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Beaumaris Gaol

I am a researcher for
The One Show
on BBC Network
We are interested in doing a short film about Beaumaris Gaol.

I was wondering if you have any contacts for relatives of
Richard Rowlands, executed at the gaol in 1862, or
John Morris, who escaped from the jail in 1859.

I'd really appreciate your help.
Best wishes, Letitia Fitzpatrick
27th July 2013

If you can help Letitia, she can be contacted via

Carpentry work at Henllys Hall
nee  Thomas - May Queen 1933

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EDGAR PUGH born 1763

1603 - Beaumaris Grammar School founded
under the will of David Hughes.
c 1660 - William Williams was a master at the school,
 and curate in the town.

1762 - 10th May, William Morris wrote to his brother Richard;
I believe I told you that a new boarding school for young girls was opend at Beaumaris by persons from Chester the beginning of February last. Inclosed you have the rates. (My) girl who is now 13, hath been there from the beginning of the school etc., (it) is carried on with great regularity. (There are) other schools but none so grand and regular. Am sorry there (is no) school in this place that she might have been under one's eye, but is good enough to go to a boarding school as she can read, etc. (Llewelyn) talked of sending one of his girls to Beaumaris, but I (hear no)thing of it now, perhaps he thought the rates were too high. I intend (the li)ttle damsel (who by the bye is the tip top in school for learning), (to) stay there a twelvmonth at least. Duw am helpo, fe gyst imi (y fl)wyddyn yma yn dyn at ddeugain punt am ddysgeidiaeth fy nau blentyn accw! Poed ffynniant ar fy amcenion, dywedwch chwithau o wirnerth eich calon Amen!

1766 - Richard Langford appointed Master of Beaumaris Grammar School. John Thomas was his deputy.
c1766 - John Thomas appointed Headmaster. He was also curate at Beaumaris, replacing Dr Bowles.
1834 - Beaumaris Grammar School was rebuilt.
1853 - Beaumaris Grammar School was extended to include a headmaster's house


Richard Humphrey Hill, 36, M.A.D.C.L. Curer of souls in
the Grammar School, b. Wolverton
Sarah Frances Hill, 32, wife, b. Welsh St. Donats
Sarah Maria, Hill 9, daughter, b. Welsh St Donats
Alice Bonville Hill, 7, daughter, b. Beaumaris
Louise Henrietta Hill, 6, daughter, b. Beaumaris
Jhn Barton Thomas Hill, 5, son, b. Beaumaris
Richard Middleton Hill, 3, son, b. Beaumaris
Reginald Arthur Hill, 1, son, b. Beaumaris 
Geoffrey Hill 14, brother, b. Wiltshire
Alfred Bisco Hill, 12, brother, b. Wiltshire
Arthur Morris Hill, 10, brother b. Wiltshire
Bernard William Fisher, 24, Assistant, Trinity College Dublin, b. Derby
Desmond Henry Wynne Sampson, 19, boarder, scholar, b. Caernarvon
Hugh Hughes, 16, boarder, scholar, b.Llanbadrig
Alfred D. Townsend, 15, boarder, scholar,  b. Birkenhead

John Golightly Brydell, 15, boarder, scholar, b.(unclear)
M. Price Williams, 18, boarder, scholar, b. Bangor
Hugh Roberts, 14, boarder, scholar,  b. Bangor
Arthur Henry Turner, 16, boarder, scholar,  b. Bangor
Arthur Robert Jones, 17, boarder, scholar,  b. Caernarvon
N. I. B. Wynne Roberts, 16, boarder, scholar, b. Llangristiolus
Thomas Meredith, 15, boarder, scholar, b. Hope
M. Rice Williams, 16, boarder, scholar,  b. Trefriw
Thomas Webster Whistler, 13, boarder, scholar,  b. London
M. Greenwood Hemmingway, 16, boarder, scholar, b. Cardiff
George, F. Roberts 16,boarder, scholar, b. Bangor  
Hugh Roberts, 14, boarder, scholar,    b. Bangor
Arthur Frederick Evans, 15, boarder, scholar, b. Stalybridge
Richard Erdward Roberts, 16, boarder, scholar,  b. Caernarvonshire
Richard G. Boydell, 13, boarder, scholar,  b. Rossett
William C. Birley, 16, boarder, scholar,  b. Manchester
John A. Sidebottom, 15, boarder, scholar,  b. Armfield
Henry L. Ieune, 14, boarder, scholar,  b. London
Henry A. Wilson, 13, boarder, scholar,  b. Northamptonshire
Arthur F. Darley, 15, boarder, scholar,  b. Ireland
Thomas N. Jones, 12, boarder, scholar, b. Llangefni
Philip F. Wilson, 14, boarder, scholar,  b.Northamptonshire
Richard H. Richard, 11, boarder, scholar, b. Bangor
Robert Humphreys, 13, boarder, scholar,  b. Llanberis
Beresford Hudson, 14, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
John F. Roberts, 13, boarder, scholar,  b. Bangor
William W. Roberts, 15, boarder, scholar, b. Ceidio
Charles A. Jones, 13, boarder, scholar,  b. Caernarvon
John D. Ewing, 13, boarder, scholar, b. Llangadwaladr
James. D. Blower, 12, boarder, scholar,  b. Llandegfan
Herbert L. Jones, 10, boarder, scholar,  b. Nottingham
Richard H. V. Haike, 10, boarder, scholar,  b. Gwent
Moria Woods, 39, housekeeper, b. Westminster
Mary Thomas, 37, cook, b. Beaumaris
Ann Hatton, 30, housemaid, b. Chester
Hannah Pyre, 20, housemaid, b. Eastham
Catherine Jones, 18, kitchenmaid,  b. Beaumaris
Ruth Jones, 20, under nurse, b. Bangor

William Staniford, 33, Headmaster, born Cheltenham
Hairiette Staniford, 34, wife, b. Ireland
William B. Staniford, 5, son, b. Dorsetshire
Ellen B. Staniford, 3, daughter, b. Blackburn
Frederick Boynes 23, Second master, b. Flockton
W. H. Cooper, 20, master, b. Flockton
Phillip M. Beatty, 18, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
James I. Smith 16, boarder, scholar, b. Wells
Athisel H. Wood, 16, boarder, scholar,  b. Ireland
George Weldon, 14, boarder, scholar, b. France
Adliet Weldon, 14, boarder, scholar, b. France
Edgar Weldon, 13, boarder, scholar, b. London
Edward Weldon, 12, boarder, scholar, b. London
William Trevor, 15, boarder, scholar, b. Montgomeryshire
Alfred Trevor, 14, boarder, scholar, b. Montgomeryshire

