of John and Ellen Parry, and a grandson to Margaret's son John Parry.

Owen Owens, a widower appears as head of the household during the 1861 and 1871 censuses for Cae Merddyn, aged 60 and 70. He was born around 1791 in Llangoed.

In 1841 and 1851, he lived at Bryn Cowton, Llangoed, His wife Margaret was born around 1785. They had one known child, Margaret aged 15 in 1841, but she had left home by 1851. Although the name Margaret appears in the Parry, Owen and later Jones families, no link has been  identified between the former two. Owen's wife had died by 1861, and is not buried with him.

Living with the Owens family at Bryn Cowton in 1851, were Joseph Jones aged 30, nephew and family. Joseph's 24 year old wife Margaret nee Lloyd was born in Manchester and are Ken Davies' generation's great grandparents. Their children were Catherine born 1848, Margaret born 1855, Ken's great grandmother who married Charles Goodman Roberts, Elizabeth born 1855, John born 18963 and Joseph born 1865.


Joseph and Margaret Jones, Cae Merddyn

Joseph Jones and his family moved to Cae Merddyn with Owen Owens, and appear there in 1871. Owen died in 1874, followed by nephew Joseph Jones in 1897 and Joseph's wife Margaret in 1880.
They are buried at  Capel Ty Rhys, Llangoed.

In loving memory of
Cae Merddyn Penmon
who died on November 5 1874
aged 87 years old
who died February 20 1879
aged 57 years old
widow of the aforementioned J. Jones
who died July 14 1880 aged 55 years old.
Also four of their children

Their daughter Elizabeth married Owen Jones a stone quarry labourer of Pensarn. Owen was head of the household in 1881, aged 30. They had two children at the time, Joseph L. Jones born 1868 and Owen Jones born 1880. Also living with them was Owen's brother Joseph born 1865, a farm worker born in Penmon.

Owen had died by 1891 and Elizabeth re married twice and emigrated to America. Her story can be found on the Jones link.

Elizabeth's sister Margaret had returned to  Cae Merddyn in time for the 1891 census. Her husband Charles Goodman Roberts was now head of household. They were Ken Davies' great grandparents.

Charles and Maggie had six children in total, Margaret, Joseph, Jabez, Charles, Catherine and Owen John, Ken's grandfather. All have links on this website.
Living with Charles and Maggie in 1891 were Joseph 11, Jabez 7, Charles 4 and Catherine 1. At the time of the 1881 census, Charles and Maggie were living at Caim. 

In 1901 Charles and Maggie had Jabez 18, Charles 14, Katie 11 and Owen John 6 living at home. Daughter Margaret had died and Joseph had gone to South Africa and would fight in The Boer War.
Roberts Cae Merddyn
Owen John Roberts (left),
parents Charles and Maggie Goodman Roberts seated, brother Jabez Lloyd Roberts (right)

Charles and Margaret both died in 1935.

"Yr  Arglwydd yw fy mugail ni fydd eisiau arnaf."
Er serchog goffadwriaeth am
anwyl ferch
Cae Merddyn, Penmon
yr hon a hunodd yn yr Iesu,
Ebrill 11 1897 yn 20 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Ebrill 24 1935 yn 83 mlwydd oed.
a fu farw Mai 15 1935 yn 79 mlwydd oed.

Cae Merddyn stayed in the Roberts' family until 1959. Jabez and his wife Jane, who died in 1958, and family lived there, until sold.

Charles William Wright purchased Cae Merddyn from Jabez Lloyd Roberts on the 1st January 1959.
He started a renovation project but became bankrupt
and the work remained uncompleted.

Colonel W. C. Standing became the next owner
in about 1960.

The new owner in 1962 was Thomas Bickerstaff.

Mabel Evelyn Jackson purchased Cae Merddyn on the 17th October 1968.


On the 11th June Nancy and Thomas Hughes became its proprietors until the property was sold again in 2000. 
I had the great pleasure of visiting Tom and Nancy in 1997, and they gave a great welcome. I am also grateful to them for supplying me with details of the owners since my family ended its connection there in 1959.


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