Edward H. Kelly, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Herfred A.C. Kelly, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Hugh H. Johnson, 12, boarder, scholar, b. Anglesey
John M. Pliniston, 11, boarder, scholar, b. Towyn
Herbert . E. Thurston, 11, boarder, scholar, b. Towyn
Charles W. B. Wynne, 13, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Robert (blank), 13, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Henry A. Bulmer, 16, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Charles T. Dysebryn, 13, boarder, scholar, b. India
Thomas M. Benyon, 13, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
William Bumbrey, 12, boarder, scholar, b. Sandgate
John W. Stokes, 13, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Benjamin Huenfily, 13, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Hugh M. Jones, 12, boarder, scholar, b. Llanbeblig
Frederick M. Hayes, 11, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
M. George Button, 12, boarder, scholar, b. Ireland
Charles L. J. Elgen, 10,  boarder, scholar, b. Kent
James Humphreys, 9, visitor, b. Ireland
Charles Humphreys, 8, visitor, b. Ireland
Mary A. Pitman 28, domestic servant, b. Somersetshire
Emma aul, 26, domestic servant, b. Somersetshire
Ellen Patterton, 34, domestic servant, b. Somersetshire
Jane Jones, 17, domestic servant, b. Beaumaris
Elizabeth Williams, 15, domestic servant, b. Beaumaris
Margaret Richards, 29, domestic servant, b. Shropshire
Joseph Potts, 15, page, b. Cheshire

Stephen D. Orme 38, Headmaster, born Hollingworth
Emma Orme, 33, wife, b. Southampton
James Stephen Orme, 4, son, b. Beaumaris
Geoffrey Norman Orme 2, son, b. Beaumaris
Miriam Roberts, 29, cook, b. Bethel
Jane Jobson, 23, parlour maid, b. Llanfairfechain
Maurice Hennessey, 19, general servant, b. Newcastle on Tyne
Rosa Burton, 20, general servant, b. Newton Abbott
Charlotte Parker, 21, nurse, b. Waltham
William Richmond, 22,boarder, B.A. Assistant schoolmaster, Surrey
John E. Turner 24, boarder, Undergraduate Master Oxford, Newmarket
Alfred T. Morris, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Neath
Owen K. Williams, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Bodorgan
Arthur E. Griffith, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Llanrwst
Walter W. Griffith, 16, boarder, scholar, b. Llanrwst
Frederick A. Griffith, 15, boarder, scholar, b. Llanrwst
Henry A. Howe, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Manchester
Henry P. French, 17, boarder,scholar, b Ireland
Arthur A. Allen, 12, boarder, scholar, b. Manchester

Albert E. Hughes, 17, boarder, scholar, b. Holyhead
Alwyne Carter, 15, boarder, scholar, b. St Helens
John D. Liddeley, 14, boarder, scholar, b. Longslight
Edmond G. Peel, 15, boarder, scholar, b. New Ferry
Edwin P. Moodie, 13, boarder, scholar, b, Rock Ferry
Henry H. Willams, 15, boarder, scholar, Holyhead
Rees R. Williams, 14, boarder, scholar, Holyhead
Douglas L. Dent, 11, boarder, scholar, Holyhead
John Francis, 13, boarder, scholar, Plymouth
Evan B. Jones, 12, boarder, scholar, Llanfrothen
Walter Peel, 12, boarder, scholar, Rock Ferry
Robert T. Carreg 12, boarder, scholar, Pwllheli
Edward Carreg, 12, boarder, scholar, Pwllheli
Walter Vaux, 12, boarder, scholar, Holyhead
Frederick B. B. Kirkman, 11, boarder, scholar Natal, South Africa
Francis Hughes, 12, boarder, scholar,Cerrig Ceinwen
Robert P. Moodie 12, boarder, scholar, Capenhurst

1889 - Welsh Intermediate Education Act became a mixed state run Grammar School.

Stephen D. Orme, Master of the school way from home on census day
Emma Orme, 44, wife, born Southampton
G. A. Orme, 12, son, b. Beaumaris
Mildred Mary Orme, 8, daughter, b. Beaumaris
Elizabeth Broad, 35, housekeeper, b. Worcestershire
Alice Barwell, 18, parlour maid,  b. Abergele
Elizabeth Ann Davies, 25, scouring maid, b. St. Asaph
Sarah I. Caruthers, 19, kitchen maid, b. Liverpool
Mary Killinback, 35, laundry maid, b. London

Note- in 1901, Stephen Orme and his wife had retired to Lambeth

1895 - Beaumaris Grammar School came under the control of the county council. Girls were admitted for the first time. 

1900 approx. - Beaumaris Grammar School staff and pupils, featuring
Mr & Mrs Evan Madoc Jones. Born in 1868, he was headmaster from 1895 to 1933 and moved to Colwyn Bay. He died in 1953

Evan Madoc Jones 33, Schoolmaster, born Seaforth, Lancs 
Kate Jones 30, wife, b. Liverpool
Geraint Wynne Jones 4, son, b. Beaumaris
Arthur Elwyn Jones 3, son, b. Beaumaris
Thomas Harris 27, Boarder, Schoolmaster, b. Carmarthenshire
Rhys Richard Williams, 27, Boarder, Schoolmaster, b, Llanon
Beatrice M. Wilson, 24, Boarder, Governess, b, Rusholme, Lancs
All bilingual apart from Beatrice who only spoke English

Hywel Ivor Jones, 16,
Owen Herbert Williams, 17,
Richard Alun Rowlands, 15,
Horatio Glynne Davies 16,
Ceredig Jones, 15,
John Richard Jones, 15,
Robert T. Jones, 15,

Thomas J. Rowlands, 15,
Harold W. Pierce, 12,
William Shaw Rowlands, 13,
Francis C. H. Llewelyn, 14,
Ellis Stanley, Edwards, 15,
William Griffiths, 15,
Thomas A. Bell, 14,
George W. O. Routledge, 10,
Robert D. Rowlands, 14


Menai Bridge
Pembroke Dock
Pembroke Dock

Jane Jones, 23, domestic housemaid, born Llangaffo
Mary E. Williams 16, domestic kitchenmaid, born Bangor
John Richard Owen, 12, boot boy, born, Beaumaris

John Roberts
Headmaster Beaumaris School
Received the following message from Philip John Roberts, John Roberts' grandson;

Thank you for your website which I have found most interesting.
My name is Philip John Roberts and I live in Buckinghamshire. 

My grandfather, John Roberts was Headmaster of Beaumaris School in New Street for 30 years retiring in 1930.  He was a leading light in the Methodist Church and had been a member of the Town Council.

John is shown in the 1901 and 1911 census as living in the School House, New Street Beaumaris

1901 Census, School House, New Street, Beaumaris.
John Roberts, 35, Elementary School Master, born Llanfihangel, Anne Roberts 46, sister, single, born Llanwddyn.

National School, Beaumaris

Eric married Ada Harriet Jefferey (1869 - 1944), daughter of William Henry Jefferey (1836 - 1879) and Eliza Lewis (born 1840). She had three siblings, Lizzie born 1863, William F. born 1865 and Annie born 1867.
Married 8 years - one child

1911 Census, School House, New Street, Beaumaris.
John Roberts, 45, Head Teacher, born Llanfihangel, Ada Roberts, wife 41, born Wolverhampton, Eric Glynne Roberts, 7, born Beaumaris. John and Eric were bilingual - Welsh and English.

The 1911 census shows the couple had been married for 8 years, and had one child at that time, Eric Glynne Roberts.

John Roberts was Headmaster of Beaumaris School in New Street for 30 years retiring in 1930.  He was a leading light in the Methodist Church and had been a member of the Town Council.

John was living at Craiglwyd, Castle Street, Beaumaris, when he died in 1935.

You can read more about John Roberts and his family on the Some Beaumaris Families page. KD.

 1903 - Council School girls' infants class.
David Watson enquires about the names of the teachers
in this photo, as he thinks one could be his great aunt.

Beaumaris School pupils circa 1904
Can you help by identifying any members of staff or pupils please?

1920 - Beaumaris Grammar School.

Beaumaris Grammar School cricket team c1911

I am grateful to Michael Bourne for the following information;  
I have just come across your website and a photograph of the Beaumaris School cricket team, c. 1911.  Seated is an older player in a dark blazer. This would have been a professional cricketer who would assist in coaching cricket at the school and who would also turn out for the school team in local games against adult sides, but not against other school sides.  Quite often such a player (as in present times) were notable cricketers either from local clubs or even from county cricket teams. 
May I ask if there were any names attached to the photograph, and, if there were, could you please supply me with the name of this player?

Can anyone assist with Michael's enquiry please? He can be contacted via 

Beaumaris Grammar School
Inscription on Memorial Tablet
Praise God for the service of these Bimarensians
who, amid the manifold of the Great War
were found faithful unto death

Neville F.W. Clarkson
Alun E. Davies
John R. Davies
C. Tilson Haley
Arthur J.L. Hughes
J. Ivor Jones
R. Vernon Jones
J. Francis Lewis
Angus Mackay
Edward Owen
W. Jenkins Owen
Henry Pritchard
William Roberts
Matthew H. Stead
Evan D. Thomas
W. Eric Thomas
Emyr J. Williams

Owen Williams (Benllech)
J. Newton Williams
W. Hugh Williams
Matthew Williams
Percy Williams
Do thou, for whom they died,
Live to serve as they served,
Valiant in action, steadfast in adversity,
Gentle in all things

Beaumaris Grammar School 1920

Received this lovely message from
Patricia Hughes-Davies. KD.

I thought this photo from 1920 belonged on this website. 
It shows my father, Thomas Hughes-Davies of Ael Eilian, Llaneilian
when he was a student there.  He's top row, 4th from left.

 1930's - Beaumaris Grammar School pupils.

Photo courtesy of Anne Chambers
Above; Beaumaris County School. Photo taken 16th September, 1932. 
Marjorie Ashton, mother of Anne Chambers is the second person left, second row down.
Have also received communication from David Watson
who believes his mother, Megan Jones, of Rose Hill,
is sitting on the extreme right.
Would appreciate any information relating to the others
who appear in this photo please..


'The Bimarensian'
Beaumaris Grammar School magazine 1936-37
 (front cover and first page with HMA Castle Pharmacy advert)
I am very grateful to Anne Chambers for supplying this information
See also Henry Maitland Ashton -
'Some Beaumaris Families' page. KD

Henry Maitland Ashton is Anne Chambers's grandfather.
See 'Some Beaumaris Families' page

Here is an extract from the Bimarensian magazine, relating to black and white fashion drawing and art teaching as a career

1939 - Council School mixed class
1953 - Beaumaris Grammar School became a Comprehensive School.

1962 - School demolished for the new library. Schooling was moved to Menai Bridge.

Ellin Ellis

I'm very grateful to Natalie Skuce from Canada, for finding the following during her family history research, and passing it on to share. KD
From: "The Tablet of Memory - Showing every memorable event in History" published

"Ellin Ellis, at Beaumaris in Anglesey, ages 72, was brought to bed, May 10, 1776; she had been married 48 years, and her eldest child was 43 years old.  She had not had a child for 25 years before."

Richard Davies
Carpentry work at 
Henllys Hall

I'm very grateful to Jean for sharing this wonderful family history item. KD October 2017
My Great Great Grandfather was Richard Davies of Beaumaris.
I have enclosed a newspaper cutting and some photographs of the staircase in Henllys Hall that I thought you might like for your website. Richard Davies was the carpenter.
I have Davies, Edwards and Pritchard family connections who have lived, to my knowledge, in Beaumaris from 1770 up until 1901. Some may still live there for all I know.
I am very proud of his work and believe that his staircase is one of finest I have seen - a little gem in Beaumaris.

North Wales Chronicle
2nd September 1865

Extract from the above:
On being admitted into the entrance hall, our attention is first attracted by the beautiful staircase, which, like the other portions of the joinering in this mansion is of polished British oak. 
The elaborate carving upon the massive hand-rail of this staircase, including the armorial bearings worked in the rail, and which fronts the door, like all the principal carvings throughout the entire mansion, were executed by Mr Richard Davies, Beaumaris.
In fact Captain Hampton in this point is not only an example to the other gentry of the island, but deserving of the thanks of his fellow countrymen, for his encouragement of native talent. That he has had no occasion to repent of this step, is too evident from the beautiful, as well as the solid manner. in which the whole works have been completed, as also as from the fact, that those employed, both on the estates and at the mansion are with very few exceptions persons from Beaumaris and its neighbourhood.

 Tony Darwell has been in touch having seen
Jean's item about Richard Davies.

I was reading Jean's article about Richard Davies' work at Henllys Hall when it dawned on me that he was the brother of my great great grandmother, Margaret Davies (b.1821). 

Their parents were William Davies (b.1790), a boot & shoe maker, and Elizabeth Prichard (b.1800). Richard (b.1822) married Jane Margaret Edwards (b.1827) in 1847 but unfortunately Richard died in 1870.

1841 Census
Hattergate Street, Beaumaris

William Davies, 50, Shoemaker, Elizabeth Davies, 40, Edward Davies 1, all born in Anglesey.

Margaret was living with her grandmother, next door to William Davies.

1841 Census
Hattergate Street, Beaumaris

Margaret Prichard 75, Confectioner, Mary Prichard 45, Confectioner, Margaret Davies 20, Mary Jones 35, female servant, Ann Roberts, 20 female servant, Ann Killick  30, Independent Means, Harriet Killick 25, Jane Jones 20, female servant.

My great great grandmother married William Colwell in 1846, the son of an excise officer.

1851 Census
87 Castle Street, Beaumaris

William Davies, head, 60, Shoemaker, Elizabeth Davies, wife, 51, Edward Davies, son, 11, all born in Beaumaris 

Richard and his family were at Hermitage Lane. 

1851 Census
61 Hermitage Lane, Beaumaris

Richard Davies, head, 28, Cabinet Maker, Jane, wife, 22, Elizabeth, daughter, 1. All born in Beaumaris

Margaret was living with her husband in England in 1851

1851 Census
200 Seacome Street, Everton
William Colwell, head, 32, Apitants Clerk Health Comm., born Middlesex, Margaret, 30, wife, Mary E., 4, daughter, both born in Beaumaris, William Carruthers, 20, lodger, English teacher, John Hemming, 18, lodger, both born in Scotland.

Edward Davies died around 1855.

This is the 1861 census for William and Elizabeth Davies, showing my great great grandmother staying with them.

1861 Census,
48 Castle Street, Beaumaris
William Davies, head, 71, Boot and Shoemaker, Elizabeth Davies, wife, 61, Margaret Colwell, 40, daughter, visitor, Mary Elizabeth Colwell, 13, grand daughter, Watkin William Colwell, 8, grandson, Dora Margaret Colwell, 2, grand daughter, all born in Beaumaris.
Elizabeth Williams, 28, servant, born Llanddona, Frances Anne Thomas, 71, lodger, Independent Means, Jane Lloyd, 26, servant, both born in Beaumaris.

The location of William Davies' boot & shoe business was on the site of West End terrace built in 1869 on Castle Street (ex Watergate).

This terrace appears to have been built on the same footprint as the previous structures, when comparing the census returns.

William's business was next to the end farthest from the town, while his wife's family had a grocers next door on the end.

By 1861, Richard was living at Watergate Street.

1861 Census
Watergate Street

Richard Davies, head, 38, Cabinet Maker, Jane, wife, 32, Elizabeth 11, daughter, scholar, Margaret 8, daughter, scholar, William 4, son,  Mary A. 7 months, daughter. All born in Beaumaris.

Richard died in 1870.

His widow Jane moved to live in Wexham Street.

1871 Census
26 Wexham Street

Jane Davies, widow, 43, head, China Dealer, William, 14 son, Mary A., daughter, 10, scholar, Jane, 6, daughter, scholar, Louisa, 3, daughter. All born in Beaumaris.   

The family started to relocate to Liverpool after 1870. 

Wexham Street, Beaumaris

Jane moved house in Wexham Street.

1881 Census
4 Wexham Street

Jane Margaret Davies, widow, head, 53, Confectioner, Louisa, 13, daughter. Both born in Beaumaris. 

Jane moved to Steeple Lane.

1891 Census
27 Steeple Lane, Beaumaris

Jane Davies, widow, head,  65, no occupation mentioned.

Jane moved to Rosemary Lane.

1901 Census
21 Rosemary Lane

Jane Davies, widow, head, 75, caretaker. 

Jane died in the early 1900s.

I have forwarded Tony's message
on to Jean who has been in touch with him.
KD. February 2018


Gwyneth Williams
nee Thomas

May Queen 1933

Received a wonderful message from Margaret Hughes about her family KD

Hello Ken,
I have just seen some fascinating photos of Beaumaris in years gone past.
My mother is the May Queen in the May Parade photo of 1933

Photo courtesy of Anne Chambers, who identifies her mother on the following picture. and Aunt Dorothy Ashton, centre in next picture.;


Margaret Hughes continues. Mum was crowned in 1933 when she was 12. She always called it the Carnival Queen photo. She was crowned by Lady Megan Lloyd George, the Liberal MP for Anglesey.
My grandmother, Eva Thomas was trained as a milliner in Liverpool and made her crown
On the left of the picture is Percy Hender from Rose Hill, and Hugh Griffith in the black hat and there were two Ashton girls, Marjorie being one.
Mum still has the newspaper cutting and a photo of herself in her gown.

Lady Megan Lloyd George
Margaret continues;
I am the grandaughter of William Llywelyn Thomas MPS of 40,Castle Street Beaumaris. He bought 40,Castle Street from a Dr Thomas who lived there with his spinster sister. The front room was at that time the surgery waiting room.

My Mum, Gwyneth Williams, nee Thomas, his only daughter, remembers moving to Anglesey, as they came by boat from Liverpool where they were then living, to Menai Bridge, originally, around 1925.
As a family we lived above the shop at 40, Castle Street, where my sister was born in 1949.

Photo courtesy of Anne Chambers

My mother thinks she is on the 1932 school photo along with her best friend Mona Parry,who is also still alive and in her 90's.
Mum is in the second row down, 3rd from the right in a dark top, her friend Mona Parry is next to her, 2nd from the right in a white top.
Gill asked my uncle why he wasn't in the photo, he said he was probably playing truant,which he did a lot in those days!

Mona visited Beaumaris in October 2012.

My Dad was posted to the National Provincial Bank in Beaumaris in the 1930's and met my mother who was working in her father's chemist shop.
They married at Capel Drindod, Beaumaris in 1942.
Mum is still alive and well, living with her husband John, 92 and 93 respectively.
Her brother, Kenneth Thomas, is 90 and lives near his son in the midlands.
Both attended Beaumaris Grammar School.
He was away from Beaumaris in the RAF during the war

Ken remembers moving to Beaumaris, too, although he was only about 3 or 4.
My grandparents died in the 1980's and are buried in the cemetery in Beaumaris, Allt Goch Fach.

On my father's side, my late aunt researched her family tree back to 1705 and the Quakers in Pennsylvania.

Anne Pedley, Regimental Archivist for the Royal Welch Fusiliers, has been in contact. She mentions that the Archive hold two boxes of letters and ephemera relating to Lieutenant Geraint Wyn Madoc Jones.

His father was the Headmaster of Beaumaris Grammar School, and he survived the Great War.  He went out to France with the 16th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers but was sent to hospital and spent the rest of the War recuperating. 
He was not wounded and no reason is given, though his letters held at our archive are interesting to read.  He returned to Beaumaris, but then we know nothing of him. 

His sister donated the letters in the 1970s, I believe and she was living in Colwyn Bay.

Anne would appreciate any information  relating to Geraint Wyn Madog Jones, as she is compiling the biographies of officers who served in the Great War.

Anne can be contacted via 

Victoria House, Church Street,
Received the following message from Derrick Jones:
I have recently been on a break in Llangoed and whilst detecting on the beach near Penmon I found a small metal (possibly brass) button with the name Williams & Co. Beaumaris embossed, can anyone throw any light on what it could be from? I'm guessing maybe it was a military tunic button or something along those lines, 
It was approximately 5" deep in the mud by the stream that runs into the straights about halfway between Beaumaris and Llangoed.
Apparently during the war, I was told by a local taxi driver, the large hangers were used to make parachutes and I thought maybe it had something to do with them. Anyway it always gives me a buzz finding a little bit of the past.

William Thomas Williams, born on the 3rd January 1844, was the proprietor of Williams & Co, Milliners, Victoria House, Church Street, Beaumaris.
In 1851, aged 7, he was living with his parents.

1851 Census. 
40 Beaumaris Road, Menai Bridge.

Morris Williams, 33 was a Draper and Grocer, born Gwalchmai. His wife Sarah was 37, and Liverpool born. Son William was 7 and daughter Anne was 1, both born Llandisilio. Henry Morris, 19, Draper's Assistant is noted as brother, born Gwalchmai, with 19 year old Catherine Jones, born Llandisilio, a House Servant  

In 1861, the family were at No 15, Beaumaris Road, Menai Bridge. His father Morris had remarried.

1861 Census.
15 Beaumaris Road, Menai Bridge.
Morris Williams, 44 was a Shopkeeper and Postmaster, wife Elizabeth was 47, born in Llandisilio. William 17 was a Shop Assistant, daughter Elizabeth was 11, son Benjamin was 9, all born Llandisilio. House Servant Ellen Williams was 25. 

I cannot locate William in the 1871 census.
He married Annie Hughes, who was born on the 30th January, 1843 in Beaumaris.
By this time, he had set up his Williams & Co Millinery business.

1881 Census.
Victoria House, Church Street, Beaumaris
William T. Williams, 37, Draper, employing 4 men, wife Annie Hughes was 36. William Hughes 40, his brother in law, was his business partner, born in Beaumaris and boarding at the house, as were Leonara Richards, 19, Draper's Assistant, born in Liverpool, Mary Elizabeth Rowlands, 17, Draper's Apprentice, born in Llangoed. Annie Hughes was 29 and a Domestic Servant, born in Llandrygarn.

Church Street, Beaumaris

William's wife Annie died on the 13th July 1889.

Census 1891
3 Church Street, Beaumaris
William Thomas Williams, widower, 47, Draper, William Hughes, 50, brother in law, Draper's Partner, Eleanor Lewis, Housekeeper, 71, born Llangoed, Mabel L. Moore, 21, boarder, Milliner's Shopwoman, born Manchester, Annie Jones 19, Milliner's Shopwoman, born Llandrygan, Sarah Jones, 40, Domestic Servant, born Beaumaris.

The Carnarfon and Denbigh Herald and North and South Wales Independent, 27th March 1896, published the following item.
Williams and Co, Beaumaris donated £2 2/- to the
Armenian Relief Fund (Wales).

Census 1901
11 Church Street, Beaumaris.
William Thomas Williams, 56, Draper, William Hughes 60, brother in law, Draper Partner, Annie Constance Dutton, 29, Housekeeper Domestic, born in Wrexham, Margaret Owens, 26, Boarder, Draper's Assistant, Margaret J Williams, 23, General Servant.

William also ran an Undertaker's business.

Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald and North and South Wales Independent
26 February 1904
We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Frank H. Massey, who succumbed to an attack of pneumonia on Wednesday, the 17th inst. He died at Cornelyn, Llangoed', near Beaumaris, where he resided with his sisters and brother, Major W. Glynne Massey (High Sheriff elect of Anglesey).
The funeral arrangements were entrusted to Messrs Williams and Co. , Victoria, House, Beaumaris.

By 1911, William and his brother in law had both retired, and were living at  Bryn Celyn, Llangoed, Beaumaris

The above census was written by William.

He died the following year, aged 68.

Thank you Derrick for sharing your find with us. KD 

Mr Alan Barber contacted the website.
How nice to see your web site on Penmon. I spent a lot of my childhood holidays there and it always brings back memoriesMy grandparents  both came from Beaumaris 'living in several locations such as Alma Street in 1881 the Friars Stables 1891 and Mona Terrace Llangoed in 1901 and Gaol Street.


My great great grandfather lived in Crofton Place probably no longer there. I remember when I was on holiday at my Nain and Taids. They dwelt  in a house called Bodfierig. It's situated on the lane between Chadwicks and the old Penmon School.  By the 1960s they had both died and my links faded away.  

My mother and her two sisters attended Penmon School, my mother gaining
a scholarship to Beaumaris Grammar School about 1915/20ish.  Some years
ago I gave an old school photo which included my mother to a couple who
were collecting memorabilia of the school.

The cottage I think is or was somewhere at the back of the cemetery in Beaumaris 
I was given to understand that  the group were my ancestors, namely
Richard Williams great grandfather
with his second wife Jane. His first wife was Catherine .
Richard was born about 1850 Beaumaris, son of William Williams.
My grand mother is the young girl standing on
the right she was born in Beaumaris 1887. H
er maiden name was Elizabeth
Williams. She eventually married a John Jones who

appears on the 1881 census living in No2 Alma street Beaumaris .
My grand mother at this census dwelt at No2 Gaol Street  Beaumaris

The cottage as it appears in 2009

Approaching Baron Hill from Allt Goch Bach
Photo copyright; Eric Jones reproduced by licence

I think the cottage pictured here, was called  Allt Goch Bach, which was probably part of the Baron Hill estate.


Ann Catherine Jones, third daughter of John & Elizabeth Jones
(nee Williams) of Bodferieg, Llangoed, is pictured  holding
the school board, aged about 12.

Mr Thomas is the teacher


Alan's great taid John Jones, born Llaniestyn in 1847
with his son John born in Beaumaris in 1877.
The image is taken from a dark metal plate

Left to right are Alan's mother Gweneth Elizabeth, an unknown lady who is possibly a relative, his nain Elizabeth Jones nee Williams of Beaumaris, and his great nain, Elizabeth Jones of Aberffraw.

Family Album
Alan has also kindly forwarded the following photos
from his mother's album, taken around 1920 - 25
The captions are as they appear in the album

Three girls from Beaumaris G.S.

2 girls from Beaumaris G.S.
(the girl on the left is Alan's mother's sister Catherine)

Whitebait harvesting on White Beach

Alan Barber


Photos courtesy of Alison Morris-Jones,
whose mother Eirlys Roberts (now Morris),
 is the little girl to the right
of the Carnival Queen, around 1940


Eirlys Morris, formerly Roberts, pictured standing right of the Carnival Queen, lived at Morlais until she was 19 years old.
It is across the road from the Menai Straits. 

A photo by the door of my grandfather, Robert John Roberts,  at the Council Office. 

That is where he first met my grandmother Eirlys Morris, as she came in to pay the rates and he asked her if he could walk her home (from Beaumaris to Llangoed).

He worked at the Council Offices and later at Baron Hill


Robert John Roberts and Eirlys Morris were married on 4th August 1926, quite a while after the meeting in the council office.
He volunteered for WW1 as soon as he could (before he turned 18) and joined what they call the North Wales "pals" regiment
(it was believed that soldiers would fight better if they joined up with and served alongside friends & family)

A Homeless Song

My father,who was born and bred in Beaumaris, taught me a song he had learned in the Boy Scouts before the First World War and I have been trying to track down its origins. I have never heard anyone else sing it but an old man I met in a pub in Carmarthen many years ago told me he had heard it when he was in the Army in WW1.                

I have tried the music section in St Fagan's who have nothing on it but they said they are not interested in English songs. The song does not have a name but is about the courtship of Lisa Jones of Tan-y-Fron, who Billy Williams eventually marries.

The first verse is :-
My name is Billy Williams, I was come from Pentre Byd,
My mother and my father they was live there, yes indeed.
I'm getting on my twenty ones,good looking and good rank,
And I have got one hundred pounds in the North, South East West Bank

It pokes gentle fun at country life and Welsh speakers and that may be why St Fagan's is not interested. When I was a student in the sixties ,before the Breathalyzer", there was a pub in St Asaph in the "wet" county of Flintshire, which attracted customers on Sunday nights from all the "dry" counties, as far away as Anglesey. They came for the singing, which was tremendous.

Most songs were in Welsh but there were two young women who led the singing who had a number of "Anglo-Welsh" songs of this type in their repertoire, and English parodies of old folk songs such as "Llwyn Onn" and "Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn" etc but, like my Dad's song I have never heard them sung elsewhere or found a recording.

My father spoke Welsh as a second language and was very fond of it,  and I am the same,but I think it is a pity that Welsh songs in English have no-one to sing them any more. Come to think of it, I might be wrong…. when I was a student in Cardiff my rugby-playing friends sang a rather rude version of one of these! Not all Welsh culture is to be found in the chapels.

Could you please publish this letter on your site and if
anybody can tell me the background of the song or knows other "mongrel" Welsh songs,could they please contact me. Thank you. Diolch yn fawr lawn.
Chris Madoc-Jones

Chris can be contacted via

These young ladies appear to be throwing 'spinning tops' into the air.

Can anyone identify the event or any of the ladies please?

Alison Morris-Jones writes; While looking through some old photos I came across this post card.  It was sent from W Griffith of 1 New St Beaumaris) to my grandfather who must have been staying in Ormskirk in the summer holidays.
My Grandfather Robert John Roberts was born in 7 New street Beaumaris and lived there until he got married to Edith Williams, daughter of Robert & Elizabeth of Preswylfa, Llangoed and bought Morlais. 
The post card will be 100 years old this year! Presumably the picutre on the front is of some kind of fete in Beaurmaris at the turn of the century.  I have a photo of my grandma as a little girl wearing one of those big hats and she was born in 1900
It would be nice if someone could identify the picture, but I don't suppose there are many people left who would remember it now

What was the event?

Can anyone help by identifying this event please? Alison Morris-Jones' grandparents are seated here, but not together.

Can you help by identifying the lifeboat pictured here and its history.
It appears to be called 'Sea'  something?

Dower House
(Allt Goch Bach)

Received the following interesting enquiry from Liz Hardy. KD
If you can help Liz, she can be contacted via

Having just purchased the Dower House we know little about it and am not sure why a cottage would be called  Dower House (our understanding is that a Dower House is usually a large house built for the widow of the heir).

We understand it was originally the servants quarters i.e. the housekeeper and the head gardener's cottages that were knocked into one circa 2004.

The staff living in the cottages (Mr Richards - the head gardener and ? Mrs March / Marsh the housekeeper) serviced the large Pen y Parc House.

This house, built on the Bulkeley land, was built circa 1912 according to the stone on the front of the house.  

There are large gardens which at one point appear to have been open to the public.  We have been told different stories by locals, one being that the house was originally built as a convalescent home for one of the Bulkeley sons who was ill / wounded.

Another story was that the family of a successful sausage manufacturer bought it / built it as a summer residence.  

It was obviously an affluent family as there are extensive landscaped gardens and dilapidated sheds and greenhouses which must have grown things for the "big house"  There is also an old dried up water feature which used to, apparently, stock fish for the "big house" and used water pumped from the reservoir.



to and from
Steam Packet
Will leave Liverpool on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at half past nine o'clock, and return from Menai Bridge on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at nine.
Apply at the St. George Steam Packet Offices, No. 21, Water Street, Liverpool, or Menai Bridge, or to Mr. Evans, Grocer, Bangor.

The above notice was circa 1828

will sail (weather and circumstances permitting)
(Prince's Stage)
every 2.30 p.m.
Saturday, due back 7-45, Colwyn Bay, Llandudno
2/- return

Every 11 a.m
Sunday (4 hours ashore), due back 7.45
Colwyn Bay, Llandudno, Beaumaris. 2/- return

Monday (Bank Holiday), 7-45 a.m. (6 hours ashore)
Due back 7-45 p.m.
Colwyn Bay, Llandudno. 2/- return
Caernarfon 3/- return 








Bonnie Princess





St Tudno   



1912 sold


St Elvies



 broken up





broken up


La Marguerite 



1925 broken up


St Elian 



broken up 


St Trillo 



1921 sold 


St Seiriol 



1918 lost


St Elian 



1927 sold


St Tudno



In use 1962


St Seiriol



In use 1946


St Trillo
ex St Silio

Motor Vessel


In use 1946

La Marguerite

St Tudno

Mairede Thomas has made the following enquiry;
"I used to sail to Anglesey each year in the early to mid 1950's leaving on a Saturday morning from Liverpool on the St. Tudno, stopping at Llandudno Pier and disembarking in the afternoon at Menai Bridge pier where you could buy home made ice cream and a stick of brown Welsh rock, then get a bus to Beaumaris. Would this be the same ship you have as being in service until the 1940's? It looks like the one.

Reply; The first St Tudno was originally the Cobra, renamed by Mr R. Barnwell, who entered the North Wales service in 1890 on the route from Liverpool. He built the second St Tudno a year later.
The third St Tudno, described as a screw ship pictured above, was built in 1926 and launched on the 2nd of February and undertook her maiden voyage to North Wales from Liverpool on the 22nd of May 1926. Some alterations took place in the following years to St Tudno and she was requisitioned in the Second World War by the Admiralty, and used in mine-sweeping exercises.
She performed two sea rescues after the war - saving two men from the 
Llandudno pier which had come adrfit in August 1948, and resued an auxiliary yacht, Gypsey Megwhich which was in distress in September 1951.

Above; St Tudno as Mairede remembers her
Below; Earlier 'versions' of St Tudno


Above - formerly the Cobra

 Mairede adds;
The Anglesey County Record Office in Llangefni holds MENAI BRIDGE PIER PAPERS, a collection deposited by the Pier Master of Menai Bridge in October 1983.
These records have been digitised but only in index form. The list includes press cuttings and photos as well as other documents.
For example on 17th September, 1962 The Liverpool Echo and Evening Express reports the St.Tudno's last trip of the season.
On 6th November, the Liverpool and North Wales Steam Ship Company is reported to be discontinuing the service between Liverpool and Llandudno, however 2 days later the route is taken over by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.
Pier Master of St George's Pier, Menai Bridge, Mr Hughes, retired that year but was succeeded by his son.
It looks as if the new company opened up more short pleasure trips around the island but whether the St Tudno took to the sea again, who knows.
It would be good to have some more stories and recollections from local people who worked on the boats and piers.
St Seiriol
St Trillo

Mr John Eric Roberts asks:
Having seen the 'photos of the St. Tudno and St. Trillo, can anybody remember these vessels which sailed from Llandudno Pier and along the Menai Straits during the 1940's? It was always a Sunday school treat for us, I'm not too sure, but I do think that they were Paddle Steamers and were always very popular.
Mr Roberts can be contacted via

Delighted to receive the following response from a lady whose husband was a deck boy on the St Trillo. KD

I have just been scrolling the Blue Funnel website and came across your request for information on the St.Trillo.
My husband who sailed on the St.Trillo in the summer of 1947 as a deck boy has asked me to pass this information on to you.
They sailed from Liverpool to Menai Bridge and stayed for the summer doing pleasure trips between the Menai Bridge and Llandudno. He was kept busy putting out deckchairs for the customers and collecting money for them, amongst other jobs.
They would spend about 4 nights at Menai Bridge and then go and anchor off Llandudno. 
He says the St. Trillo was not a paddle steamer she was propeller driven and he sailed with the Blue Funnel line for about 7years.
As far as he can recall the crew consisted of, The Captain, The Mate who he believes was from Penmon on Anglesey, a Chief engineer, 2nd Engineer, 3 Able Seamen and 2 Deck boys. Also on board were a Cook and a Galley boy,  a female as Chief steward and 2 Stewards.



Photos courtesy of Alison Morris-Jones


Views looking down and up Wexham Street, Beaumaris,
courtesy of Alison Morris-Jones

Early 1900s, Cattle and sheep were walked from local farms
 and from Menai Bridge Smithfield to the town abattoir
 in Wexham Street, where John Stanley advertised that his animals
were  'slaughtered with the RSPCA's humane killer'

Beaumaris 1911; Living conditions scarcely improved since 1879, when a borough surveyor made a detailed inspection of the town's housing stock. Houses in the working class areas revealed the deep inequalities within the Edwardian society. Of the 254 houses visited in Chapel St, New St, Wexham St and the Clay Pots area, 37 were in a state of dilapidation, both inside and out, with some described as being unfit to live in.

1920; Beaumaris; Two bedroomed houses on Wexham Street were sold for £120 each, while a one bedroomed house was sold for £80. 


I am very grateful to John Hughes for supplying this photo and information; KD
On March 13th 1941, a Spitfire crashed onto a house in New Street, Beaumaris no.17(?) next to what became
 Gwalia Stores. My grandmother was in a bedroom at the time and both she and the plane's engine finished up in the kitchen. Mercifully she survived.
Does anyone have any knowledge of the incident?  
John can be contacted via

Margaret Hughes writes; My Mum, Gwyneth Williams nee Thomas went to see the plane crash site and said that Peggy Parry, daughter of Louise Parry,  lost all her wedding clothes which were in the house at the time. She also knew her brother Jackie Parry and remembers their father Will Parry who was on the buses.


This 'beating of the bounds' photo was taken around the mid to late 1950s and culminated under the balcony of the Bulkeley Arms Hotel, where the mayor shovelled hot pennies down onto the street, where youngsters would scrabble for profit!
The lady with white hair is John's maternal grandmother, Louis Heritage Parry. She is the lady who survived the Spitfire crash. 

Louise pictured outside what is possibly Red Hill Lodge

John's mother, Margaret (Peggy) Parry,
is centre of this sporty group of young ladies, in Form VI, 
June 1939

John's grandfather Will Parry is third from the right
of this Crossville snow clearing team!

in 1880


1880 August 9th - BEAUMARIS COURT CASES.
Of Goodman Roberts, Wexham Street, parish Beaumaris, at Beaumaris for stealing ferns and primroses from Sir Richard L. M. Williams-Bulkeley. Ordered that Goodman Roberts pay to James McDonald £1 plus 9/- costs within 14 days or be imprisoned at Carnarvon for 14 days. 
Henry Bromley, also of Wexham Street was similarly fined for the same offence.

Beaumaris Court's Dock
 - awaiting the arrival of Goodman Roberts

Goodman's view from the Court Dock at the hearing. 

".....and the case for the prosecution is......."

Be it remembered,
That on the 8th day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Eighty, in the Parish of Beaumaris, in the Borough of Beaumaris, Goodman Roberts of Wexham Street in the Parish of Beaumaris in the said Borough,is convicted before the undersigned one of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace in and for the said Borough of Beaumaris within Six Calendar Months next before the laying of Information wheron this Conviction is found to wit on the 30th day of April last, at the Parish of Beaumaris in the said Borough did unlawfully (a) steal certain plants and roots to cut Ferns and primroses of the Value of  the property of Sir R. L. M. Williams Bulkeley Baronet of Baron Hill in the said Borough the growing in a certain pleasure of the said Sir R. R. L. M. Williams Bulkeley there situate contrary to the Form of the Statute in such Case made and provided : And the said Justice adjudge the said Goodman Roberts and I adjudge the said Goodman Roberts to pay to James McDonald the Sum of One pound to be paid according to Law and nine shillings for his Costs in this behalf; and if the said Sums be not paid within fourteen day I order that the Sum be levied by Distress and Sale of the Goods and Chattels of the said Goodman Roberts and in default of sufficient Distress in that behalf I adjudge that the said Goodman Roberts be imprisoned in the Prison at Carnarvon for the space of fourteen days unless the said Sums shall be sooner paid.

Given under my Hand and Seal the day and year first above-mentioned at Beaumaris in the Borough aforesaid
J. L. Harrington Lewis


Goodman Roberts is a brother to my great grandfather, Charles Goodman Roberts' brother. KD


Beaumaris Town F.C.

This photograph is courtesy of Glyn Pritchard, 
who is in the centre of the front row.
Supplied by Brian Pritchard

Beaumaris finished 9th in league that season

Anglesey League Table
(click here to access)

League Table courtesy of the
Welsh Football Data Archive


1841. CHARLES CAVENDISH FULKE GREVILLE, was a diarist and wrote about his visit to North Wales.. We walked to the Menai Bridge, where we got into a car and drove to Penrhyn Castle, a vast pile of building, and certainly very grand, but altogether, though there are fine things and some good rooms in the house, the most gloomy place I ever saw, and I could not live there if they would give me a present of the castle. It is built of a sort of grey stone polishable into a kind of black marble, of which there are several specimens within. It is blocked up with trees, and pitch dark, but it never can be otherwise than gloomy.
We then went to the ferry, and got a boat in which we sailed over to Beaumaris and went up Baron's Hill (Sir Richard Bulkeley's), with which I was delighted. The house is unfinished and ugly, but the situation and prospect over the bay of Beaumaris are quite beautiful. Nothing can be more chearful, and the whole scene around, sea, coast and mountains, indescribably beautiful. The compare this bay with the bay of Naples, and I do not know that there is any presumption in the comparison. Just below the house is the Old Castle of Beaumaris, a very remarkable ruin, in great preservation, both the Castle and the surrounding wall. Drove home in another car; which are most convenient conveyances and in general use in these parts

He noted that Bangor had a poor church, Cathedral service. The Church is divided into two, half for the English and half for the Welsh.
Monday 28th June 1841.


Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 - 1864) was an American novelist and an American Consul in Liverpool and made many trips to North Wales.
1854 - July 19. A week ago I made a little your in North Wales with Mr Bright. We left Birkenhead by railway for Chester at two o'clock; thence for Bangor; thence by carriage over the Menai Bridge to Beaumaris. At Beaumaris, a fine old castle, - quite coming up to my idea of what an old castle should be...the outer wall is so thick that a passage runs all around the castle, which covers a space of three acres... The main castle is entirely roofless, but the hall and other rooms are pointed out by my guide, and the whole is tapestried with abundant ivy, so that my impression is of grey walls, where here and there a vast green curtain; a carpet of green over the floors of halls and apartments; and festoon around all the outer battlement, with an uneven and rather perilous footpath running around the top


Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon, writes to the Earl of Rochester, describing his journey leaving Penmaenmawr to Beaumaris and Baron Hill.
1865 Dec 30th
. I stayed at the foot of Penmaen(mawr) till five, when it should have been dead low water; but the guides and others on horseback found it impassible; and the skilful say the ebb was not so low as it useth to be in these seasons, by forty yards; which they can give no reason for but the weather.I must confess it has been as bad as great a storm all this day of hail, rain and wind, as ever I knew in all my life. I f the tides will not suffer the coach to go under the rocks (at six the following morning), then my wife shall go into a litter, which a gentleman has lent me, and I will ride, and so shall her women over the Penman and so to Bangor and thence to Beaumaris, where, God willing, we shall be at noon, and will rest there the rest of the day and night; and on Friday we propose to borrow my Lord Bulkeley's coach to carry us to Holyhead.

1866 New Year's Day
We left at six, my wife in a litter and the rest of us on horseback, though I confess, for my own particular, I went on foot, passed over PenmaenMawr,at the foot of which, on this side, I met Lord Bulkeley's coach and servants, but they told us they had escaped very narrowly being cast away on coming over the ferry, and t
he winds were so very high that it was not fit for us to attempt goingthat way, so the coach carried us to Bangor, where we ferried to Anglesey. We came safe hither about three in the afternoon, God be praised, without any mischance to any of our company; and here we lodged at my Lord Bulkeley's who makes very much of us, and entertains us most nobly.
1866 Jan 3rd (at Holyhead).
My Lord Bulkeley has been most extraordinary kind to me, and by his care in sending pioneers before, the way from Beaumaris hither was made as good as possible, though still it was worse than I ever yet went.


Following a hearing at Beaumaris Court on the 23rd of  January 1866, the following seamen were imprisoned in the Beaumaris  House of Correction, for fourteen days; Isaac Peterson, Francis Thornton, Richard Owen, Samuel Morgan, John Roberts, John Green and David Owens. They disobeyed the orders of William Evans, master of the ship, The Euxine.
Can anyone throw any light on the event or supply information on 'The Euxine' please? KD 

The Clergy of the Beaumaris Parishes
Llandegfan and Beaumaris was a strange alliance as long ago as 1315 when the burgesses petitioned for their own chapel in Beaumaris, as access to Llandegfan was very difficult in bad weather.
In the Calendar of Patent Rolls for the reign of King Richard II there is rteference to the appointment, on April 15th 1391 of William Ryngestede, Prebendary of Caergybi to Llandecvan with the chapels of Llanveugan and Beaumaris.

1421 - Ralph Blaystones
1469 - William Ford
1500 - John Audley
c1500s - Richard Bulkeley, also Archdeacon of Anglesey 
Died 1526
1540 - Arthur Bulkeley - became Bishop of Bangor 1541
1543 - John Bulkeley
1545 - John Lewis, known as John Vaughan
1555 - Lewis ap John ap Jenkin
1573 - Rowland Bulkeley, deacon
1594 - Launcelot Bulkeley, Archbishop of Dublin 1619
1619 - John Lloyd
1626 - Rowland Chedle, BA
1660 - William Williams
1681 - Peter Wynne, BA
1683 - John Jones, Dean of Bangor 1689
1700 - Kenrick Eyton, BA
1721 - Thomas Bean, BA
1733 - Richard Ingram
1720 - John Lewis
1738 - John Hughes (son of John Hughes)
1762 - William Griffith
1762 - Thomas Owen
1763 - Richard Williams
1766 - John Thomas, Curate
1778 - Hugh Davies
1787 - Richard Griffith, BA
1800 - Edward Davies, Curate
1804 - Robert Williams, Curate
1822 - John Williams, Curate
1823 - William John Lewis, Curate (assisted)
1826 - Richard Coetmor Howard
1832 - Evan Pughe, Curate
1832 - David Hughes, Curate
1838 - John Jones Brown, Curate
1843 - Hugh Jones, Rector
1852 - John Jones, Curate
1853 - Henry Roberts, Curate
1856 - Edward Edwards, Curate
1859 - Robert Thomas, Curate

1858 - Hugh Jones
1866 - John Williams Meyrick
c 1888 - Henry Lloyd, Curate
1890 - Robert Jones Cleric in Charge
(following the suspension of John Williams Meyrick)

1861 - Robert Harries Jones
1866 - Robert Pughe Jones
1869 - John Jenkins
1877 John Wynn Richards
1881 - Elijah Owen
1882 - Thomas Jesse Jones
1886 - George Henry Harrison
1900 - Thomas Kyffin Lloyd, Rector
1894 - John Morgan Richards
1899 - Henry John Morgan
1906 - Hugh Williams
1907 - David Edward Evans
1909-10 - James Cornelius Morrice
1910-21 - Henry Thomas
1913-15 - John Collins Lloyd
1915-24 - Thomas Woodings
1921-27 - David Williams
1927 - John Vaughan Williams
1925-28 John Hughes
1929 - Hugh Owen Davies
1930-36 - Joseph James Morgan
1933 - John Eric Ramage
1937-39 - Arthur Gordon Ware
1939-42 - Eric Alexander Owen
1943-48 - Ellis Jones Connor BA
1948-51 - Hector Wynne Evans BA
1951 - Edward Thomas Roberts
1955 - Gwilym David Lewis
1961-64 - Anthony Riley Williams BA
1962-65 Sydney Harold Willcox
1973 - John Lloyd Roberts
1971-74 - David Noel Jones
1974-76 Edward Wynne Jones
1980-82 - David Michael Outram BA
1985-88 - Christopher Hugh Foster Parry
1981 - Peter Alan Grant Westlake
1976 - Meurig Foulkes

The historic connection between Llandegfan and Beaumaris was severed  with a change of appointments.
was appointed Vicar of Llandegfan and Llandysilio (Menai Bridge)
and a year later,
was appointed Rector of the five churches in Beaumaris,
Llanfaes, Llangoed, Penmon and Llanfihangel

I am very grateful to
Rector of Beaumaris
for permission to extract the above details from his book
(The Church in Wales)
Copies of the book are available from him;
Revd Neil Fairlamb, The Rectory,
Beaumaris, Anglesey, LL58 8BN

at a remarkable £1.45 (One pound 45p)including postage and packing.
24 x A4 pages of text

A couple of examples of text taken at random are;

In 1763, Richard Williams succeeded Thomas Owen; his father was curate of Bodedern and his mother Margaret was daughter of Robert Hughes of Beaumaris. A Jesus College man also. BA in 1752 and then ordained in St Asaph, he had been curate of Llandegfan 1752-62 before 15 years as Rector from 1763 until he moved for a ten year stint as incumbent of Llanthuddlad. He died in 1788.

In 1866 Hugh Jones was succeeded by John Williams Meyrick who was to enjoy a 34 year tenure until his death aged 64 in 1900.......The early years began well..........A serious charge was brought against Meyrick in September 1872 at the monthly sessions in Menai Bridge.........Sir Richard Bulkeley, the tenth baronet, as chairman of the bench, declared an interest........Meyrick was such a difficult character..........
Read the whole facinating story in
The Clergy of the Beaumaris Parishes

1879 - 1881

Did any of your ancestors appear in Beaumaris Court between 1879 and 1881?
No?.......... are you sure?......... My great, great uncle Goodman Roberts did!!! He could have been gaoled for 14 days in Carnarvon!
Some surnames appearing - Bromley, Owen, Roberts, Staples, Jones, Williams, Thomas, Parry, Stanley, Hughes and more..............
Click on the title, for details - you never know what you you may find!



Beaumaris Church.               Illustration by Maldwyn Roberts

BEAUMARIS; The Welsh origins of the name of this town are obscure. There are many Welsh versions, the chief being Biwmares.

In ancient times it was called Porth Wygyr - a port by the fresh wood. Its present name was given to the town by Edward I when the castle was built in 1285.

The most popular derivation of the name is from the French beau, beautiful and maree, sea - place by the beautiful sea. Or beau marais - a place by the beautiful marsh.

Text and illustration reproduced here by kind permission of
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born 1873
I wonder if you could help me.
I am writing a book about the Ruthin born artist Edward Pugh, son of a barber and author of the best-ever tour of Wales, Cambria Depicta. Among numerous mysteries about his life, is where he was educated. Not, it seems, at the school in Ruthin.
He was a native Welsh speaker, but could not read nor write Welsh, and so was clearly educated in English, and educated very well, for he became very well read and writes beautifully.
In Cambria Depicta he speaks of having travelled to Anglesey on many occasions, and seems very familiar with Beaumaris in particular, but seems to have visited nowhere else in Wales for any length of time. He was a very close lifelong friend of Richard Llwyd, who refers to him in Beaumaris Bay.
On his tour he stays with gentry and clerical families in Anglesey, but almost always in Inns elsewhere in North Wales.
In short, I've been wondering whether he went to school in Anglesey, and in particular in Beaumaris, and if the rolls for the school from that time still exist. He was born in 1763.

You have a terrific website, particularly your Beaumaris page, packed with useful information about a lovely place.


John Barrell
Professor of Eighteenth Century Studies
University of York.

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